Saad Tasleem – Ramadan360 Day 10 – A House in Jannah

Saad Tasleem
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360 with another institute My name is Hafsa once again and I'm very excited for us to kick off the final of the first 10 days of Ramadan 360 with you guys insha Allah of course we have programming for the rest of the month but we are past the first third today will be the end of our first third of Ramadan. I love to free people actually, you know, I say I don't like it but I do love to freak people out about this. It's a good reminder to kind of shake you into you know, into readiness for the rest of them but I'm very excited because we're being joined with our instructor Imam Yeah, Ibrahim Ibrahim Masha Allah who teaches classes mashallah for us on site, he's taught marriage and

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engagement with us on baby essentials. And he's taught the Prophet smile with among Yvonne lines, you can find them kind of across the board on the amalgam world and and hamdulillah he's a staple for us in Ramadan. 360 in Malaysia 360 In any online Prague programming that we do, mashallah, and of course, he's a gem for his local community in Perth, Australia. When he comes in he joins us in the middle of the night to make sure that you can make it for us after or right at his word time. Last time he was just finishing off his sister who were to join us and hamdulillah so I'm super excited for you guys to get a chance to experience him once again during Ramadan 360 Inshallah,

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we're going to jump in in just one minute a couple of quick reminders before we do so. First of all, just a thank you to everybody who was super supportive during yesterday's, you know, support for h h rd and the amazing work that they're doing a venison, we still have the links for them and are other charity partners there in the chat. So please do keep them in mind. And of course among them has an amazing launch campaign that will mention to you guys later but show them lots of love throughout the month. Secondly, something massive that's happening tomorrow is the 10 day challenge with the man with Sam Sharif. You know we told you guys about it briefly throughout are in the beginning of

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Ramadan 360 And now it's starting tomorrow. So every single day 2pm PST tomorrow similar to this setup here for Ramadan 360 So if you registered for Milan 360 You will see a little kind of Banner inside your portal that will prompt you to register for for free for the 10 Day Challenge. But it is an amazing experience where you get to go on every single day for the next 10 days insha Allah and work on your RE citation the middle 10 days of Ramadan and work on reset your citation your flow and basically learn from one of the best reciters mashallah in the west and actually get a chance to interact with people because you already know it the way that he sets up His his his live sessions.

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It's very interactive, it's a very strong community. And honestly it's like a good for your mental health too. It's it's a great motivation. It's a great kind of boost here your Eman as well. So I hope that you guys join us via URL and I'll share that on the Zoom chat in just a second but it's got an and they're on Facebook and YouTube you guys will have that link in your description as well. So you can easily find that there is that link in the chat and we are ready to rumble in Sharla for day number three de Monte number 10 of Ramadan. 360 and I know Dr. Oz Are you shaking? Your head Rahim has been with us patiently as salam Wa alaykum Rama Rahmatullah

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Imam Yeah. How are you doing today?

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Well, I equals Salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatu Alhamdulillah I'm very well just like alaafin Alhamdulillah that's lovely to hear. Now, you know, you know what I do? Imam Yeah, I gotta ask you what is going on in your background.

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So I'm actually in a cabin by the way, we have a little farm that we kind of stay at

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sometimes so I drove up last night and the family had been here for a good part of the week so I totally forgot that we're actually doing this this morning. Because you know with time changes and things like that I actually thought it was tomorrow but I received your email as hamdulillah before falling asleep like four or five hours ago. So I'm with you today and I thought it was

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so high knowledge is that good luck here for making this happen to us or chickens or

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maybe at the end of it I'll take you outside the sun will be coming up in shot lon we can take a little bit of a look inshallah that would be amazing. Does that give a fair amount my hair Subhanallah it's it's it's amazing and it's frustrating that no matter what time no one ever wants, you know, kind of notice that you have mashallah you're always not only on time for the sessions, you're always a little early. It doesn't matter what there could be tsunami happening you'd be tuning in like guys, I'm so sorry about the background noise. Just like a look here for being with us for dinner, return it. Let's kick off the session this minute. I'll pass it up here.

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So formally, Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam about Allahumma Salli ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi you he was selected sleeping with Iran Allahumma Salli ala Nabina Muhammad Ali and I will actually personally recently Masood Webb Eric Allah say he didn't want to read and Muhammad Allah Allah Allah Allah

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My wife and me and a lot of them I live nominal Poornima Gehenna where the kidnapping homeland Siena, Allahu Medina, Abdullah Quran. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in beginning and end to send his salutations and greetings and choices blessings and benedictions upon our interview Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we pray that Allah Subhana Allah extends those to his family and loved ones, his companions and those who follow up on their path may Allah make us of them until the day of Deen, Allahu Allahu wa Amin, we pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah allows us to cure our ignorance of what we are unable to know of the Quran as of yet to remind us of it of the things

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that we may have been led to forget to make us from those who practice it. In our privacy as much as we seek to show publicly Allahumma Amin we pray that Allah Subhana Allah allows us the honor of being the companions of the Quran. And that the Quran is very much a part of our existence and life and our future generations along with me.

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So today, you know, it's a beautiful talk topic in sha Allah,

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a beautiful topic for this talk. We're going to speak about one of the strong female characters in the Quran. And there were a number of principles that I wanted to set as you know, something to help you through your Quranic study through your Quranic journey. Whenever you listen to talks, one of the most important things I guess, not just for the speaker, but also for the one who in sha Allah is receiving some rough math from it some benefit from it, is to seek to become acquainted with the underlying or soul or principles that are extracted by the odermatt or that are raised by their own amount as being important and being constants throughout human experience. So there's certain things

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in the Quran that are quite majestic, there are certain things that will touch your heart in one way more so than another person. And that's the beauty in the power of the Quran. You know, one verse may unlock your heart, and it may not do the same for another. And that's why each and every verse is referred to as an idea, you know, it's a miraculous experience, maybe not for each and every single person but maybe for an individual and Subhan Allah there was, you know, there was an occasion where I was speaking about the Quran, and I was speaking about the disjointed letters. And this was an open public talk, there was a non Muslim

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audience member who had been brought by a group of Muslims mashallah, now they've had a little bit of reading, they were very interested in Scripture, they were very interested in, you know, what is the word of God? And does God communicate with humanity? And I was speaking about the disjointed letters and I said that I am comfortable with the fact I have the intellectual humility as a believer as a Muslim, to accept that there are aspects of the Quran, where its meaning is veiled from me and that there's nobody else on Earth who can give me or you a decisive understanding of these particular letters. Kath hat Yeah, I in Zod are any flam meme or Alif Lam Meem thought that

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these are letters that are known to Allah Subhana Allah. And Allah commands us to believe in the entirety of the book, although there might be a minutiae of minutia detail in it, that I'm still ignorant of, and that's why we made this dua Allah, my lemonade manager, you know, Allah teach us what we don't know what we're unacquainted with. And this was something that was really struck this particular person, it wasn't even a word of the Quran, not even an idea. The fact that you can believe in something as being a moral truth as being a spiritual experience as being the Word of God, even though each and every letter of it each and every aspect of it, you're still learning it

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along the way. Because he was when he was studying and studying the Quran I you know, I got to know everything in it before I say this Kenny, moplay, Lola and Subhan, Allah the moment I said that that area, and if Lam Meem saw their cafe, I mean, that first part of it and I unlocked his heart to Islam. So all of us have different experiences with the Quran. So always look for the old soul always look for these underlying principles of you know, the Quran seeks to establish balance or harmony or justice or, and one of the things that the whole and seeks to establish is that it's not always the hero who is the center of the issue, but rather at times, it could be those who are in

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the supporting cast, that are the ones who make that hero successful. So we're going to

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speak about Musa alayhis salam, although the talk is about his second mother, his adoptive mother asiyah, the wife of Frauen

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it's an incredible kind of experience to understand that the man that Musa grows up to become, and the Prophet that he is destined to be, would not have and could not have attained the success that you and I hear described in the Quran, if it had not been for these powerful female figures in and around his life, and there isn't enough discussion and dialogue about the powerful elements that are secondary in the Quran that are actually the stepping stone of greatness to come.

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Asya is going to be this major character that we discuss and we're going to look at her as the second mother of Musa, we're going to look at her as a fierce opponent to oppression, we're going to look at her as the wife of Pharaoh, which necessitates that we kind of get to know who this evil man was, you know, this evil man that I own that Allah uses time and again in the Quran.

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The third element that I in sha Allah we want to develop today is about the importance of making jihad, of committing oneself to an eternal struggle for good. And you know, it's a dirty word, or it used to be a dirty word. You know, the Ukrainians are making an incredible jihad for their people, the Ukrainian men, we've had these refugee women, for example, who have just arrived in Australia, wives and children, daughters and young sons of the Mujahideen of the Ukrainian people. So there they are, they've stayed behind, they said, I'm willing to send my family to another land in another place in another language, hoping that they will have some sort of peace, that they can return to

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this land that I will commit my life to defending. Right? That ideal is a powerful ideal. Now there were others who made jihad against the Russian apparatus before we refer to the Mujahideen of the fan, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah heal the people of Afghanistan from all the trauma that has been visited upon them through the oppression and the Pharaoh style, that we are going to talk about the Phoronix style, the for Roenick mindset, that we're going to study in these few elements today.

