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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of "keeping family ties" as a way to avoid losing face to a potential partner. They explain that cutting off family ties is a severe sin and a risk of losing face. The speaker also mentions a disturbing statement made by a deceased controller about "there's a culture in the world that holds back from cutting off family ties."
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Why are people so quick to cut off family ties, you're watching hashtag, sad asleep.

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It's common that when a disagreement happens in a family or someone feels insulted, or something or some type of conflict occurs in the family, that people often rush to cutting off the ties that they have with one another, and you've had a lot, that is the absolute last thing that a person should ever think to do when they're having a problem with someone else. The profits that alone I know who said them said that a person who cuts off their family ties will not enter Paradise. So how do I know people often think that keeping Family Ties or holding on to family ties means that if somebody holds on to their family ties with you, that you reciprocate, that if they're good to you, you're

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good to them, if they call you, you call them, if they invite you over, you invite them over and spat a lot of the profits that a lot of them said that that is not what keeping Family Ties is keeping Family Ties is when somebody breaks their ties with you, somebody cuts you off, and you make a conscious effort and you try really, really hard to bring the family back together or to or to fix the relationship that you have with this person. That is what the prophet SAW. I saw them defined, holding on to family ties as Lastly, sometimes we're reluctant to try to make amends. We're reluctant to bring the family back together because we feel like we're admitting that we were wrong

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in a situation and we don't want to lose face. So paddler Always remember that if you're the one making the effort to hold on to the family ties to bring people together, that you're not just doing it for them. And you may not get rewarded in this life, they may not appreciate it, and you may lose face in this life. You're doing it for the you're doing it because you want paradise. And you know, this is one of the ways that you attain paradise. And you know that cutting off Family Ties is a severe sin and a Lost Planet Allah knows best. Until next time in sha Allah. Allah said I'm on a comb what I meant to light or what I can't do.