Omar Suleiman – Qur’an 30 for 30 #2

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of guidance and guidance in their mission to deliver guidance to those who believe in the message. They emphasize the importance of showing mercy and remaining sincere to avoid falls in the pitfalls of nations coming before them. The speakers also discuss the use of guidance and guidance in their mission to deliver guidance to those who believe in the message. They stress the importance of ease and light in their belief, and the use of AI in translation for understanding the language of God. The speakers also discuss the importance of not thinking of things as black and white, but rather as a reminder of the remorse of divorce. They emphasize the importance of not thinking of things as black and white, but rather as a reminder of the remorse of divorce.
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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen were lining. I mean, when I actually went to learn what's happening a lot more somebody was telling him about a karateka, silica, Mohammed and Salalah Heidi, most of them are only here or Sandy here or send them to Silicon theater. So it was a lot of fun to all of you for joining once again, I hope you enjoyed your first day of fasting and you didn't overeat like some of us did. But I pray that Eliza just put that okay in your in your food and you're fast and and all that you're doing and that you're finding it fruitful. In these moments. Today, we released that hamdullah, the first episode of the angels series if you missed it, and we

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also release the first episode of from D to habit on your clean social media outlets. So please catch up with them in sha Allah, and reminding you once again in Charlottetown so please consider supporting yaqeen Institute and Charlotte's either with a tax deductible Zakat eligible donation and sha Allah tala, this month of Ramadan, and we'll get straight into just number two and shout out. So there was so much richness in this that I had a hard time skipping over the entire concept of darat. And to be honest with you, the idea of supplication of their outweighs heavy on me, in these first three absorb the poor, and it's almost like aligns with just teaching us how to make that for the

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rest of the poor. And then if you look at the size of the profits, the supplications of the profits, you can actually plug them back into those formats. And so that's why the virtual hooks but today I talked about comparing the, the mighty Salaam which comes on the heels of a slip and the drought of a boy he might use sedan which comes on the heels of an act of obedience, and what that means for us, but I want to continue and I know should have done lunch, I was going to go into detail with quixotic mostly on equity rather than venum and public common chocolate on the blind and they're the ones in the field. And somehow love that beautiful moment until we when you first hear that. And

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total we recite shuttled a whole lot of people and a lot pans out allow us to recite it in our title we and also to live to witness that moment, once again. So we left off just one and the change of color is mentioned to Mecca, which is a return to the Abrahamic way. So while he might he said I'm making they're out to a loss of habitat for there to be a, you know, an omen that would uphold the concepts, the theology, the hook, everything that has to do with this message and Allah blessing Rahim it is through his noble descendant and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doing just that and then now turning us back towards the Qibla and then comes the ruling of fasting now

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and shuffle Ramadan I love you and it I feel Ramadan is mentioned as the month in which the book was revealed. And in fact we know from the prophets of Allah Almighty Allah, that every holy book was revealed in the month of Ramadan. Every holy book was revealed in the month of Ramadan, the prophet SAW Some said the Ibrahimi

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of Abraham peace be upon him the songs of devoy, Daddy's Salah, the total Ark, the end, we're all revealed in the month of Ramadan, and the Quran was revealed the final revelation was also revealed in the month of Ramadan. So, we mentioned that you start off by asking Allah for guidance, which is sort of thought to have a lot of responds with certain bacara which is which is that he can Kitab olavi Buffy Hotel in Turkey, this is a guidance for the pious and then Allah subhanaw taala shows us the different ways that people interact with guidance on the basis of the condition of their hearts and their willingness to abide by the the principles of guidance and the requirements of guidance

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right so a lot did not wrong anyone Allah did not make this message too difficult for people to be able to grasp. Some people came into it with it with a noble intention and a loss of habitat always elevates them. Even if they fall short at times. Some people come in with the intention to twist and they always fail and they always fall on their faces may last panels Allah protect us but I want you to connect this now. Right away Allah subhanaw taala as he tells us about Shahada hold on the month of Ramadan. Allah says when he took me to Lake data wedding to kept butyl Lucha.