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So that that's really important. You know, what is your jihad in life? What is my jihad in life? Am I making jihad for my family? Am I making Jihad every day I go out to work and trying to earn a halau risk and avoid the Haram Am I making, you know, an earnest jihad to establish the word of Allah, in my heart, in the heart of my family, that we can be people who are committed to this to know the prophets of Allah what He was selling? What's your struggle? Right? What are you willing to, to establish? And the wife of Farah Island, imagine being the wife, you know, just that description that Allah gives Imran atrophied Island? The woman of Pharaoh. All right. So we're going

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to talk about the word Imola as well. So there's certain principles that we will try to extract in sha Allah.

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Let's begin.

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From the base level,

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human experience

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is one that is very cyclical. It's one that is revisited and relived. There's a famous statement that, you know, you need to study history, because if you don't go back and study history, you are likely to repeat it. So history repeats itself. And the history of tyranny is an open book, right? It's an open book for people to read and people to see, in the last 100 years 100 million people were exterminated off the face of the earth in the last 100 or so years, in different pockets of non Muslim civil society. So you're looking at mouth a tongue in China 50 to 70 million people of his own people starved, killed, murdered to death. You're looking at Joseph Stalin 20 to 29 30 million

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people. All of us of course know the famous celebrated Hitler. Now it's quite ironic Hitler has really small numbers in comparison to these you know, terrain this tyrannical desk pots, but he's much more you know, familiar

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To the Western discourse to the eastern discourses, you know, the projection of evil you compare evil by, oh, this is the next Hitler, right? That's That's how people, you know, when somebody's committing an atrocity, it's important to kind of put all of that in mind. And then juxtapose that in the principles of what they applied to the lifestyle of freedom. All right. So let's kind of take a look

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at why Allah limited and this is the principle I want you to understand why Allah limited in the Quran, only 25 under 25 messengers and prophets life stories and missions. In the final and last scripture. A lot of you know there's an authentic hadith remember that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that there were 124,000 Nebby. And out of them, there were 300 315, profit messengers, or Rosewood. So there's 124,000 prophets, who are from all types, all ethnicities, all backgrounds, all colors, all historical periods, from the time of Adam, ending cumulating, perfected in the persona of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam were yet to be human, that there is no prophet and messenger at the door of prophet hood and messenger ship is close after amongst them there is this select Group, who are illusory, and then get rid of that debate? You know, what's that? What what elevates a messenger over a prophet? You know, messengers, many of them were given a new Shediac while the prophets were

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ordered to maintain the purity of the Messenger of their time. So you find that there was Musa Harun and you shot you shot and Harun weren't given anything new. They were just maintaining what was given and delivered to Musa alayhis salam. Then comes isa Ali Salam and all of the prophets between them, and Isa is now given a new scripture, and no prophet comes after him no messenger, Li surveyjunie what Enoch Memorial Middle School, there is no messenger who came between Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was happy with him. So why just 25 stories? Well, those 25 stories encapsulate the human experience, in all of its different forms. There is always in the

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stories of the Quran, a reference point for any kind of ism, capitalism, communism, you know what, whatever it is that mindset, even, you know, new theory, and even theories that have not yet come. Their base elements can be found in the stories in the messages of the prophets of messengers of the past, that if you become conversant with the book of Allah, you can see the pattern of humanity emerging. So there's these masterful stories, accidental puzzles, where you and I can find something we can resonate with. And the greatest stories that are told the ones that have the most important lessons are the ones that you can and I can relate to best. So what is it in human experience that

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we can all relate to best? It's family structures. So you find the story of Adam and Hawa you find the story of you know, if you want to look and you say, Well, you know, my circumstances are different and the answer is no, between the Quran and the Sunnah. There's gonna we're gonna find an example of yours. If you want as a single mother with a child, Mother you have and a Saudi is Salam.

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A son who is loved by his parents that causes his siblings to be jealous, is use of alayhis salaam, siblings who connive and have sibling rivalry to the point that they nearly kill one of their own the brothers of use of if you want to see you know, two brothers committed in truth Musa and harrowing. If you want to see a father and son positive relationship, you can see the example of

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in the Quran of their wounds to lay man, if you want to see the opposite of it, where there is a righteous father and an immoral son. There's no holiday setup, and moral sun and a despot and a tyrannical evil man. It's Ibrahim and aza. If you want to see you know, cousins cooperating on the truth or unconnect you cannot operate on the truth Ibrahim and lute cousins yeah, here an ISA Ali he was salam. If you want to see that there are, you know, any example you can find it similitude in the Quran, and there are powerful stories in that regard. Now you can extend that also to political power. The story of Ibrahim and Unruh the story of Ibrahim traveling through various lands are being

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annexed from his own homeland of use of in the tyranny that he faces in bad judgment. I mean, an ill tempered judgment

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presencing falsely. All of these are stories that are not meant to be myth mythological, but are evidence based for your life and mine to take the right direction. Now, it's a long introduction, but I want you to have that will hold that mindset that the Quran is a foundation of how we view the world. So one of the greatest stories told in the greatest detail is the story of fit Island. Not just the story of Musa and Fidel, but the story of Pharaoh. Now Musa is a character in the story of Pharaoh, just like Pharaoh is a character in the story of Musa alayhis salam, our Nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I wouldn't be here sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is given the final decisive

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discussion on all of the prophets, all of the Messengers, peace and blessings be upon him in the Quran. And that gap that Allah intentionally leaves out is intentional. And that were Allah fills in extra detail not found in previous scriptures is also intentional. When we look at an island what we see is that he is the typical tyrannical ruler that has existed in historical present day and future sense of humanity. So there are five collaborating factors, that when you put these five things together, you find the Iron Fist of tyranny. There are five characters that a lot discusses in the Quran, that when they collude with each other, when they come together, when they attain a moment of

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synchronicity with each other, they become tyrannical and the root of oppression and evil in the land that they govern and reside. The first of them is the all important self centered, self gratifying, intentionally

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usurping and seeking a power Governor ruler, now as an individual around is weak, but without the supporting cast, he can't do anything and we have this thing as as an Egyptian heritage Muslim. You know, we have this thing from us or where we say for our Salou that as feral ala Ferghana what means you this for right for you know this type of tyrant the Pharaoh.

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He said Madden dish Lee.

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Best Nobody said to me stop. By the way, the word best is an ancient Arabic is an ancient Egyptian word, right? That's stop. It's an ancient Egyptian word. When you look through its entomology it's quite incredible.

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Nobody said stop. The people around me didn't restrain me. So there's this the first character is the one who wants I want power. I want wealth and fit Island says Elissa Lehman committed DON'T YOU SEE the kingdom belongs to me. Have you heal unhealthy dreams at the rivers flow beneath me. Now I linked to the community and I handled it I don't know anyone for you to devote yourself to to worship as, as a governor as a deity as one you observe completeness in subjugation towards except me, I'm not a bookable Allah, I'm your greatest master, I'm your greatest Lord. This is his mindset. Second to him is his minister and ministers. He's the one that said I own when Musa comes and says

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Pharaoh release my people moves around scary. He's like, What do I do? Who's it? You know, he's come right into my doorstep. You know, this has never happened. What do I do?

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Out of sinful mother in God, you know, such as sending people across the cities to bring magicians and you know, we have to battle him. We can't just we can't just ignore him. Right? He's ministers become very powerful advisors. And Pharaoh without his ministers, the power behind the scenes are more destructive than the Pharaoh himself. The power behind the authority the figurehead, the picture that has shown the ministers are the most destructive and then the Hadith of the prophets I send them he says Hi, you look, the best of your governors those who rule is kings amongst human beings. How you know who those are, are are those who have the best ministers. Either heaven will be

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hiring and know whom when the king has decided to do something good. The minister say this a great idea. Keep going. We're either gonna be shuddering when they're going to do something wrong. They stopped them pull them back from the brink. Subhanallah

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in the second hand, shuttling model the worst of your governors are those who have the worst ministers. Oh, when

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They are going to do something wrong. They don't deter them, they don't pull them back. And when they have committed to an atrocity or a tyranny, they encourage them along, may Allah protect us. So in the future, I'm gonna wear him in hand, man, even if he assaulted her, and then get my engineers to build a high step, that I can go up into the heavens for AppFolio Isla de la hemos, I want to go up into the sky to see where's this God at Moses, right?

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Hey, man, I own that we're here, man. But those two, they need an executive force. They need someone who's going to break the backs, who's going to lash who's going to weep who's going to imprison, and who is willing to carry out injustice in the name of the one who provides them what they assumed to be power, and impart and, and an ability to act. And that becomes the example of the military. In the future. I'm gonna wear her man, when you know that whole man and both of their soldiers. Notice how Allah says that they're not just the soldiers of an island, you know, that whole man. They are the soldiers that are a pharaoh and her men, meaning that her man has incredible power as well.

