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Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The host of a radio show discusses a serious topic with a brother's book and guidelines for the proper receipt of the message. They emphasize the importance of giving up the "same no matter what" and regretting past actions to avoid future sin. The speaker emphasizes the need for religion to overcome "one God the road" feeling and the importance of accepting the "one God the road" feeling. They also discuss the history of the Prophet sallaviat and the negative effects of drugs and suicide, as well as the creation of Adam and Eve and the use of Islam in society. The segment ends with a promise to return next week and a discussion of the importance of staying calm and staying true to one's values.
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Beginning with.

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This is the daily shows radio show my brother.

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And back again for another episode this week, the D Joe radio show. And we're answering your questions which you can drop off at the diesel comm blog section. There we have a little box, you can leave your little letter suggestion for a show. And we can try to reach out to some of the students of knowledge, some of the shakes some of the people that have more knowledge than myself and we can help answer these questions that you have. Today on the deen show when we come back is my brother and your brother Kemal McKee. And he is his brother. I think he's there with us already. Brother. Are you there? Absolutely. I'm here, brother. You know, I really enjoyed it. When you were

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in town last time. We had a great time. I loved you know, I just wish I was in town this time. But you know, we're over the radio this time. So I'm good enough. Should I give him the good news? Absolutely. Go for it. You know that he's coming back in Sharla? Is that right? In show low? We're gonna plan that and do it right. All right. But today, we're gonna be discussing a serious topic. And we're gonna get straight into it like we always do here on the deen show. radio show a sister, Shay, come out. She wrote in and she had a question. Or I know this is actually a brother who wrote in I'm sorry, I apologize. I'm gonna read the question. And then we can go ahead and discuss this.

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Are you ready? Sure. Go ahead. This is from a brother who's writing in and it goes a little something like this. He says Salaam like which means peace be with you. He says, I'm a 20 year old man. And yesterday was the worst day of my life. I let my desires take control. And I committed the grave sin of Xena.

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I've never felt this shame before. He says it's so powerful. I can barely cope with it. I feel embarrassed getting into the details. So we're not going to get into any details here.

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And he says I don't know how to repent correctly. So he's wondering how he can repent now. And

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he needs some advice. He needs some help. So we wanted to talk about this because this is something prevalent nowadays. This is something that, you know, it seems like it's kind of normal. So talk to us. What do you what, what what does Islam have to say about this? And let's get into this topic. Come on. All right. Okay. Very good. First of all, let me begin by saying Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, Al hamdu Lillah wa Salaam wa salatu salam O Allah, Allah, my back.

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You know, it's a very saddening email. And it's, like you saying in a very serious topic, and you can see the brother and how he says I can barely cope with with the power of the shame. You know, it's a really bad sin. But a lot of times you find people ask me questions like, how do I repent correctly from sin? Or how do I repent correctly from any other sin? More or less, there's some basic guidelines that are the same no matter what the sin is. And the first thing is for the correct repentance, there are three specific things. The first thing is to give up the scent immediately. Give it ID. And yeah, and these are just very natural things. I mean, you can't, for example, stop

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stealing, while you're stealing, you have to give up the sin. Right? That's the first thing. And so inshallah that is the case, you can tell each other with the brother because of the shame and the guilt that he felt that he stopped the sin. That's the first thing. The second is to have regrets about doing it. And they have remorse in your heart, you feel bad that you did it. Because I'm sure you know it how some people, they they do a sin and it's like, nothing happened. No regret whatsoever. You know, even if they say I'm not gonna do it again, no regret, and that's not a good sign. So so this is a good thing, that he said that this was the worst day of my life. That's good.

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If he felt that he just, you know, did something good and he had an accomplishment and that is something that's that makes the sin even worse, because some people some people after this happens to them, they buoyantly happily say that, you know, this was the best day of my life. Exactly. And these are actually some of the worst people in the oma The problem is seldom said these are the worst people because the Ummah conceals their their sin, and they come and reveal it to people is not I mean this one of the worst thing ever. So it's very so first thing, you give up the sin. Second thing you regret, and you have remorse that it happened. And then the third thing is that you

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resolve to never go back to it again. All right. Now, for that, like I said, for the most part, most sins, that's the way you repent from them. And sometimes the scholars add that if it's, if it's someone that you wronged, then you would go and also either seek their forgiveness or you fix what you've done wrong to that person.