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Okay, so handle so that you finish this period of Ramadan and that you glorify a lot and you praise your Lord for that which he guided you to. So the plan starts with a draft for guidance, and Bukhara is the response sort of the buckler this chapter is response saying here is the book of guidance. And Allah mentions Ramadan as the month in which we really learned the value of that guidance. Okay. And then the and then, as mentioned again, what

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are the omniva in the body and what my servant asks you about me than I am close to him he was down with the date you know that I respond to the call of the caller, when they call upon me so then let them respond to me and believe in me so that they may find guidance so guidance becomes manifest and

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Our lives when we do as a law tells us which is mentioned in the lives of those who obeyed and your calls upon Allah for guidance are answered and then the last pentatonic emphasizes the onus on us once again. Yeah, you are Latina Amina will do who Rufus Sidney Kapha went out to tiberiu colada shape on oh you who believe enter into submission enter into what God calls you to fully know loopholes stop trying to play around with guidance. Don't try to use it for error or misguidance. Enter into this fully, no games. Only sincerity. If you fall short with sincerity Allah subhanho wa Taala will support you, but do not follow the footsteps of shape on and goodness will indeed come to

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you. As Pamela even though and this will be my final point before I hand it over to Chicago lunch all the time, even though it extends beyond sort of the bucket out here. And we have the greatest I have an item kursi that then comes up with an avocado and the last which as much as we speak about our own weaknesses. We speak about the glory of Allah. Right so after talking about our own weaknesses and our inevitable shortcomings, you have the glory of Allah subhana wa tada which is so perfectly highlighted and beautifully illustrated and nice and cozy in every way. It is the greatest I have the add that which we recite before we sleep. And then what do we answer the buffalo with?

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This is just beautiful. Some headlines like how do you bring this all back together? The last day of an avocado So in fact, your heart starts is the beginning of the book and it's due out for guidance and bacala ends with a draft for firmness on that guidance. Okay. In fact, he is asking a lot for guidance and Bukhara is ending with asking a lot for steadfastness upon that guidance and there are so many jobs of the prophets lie Selim. Allah Matheny was said dibny, Allah and Tarragona for his opening this department that

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has an embassy Rahim Allah to Allah, Lavinia Silikal, a look at who there were two car, right, all of these prayers and supplications where the prophets lie, some ask for guidance, and then ask for steadfastness upon that guidance. And so the last day out of a bacala is a reaffirmation. We believe in Allah. We believe in the angels. We believe in the prophets, we believe in the books, we believe in the Day of Judgment, we believe in Divine Decree. And we are submitting to that. Because remember, our last said, this is a book of guidance for who should have talked about this yesterday. alladhina you want to believe those who believe in the unseen and right here we're affirming, Oh

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Allah, we believe in the unseen. We believe in the unseen, as it has been told to us by the one that you divinely revealed this book to and the prophets lie so long. And then we asked a lot to allow us to rise to the task of guidance and not fall like those who came before us. Okay, not to take on the burden not to be overburdened the way that people that came before us failed under their burden. And so we will inevitably fall short. But we ask Allah subhanaw taala for what clap one. Offerman our hammer wife, why no Africa know that Allah subhanaw taala pardon us And forgive us and show us mercy. And that Allah Subhana Allah allow us to rise to this task and not fall into the pitfalls of

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nations that came before that failed. So a buck color really fits in perfectly with that guidance. And it shows us that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not give us a burden that we cannot handle. And when we try to handle when we try to handle the burden that he does give us of belief and what comes with belief, he will help us along the way with ease. He will help us along the way with forgiveness as long as we turn back to him when we fall short, so long as we remain sincere. And I believe that chick fil a is going to talk a little bit further about how that ties into siyam inshallah, publisher,

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radical African cinema salatu salam ala rasulillah he was added he was talking to a woman what