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Candle hottie in all of them, were sinful transgressors. Whenever the military, the police, the shoulder, the shoulder, as the prophets, I seldom said before the Day of Judgment, there will be a growth in the short term, there will be growth in the military, right. Even at the time in the province, it seldom there were battalions and there were troops, but they were also farmers. They were people who lived both lives. They were not committed to just atrocity even or to combat. Their mindset was not just about war. I litigated whether it was a merchant highly dependent when it was a land owner. Right. You know, they there were people who led the military campaigns, but they had a

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heart that was also domesticated and not forceful, unlike this characterization that you find in this regard. The fourth is the evil financier, the businessmen, the people who seek $1 Even if it's against their own people, their own family, their own communities. And along gives you that the finance here is quite rude in Karuna. Can I mean call me Musa Ali him? Haroon is from the people of Moses, but he was, you know, even against his own people, he would sell them for his gold coin for his beautiful and the now. And there has to be somebody who profits of war there has to be somebody profiting off tyranny, and they're not usually the person in charge. They're not usually the

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minister, they will get their share. But there's these people, there's these corporations, there's these business interests, there's these, you know, multi complex systems that are seeking to profit after the degeneration and the destruction of societies and civil societies. Number five, there's the spokesman, the media, right, we talk about the media, right, the effect of the media, there are those Sahel Yuna nasty was terrible, those who blind with their wizardry, the eyes of those who are watching. Notice the prophets lie Selim, he says, that mineral by Ernie, let's say that from the eloquence of language there is wizardry, there is magic, you know, a person can be so captivating

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and what they say in the illusion of their discussion, that it can allow others into a state of stupor. And that that's really powerful. Those five people feeding my dad in a harsh way, and they're the ones who they come together to become the source of tyranny that confronts Musa. So who's on the other side? Who does move or how do you combat something like this? You know, subhanAllah you know, moves out when when when he is given this instruction from Allah. And Allah Chronicles it in sort of PLA has sort of Aarav in many chapters of the Quran. It has Elektra Iona in the hotels, I'll go to Pharaoh he has transgressed. He's like in a hot war and you have to learn Oh

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Allah, I'm scared the moment I walk in, they're just gonna kill me. And Allah is like, No, you know, these tyrants they, they like to put people on display. They want to show their power, but that will be their undoing. Right. And, you know, moves allihies Salam, what is what are the tools that are given to him by Allah? Most people mistakenly believe it's just the stop and it's going to turn to a steak and these are the signs. It isn't. Well according Manan. alayka mean cob I

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gave you already everything you needed from before you just didn't know. So one of the great greatest tools of Musa was his surrogate, his adoptive mother, Sen, who was the center of our focus, who makes this heartfelt do that is the basis topic of the basis of the topic title, rugby media in Dec debate and VPN. Oh Allah on account of my jihad, oh Allah an account of my resistance to fit out, Oh Allah on account of my struggle against him build for me a house in January because there's nothing in the dunya that I can gain. There's nothing in the dunya that is going to be of any value to me if I lose that place. And

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so what are the supporting cancer moves Alison? So I want to talk to you about the five women who make Musa who He is Subhan Allah Musa Allah Yes, Sudan is given five incredible women who allow him the space, the growth, the knowledge and the opportunity to develop to become the man who is worthy of being communicated to by Allah.

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The first of them is his own mother, who is a righteous woman, the woman who gave birth to him, whose name is not known to us Subhan Allah, we know the name of his adoptive mother but not of his mother. And that shows you that elevation of SCID has said that her struggling commitment was worthy of being recorded and echoed. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, Can we learn in our region in the Hadith al Bukhari Muslim men have attained make as many men ever taken completion with Allah and there are women who have attained that completion. Maria magnetar Imran were asiyah in Marathi. Maria Magna Tamron were asiyah in Morocco 2013 to be in the

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Hawaii Island, war for thematic been to Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So he begins with money in the mother of Jesus meaning the claim of money and what makes her special isn't that Jesus is their son in money am the daughter of a moron that's how the Prophet refers to her. So I said that and that's how Allah refers to in the Quran. You'll never find in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says, Madame Marisa, it's always money and if not, I'm wrong. Why? Because it's not Jesus who makes money, important money and was way, way important. Before she had Jesus Allah you set up her beauty and her relationship, her struggle with Allah in that relationship is what gave you the gift

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of Jesus. It's not Jesus being in her life that made her worthy of being a point of reference for us. Number two, is asiyah, the wife of Quran and Allah is saying that as if it's a debilitation, you know, this woman attained completions on our iclm He says, even though she was she was the woman of the island. There are three words in the Quran that describe the marital relationship. And the first zellige Right.

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With Jana, who is Elijah, zone II is two partners, husband and wife, who are cooperating with each other and they're content with each other at the time that this reference is spoken about them. They have is Elijah have come together, that the two separate parts are a part of each other that you can't recognize the the dissimilarity between them. They are cooperative, and they are loving. The second is the word immoral, meaning that they are unified in marriage, but there's a separation in ideals or a separation in the relationship or there's a separation in their capacity to bring about something that other married happily married couples have. And you could see this in the nuance in

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the Quran that Zakariya he refers one Marathi, aka, my woman, my wife who's the woman in my life, he was unable to have children with me. And there's this point where there's there's a moment where even with all the love even with all the Eman there's this thing that's missing from other marital relationships. That causes a lot to show us that there's a little bit of a difference in how they've spoken about each other while slashing their levels. Okay, when she gives birth, Allah says and his wife was followed after him his xojo saw that for him. The third word that is described is Sahiba slahi Bat refers to your love partner in this life in the Asherah you owe me a funeral woman Effie

00:34:56 --> 00:34:59

will tell me what Abby was saw he but he his spouse in

00:35:00 --> 00:35:44

to ask her, she's just, you know, it's like I know her, but on this day, I don't care. It's just somebody I know, just that you know, somebody I know from the dunya I'm more, there's more important things right? I need to get away from her, she wants to my good deeds. So that word imra shows that there was a disagreement between an Iowan and ESEA and the disagreement is on faith. So the debilitation of that shows you the elevated star status of ESEA i Li has said, as he has the property seldom said in a Hassan hottie there, some have claimed weakness in it, that you will be one of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Ghana.

00:35:46 --> 00:36:33

So the the strong women around Musa alayhis salam, the first his own mother, she is the one who in her prayers she received the premonition that you will give birth to a righteous child. She begins to see dreams when Pharaoh has ordered the execution because he saw dreams that there will be someone that will destroy his kingdom, she begins to see dreams of how to save this child when she gives birth. And it's the most eloquent ayah in the Quran, according to the great scholars of language, which is found in Surah Al CASAS what for our hyena Isla Musa and are very, in this one sentence Allah gives two orders to prohibitions and two predictions in one sentence that for either

00:36:33 --> 00:36:35

50 allergy when you're fearful for your son

00:36:37 --> 00:37:19

you know, give him a lot of milk, put him in this basket that she saw dreams of how to make this watertight basket how to save it, believe me what to how to put them into the river, don't be scared well, don't be sad don't have sorrow. In all do he will come back to you, which I don't mean and we're sitting. So the mother of Musa was this incredible woman she had this connection with Allah. She gave birth to a prophet of Allah, a messenger of Allah. The second is the woman who draws him out more Sally SLM, the name is actually a nickname. So Musa means one drawn from water, one taken from water, and all of the prophets and messengers had more than one name. I would never use ally

00:37:19 --> 00:38:11

Selim. You know, he's referred to as documented in the Quran, his name is Muhammad Rasulullah. Having more than one name is not problematic. So mu Sally is Sudan. The name Musa it means it's a descriptive name, the one taken out of water that was given to him by who, by his adoptive mother asiyah. So the woman who names him is this woman who is destined to be his adoptive mother who will look after him in his young years. Third is his sister. His sister eldest sister is ordered by his birth mother to walk along the shores of denial and to follow the basket to intervene if necessary. And imagine the courage it took this young, beautiful Muslimah to walk up to the Pharaoh's house and

00:38:11 --> 00:38:55

say, you know, that child I saw you bring out of the river because they wanted to hide it right? You know, that child, I can get you somebody who he can suckle from who will be discreet. Because you're finding it difficult to find a wet nurse Musa by the order of Allah wasn't willing to eat or cycled from any of the women in the household of fidayeen. So they said, okay, just bring her let's try and as soon as Musa is returned to his mother, he cycled so they said, Okay, everyday, visit us in the morning that evening. Follow that now Hui. Let me hear Kitakata in your hand, we return Moses to his mother so that her heart will be settled, her eyes will be pleased. Imagine, you know, Allah could

00:38:55 --> 00:39:44

have predicted moves in the arms of anyone and look into getting the milk from anyone. Why? look at why Allah says Musa was given back to his mother, not for Musa alone but for his mother's heart. Came to karma. I know how Allah because Allah did not want her to feel sorum. Subhan Allah, my dear sister, my dear brother, when you are right with Allah, Allah cares for your heart. When you are right with Allah, Allah looks out for your emotions, when you are right with Allah, even in the moment of tragedy, your son is ripped away from you. Allah shows you mercy in NEMA Alerce. Use Subhan Allah to powerful us powerful lesson. You know, there may be this tragedy you're in but Allah

00:39:44 --> 00:40:00

is Allah He just be right with Allah. Allah will show you His mercy. Allah will quell your heart because Allah when I read a book of Yvonne lamb in the lobby, Allah is not oppressive to us. There's no joy that is received by Allah in

00:40:00 --> 00:40:55

In your struggle in your difficulty, submit to Allah subhanaw taala. So these are three incredible women thus far. Number four is the wife of Musa who he will be destined to marry Sephora or the LA has set up, who accompanies him was willing to leave her homeland and his family, to and her family to travel with Musa to have a new beginning, who was supportive of, of his adventure for that which is righteous. Right. And all of these are incredible, incredible, incredible women who come together to sustain Musa alayhis salam in the story of purity, the five characters of should own and the characters that are there to assist Musa Ali has set up these strong female voices that are there to

