Looking Good For Your Spouse

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Have you stopped trying to look good for your spouse, you're watching hashtag asleep.

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It's common for people to get into a place in their relationship where they just get really comfortable and they stopped caring so much. And part of that is with the way they dress and the way they look, the way they put themselves together, especially after like the honeymoon phase or whatever, where you get into a groove with a relationship, it's easy to kind of let go. And to battle Oh, one of the rights that our spouse has upon us is that we dress up and we look good for them, we look good, so that so that we are pleasing to them. So they like looking at us and they like being around us. And somehow one of the companions in a bus or they love that and he would

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actually say he would say, hey boo and at the Xena nimble, it come out with that as a unity. He said, I love to beautify myself for my wife, just as I love for my wife to beautify herself for me meaning just like you would like this from your spouse. Likewise, you would like it from yourself. And so I've had a loss sometimes when people are having problems in their relationships, just making an effort to look nice and dress what dress well and take care of yourself. Sometimes that's all it takes to push the relationship in a positive direction. It's power law. The more you love someone actually, the more you should care about how you look, the more the closer you are to someone. The

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longer the relationship goes on, the harder you should be trying to look good for your spouse, and unless panel data knows best. Until next time inshallah Giada set on ya come to light