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All right. But for the most part, these are the three things. A lot of times people will say, either repent from Xena or did something Haram, how do I repent? Besides these three things, you know, or or the fourth, if you know, if you did something wrong to someone, then it's just the same. And just let me say this in case a lot of people are thinking, a lot of times when people send, or they do something where there isn't a prescribed punishment in an Islamic State, right? Which we don't have that obviously. Yes. So they feel that, well, the prescribed punishment involves a physical punishment. And now I can't get the physical punishment because I live in America or Canada, or the

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UK or Australia. So what do I do? What you do is you repent, that's it, you repent, give it up, regret that you did it, and resolve to never go back to it. And so there's hope it's not the end of the world now. Absolutely. And a loss of power out of will forgive any sin as long as even ship which is the worst thing, worshiping something besides Allah, alone, forgive that so long as you repent before you die. So even if ship is going to be forgiven, then no doubt even things like murder, alcohol stealing, and Xena, which is fornication or illicit sexual behavior will be forgiven as well. But the question is, we don't know. This is the difference between Islam and other

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religions. No one can tell you go you have been forgiven. So you keep doing good deeds. You keep making you keep repenting, because we're not sure if we're forgiven or not. There's not a man in a box that you can go see and tell him Look, look, this is what happened. Give him the details. And we'll give you a prescription of what to do and and say, hey, go have a nice day. And never never you cannot go to that guy and that guy doesn't know and he doesn't even have any guarantee that you've been forgiven. But so so we don't have none of that. So you just it's between you and Allah and there is no one to come between, between you and Allah intercede between you and Allah, you just

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keep asking forgiveness, and keep doing good deeds to make up for the bad deed. And that's it. Tell us tell us Let's back it up a little bit because some of our brothers in humanity, that we want to be our brothers and faith, okay, they might drop in sometimes and we encourage them to come visit us here at the deen show all the time. All right, good. Now they might say you know what we agree Okay, you know what I like what the Muslims are saying worship the One God the Create tour alone without any associates. This makes a lot of sense. Let me see all the other things that you know you have to do here in Islam. And now they say, well, what's the big deal? They might be listening to this and

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say well, in the back of their head because it's a programming that you know, we're used to we get desensitized to a lot of these things. So they say, is this really a big deal to consenting adults? It's a it's they're not hurting anybody. Right? Exactly. And that's what not just do they not only do they say to consulting consenting adults, but also they'll add things like, you know, they'll they'll add euphemisms, you know, it's a nice sounding word to make something bad sound good. So they won't even say fornication. I mean, you don't find high school kids saying I for indicated, you don't find grown men saying I had. I committed adultery. They Say what? I had an affair. And it

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sounds so much nicer. They say, you know, sleeping together, they say they have so many kinds of words. I mean, I'm sure in the slang, they're like tons of these words. Yes, it make it sound like something really simple and innocent. And if you do consulting consenting adults, then what's the problem with that? And that's where we see the effects of Xena on society. There's so many bad things that happen as a result of Xena. But most important thing divided define this word you just said Xena. What does that? Yeah, so basically Xena is Arabic, so it means fornication, it's when two people who are not married, nor is there any doubt that they're like married or misunderstanding

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that they're married or they're married or not, can perform like we're having illicit sexual *. And they're not married. This is what we refer to an Arabic as in our in English as fornication. And so it has become so common that most people don't see any say anything wrong with it. It's the woman who's consenting the man who is consenting, then there's no problem. And of course, the big problem is that is that this is not accepted by Allah so so if two people agree to do something doesn't make it okay? Because it's not okay in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. That's the big problem. So you've got to come to a level of realization that look, you didn't just