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I just talked about here as a beautiful reminder and a beautiful summary and Subhanallah You know, when just putting it all together, I love how, you know, when we look at the generality of the Jews, or the general thematic structure of the Jews, it kind of puts it all in perspective. And that's what's mostly important that we understand the general matters of the end, before we get into the specific issues. And that's what's very important when it comes to being firmly grounded as a person of faith. You know, and as a Muslim, firstly recognizing who Allah is, and who is not. You know, when I was in my, I think it was my second year of Medina, it was a month of Ramadan. And, you know,

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I never seen, you know, a gathering like that. I mean, it was in the midst of that movie. And I was with a dear friend of mine pile up to get us in His name so close. I'm not gonna say

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well, we were, you know, this brother smile as it is an amazing brother.

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In law we, you know, he said, Man, we got to go to the masjid a little before. Before before

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Because it gets really packed because we want to get to you know, stuff alone. So when we got there we stayed there till McGreevy introduced me to some brothers, we had the tumbler and the haisa and, you know, we're starting to eat and then Tara comes in and we pray, that's what are we?

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And so Pinilla, you know, in myself, I'm being totally honest in myself, I was like, wow, this is pretty long, they're reciting pretty long, sort of, you know, it was Beatty, Mashallah, and when the total whip is made, he started making

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and then my man just started crying. I've never seen him cry. He was just bawling, just crying, crying, crying, and I mean, and I remember saying to myself, wow, I was thinking that this was so hard to stand in prayer but him tasting that sweetness of crying at the very end. I want that right. So this upon law when we were done, I was like, man, why what what was it that made you cry? Somebody said, I'm just so glad that laws blessed us with this this religion, you know, and that he's allowed us to reach this month of Ramadan. It could have been much more difficult for us and that's what I want to capitalize on where he mentioned in the chapter number two verse number 185,

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or loss upon 1000 mentions a shift Omar mentioned or law addresses are mentioned the month of Ramadan because right before that, he says a man might do that when he talks about that fasting was prescribed upon your as it was prescribed upon the nation before you perhaps you meet may be mindful right after this. He says, A Yemen might do that, that they are some number days. And then the next verse, he says chakra Ramadan. So some scholars say that Shahada, Ramadan is acknowledging what those number days are, what are those number of days, Shahada, Ramadan, and levy on zelophehad Koran that the month that the Quran was revealed in as a form of guidance and clarity and guidance to show

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you the criteria in between right and wrong. There are lots of protocol that goes into some of the I can generally for mentioning them in coma shut off for the assume and many of us probably know this verse or encountered it in our local communities of how many de la hunga la are all fasting together inshallah whoever witnesses as he says, Whoever witnesses the month, then you assume then they should fast that one on one cattlemen committee one oh NSF it in fed the two men am in Ohio, and whoever amongst you were sick or traveling, then they're appointed days that they make up or for some am and or some other days. What I want to capitalize on here is what is so beautiful about this

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verse, and beautiful about the religion of Islam, and wants to kind of what Allah says at the end of this verse UD, the love will become a use of law, whether you need to become a nurse,

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you read the law, becoming the use of Allah wants for you ease, and he does not want for you hardship. Let's just stop here for a minute.

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Many of us have become Muslim. We were not Muslim before, or we were Muslim. But at the age of 1679, we asked ourselves some crucial questions that had to deal with God's existence, we asked ourselves some crucial questions when it came to the actions of man, and how that reflects on Islam. And that may have affected the way that we believe.

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So some of us have converted to Islam, and we were born Muslims. But we never really acknowledged it until an encounter or some knowledge that we came upon. So ilasik kind of without a saying here,

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that he has made the religion easy, and he does, he wants to make the religion easy upon you. So the can that were mentioned earlier, if you're sick, or if you're traveling, then you can make those days up. This is what we call a rasa, a concession. The concession in the city is, for particular circumstances and situations, Allah will give you an option, or sometimes it's some scholars say you must take that concession. And all of this is to express the rushman the mercy, the love, and the user. You know, when we say the name of Allah is Allah Eileen, and then hacking. I love these names. It's all the names of a lot of beautiful, but when we look at Ella Eileen is that a lot of knows