00:40:55 --> 00:41:55

protect Musa is where Allah says is the strength of Musa alayhis salam up to that point of receiving relevant revelation when Musa alayhis salam makes that eloquent dua in sort of Playa Allah rubbish You're awfully sorry Why are still really angry? What could that mean? Mainly Cerny, who probably were the only was he Ron Lee was gonna say, who should do to be EZRI who actually Kofi Emery. Hey Newsome, Bihar Kakheti or whenever Kuraki Kathy you're in coin, Davina bot SR are all about the UI. There's like a moose while are called them. And then, like marmorata and Ohara is our hyena. Isla. Allahu Akbar, moves us open my heart, give me my brother. Why do you need your brother hanging with

00:41:55 --> 00:42:40

a bear hug just so that he will remind me to make this be here with you to worship You, the undoing of fear and when isn't the Stick It is the sphere. The undoing for our own isn't that hand that will shine in the dark it is that worship and the subdued. the undoing of fear I own is that two brothers committed to the relationship of Allah subhanho wa Taala can bring down a magnificent civilization, civilization or forwards such as crown and his army and her man and evil myths that we have spoken of earlier. But in this is Allah subhanho wa Taala says, recounting the fevers I already gave you, I'll give you all this too. But recount the fevers that I've given you. If I were hanging around,

00:42:40 --> 00:42:43

like I opened your mother's heart, I gave her way.

00:42:44 --> 00:42:58

And Allah subhanaw taala says well as to how they can have better money, I shrouded you with a veil of love. Where was that love? What was that love? The veil of love with those women is Pamela.

00:42:59 --> 00:43:16

The veil of love that surrounding force. Ie to I'll take means I cast down upon you Mahad better mini this love that I've given you Oh Musa and I want you to just think about this question for a second

00:43:18 --> 00:43:24

was ALLAH loving of Musa at the time he took that man's life

00:43:25 --> 00:43:44

you know, Musa kills a man on the head, I mean, administrate on this is a devilish a sinful act. A lot of beautiful leaf Allah for Allah, my Lord, forgive me. And he was forgiven at that moment of committing this, you know, you know, crying was Musa loved by Allah

00:43:45 --> 00:44:38

is sometimes when you and I look at a moment in our life, and we are not good with Allah. We seem to assume that Allah doesn't love us that we're not in a good place, that there's no hope. There's no return to Allah. And I want you to know that Musa is in a place that is an unbelievable place. But Allah says to him, I already loved you. Yeah Musa. from way back. I have love for you. Allah loves you now not for who you are now only, but what you will be and what changes you will make and where you will grow. And how you will be at the end of Ramadan even though you're not at that moment now. So in your heart, find this comfort that Allah does not look at just the moment but the totality of

00:44:38 --> 00:44:59

your life. And Allah wants you to have this Raja Billa this hope in Allah, which is what you see that Musa learns from this adoptive mother of his, you know, when he comes back to Pharaoh she's never heard of to heat. She's never heard of let alone Law School of Law, but she has a heart that is a heart to faith that if

00:45:00 --> 00:45:45

The moment faith is displayed the moment clean water is shown from filth, it's something that I'm, that's what I want, I don't want anything else. I don't want to mix the two, that the heart that recognizes truth, even though it's not in a place of truth yet is valuable to Allah, even before it's come to a point where it's making its schedule to him. So you and I may Allah Subhana Allah, Allah may have people in our family, who we look at them and we just are so disappointed. There's just something not right. And we're like, how could this be and why, you know, we how can we change this. And I want you to know that love and hate you to Halleck and the headbutted you know that love

00:45:45 --> 00:46:31

is what centers us towards Allah, you will gain so much more in your Dawa with love and empathy and care, you will gain so much more by calling people together rather than destroying and pulling apart, you will be a person who understands that we cannot accept the illegitimate to be legitimate, as we spoke last week about No, we're not going to change what was wrong to what is right and let you on the ship. But at the same time, we're not going to hate you in an absolute unconditional sense. We will hate what you've committed yourself to. But our hand will always be outstretched that if you come back, you will find us receptive. This is the message that you see given to Musa through

00:46:31 --> 00:46:35

his example of his adoptive mother.

00:46:37 --> 00:47:02

My life and your life, of course, you know, I'm conscious of time, my life and there's so much well I would love to share with you and I know I have two more sessions with you this Ramadan. So Hamdulillah I have poor sight they gave me four sessions this year much online. So there will be more that we will talk about. And I wanted to sum it up with you know, two things are practical things for myself in you, which is

00:47:04 --> 00:47:06

we have ALLAH SubhanA who want to add

00:47:07 --> 00:48:03

your relationship with Allah, Allah Buddha is the Lord Almighty is built upon a sincerity of heart more so than a productivity of action. Okay? Your relationship with Allah is more powerful in terms of the sincerity of heart, than just productivity of action. The productivity of action is necessary. No, I'm not telling you. You shouldn't work Coulier magic, Allah says act, but acting without the sincerity of heart is detrimental for your heart and action. And this is what you see in the life of the mother of your own and in his adoptive mother, that their heart was complete in its relationship with Allah, seeking to have a place with Allah, that the moment they aligned with the

00:48:03 --> 00:48:58

right thing to do their body, heart, mind, soul moves towards it. And sadly, most of us we are seeking to be accountants with Allah. You know, I just want to count with the two. But we haven't thought about what is mold what has been accepted by Allah subhanaw taala the acceptance is not based on number or effort alone, but it's based, initially, intentionally on the knee of the heart, enamel Armando, Binya May Allah subhanho wa Taala correct me and open our hearts to Him ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Minkus from those who are non judgmental towards the place that a person is today and have do and hope for them to improve in the future. May Allah subhanahu wa Tada protects us from

00:48:58 --> 00:49:42

the tyranny that surrounds May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to see what is happening around us in the world through the lens of the Quran. May Allah Subhan Allah to Allah forgive us and elevate us and protect us and bring us nearer to him. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah increase our sudo would increase our output of the recitation of the Quran. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah make us from those who are loved by Him because we are loving of him through the actions that he has asked us to perform of Him and to Him Subhan Allah to Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala assist us as we move through the darkness of this dunya May Allah Subhana Allah protect our families protect our Eman,

00:49:42 --> 00:49:59

protect our Islam and our son. When Allah Subhana Allah to Allah allow us to live as Imams for others to follow in truth, may Allah subhanho wa Taala raise up from our children, those who will be Imams and leaders for our communities in the years to come. We Allah Subhana Allah with a high leverage

00:50:00 --> 00:50:41

Give us our trespasses and grant us His mercy in the blessedness of the month of Ramadan. As we come to the middle of the month of Ramadan May Allah make that which has passed evidence for our deen and our dunya towards our intention of Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah put Baraka in the last 15 or 16 days in the month of Ramadan, that our hearts are filled with joy and filled with an attempt to grow in our relationship with Him. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah printmakers productive in our dunya and Deen, may Allah Subhana Allah Allah main cause tools of righteousness that open the hearts of others, he's to mercy. May Allah subhana who wants to either make you and I have those who are

00:50:41 --> 00:51:22

blessed with the chef our Varna bu Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, may Allah subhanaw taala protect my heart and yours from the tribulation of indecency and sinfulness May Allah subhanaw taala heal the eyes of our children from watching phenom and their ears from listening to it and protect their hearts from anything that they have been encountered with, with loss of Hannah and want to either bring healing to our current state and make us better tomorrow than we are today and better the day after tomorrow. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah make the mother of Musa alayhis salam, the adoptive mother ascio of Musa Ali is

00:51:24 --> 00:52:02

the sister of Musa and the wife of Musa Ali was salam examples for our wives and daughters and mothers along mean we Allah subhanho wa Taala ennoble us with the practice of an analogue queen and forgive us our trespasses along mean from Ghana alumna and personnel were in the field and I want to Hamlin and Hakuna nominal sorcery, from the knowledge that we're getting now a lake and now you can see also the Lachman was sending was it were verticality, you know, what have you been doing whenever you know Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah you early he was like he was willing to Sleeman Kathira Subhanallah because of the result Yeah, many of the phone was around when Allah Mazzone, 100 left

00:52:03 --> 00:52:04

behind, I mean Subhan Allah Allah,

00:52:05 --> 00:52:41

Allah, a stockbroker What are too late? This is Aquila Salaam Alaikum okay. I think my son Our hands are luscious and handled I can't follow that with anything just secular therapist someone said for the lecture and for the beautiful guy at the end. This is why you're the instructor that teaches about love notes and family relationships and marriage and engagement and how to improve your relationships Subhanallah I can't even speak to the beautiful gems that you've shared with us in this session and completely revitalize and change the perspective the story of Musa and his supporting characters Melo except from you and we're so excited inshallah to have you back

00:52:41 --> 00:52:55

throughout Ramadan 360 It wouldn't be rolled on 360 Without you Imam Yahya now I know you made a promise in the beginning that you would try that we would see we can have a look it's still dark and foggy out there. Okay, that's okay inshallah we

