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Episode 9 – Preparing for Ramadan – On this episode: Qiyam and Ramadan. The blessings and importance of the night prayer. How to pray the night prayer.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu welcome to episode nine of preparing for Ramadan today we're gonna be talking about pm will lay or standing the night in prayer you know there's always been a strong connection between the month of Ramadan and pm relate for example the president tells us as mentioned sizable audience a Muslim man Ahmad Ramadan, Eman and the seven who fear Allah who Mata de minimis dombey that one who stands in Ramadan meaning stands in the night for prayer during the month of Ramadan, he man and the Serbian having firm sincere faith in the last panel to Allah and hoping for the reward from Allah to Allah. What is the reward that will present him says

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hopefully it Allahumma condemning them back meaning their previous sins will all be forgiven. So for us that's one of the goals of Ramadan that we pray during the night as much as possible hoping for that reward from Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran we find the last point out of praising the people who make a habit out of praying the night prayer and sort of that yet a Lost Planet Allah tells us that these people can do kalila mina Lady Maria Jeroen that they would sleep but a little from the night well bill us howdy homea stuff if you don't, and the time before the dawn, they spend that time seeking forgiveness, many seeking forgiveness from a law had been above the law that tells us

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about these people the companions of the bar sent him he said that not a single night would pass by except that they would take something from it meaning they would pray something from the night prayer instead of essentially it was planned out appraises these people in a very beautiful way a lot describes them as saying that the Jaffa genome and najbolji yet do not have somehow found wautoma when we merasakan now homeopathy akun Allah tells us that their sides they forsake their beds, they bend they leave their beds to call out to make the auto last panel tiada with hope and fear that perfect balance and they spend from that which Lost Planet Allah has bestowed upon them.

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But enough some yellowman karate Aryan does not count we are Malone. And not a single soul knows what has been hidden from them from the comfort of their eyes meaning from joy, as a reward from that which they used to do in this beautiful ayah we hear that these people who forsake their beds during the night, the reward that they have, no one knows what it is. A beautiful point to mention here is that a lot of times in person prays during the night It's a secret of prayer. Most people don't know that this person is praying. Likewise, the reward is similar to that the reward is so great that we can't even imagine how great this reward would be just like the prayer is hidden for

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most people. Likewise the reward is hidden as well. Also another way in which loss it entices us to print family is that a lot tells us that this reward is not known. It's hidden and usually when things are hidden, they can tend to be even more enticing than something that is shown right to us. Also we have the headings of the price settlement price that have said that the best prayer after the mandatory prayers being the five daily prayers is the night prayer okay hopefully all of that has motivated you to start praying night prayer even before the month of Ramadan starts to start preparing ourselves for the month of Ramadan but the question that tends to come up is well how do

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we pray the night prayer how do we pray pm really one of the easiest and simplest ways is how Parson described to us in the headies mentioned scientific audience a Muslim in which he said Salatu layli methanol methanol he said the night prayer is to buy to meaning to cause and then to lock eyes and and to cause but either Russia or Ukraine was super sudden Arakawa Haider. And if you fear that the dawn is approaching, meaning Vegeta is about to come in, then the person prays one Raka to Salah that one record makes the number of records pray during the night, an odd number of archives. So this is very simple. We pray two by two by two until it is about to approach or we're getting tired.

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Then we finish it with one making it a widow or an odd number of records that we have prayed during the night. As I said there's something that we can start doing tonight inshallah tada preparing for the month of Ramadan and Lost Planet Allah knows best. I'll see you on the next video inshallah Giada take care was set on what a comb what happened to lucky or what I do.