How We Can Use Our Time To Do Good Deeds When Our Life Is Too Short

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A woman named Davina talks about the importance of fulfilling two types of rights, one being God for her brothers and sisters and another being the creation of the world. She emphasizes the need to invest time in these rights before experiencing any negative consequences. She also mentions the importance of worshipping God and not associate anyone with the "individual of the creator until you die."

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Yes, sister?

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Go ahead, we can hear you gonna have some question I'm born Muslim in the morning.

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Live, he says short. So how can we use the time we have to do good

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in the end of your life?

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Right? It's a beautiful question. It's a beautiful question. Now, we can use our time and when when our life is so short, as I mentioned all these things in the talk and the q&a. In addition to that, first of all, we do not know where is the finishing line, when is the ending time we do not know. So the preparation should begin now, number one, number two, we should make sure that we invest our time in the matters of God for example, for example, if you have parents, if you have parents, make sure that you please and treat them in the best of the manners so that Allah will be pleased by you, as Allah says, in Surah, Bani Israel Surah, number 17. And number 23, that it is decreed. It is

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decreed that you worship none except ALLAH, and that you be kind to your parents. In this short life, we need to fulfill two types of rights are two rights my brothers and sisters, number one, the rights of Allah. And number two, the rights of the creation. In the short time, we need to start preparation and investment for doing and fulfilling these two rights, the rights of the creator and the first write of the Creator is do not associate anyone, anything with ALLAH until you die, be the worshiper always.

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Until we die, as Allah says, in Surah, Hijri surah number 15. And number 99. Why I bought

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Rebecca Yachty. In worship your Lord, until certainty comes to you. Certainty refers your to debt. So keep pushing Allah.

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Keep worshipping Allah by utilizing and investing your time. And by all means, when I say worshipping Allah, that is direct worship to Allah and anything and everything that pleases Allah is the worship to Allah. Secondly, the rights of the creation, the rights of your parents, the rights of your children, the rights of your husband or wives, the rights of your neighbors, the rights of the orphans, the rights of your relatives, friends, and the whole world.

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This is how Inshallah, if we invest our time without without expecting anything as a deadline, but with a complete consciousness that it could end anytime with this conscious mind if he worked now, inshallah. Allah Almighty will help us in the hereafter. Hope that answers your question. Davina and in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Zakka laugher