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pop out of nowhere, somebody created you, and there's a law he wants you to live by, you first have to come to that realization before you get into somebody's state. Because if you're living according to your whims and desires, then this really you know, there's, we got to back it up even further than right. And this is why people really need a law and they really need religion because by themselves, you know, a society can pick any set of values and say, This is okay, this is acceptable. This is permissible, and it's not acceptable in the sight of Allah many and there are many things that have been any there have been societies in the past where, you know, you know,

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He was accepted, you know, or any kind of a * type of thing was accepted and, and it was okay for them but it doesn't mean it's okay and it's sort of a lot that's why we always need to go back to Allah to tell us right from wrong, what is acceptable what is not acceptable, who is Allah? And Allah, of course is God or the name of God in Arabic, and He's the God of Moses, God of Abraham, the God of Jesus and the God of Mohammed, for the Lord. To the Creator. This is not acceptable. Is this categorized as a major law breaker sin? Absolutely. This is one of the major sins you know, the there's a hadith the saying of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, where he says that the one

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who the so because the scholars would always ask, which is worse, you know, wine or like consuming alcohol or committing Zina fornication. And so they said, the Hadith says that the one who consumed alcohol, he will come on the Day of Judgment, as if he was an idol worshiper McKee will, his seal it's so serious what he did, that he will come at the level or the degree of an idol worshiper on the Day of Judgment, and that is really, really bad. This is an alcohol addict, right? But Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran whenever he mentioned shidduch, which is the worst sin, murder, the third one is what? Xena so that's why it's good to see Xena is worse. fornication is worse even than

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alcohol. Because Allah mentions it right after ship worshipping other idols or things besides Allah, to murder and three, Xena Xena is very, very serious. Even if it's rampant in society, even you know, every other movie has other dimension or indication of Xena, or a scene with Xena in it. Magazines mentioning Xena, they sell that from the cover. There's always a mention of Xena on it. And that's how they sell it. Internet? No, no, the biggest use of the Internet is Xena. So it's so common on all over the place that most people don't see anything wrong with it anymore. Just like you were saying, Yes. Tell us before we go into I'm going to ask you a little bit about the history

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of this. But I want to know and I want the viewers to know what we're striving for what our main

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agenda is, we as Muslims, ones who have taken this free choice that we have in life either to submit to our desires, or to submit to the one that created us we've chosen to do that. So right worship the One God alone without any co equal co partners. And we're doing all the good that he told us to do with trying humbly to do that. Because we want to be in paradise. We know that death is approaching at any time.

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Teens die, babies die old people die whites die, blacks die yellow people die brown people die pink people die, people die every day. We know that. So we're not trying to get attached to this life. We're trying to be the best in this life. So we can have the best in the next life. So we want paradise and we want to avoid the Hellfire Can you just take a minute and describe give the glad tidings of this beautiful reward that is awaiting the one who lives a wholesome organic life according to how the creator wants him or her to live.

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Described Hellfire, what we're trying to avoid, please. Excellent. No problem. You know, let me start by saying this. Okay. I mean, first of all, there's all of us every believing man, woman, their ultimate goal should be to enter Paradise. And we shouldn't lose sight of that. But the problem is, I love to scrub this world that is full of glitter, it's full of lights and full of things that distract us from that goal. And so if there wasn't, you know, any of the distractions in the dunya, we would all be 100% focused on the next slide, which is the whole point of this slide is to get it to the right place in the next slide. But because the world is full of distractions,

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distractions could be gold, it could be wealth, it could be children, it could be just amassing luxuries and all kinds of other things of the material world or also the prophets. I seldom said the biggest test for men would be woman. So it could be a woman that meet someone astray or put them away from their religion, and things of that sort. To the believer is the one who focuses on their goal properly. Their goal is to make it into paradise, and paradise. It's been surrounded with things that are difficult to do so basically means in order to get to paradise, you have to go through difficulty and make it over obstacles. The house on the other hand, it's been surrounded by

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desires. So it's been surrounded by all the things that people desire and want to do, whether they're prohibited or not. And so they want to do the if you do these things, they will lead to the health firewood or the villa. Now, of course, in anything that you want, that is great. You have to work for it. You know those who want you know, a big house they work for it.