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what was what is what will be, and some scholars may mention, what hasn't been if it was how it would be. So that is comprehensive, perfect, perfect, flawless knowledge. But the appropriation of that knowledge, when a lot chooses to apply that knowledge because he knows everything, which is wisdom, the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala is present at all times. So when we understand that, internalize that within our hearts in ourselves, and know know what that means, on a daily basis, we see that the religion of Islam the shittier, was here because Allah loves you. Allah loves you. A lot, only ones Good for you. There has to be one person in your life that you know, well life. That

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person says anything about me requests anything from me. I'll do whatever, because they only want good for me. You know, they want

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They have that good spirit of only wanting your misfortune your fortune. They only want you to win. They want you to succeed. Allah wants you to succeed when we have it in the back of our minds and in the depths of our hearts, that Allah only wants us to succeed and to be moral, clean human beings mean our hearts are clean, which will be exemplified by our actions. This is what Allah subhanaw taala wants, we realize that anytime we face a challenge, we should look at it as an opportunity to be better people. So when Allah makes this religion, easy, he wants ease for you, and he doesn't want hardship. But at the same time, he knows better than you, about you.

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So as a person that's a father, or you as a mother or older sister, someone that has some responsibility upon someone, you may do a disciplinary act for that against or for that person. And they may not understand it, they may think that it's wrong, but you're doing that on the basis of love, care, affection, knowing what's better for them. Because you have experience, and that is the wisdom with the loving method on it. So Allah wants for you ease and doesn't want for you hardship, therefore giving you those concessions. So when we as Muslims in our household right now,

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and we are with our family members, and their studies, you know, it's online. And we have a certain study habit that we you know, our children used to have, be a little easy on them, give them a break, give them time to relax, and then let them get back to their studies. But make sure that the mood and the way that you're dealing with your family members, even with yourself is that you're easy, and you're not harsh. When you articulate the religion to people.

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be easy on them and not harsh when you want your children to pray at 500 in the morning, and they're not waking up, be easy on them, but maintain the integrity of the religion at the same time. Try not to be harsh as a promise of a lie that was said I'm told them that you were told Mr. Dimon gentlemen, that your your your your people that were called me are sitting and not was sitting, that you were called to the call to go to the people as people that would bring ease and bring this religion, be easy with the people and not to be hard with them. And lastly, when we look Lastly, that this shitty as we mentioned before, its basis is ease, because the ease that he wants from you,

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along with the struggle that may seem may seem hard at that time. But knowing that he wants for you ease. The relationship of servitude is a beautiful thing. When you see that there is a hardship that you're facing. But in the back of your mind and in your hearts will lay Allah knows what's best for me, as he says, Let your country fall on us. And that was a that a lot doesn't hold anyone putting the burden on them more any anything in front of them more than they can bear anything that you encounter. A loss mentality being a lien knows that you're able to handle that in a fashion as long as you try your best. If that's in the back of your mind, and in your heart, you will try your level

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best to implement the action of Islam. But what is beautiful about this is when you make the effort, Allah gives you tofield it gives you the ability, he gives you the feeling, it gives you the strength the next time to do it again. Then he increases your Eman to do the action again. Then he increases your Eman. You do the action again, you may wake up for a budget at 640. But the next the next day it'll be 620 and then six o'clock. So just making that effort realizing that the religion of Islam Allah wants eastview you wants the best for you inshallah, that will serve as a motive motive for us to be continuous on these beautiful beautiful days of Ramadan and those to come

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So, Pamela, I don't know if you had the old amounts that I had. cassette tapes are always references, his old cassette tapes old cultivars, but he maps that it has a

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one of those old cassette tapes or like desires for ease. And he talks about the idea. And the main point that he was making in that in that was that Allah when Allah says he desires for you ease, it wasn't this open ended just you know, kick back, don't do anything. It was in the capacity of giving you a command, Allah gave you an obligation to fast but then Allah tells you even as he obligates you to do things, there's ease that's embedded within those actions. And those actions are ultimately to facilitate ease and the hereafter as well as ease through this life. Because when we worship Allah subhana wa Tada. When we do as he commands us to do, we're not, we're not going to