00:52:57 --> 00:52:59

just not Yeah, we have

00:53:00 --> 00:53:03

some other sessions and showing maybe the sun will come up a little earlier

00:53:04 --> 00:53:46

month inshallah or worst case, for those who are registered for Ramadan 360 We might ask Chef, if you can give us a little, a little courtyard tour and we can share it in the telegram group as well so they can begin to experience inshallah I look I might pop back in after she was with some session in sha Allah and see if I can connect with you there until lunch time is on for the next hour. So you get you ruin the surprise we actually have just some happy surprise but is sad is the one who is doing our chronic regression session. But yes, if you are free at the end of the hour, we're going to be ending exactly on time so it'd be lovely to have you back controller I'll see you in the last

00:53:46 --> 00:53:59

five units inshallah. Inshallah that'd be very exciting. Just bear in mind we're here very soon as set out why ecological delight just now your market and yes, that was your surprise and

00:54:00 --> 00:54:33

we wanted to give you guys a bit of a taste that hamdulillah Imam was Sharif is with us right before we kick off our Quranic reflection circles, which is sad to seem to just pop in to give a beautiful little reminder and to and I thought he was in Yes, he is in Hungary Hola. And I want to pass it off to him because I know we have a little bit of time and I want to make sure that you guys get to benefit for him as much as you can As salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah mammas Sam, how are you doing today? Why llegamos Salam rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh who doing fantastic How are you doing today? Alhamdulillah this is like a little a little extra candy a little treat in the middle of our session

00:54:33 --> 00:55:00

and it's so lovely to have you back. What is going on with you first 10 days of Ramadan done gone zip everything in and out. I would say yes first 10 days happened to me. I told you the first two days I woke up in Ramadan. I was like oh wait, look, it's Ramadan Islam is happening. So yeah. I feel that I feel that now in my muslim you are going to be making the most I know in the in the middle 10 days every

00:55:00 --> 00:55:12

One tends to kind of relax, we tend to get, you know, not lazy but you know we get comfortable we get an urge zone and sometimes it's very easy to take a back seat and just kind of wait till the last 10 nights come so that you can kind of go heavy now, but we want to make sure

00:55:14 --> 00:55:54

go heavy. Yes, we want to make sure because it is the month of the Quran that we make our effort to also facilitate I've renewed connection and a passion and an ease and opening of doors to people's relationship with the Quran. And I know you have something very exciting that you're going to be doing to facilitate that. So I'm going to pass it to you and we'd love to hear from you this isn't that well and I caught that bark Allah fie Come let's get started. Also bIllahi min ash shaytaan and regime friends. If you could just take a moment to whatever I'm going to say if any one of shakier has dwarf sticks you're all legit man. There you go I'll go into Jana the rest just make do live the

00:55:54 --> 00:56:48

rest of your life that 15% of that doctors you're like oh I'm a bad person. I didn't do this shake his so but look his dua was for you. So if for those and family stops and says Huh, this all might work out on a Groupon coupon into paradise Allahumma Amin so with that intention that we will enter paradise can we split Ramadan into three components? Number one fasting fasting for what? Number two Quran and so I would like to and very rarely sister have said do I get the opportunity to present something and then be able to invite anyone and everyone yeah hamdulillah so tomorrow and sister have so like promo complete to say last year we invited everyone to something called Grand

00:56:48 --> 00:57:47

Challenge. If you asked us last year what it was we were like well find out and we did a 10 day program can I get a que si in the chat box? If you attended or on challenge? Last year and Nimra and family it was a blast. There was mindset changing. We focused on one lesson one principle and eat each day's principle was then applied to a surah maybe one or two people got to read. And last year SR Hafsa I you as you recall, we covered Surah NAS falak if last debate Jada EDA job puja evil coffee rune in playing our ADA la de la Qureshi. And we went up to last 10 days 10 sewers this year. We would like to start with you all. And I believe it's registration only

00:57:49 --> 00:58:02

for Surah 99 to Surah number 92. And because it doesn't break up perfectly so Robina splits into three parts and Surah Surah.

00:58:03 --> 00:58:16

Allah surah Allah comes back Surah Accra, I'm not in the third grade surah Allah, how many people still call it Kulu Allahu Ahad. I've been calling it Goolwa Allah wa kinda like my whole life. They're like serious last.

00:58:17 --> 00:58:56

I'm like yeah, but though Allah will hot yeah, I got you. Okay, you know, fancy shmancy I'm gonna have a shout out Kira. Cobra, right. My certification is so gras now. I'm gonna have Cobra and there's still be like, not Dana yo. I surah in that Dana surestore The Quran? Yes, I the park Lafayette can be your friend. We connect tomorrow. If I knew the time it wouldn't be me. Tomorrow at some point in my day the schedule is going to bring Quran challenge bada boom. And I'm going to show up like Kramer and teach it like it ain't nobody's business. So tomorrow friends, I have one I have 60 seconds left.

00:58:57 --> 00:59:10

Tomorrow if I could experience what it feels like to say I can't read I can't read I can't read but I can recite

00:59:11 --> 00:59:19

I think that's what a challenge is. Muhammad peace be upon him was right. He couldn't read. But Gabriel was like I'm not asking you to read

00:59:20 --> 01:00:00

or Bismillah be can lead the hollow or the missing component and I know this sounds fabulous Dublin May Allah bless you all. I know this sounds fantastical to you Toronto bark lofi come to you all. But there is nothing more perfect than when you get out of the way. And you put in the name of Allah subhanaw taala can Wissam walk clinically I should not be able to walk can with some squat whatever brother Bill out told me double my bodyweight not the first day. But they said okay, challenge accepted below and he

01:00:00 --> 01:00:17

He said I have to squat double 2.5 times my body weight. Thank goodness, I weighed nothing. So alhamdulillah I'm on my way, friends with your permission. I am more interested in what your side has to say than anything about what I'm saying right now. So tomorrow, I believe 2pm Central

01:00:19 --> 01:00:56

2pm PST 1pm Central. Let's do all the timezone 7pm BST. 11pm in Pakistan 2am In Malaysia, Singapore, I think Philippines as well. And I'm running out of time zones, you guys can translate the rest of the sha Allah does that Good luck everyone was Sam for being with us. It's very exciting that we can spend the next 10 days with you and the Qur'an and the community until very excited to kick off the second year of grand challenge everyone, the link as well has been dropped consistently those on YouTube because can find it on the description. And we will love to see you guys there. 7pm. UK time for those asking him I was and we will see you tomorrow. And we are going to jump right into our

01:00:56 --> 01:01:26

final session for today. For today. I hope that you guys enjoyed that little surprise. At home though we have a three, three round that humbler session today as well. And we are ready for an reflect anyone who has questions about current challenge, please feel free to keep dropping them in the chat. And I will do my best to answer them. But yes, it's not going to be on a mug of social media. We will have it on a couple of the grand revolution social media if you guys want to cast on your TVs and do all that fun stuff on YouTube. But just keep that in mind that it's going to be primarily focused on that live audience and especially there because you're reciting and you're

01:01:26 --> 01:01:53

doing a lot of engagement and Amazon does not let you sit and relax in your chairs. So make sure that you do go up to her on 6:01am In Indonesia, masha Allah, and it's just sad is with us today. She said we have been very, very, very generous with the time that we've stolen from you for today's Quranic reflection circles. You owe me like, a couple hours now. We'll see how far we get and show up.

01:01:54 --> 01:02:32

Okay, but let's jump in just a second. I want to make sure that we get a chance to benefit. What verses are we covering today? She said, just dropped it in the chat right now. And this time it's a clickable link on the gist. All right, Mr. Nash. Mr. manleigh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while early he also had been on Willa Aloha malaria women are not in there man named Anna in Mecca and I knew him when he came. A lot of my eliminare my and pharaoh now when finally my limp and I was in our EMA Yoruba line, Amin Lahoma, I didn't know how to call center or in unbolting belting out what is nice the number was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. So

01:02:32 --> 01:03:15

the link that I put in there, it's a little bit ambitious for the time that we have, so I have about half an hour. Today leftover from my time, I'm going to try and get to all three verses. But let's see how far we get insha Allah data, so we are in just number 11 today, so 11th of April just number 11. Just number 11 is the end of sort of the Toba or not in verse 93 until the end, sort of unis all of it and sort of took just the first five verses. So I picked verses from sojourners today, as we said 5758 59 Possibly we'll see if we have enough time inshallah so we'll get right into it.

