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The speaker talks about their journey to cities like Barcelona, where they have finished their degrees and become a doctor. They thank their parents and teachers for their support and encourage others to take advantage of the opportunities to pursue Islamic knowledge. They also talk about the three stages of achieving knowledge: first, someone who seeks knowledge, second, someone who seeks knowledge and is arrogant, and third, someone who learns more knowledge and realizes they have nothing to learn before they die.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. So I'm sitting here in the University of Medina, in front of the faculty of Shinya and I wanted to share some good news with everyone.

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People have been asking me when I'm coming home, when I'm finishing my studies. So here it is hunting, I have finished my studies here at Medina, professionally graduated, and inshallah I'll be coming home soon. But I wanted to take this time, this opportunity to thank some people who have been there in the process, in my journey of seeking knowledge here in Medina, at the top of that list are two super special people. And that's my parents, they've been supportive, and they've encouraged me. And it was a talk of encouragement, where they've been encouraging me throughout my whole time here in the data. So it was like a continual support and continual encouragement. And

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that means a lot to me, because I know there's a lot of parents who don't encourage their kids to go out and seek Islamic knowledge. And actually, the time when I came to Medina, I had just finished my degree, back home in the States, and I was going to enter the professional world. And that's usually a time where parents want their kids to start working and, you know, get ahead, and you know, corporate life and all that kind of stuff. And it's at that time that I chose to come to Medina, and my parents, not only were they cool with it, they encouraged me to come. And they encouraged me to come to Medina and come and study. So at the top of the list, like I said, it's my parents. After

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that, I want to thank my teachers, that Michelle, that I've studied with in Medina, and also my teachers here, and this very faculty, the faculty of *tier. The thing about teachers is that they give up a lot of their time. And they give up a lot for their students, and the students don't always realize this, and they don't ask for anything in return. So the least I can do is thank them and make the offer them. Apart from that. Some people who have mentored me, I don't want to say who it is, because I know they wouldn't like me mentioning their names, but they know who they are. And they've been really helpful this whole time. Because they've been there to guide me and you know,

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it's one thing to learn knowledge. And it's one thing to

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read books and and study and acquire knowledge. And it's another thing to actually apply that knowledge and be experienced in applying that knowledge to real life and, you know, to the real world. And that's where you need mentors, you need people to be there to help you and guide you.

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Apart from that, my family and friends, my friends here in Medina, my fellow students, my classmates, super awesome people, and also my friends back home. I know, I know, they missed me and I know they'd like for me to be home all the time. But you know, I was here, and they were super encouraging. And now inshallah we shall lobby back. And we'll we'll definitely hang out in sha Allah. And like I said, my family, also my siblings and everyone else. And everyone's been really awesome. And, you know, the prophet SAW, sent him said that the one who doesn't think that people in essence doesn't think allies, though, again. And this is why I thought it's important to just to

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take a few minutes. And thank everyone,

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you know, that supported me throughout this whole time. The other thing I wanted to say was that, just because I've graduated from you know, university, it doesn't mean my path

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of seeking knowledge is ended. You know, the scholars would say that a person seeks knowledge in three steps or three stages. And the first stage is somebody who seeks knowledge, a little bit of knowledge, and they become arrogant because of that knowledge. And the second step, or the second stage is where they learn more. And that knowledge actually humbles them. And the third stage is when they learn more knowledge, and they realize that they actually know nothing. And that's really the reality of knowledge because no matter how much knowledge we seek, we're not going to finish all the Islamic knowledge there is to learn. You know, one of my teachers once said to me, he said, the

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goal isn't that we learn everything there is to learn before we die. He said the goal is that we die in a state of learning. So I'm just going to end this video here in sha Allah and hope to see everyone soon Michelle, what's up?

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Yo, all right, what's up people? What's up? What's going on?

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Yes, I'm gonna be talking about some stuff. I just saw your hands there, man. Guess

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what? We're gonna throw it

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What's going on?

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What is this man? I thought you memorize your stuff. It's memorized.