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Building one a great degree they have to work for it. So those want gentlemen, they need to work for it and they work for because it is fantastic there is. I mean, it's eternal life. If that was the only description we gave eternal life in this bliss and happiness and no worries and no pain and no, then that will just by itself be enough. But beyond that, the prophet SAW Selim described it in it is what no eye has ever seen. And not only that, but what not what has not even occurred to anyone's imagination. Yeah, I mean, you Eddie right now, if we start trying to create or imagine a new color, our mind is limited. I mean, we will only think of a color that a variation of existing colors,

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right? Yes, but you might walk into the gym and you see colors that you never even imagined were possible tastes, these that you could taste and smell that you could never even imagine were possible. And then you live this life, where you don't

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get tired, you don't sleep, you don't sweat even you don't feel any pain, you don't have to pay rent, you don't have to run around to get your food, you don't have any kind of not even the slightest type of discomfort or fatigue, not the slightest type of discomfort. I mean, not even the discomfort where you see someone less something better than you that type of jealousy, any kind of discomfort doesn't exist. Now imagine you can live this life for all eternity. Boredom doesn't exist. boredom, isn't it? Nothing. Any of any the slightest discomfort exists not even, for example, the discomfort associated with with with waiting for something, you'd have to wait for a meal there.

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You don't have to wait for

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sorry, traffic. You don't have to wait for traffic, you don't even wait for your plants to grow it because in general, some people feel like planting something you don't even have the pain of waiting for Okay, when is it going to sprout and no kind of discomfort whatsoever. And this life being eternal, then who on earth then would not want to be in that place. But the problem is, like we said, the world has its glitter, you know if I can bring this to back to our topic of Xena. If you look at one of the rewards also of staying away from Xena, you know the Hadith when Allah subhanaw taala mentioned, or the person I mentioned how there will be on the Day of Resurrection when

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everyone's resurrected billions of people standing on earth, the sun will be brought down just a mile away from people's head. Really, really I mean, it's millions of miles away now and it's so hot. So it will be only a mile away from people's head. And there will be only seven types of people who will be under the shade of the throne of Allah subhanaw taala on that day, and in that extreme heat, and people will wait for 50,000 years with the with the sun right on top of their head. But one of the types of people that will be under the shade of the throne of Allah is a young man who was offered Xena or a woman of stature, status and beauty offered them are called demand illicit

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sexual relations. And he said no, he said in a harmful law. But I mean, I fear Allah The Lord of the worlds. The interesting thing here is that he doesn't go to her out of fear of Allah. He doesn't say, Oh, I'm afraid you might get caught. That's why I can't go any of that sort. So he actually did it out of fear of Allah, he gets this fantastic reward. On the other hand, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in one of his dreams, and he and it's known that the dream of the Prophet is true, right? Yes, for the angels came and they took the prophet and send them, you know, to the heavens, and he saw people being punished in the hellfire. He said, we came upon a tunnel, which is kind of like an

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oven in the ground. You know, like, in some countries, you'll find they have the heat and they cook the things underground. Yes. He said, we found like a, like an underground oven. It's like a pit. And there were people in it. And there were bad odors and everything coming out of it. And he asked Who are these people? And they said, These are the people who commit fornication fornicators Yeah, the fornicators It doesn't matter if they were consenting or not. They were all thrown into this, this pit in the hellfire. So go ahead, go ahead. Right now. We talked about the delights of Paradise, the runner for awards and then staying away from Xena we're going to take a break and

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we're going to continue with my brother and your brother. shake him out and mechi We'll be right back on a nice show.

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He created the universe

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below the heavens.

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He is the

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He's the owner. He sent His messenger

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to his

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grave danger.

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there is none greater.

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You have to pray. Everything depends on a lot.

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But you must work.

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Everything depends on you.

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That's my point. You see, I'm saying, and I don't like that. I don't like us sitting here. What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now? What are you waiting for all these people to come to us? What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now, when they're gonna come, they're gonna come along and bring these people lots of fun and put in our hand the ability to do your job.