01:03:16 --> 01:03:59

I'm not going to have someone recite today just to save time Inshallah, unless such a hassle I was like I thought he picked out ahead of time you have someone? No, okay. Okay. No worries, no worries, inshallah. All right. We're gonna just read it together in sha Allah. So verse number 57 Surah number 10. Lux, Allah says are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Yeah, are you have a nurse at the Giacomo ridata Mira Beckham, where she found what she felt where she felt only matters so those were who don't work maternal Momineen Allah says yeah Yohannes Oh human beings or oh people Oh humanity however you want to say that oh mankind but these days people don't like saying mankind

01:03:59 --> 01:04:47

will say man and woman kind whatever fits whatever you think is correct for you. All of humanity right everyone? Yeah, you hiddenness Oh, oh humanity Oh human beings have Giacomo Mira become certainly indeed there has come to you a warning or an instruction from your Lord. What she felt oddly enough is sudo and a cure for that which is in the hearts Well, Hoda and guidance while Rama and a mercy for the believers and then what we need now first of all regarding this jet Camilla somebody correct me exactly. Let's say Yeah, you heard us a jet como Arabic. I don't know if I said that. But if just in case Yeah, you handed us a jet Komodo middleby Come okay. Oh human beings,

01:04:47 --> 01:04:56

indeed there has come to a warning or instruction from your Lord. So this verse we see that Allah has hunted to Allah is describing

01:04:58 --> 01:05:00

what has been sent to us and what this is

01:05:00 --> 01:05:42

referring to obviously is the Quran that Allah has pointed to Allah describing the Quran. There are four descriptions that Allah who's Pennock Allah gives for this Quran and this is something that you should already have caught, you know paying attention and thinking about this verse number one, Allah who was found with data described it as mo or does not become it is a warning or an instruction from your Lord. Number two, it is she felt lonely math is so low, it is a cure for what is in the hearts, well, Hoda and a guidance and a number for a Rama it is a mercy for the believers. So it is a reminder for us from Allah who has pointed to Allah it is instruction, it is a warning

01:05:42 --> 01:06:21

from Allah who's kind of like to add up. Number two, it is she felt like the mafia salute it is a cure for that which is in the hearts now this is a cure. So what the first thing we see is that a cure would not be for something which is good, right? So Allah has kind of to Allah, if you reflect on this verse, one of the things you understand is that the Quran didn't contain the gate that which is already good that is found in you. Right? So let's say someone has never recited the Quran in their life, they've never read the Quran, they don't know what the meanings of the Quran are, they may already without the Quran have certain things, certain types of goodness that is already found

01:06:21 --> 01:07:02

within them. And a concept which you know, I've mentioned before the fifth Torah right, our natural inclination that Alas, prayers, we believe that Allah has created us naturally to be good, right? And our natural state is good and that state can be corrupted because of influences and so on so forth. But if that was not corrupted, the natural state of goodness that we have that is affirmed in the Quran, the Quran is not going against anything that is naturally good that we find. So it is not a cure. When Allah says it is a cure, it's obviously has to be a cure for something which is bad. Now what is the bad that it is curing? Well, first of all ignorance, right? So we learn from the

01:07:02 --> 01:07:56

Quran, it is curing our issues with So ignorance is tied into perhaps because of our ignorance, we may have certain doubts, sure, but it has come to cure that likewise, our elicits or bad or unhealthy desires, our show what it comes to cure, that it is a cure for really anything that keeps us from goodness, it takes us from bad or from evil or anything that is taking away from goodness and it returns us back to goodness, it takes us from uncertainty from doubt, to certainty, that is the purpose of the or one of the purposes of the Quran. Now, how does the Quran do that? So if that is the question, if that is if Allah is telling us that the Quran is a cure for anything bad or evil

01:07:56 --> 01:08:34

that we have in our hearts, then we would ask how does Allah do that? And that is what is coming up next. Allah says it is Hoda, it is guidance. So it is the guidance of the Quran. The knowledge that is found in the Quran, the truth that is found on it is when we have the knowledge and we act upon that knowledge, that we find that it is a cure, it is a Shiva for that which is that which is bad in our within ourselves and not so then Allah says so, it is she felt it is a cure for that which is in the in the hearts, it is hooked up, it is guidance as we said, what Rama

01:08:35 --> 01:09:20

Rama it is a mercy. But Allahu Allah to Allah said that it is a mercy for human beings right it has emerged sorry mercy for the believers, it is limited in what we need. Now, some of our scholars have said that they say that the Rama applies to the meaning. And other scholars say that all of what is mentioned applies to the believer. So it is a moment I thought it is a reminder a warning for the believers it is a cure for that which is in the hearts. That which is evil, as you said in the heart for the believers, it is guidance for the believer, it is a llama, for the believers. Now, my question to you is, you know talking about paying attention to thinking about why Allah would word

01:09:20 --> 01:09:43

something in a particular way paying attention to the context was happening. Why in what way? Would we say that the Quran is a Rama only for the believers. Or if we're going to include the previous three categories, we can include that as well. How is it only that how can we say it is only that for the believers? Bismillah raise your hand

01:09:45 --> 01:09:59

at 10 We'll pick on you guys any hands. So Allah says it is a llama for the believers. How is the Quran? A llama for the believers? Awesome. I see you bet. Let's hear from you. Bismillah

01:10:01 --> 01:10:04

Santa Monica, like it was set on LA.

01:10:06 --> 01:10:14

I believe it's because the plan is something that like this is something that can't be

01:10:16 --> 01:10:17


01:10:18 --> 01:10:24

Okay, so when we believe when we read it, we read it and we learn to understand it, then

01:10:25 --> 01:11:08

it's like, that's, once we learn and we can read, and we can understand that that's something that we can get, no one can cover up, no one can change. We don't have to contemplate and think, oh, did somebody switch the system? Somebody changed that. So that's a comfort in itself. And then the second thing is thinking you say Rama, is a person, unlike any other mercy. So, Allah is merciful. And there's a different kind of mercy for people that accept Islam. What is that mercy? That's my question. So Allah says, the Rocky Mountain, meaning it is a mercy for the believers. What is that mercy? Why is this in this verse mentioned, specifically the Quran? So in essence, what this verse

01:11:08 --> 01:11:15

is telling us is that the Quran is a mercy for the believers. Why specifically for the believers? That's the question

01:11:20 --> 01:11:20

a little bit

01:11:26 --> 01:11:36

All right, we haven't seen several hands now. Mashallah. So let's take from nearby we haven't heard from you in a bit. I think let's take him Ryan Chela from Pakistan. Please go on and unmute. Michelle.

01:11:40 --> 01:11:43

Can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you now. Like was set up? Good.

01:11:44 --> 01:12:05

So, um, I think it's a mercy because as believers, we will be going through like hardships and a difficulty. So we turn back to the Quran and you know, it suits us and it tells us, you know, what Allah is saying to us, so that is how it could be a mercy for us. That's what I think. Okay, so that example that you gave is correct.

01:12:07 --> 01:12:18

I agreed. But once again, the question is, why are the believers specified? So let's see who else do we have? Smilla let's do fussy hat from the ma'am, go right ahead, please. Yeah, and mute insha Allah

01:12:23 --> 01:12:23

you don't hear me

01:12:26 --> 01:12:28

when my son is, you know.

01:12:31 --> 01:12:57

Okay, what I think is that what I think when it's mentioned Rama is I think of what it is the the disbelievers that are doing like, they are the people who are not guided and they are, you know, they're the people who are doing something opposite to what the believers are like, you know, the opposite of Rama, I always think of it as oppression. So, you know,

01:12:59 --> 01:13:10

the disbelievers in not so like not only worshipping Allah, thereby the Quran so how does the Quran helps the believers specifically?

01:13:11 --> 01:13:48

Yeah, that's like, you know, you did what what you gave us is an example and that's, that's totally about it. Once again, like the previous I believe that the sister raised her hand. It's a perfectly valid example and I agree with the example but the question once again, is what is special about the believers that the Quran becomes a llama for them it becomes guidance for them a becomes a cure for that which is in the hearts, it becomes a reminder for them. Let's see who else do we have? Okay, we got a loving hands now. Somebody somebody's gotta get this. Everyone's in the mood to reflect. Okay, let's hear from whiskey. Michelle is here for my brother go right ahead further with you.

01:13:51 --> 01:14:14

Salam aleikum, wa salam ala, I believe for the believers we read Quran and if we make a mistake, or we commit any sin knowingly or unknowingly, will Allah subhanaw taala has shown in the Quran what how to ask for his forgiveness for example, if you

01:14:15 --> 01:14:26

for some reason let's say you're not fasting so you Allah subhanaw taala has said that okay, for whatever reason that you are not fasting he has shown as the way to

01:14:27 --> 01:14:59

ask for is repentance and he has shown especially for you, why can't a disbeliever also read the Quran and say, okay, if I'm not able to fast this, you know, if I'm whatever, whatever the guidance, you know, I can also then why is it only the believer can't then can a non Muslim read the Quran and be like, Oh, here's some guidance for me or this is good for me or whatever. No, for you to be a believer. You have to say Lai la jai lai la Muhammad. You have to believe in Allah Subhana Allah and His messenger. If you believe no, you have to follow the protocol.