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find constriction in our hearts. And when we find that expense in our hearts, we'll find the ease and the religion, we'll always find that there are concessions when things become too difficult for us. But the path of guidance and the path to guidance and the path within guidance. All of it. Allah subhanaw taala has facilitated ease throughout and so there's basically no excuse to this omega right? That's the idea right? There is no excuse for you not to not not to follow because Allah has not been unreasonable in what he's tasked us with, especially with what

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He's promising us at the end. And that's that's really the essence of sort of bacala that Allah gives us the darat. And it's really powerful because Allah gives us the draft with Toba, with repentance with Adam gives us the dura, with asking Allah for acceptance with Ibrahim, and then gives us the draft for a thief to make things easy for us. And sort of the bucket at the end of the bucket. Allah gives us the app to see. And we say that every single night. And that's that he inspires us with the right way to call upon him, just like he gave Adam the words he gave Abraham doors, he's giving us the words as well, so

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so exactly, hello, Hayden. For that Uncharted title, we'll turn to our special guests for the night soon to be the Florida tasneem and peak fellow and director of expanded learning who was going to share a gem that you should look for in the just tonight. And so let's add, so hopefully you go ahead. Sr 70. Is that mean hate I'm sorry, can everyone and Ciao bella, thank you for that perfect transition. Because if there's anything that I want to be able to focus on from the message that I leave tonight is that concept of the shipyard being ease that the laws that were implemented, everything that it was padawans. For us, there's so much benefit for now, before I sort of start, I

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want to give a disclaimer as to why I'm going to take the perspective, sort of the gem that I found today is because I'm currently writing my dissertation, and it's on merit on harm in marriage and divorce. And so,

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so this is Baccarat is one of if not the primary hotspot for all the ads regarding divorce in particular. So over the past several months, maybe a year, I've really built a close connection to these ads. And they're extremely powerful when read in light of sort of historical, larger, bigger picture context, right. So a lot of what I have to do is read through, you know, legal discussions, look through court cases, fatawa, just look at all of these different historical compiled nations and reactions to basically messy divorces, messy marriages, they're not ending pretty, there's problems. And that's why I'm looking at them, right, looking at how that harm was dealt with and

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identified. And I say that all to sort of put things into context, because these are so incredibly powerful. Because when you go through, you know, you're reading through this material, this this sort of legal material, separate from reading the, you know, the beauty of the Quran, it's extremely dry, it's extremely difficult to read through, and you see how people take things lightly how they take the words, and what's my data lately, how, you know, you can strip things out of context, you can make things black and white. And, you know, sort of the reality on the ground sometimes can be a lot more messy than what you find in these ads. And so, what's what's so incredibly powerful about

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these is, is that despite the fact that they're, you know, their legal is, right, what you'd want to categorize is like sort of the 10% of all of is, and we'll put on that fall under, you know, legal ads, we read them, you know, sort of shallow reading, we have them read as something that's just sort of dry that these are rules, you follow them, you force her, this was what happens, you give her this, you do that if you know, all these different things that when we read them at first glance, it's, you know, do this, don't do this, right, this is what's prescribed, you better stay away from this. But that it's that very shallow reading that causes these problems, right? Because

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if you if you look closely at the IRS, and really it gives me goosebumps and no matter how many court cases I've had to go through no matter how many, you know, disturbing stories I've read so far, or whatever the case is, these are they always give me goosebumps when I read them because you know you've got four to five pages of on top incidents in Baccarat. Right And for those of you who has ever read who's ever memorized pseudocode I know that those are probably the the hardest four to five pages in the whole I mean to me like sometimes the whole plan

