Do You Remember What You Said Online Last Year

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The repercussions of what we say online…

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Said I'm wanting to learn about a cat too. So today I want to talk to you about something a little bit off topic. As you know, I've been discussing some of the dogs in college from Houston Muslim recently, there's a story that I came across, some of you may have heard about this, a sister in Calgary who's running for election, and she actually had to pull out from the election, because somebody came across some things, I guess, a messed up thing she said on Twitter, like years ago, like a long time ago, and because of that she had to, so I want to make it very, very clear. I'm no one to judge her. And neither should any of you be in the position where you think we can make

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judgments about her and all of that. But there's a lesson to be learned here actually feel very bad about the whole situation. It's very sad that you know, things she said like a long time ago, and she tweeted it, and she probably didn't think much about it, have cost her now a chance to be a very positive role model for for especially young Muslims, and also to be able to represent Muslims

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on the government level. But the big lesson for all of us here is the issue of watching what we say or being careful about everything that comes out of our mouth. as Muslims, we actually firmly believe that we can be held accountable for every single thing that comes out of our mouth. Well, it's kind of data tells us Malielegaoi zoom in Colin in Canada, here a table that I did, that the one doesn't say a single word, except that it is being written down, being written down by the angels, because now these are the things that we're going to be held accountable for on the Day of Judgment, the good will be rewarded for the good and the bad, we may be punished for the bad.

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Instead, I'm told us in an authentic hadith, he said the person may utter a single sentence or even a single word that can be the cause of this person. Entering into the depths of the Hellfire prophets, I send them he said, the one who believes that a lot in the last day, they should say that which is good, or remain silent. And this is in all cases in all states. And these are often heady, they're there as they serve as a reminder for us to be extremely careful about what we say, because we are going to be held accountable problems is that even if we may understand this whole aspect of being careful what we say sometimes it doesn't translate to the online world. So maybe in while

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speaking of people were careful, when it comes to commenting online or saying things online or making remarks online, we treat it we treat it as if it's not real life, and we say things that says I think that these stories and these type of cases, actually social media is a blessing for us because now everything we're saying is being recorded and they're online for everyone to see. I mean, I think about the fact that the angels are writing everything down. But with social media. This is not a lesson for us. It's a way for us to remember that things are being permanently recorded, that we have ever said online. I mean, comments we've made anything that we have tweeted

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Facebook, whatever, it's all there, even if we've deleted those tweets or delete those comments, they're still in disguise and jello data here is that hopefully it will push us to be more careful about what we say and obviously what we post online, as well as a lot to protect our tongues from saying anything which is bad and in the displeasure of a law. mean at a Lost Planet. Allah knows best until next time, I said I'm on a coma.