Thoughts on Leaving Madinah

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To be honest, I haven't really thought about leaving too much.

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Because when I think about leaving, and actually,

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I get kind of sad. So I've been trying to put off thinking about

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the last time, I'm going to come to the home and the last time

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around this area and stuff like that. So it actually just makes me makes me sad.

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the heroin, for me has been,

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it's been a place that I can always go to, I'm having a good day, you know, I want to feel better, I come to the house, having a bad day. And I want to feel better, I come to the end, just having that security of having a spiritual place that you can go to. That, for me has been one of the greatest things about that machine.

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To look back at previous experiences in my life, and you think about nostalgia, and you think about what makes you remember something, it's the small things, it's the little things that you that you remembered. So it's going to be things like, you know, where I placed my shoes, or it's going to be things like,

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what part of the hat on what part of the process as much as hanging out at? Or even maybe like, the umbrellas, how the umbrellas, just small things, I think.

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When I think back, it's gonna be those small things that really, really makes me really amazing business.

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Please be the chance to be able to come back to the data. Because I don't think that

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I don't think there's a place that you can get over. I think it's like, once you've been in Medina, once you've been part of this city, a certain part of your heart, pretty much always stays. I think that's the way it's gonna be. So I really, really hope that luck gives me the chance to come back

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as often as possible.

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How would I describe Medina?

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You know,

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it's hard to describe Medina really like the feelings you get in Medina. I mean, you can tell somebody, it's peaceful, it's tranquil.

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You can describe the experience, but you really won't know what I'm talking about. until you actually come to Medina and you experience it for yourself. And one thing that most people don't hear most people say this, and I, myself experienced this a lot. Every time you leave Medina, and you come back, and as soon as you enter the city, as soon as you see the lights of Medina, you feel

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feel the tranquility and you feel the peace. No matter how much I describe this to you, you're not gonna understand you're not gonna understand exactly how it feels. And this is why is my advice to anyone to everyone. All the Muslims around the world, is that the first chance you get come to come to Medina and Mecca and an experience

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what it feels like, you know, before you take any other vacation before you do anything else,

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for the spiritual nature of this city, and obviously

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not sadly, but I don't think that's possible. I don't think it's I don't think it's possible for you to leave Medina and not be incredibly sad, you know, people ask me about, you know, they're like, Are you excited to go home? Are you excited to finally go back to America after six years and, you know, give down a law and teach people and, and I'm like, Yeah, I am. I am happy about that. And I am excited about that new chapter in my life. So it's like a bittersweet, it's, it's, it's a it's a bittersweet thing on one hand, like I said, I'm I'm very sad and now that you're asking me these questions, I'm getting worse. But there's that stack part of the Medina and also you know, it is it

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is exciting. It is. It is exciting to go back in and start a new

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a new chapter in my life and

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you know where it is for you to come back.

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You're way too close to me right now.

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About the

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