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Back here on the deen show, radio show. And before we left off, we talked about that pit. And this is where those who choose not to live according to how the creator wants them to live. And in that good, all that good, organic goodness we talked about, and then striving for paradise. They choose to live according to their whims and desires. Not worrying about the ramifications. Continue on, please. Excellent. And I want to talk a little bit about housing or when's it first started in for human beings? No, yes, please tell me because Because Allah created Adam, right, just the first man Adam, and was created by Allah. And then Adam had two sons. And every time he actually when Adam

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would give birth, he would get a boy and a girl and a boy and a girl. And obviously, the creation wasn't going to continue unless there was marriage between the children. But the the rule was that the boy would marry the other twin sister, not his own twin sister. They are the next daughter. This is the start of the human race now. Exactly. It started the human race, there was nobody So Adam gave birth. And or, obviously, Eve, God gave birth Hawa. And she gave birth to a boy His name is Bobby. And then clubbin had a sister. And then later on, she gave birth again. And there was another boy his name was hubby. And he had a sister. So this is Cain and Abel, Barbie. And hubby. Yes. And

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what happened was that have been was basically, he had, he was a little rough in nature, a little harsh. And, and Hubbard was very gentle. carbene the rough one, he was a farmer. And the gentle one was he dealt with sheep. So public start to have ill feelings towards his brother, we're not going to get into the details behind that there were a bunch of incidents that created this ill feeling. And he started to threaten his brother, Abel or hobby that I'm going to kill you. And then having said, you know, if you if you attempt to kill me, I'm not going to try to kill you back. You know, if that's what you want to do? Yes, so I've been eventually killed him. And when he killed him, he

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was overtaken by sense of guilt. So he buried him. And out of shame. He couldn't meet his father, the Prophet Adam. He was too ashamed. So he took his wife and he went away into the mountains, and they lived there for years, and they had children, and the offspring started to increase in the mountains. They had no shark. They didn't worship anything but besides Allah, but they start to have a lot of bad deeds and evil things occur in the people of the mountains. In the meantime, the the people, the good people, so the evil people now in the mountains, the offspring of Bobby, the good people lived on the flatlands with Adam and the other sons of Adam. Now, what happened was that the

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people in the mountains a lot decreed that their men were very handsome. And the women were not beautiful. And the people in the flatlands, the women were very beautiful, and the men were not attractive. You see, that just, it's just really the opposite now. So you would imagine that these men would be attracted attracted to those women because they're pretty, and the women will be attracted to the handsome man. Yes. So it believes now this is now the first generation or generations of people ever on the planet, and it bleeds the shaitaan or Satan.

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You want it to create fitna between those two people. Notice what it does very interesting. He comes in the form of a young boy. And guess what he starts to teach the people of the flatlands. What's amazing. He starts to teach them music and singing and flutes.

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Notice it's interesting he didn't go to the evil people. He went to the good people first because the good people

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had that attractive woman. And if you can attract the men to the woman, then you got it. That's one of the easiest things because this is the biggest test for a man is a woman who's trying to start a party here, exactly start and start a party. So you need the you know, the, the music and all that stuff. Yeah. And so when the people of the mountains started to hear the music in the flatlands, they became interested, and they started to draw near, this was the time of a prophet called Chief, or an English Seth. And in the, in the Sharia, in the law of the Prophet sheet, it was forbidden for the sons of had been to mix with the sons of carbene. So the people of the mountain, it was

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forbidden for them to mix with the people of the flatland. But one day a man, one man, it just started off with one man from the mountains went down, and he mixed with the people of the flatland. And he saw how attractive their women were. He went back, told his people, they all came down to see the women on the on the day of age in which the woman were, or, you know, adorned and beautified themselves. And that's when our beloved the first sin of Xena occurred.