01:15:00 --> 01:15:40

Oh, there you go, we got the answer. So the difference between the believers and those who don't believe is that when a believer recites the Quran number one they accept it in their heart as the truth and because they accept it as the truth they act upon it. So the knowledge is there right? The Quran is there anyone can access the Quran anyone can recite the Quran and anyone can look at what's in the Quran but it is the believers who act who number one accepted right and then number two act upon it and so the message here if you really reflect upon it, is that when we act upon the Quran, then it becomes all of these things it becomes it becomes a reminder right? It becomes guidance it

01:15:40 --> 01:15:47

becomes a cure and then it becomes a lambda as well. Right? Very good handled I think I think we've got there and handling them

01:15:48 --> 01:16:29

very good. So okay, we'll move on I had some more reflections for this, but I want to try and get to all three verses today inshallah data. Next verse, verse number, 58. Allah who is Palawan to Allah says, couldn't be fooled that Allah He won't be rahmati Tabitha Anika familia throw that say, and this is an instruction to the process and them to tell people that before that Allah he will be recommending that in the bounty of Allah, the father of Allah and His mercy for be there the cafeteria, throw that in that, let them Rejoice, rejoice, meaning, let them be happy, let them in a way celebrate. Let them rejoice, who are hiring me manage my own, it is better than what they

01:16:29 --> 01:17:07

accumulate or what they gather. So once again, the subject is the same, right? It's and this is why I wanted to connect these verses because we're talking about the Quran. We're talking about the guidance of the Quran. So here Allah who has power to Adam mentions in the bounty of Allah, in the blessings of Allah and His mercy, that now that we have understood it, we have received it, we have believed in it, we have acted upon it. How should we feel regarding this message from Allah subhanaw taala how should we feel regarding the Quran and Allah who has kind of went to Allah said that

01:17:08 --> 01:17:47

do what? Rejoice be happy, right? And so the and other by the way, other point here is that Allah is trying to refer to the Quran as the what's an added description here is a funneling right, it is a blessing. And the greatest blessing that we have is Islam. And the source of Islam is obviously the Quran and the Sunnah. So once again, going back to the Quran, so the Quran is referred to as a blessing. So Allah is trying to out us and tells us that how should we feel what should our emotional reaction to the Quran acting upon the Quran and believing in the Quran acting upon the Quran to rejoice? And so Allah subhanaw taala says, For we value kappa Leah Franco. Now, what does

01:17:47 --> 01:18:02

it mean to rejoice in the Quran? Right? Or how do we rejoice in the Quran? Bismillah Go ahead, raise your hand. Let's see. All righty, let's hear from nausea. And as yet please unmute persona

01:18:04 --> 01:18:06

lamella coma, regard

01:18:08 --> 01:18:17

to rejoice is to want to accept the teachings in the Quran what Allah has commanded us, and

01:18:18 --> 01:18:27

then be happy about it. There's fair and everything that Allah commands. So we don't question every don't doubt it is what it is. We accept it bully.

01:18:29 --> 01:18:41

Very good. So that's what's happening emotionally in our heart that we are obviously happy, right, that we rejoice. What else would like what else do we do then? Is there is there anything else that goes after that?

01:18:42 --> 01:18:52

I think I see the answer in the chat. But I don't want to look at the chat because I want I want to hear from someone to chat me that. So yeah, so yeah, I mean, we do everything we follow the commands and we do

01:18:53 --> 01:19:11

our acts, you know, for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. And then there's the background. Let me ask you a question. Let me ask you a question. Let me ask question, Sister Nazia, let me ask you a question. Yeah. Are you in sha Allah is coming. We asked Allah to allow us to complete Ramadan and to witness aid. Is that a day of rejoice and celebration?

01:19:13 --> 01:19:31

It is within within the guidelines and boundaries? Yeah, of course. Of course. Of course. Of course. That's a given always within the guidelines of Allah subhanaw taala we're never gonna say otherwise. May Allah keep us firm upon that? It is a day of celebration. How do we feel on that day and what is the purpose of that celebration?

01:19:33 --> 01:19:34

Complete what are we doing on that day?

01:19:36 --> 01:19:39

What are we doing on that day?

01:19:43 --> 01:19:53

Yes, what what is that? What is the purpose of the celebration and what are we celebrating? Celebrate the end of Ramadan? Uh huh. And

01:19:54 --> 01:19:54


01:19:55 --> 01:19:59

we are grateful that we were able to pass the month on

01:20:00 --> 01:20:31

yeah right yeah so we submitted we obeyed the Command of Allah Subhana Allah we worship Allah for the whole month and we are grateful and now we are rejoicing, right not only that the other well I won't give the second thing there's a few different things but exactly what catches your nose Yeah, who else do we have? What else does rejoicing what else is rejoicing do for us when we celebrate like what happens now is good that was so stressful I was stressing for you I'm sorry I'm sorry anyone on the spot but this is good you know we can we can work together then but

01:20:32 --> 01:20:37

yeah, I feel that I feel that Okay, is there let's hear from you. Inshallah, please share with us your reaction.

01:20:38 --> 01:21:02

Okay, Salam aleikum? I think, I think the rejoicing, it means that so we have believed in a lot, we have followed the rules and regulations that we must live by. So it is full of good news for us that the rewards that we are going to get as a result of

01:21:03 --> 01:21:46

following the commands and believing in Allah. So it is something that we are going to be rewarded for. So I feel that it's just Jonnie. It gets me excited to think about the rewards that I'm going to get because of believing in Allah. And following his commands, so I will be rejoicing. Okay, Hamdulillah. That's good. That's good. Once again, we're talking about like, what happens due to rejoicing? Right, okay. We feel good. We established that we feel good, we feel and we make sure that as we said, we are grateful to Allah we are thanks. What else? So we are always positive. We are always happy. And we are always motivated to do more good. Yes.

01:21:47 --> 01:22:23

Good. Here you go. 100. Now that is one of the that is one of the I think someone here in the chat. I think I quickly glanced and I saw someone say something similar. I think it's gone. I can't see the chat. Just boom, boom, it goes okay. Anyway. But yes, so that's the other. That's the other benefit of rejoicing. When you celebrate something, you're motivated, right? So at the end of Ramadan, we are not just we're not like Okay, done over whatever. Like, let's just move on to the next thing. We're like, look at how much I accomplished during the month of Ramadan. Look at how much I can do. Right? So motivates us to do more. Likewise, Allah has wanted to add is telling us to

01:22:23 --> 01:22:31

feel happy to rejoice at this, because it'll only motivate us. Very good. hamdulillah hum did a very good, very good, so.

01:22:33 --> 01:23:12

So Allah to Allah, as we said, Allah said, Fabi vaniqa, Lea Franco. And then Allah says, who are Hiram my edge maroon, that it is better than that which you accumulate or that which you gather, obviously, what we gather what this is referring to is the dunya is the pleasures of this life is fulfilling our desires in this life, what we work and toil towards for the dunya Allah who's finally to Allah is saying it is better than everything that you're working for in this life, this guidance that Allah has sent this Rama, this father, this this blessing of Allah, the Quran is better than all of that. Now.

01:23:14 --> 01:23:54

So yeah, so it is it is it is better than anything that we could have in this life. And also, what you reflect upon this verse, one of the things that we can benefit from is the idea of how do we feel when we accomplish something in this life, right? So let's say someone finishes college or university and they get a degree, or they get their first job, or whatever else from this dunya we feel happy. Allah has counted to Allah is putting us in the mindset here, once again principle, personalize the message, right? Look at personal examples in your life, what things have you celebrated, and how did you feel? Whatever that feeling was, this is better than that. So we should

01:23:54 --> 01:24:19

feel even better than on the happiest day we had in our life, which was related to something that's from the dunya right? So I'm gonna say the happiest day of my life was, I don't know, when I finished my master's thesis, you know, I worked on it for four years or whatever, finished it, whatever it got my master's degree, whatever it may be. And I felt so happy. Allah who I don't want to add a saying anything, anything that you collect, you, you you gain in this life, it is better than that.

01:24:21 --> 01:24:53

Point of reflection here. Allah who has public data refer to the dunya pleasures as accumulation. What is the significance of that? What is the significance of that word? Allah could have said Latham midmarket? Dunya, it is better than that which is in the worldly life. But Allah Subhana Allah specifically said it is better clay it'll manage my own, that it is better than that which they gather that which and once again, they we personalize it, put ourselves in it, anything that we gather. So what is the significance of using the word gathering,

01:24:54 --> 01:24:56

collecting, accumulating

01:24:58 --> 01:24:58


01:24:59 --> 01:24:59


01:25:00 --> 01:25:02

Matt's got our hand up, let's hear from you on that this is gonna

01:25:04 --> 01:25:05

smell as long like

01:25:07 --> 01:25:50

I think in life, like we are collecting gems along the way, either it's our degree, or our job, or having kids or moving on through different phases of life, we are collecting things as we go, having a house, having belongings, and having things that make us happy. Um, so that is accumulating, you're accumulating all of these things, you're accumulating your experiences, your physical assets, and and other things, and maybe even people you have more friends, do you have less or whatnot. So that's an that's what you're accumulating in this vignette. Yeah, very good. Very good. So, you know, if we take a look at life, and like materialism, in the end of the day is just stuff, right

01:25:50 --> 01:26:13

stuff that we are accumulating, right? We're just piling our houses or wherever we live with more and more stuff. And this is what Allah has counted to Allah is saying that anything that you would collect from the dunya is in this light is better than that. What else there's other points that reflect upon here, then the significance of using the terminology of collecting. Beautiful, let's hear from Auntie Azmuth from the UK.

01:26:16 --> 01:26:19

Aid, we don't hear you just yet. But we're slowly going I'm deliberately

01:26:21 --> 01:26:47

reflecting at this, you know, because a trigger even the one letter, one letter, you're not doing anything. And one letter, and you get getting a blessing of 10 point is anything reciting your you know, the Surah, you know, the verse, you know, and you collecting so much. And what are we collecting your data collecting a 10 point for one letter.

01:26:49 --> 01:27:30

Words, right, and he votes for 100. And with letting you know, if you know, for example, I know that LM Turkish, right, and I'm reading you know, and around doing something, and holy even I'm not being a practicing, for example, I'm collecting so much. And in Ramadan, I'm collecting for one letter, yo, there is 70 points, 70 divots, look at the display, the hammer is so much you touch your heart, and you want to more motivated, you want more motivated, even, you know, you're not you're not practicing the something, but you are collecting so much hold day and night.