00:26:06 --> 00:26:42

But what's interesting in the story is that, you know, first of all, music was one of the things used to facilitate dinner. And it's one of the names used to give it and he also went to the good people first. So it's not that a lot of times people are very confident when it comes to their Eman. You know what I'm talking about, like, they like a man will be talking to a woman and they might even be alone easily not, I'll just test my Eman in Charlotte, nothing will happen. Why do people do that? I still don't have the answer for that, you know, but people don't test anything else that's valuable to them. You know, if you love your laptop, you don't leave it in an in a public place just

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to see if it'll be okay. Because you love it. You don't test it. You don't leave the keys in your car in a bad neighborhood to test if it's going to be okay. But people test the man a lot, you know, people will start playing with the television on to test if they can have if they can have the proper focus or not. Or people will sit and talk to girls and women and might even enter a party and see it and nothing will happen. I'm going to test myself. Don't test yourself. Don't test your email, the person wonders of intermingling. He said the woman is the biggest test for the male, don't test yourself when it comes to women. And to the woman the same thing, don't test yourself

00:27:20 --> 00:28:08

when it comes to that. Is this for the betterment of society, we love our sisters, we love them very much. And we want the best for our brothers and sisters. But we want the best but Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, He knows the best, and he obviously wants the best. So is this for the betterment of the human race and society? Absolutely. One One of the things, what the scholars did, they looked at all the rules of Islam, right? every rule and law that's in Islamic Sharia that was revealed by Allah or taught by the prophet SAW Selim. And they categorized them and they found that all of these laws become full, six specific aims. So the laws came to protect human life, very

00:28:08 --> 00:28:47

simply by saying you can't kill anybody, right? And prohibiting anything that will endanger your life. So suicide, murder, drugs, all these things endanger your life, right? Yes, so Islam prohibited anything that will danger in danger to life. Islam wanted to protect your wealth, for example. So it made stealing. Haram, it made a strong punishment for stealing. It made usually Haram, it puts so many rules on business dealings. Why to protect people's Well, one of the things Islam came to protect was the family people's lineage. So everyone will know who their father is protect the family, the structure of the family. In order to do that, they have to be strict laws on

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illicit sexual relationship outside of marriage. And at the same time, Islam made marriage so easy in order to avoid Zener and one with the effects of Zener. I've got a whole list of those things, how they affect society, how they affect women, how they affect individuals, how do they affect children, a zener has so many bad effects. So it's way beyond you saying, you know what, as long as to consult two consenting adults, it's actually far worse than that, when we look into that genre, give the viewers some excitement, and motivation, because we're going to have to have this program going to part two. So get them excited to come back next week, and give us kind of some little

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flashes of what you're going to be talking about. Okay, next week's show. I'll tell you something interesting. Okay, I'm going to link Xena fornication to many of the problems it creates in society. Now, I told you most of us know there's one problems in illegitimate children, society, people not knowing who their father is. There's aids and other kinds of venereal sexually transmitted diseases, right. We know all that, but I'm also going to link Xena to

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*. All right, I'm going to link Xena to homosexuality. How is that going to happen? Well, we're going to have to wait and see. We're going to link Xena to all kinds of other things that you won't, you wouldn't even expect. We're going to link it to serial killers, for example. Yes. And there's a strong link behind that. And we find that Xena creates more isn't and society once people start fornicating more people started for indicating, we're going to look at some studies that talk about what you know, when people fall in the gate. What's the effect that has on siblings effects it effects it has on the Father, the parents, and then just unbelievable things. So and it's just such

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a long list that when you cannot never after this list say, Well, you know what?

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It's just two consenting adults is beyond that. And of course, they're also, you know, severe punishments for it in the next level as we looked at, but we also want to talk about how Islam puts ways for you to prevent yourself from falling into sin. And that's very important for our listeners. So we don't fall into that and we don't even test ourselves when it comes to that area in Sharla. We're going to continue God Willing inshallah with part two. Thank you for helping us cover this. And we look forward to continuing on with you next week, brother. All right. Thanks for having me.

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Thank you. Sure. And we call you come back to come back next week here on the D show radio show. We'll have shakima talk about continue talking about we're gonna finish the rest of this question and give some continue giving some advice to all those out there we want you to be on the right way the right way living life according to how the Creator of the heavens and earth wants you to live. Keep coming back to the deen show calm We'll see you next week inshallah God want until then peace be unto you fish, hoo hoo, leap, etc.

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Push till holy baby.

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