01:27:34 --> 01:28:12

So what our sister mentioned is collecting but in the context of collecting for the Akira. So one of the reflections here is that we can collect for this life, or we can collect for the afterlife. And collecting for the afterlife is better than collecting for this life. Right? So the happiness for example that we get from collecting in this life is restricted to this life. And as a matter of fact, it's not even really restricted to this. Like it's restricted for restricted to like a certain time period. I don't know how many of you order stuff online, I ordered a lot of stuff online, feels great, feels great to order it, put the order in, and like the whole time you're waiting for it

01:28:12 --> 01:28:50

feels great. Like it's coming, it's coming, you track it blah, blah, all this kind of stuff. The box comes the unboxing feels great, what I'm about to get you open it, boom, new kicks, humbled enough feels great. A week later, two weeks later gone. And then you're like, Okay, what else am I gonna buy next? Right? And so it's this temporary enjoyment that we get, we're just collecting and collecting and collecting, which is the nature of life, as we said. And then you have the the Quran and the guidance, philosophy data where we collect and benefits not only this life, we feel more satisfaction. We feel better in this life, but also there's a reward of the of the eschaton so it is

01:28:50 --> 01:29:19

definitely better than 100 in that. Got it? Yes, good. Yeah. Hamdulillah I want to I know, there's more reflections in the chat. So hopefully we can get those down as well. Also, you know, in regarding this verse, one of the things I forgot to mention is rejoicing or feeling happy, right? We can people can rejoice for that which is bad, and they can rejoice for that which is good. So we have in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala, reprimanding those who rejoice

01:29:20 --> 01:29:41

for their sins or rejoice for just worldly pleasures. An example of that is following where Allah Subhana Allah told us that he was you know, he's an evil person, he he was very rich. His treasures were very large, so on and so forth. And however he used that his treasures to boast and to terrorize His people and His people. They said to Him,

01:29:43 --> 01:30:00

Latifah Don't Don't rejoice in Allah Allah you humble for the hain. Allah does not like those who rejoice and what is meant here is like to be prideful or arrogance. So there's the bad type of rejoicing, rejoicing, to feel like to make you to feel that you are better

01:30:00 --> 01:30:01

than other people, and especially when it's

01:30:02 --> 01:30:40

tied into material things that I'm better than other people because of the material things that I have, that is blameworthy versus rejoicing for the guidance that Allah has pointed to Allah has given to us and also, the rejoicing with the guidance doesn't mean and we need to distinguish between the two. It doesn't mean that we look down upon other people, right? We will rejoice for the blessing of Allah has packed out like all other blessings. When we use the blessings to belittle other people and to look down upon other people, it can be problematic, but when we use a blessing to praise Allah, to thank a lot to be grateful to Allah, it becomes praiseworthy, right? Just like

01:30:41 --> 01:31:17

the definition of arrogance that the person gave us. When he was asked when he said that the person who has even the smallest amount of arrogance kibra will not enter paradise. One of the companions I'm sure many of you have already one of the one of the companions, he said, you know, what if we like that our clothes are nice, and our shoes are nice meaning you know, we'd like to have have nice things is that arrogance? The person didn't call that he said, No, that's not arrogant. He said, A kibble and kibra bottle, heck Well, humbleness, he said, Sorry, said in the law of Demeter and what you heard with Gemma that Allah is beautiful, and he loves beauty, meaning, there's nothing wrong

01:31:17 --> 01:31:53

with that. But I'll give her a bottle Hakko Hunter nurse doctor to help is to reject the truth, and to look down upon people. So the same blessing can be a blessing that causes us to get close to Allah when we attribute it to Allah. And because of that, we obey Allah and we worship Allah and we're eat were stronger in our faith, we're motivated to worship Allah and become something which is good. And that's why we're supposed to speak of Allah's blessings. This was to enumerate Allah's blessings, but not in a way that is prideful or arrogant. And arrogance, once again, is rejecting the truth or looking down upon people. So there are people unfortunately, and I was reflecting upon

01:31:53 --> 01:32:12

this verse also, there are people who because of their religiosity will start to look down upon other people, right, which is problematic as well. So there's nothing wrong with saying, Allah has guided me Alhamdulillah Allah has guided me This is guidance from Allah and so on and so forth. But to to now use that guidance to say that

01:32:14 --> 01:32:50

to put down other people, that is a form of arrogance, this is why even amongst, unfortunately, like the religious crowd and stuff, we have those who because of their Deen, they look down upon other people, right, and what they're doing or they, they, they mock other people or make fun of other people and so on and so forth. All of that is not being grateful for the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala being grateful for the blessing of Allah and that is not to build yourself up. Rather it is to strengthen your relationship with Allah who is planning to Isla. Right? So it's not about you, it's about your relationship with Allah try it out, as soon as you make it about you, I am better, it

01:32:50 --> 01:33:08

becomes problematic. And that was the problem of the Shabbat as well. Right? He was amongst the pious and Allah, Allah raised him up to live amongst the angels and to worship Allah amongst the angel, angels, because of his piety, but because of his piety, he began to believe he is better than others. And teittleman I'm better than him and

01:33:09 --> 01:33:45

and that was his downfall. And it's very interesting, you know, the story of unbelief. Subhanallah the downfall of the bliss did not come because of material things that he had that made him arrogance is because of the deen Subhan. Allah is because of the deen is his religiosity was his downfall when it came to arrogance, right because he was the best amongst the jinn. And he would worship Allah amongst the angels, because he had that status, he began to look down upon others, and he could not accept that there will be someone who could be better than him. Right. So once again, recognizing the source of our arrogance. And that's something to be very, very careful of, I don't

01:33:45 --> 01:34:20

believe I have time to get into the next verse of how to love because the next verse I think needs to be explained properly and there's a lot that goes into it. Perhaps another time in sha Allah, we can we can get into this next verse and it ties into what we are talking about 100 I think we got a lot of good from what we covered today as well. So I'm going to go ahead and stop here and as I said, as I've been saying, please continue to share your reflections on the Quran and hopefully we are gathering gathering them somewhere so it sounds like do we work that out yet? Do we have a place? Oh, you have a couple of people that are on hamdulillah helping us to collect them. But we

01:34:20 --> 01:34:47

the more the more the merrier. We do need some more hands and more people to go through the recordings inshallah to help us to find exactly what the question was that the people are reflecting on. So that would definitely be a huge help in Sharla but we do have a couple of volunteer 100 100 While we're doing that, I'm looking forward to reading it. At the end of Ramadan in sha Allah Otto ask Allah Subhana Allah to allow us to complete the month of Ramadan. Allahu Allah Subhana. Allah Houma will be handed a shadow and that kind of stuff. Look forward to good luck.

01:34:48 --> 01:34:56

All right, does that Kamala Harris she said it's a pleasure to have you back. My apologies for being so much Oh, you made the most of those 30 minutes. Come on. That was a 30 minutes full of.

01:34:58 --> 01:34:59

So does that hurt to absolve

01:35:00 --> 01:35:36

Baraka in the Quran. You know so even this is why even last year my whole thing was like one verse right? Even if we do one verse you will see that there's so much Baraka in just one verse. And this year we're doing maybe one verse maybe more but you get to see how much we can get out of one verse 100 in the hands of them people are flexing their muscles now people are getting comfortable but shit I know you have to go so in short vlog tomorrow, same time, same place and maybe a little bit closer to on time for our chronic reflects on you. Yeah, and hey, it's not just on me It's on all the speakers as well. But just for being a great sport we'll see very soon to sit on one day

01:35:38 --> 01:36:14

micro setup Alrighty guys, so I did message her here. He had to see if he was still free for our little promise tour. It looks like it may not be we might not be able to do it today. But in sha Allah we will hold him to it next time He comes on for Ramadan 360 Or we'll get you guys a little video. Because mashallah, I didn't know he had a whole farm going on at the cottage and I'm very curious, I want to see it as well. For those of you who have no idea what we're talking about, we'll explain on telegram and sha Allah does that go here to everyone who joined us who was here throughout the session, that was day 10 of Ramadan 360 Just a big important reminder, make sure that

01:36:14 --> 01:36:47

you guys are taking a few minutes not even that a couple of seconds to register for free for the 10 day challenge that is starting tomorrow with the man with some reminder is going to be at 2pm PST, 7pm, PST, 11pm Pakistan time 2am Malaysia time etc etc etc. If you cannot make it it will be recorded. You will also have separate portal access to that and some additional resources as well this is the link that I'm going to drop here in the chat and on Facebook and YouTube you guys can see it in the description as well and it will not be on the amug channel so we will be kind of going live here for that and for Ramadan. 360. So make sure that you have registered so that you're able

01:36:47 --> 01:37:20

to take advantage and if you're not able to make an art you know live in jail you also benefit immensely from the recordings directly for being with us. We will see you guys tomorrow. And tomorrow we have with us chef I'm Alicia naui and I hope that you guys stick around for him because he's mashallah I just became exposed to him and he's such an amazing speaker and we're so lucky to have him as a guest on him on Ramadan. 360. He is going to be speaking on the topic, Royal confessions and of course we will have shifts that back with us for our Quranic reflection sessions. To cyclotron once again for joining us and we will see you on a date 11 of Ramadan 360 For now take

01:37:20 --> 01:37:22

care Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe and a cinema and

with Sh Yahya Ibrahim

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