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and for many people at least you know I can speak on my own behalf memorizing the idea the longest I know plan which comes near the end of sorts of Baccarat about like testimony and will was 1000 times easier than reading the the is on hold up. Why is that it's because you know there's obviously a lot of similarities but there's a lot of the same reminders in the diet you know a lot of is ending with what what the Hello I don't want in a lot of equally shady beef be conscious of God fear God have Taqwa of Allah spawn tada know that Allah knows everything that's happening. Well long have you don't be my job. No one is pat down and knows, you know, is as informed as well aware of what you're

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doing. And just as almost patata is is encouraging the believers that to have fear of God, you have similar you know, reminders

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What to do the law right these are the boundaries of God federal data do have financial horrible, do not Don't you dare go past these, you know, these these boundaries that was a data set. Don't you dare think of crossing these right. So powerful and these come there's so repetitive and it's hard to keep track of the ah which one ends with Hello habito Tom. Tom, I don't know if I did right because I doubt it constantly in every area in regard to the rules regarding divorce have some form of reminder that it was hard to know exactly what's happening, you better fear God these are the boundaries of God do not surpass them. And so it's extremely powerful and and one of the most

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important verses at least in reference to what I'm doing is, you know, is one that talks about what FMC Kahuna bleadon, right. So, in the process of marriage, don't make it long and complicated just to make you know, your lives, what life miserable, harmful, whatever. And in that area, it all kind of says what it is today whose work, do not take the as of last pantalla as basically a joke, don't this is not something you take lightly.

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And so when you put that into context into sort of like, the severity, it's a big deal. Divorce is not not, you know, something simple, let alone a divorce, where data says, you know, the kind of what, Sheldon reminded me, you know what happened? So we'll have a no come Don't forget that goodness between you constant reminders, and embedded with within all of those add up, what the what what particular do the lock have fear of God and no Gods boundaries. And now the reason why I really wanted to highlight that I know something seems like it's something very specific, but it's not. Because when you look at all of the ayat in the Koran, right, any AI in the Quran, that's talking

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about laws, talking about, you know, rules and regulations, things that we find, sometimes we think is just so dry, when you read these areas, and you pick up on these, these these incredibly powerful reminders. And this, I mean, it helps to know it, but you can easily pick this up and in translation, right? There's no way you can miss, you know, don't pass her past the boundaries of God or whatever the translation reads, when you start to look at these verses, and you and you sort of read in between the lines, and you get the message, the last part data is relaying. It's incredibly powerful. And what happens is that when you have that shallow reading, and you don't reflect on the

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Quran, you don't reflect on that if you don't notice this stuff, we perceive of the and the laws in the Quran, the Sharia Overall, we think of it as black and white, right? It's either Hang on, hang on, yes, no, do don't. And, and honestly, it's really, it's offensive. It's offensive to, you know, to even say that, because there's so much it's so much deeper than that. Right? And, and, in this particular case, when we're looking at the IRS and divorce, sure, you know, what, there are do's and don'ts, there is head on head up. But at the end of the day, there are certain things you can get punished for, for abusing and neglecting this life. But that does not mean you're going to be you

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know, you can get away with things and think in this life and think that you're off the hook. Let's find out it's he's literally saying that, you know, don't do this do this, and fear of loss data because it's it's not just about what you'd be held accountable in the life that one day you're going to be held accountable, you know, before loss data in the next life. And it's a reminder that that that jurors also recognize that it's you know, there's there's a much more powerful these are ethical reminders in these these is right that jurists didn't say things are head on and head out, we have you have an item comes out, right, you have five rules, any act can be placed under a

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category of five different rulings, you can have head on head, you can also have McCool right disliked, you can have a must have something that's preferred, and men do something that's just allowed. And so when you look at things on the spectrum, right, that there's multiple different areas of gray of things that you should be doing, you shouldn't be doing, what happens is that it's a reminder that when you approach an act, you're not thinking of it, am I going to get punished for doing this? Or am I? Or is this something that I would get rewarded for? But it's something so much deeper than that, that is this pleasing to last panda? Is this something that's going to be closer

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to Las patata? Is it something that's going to push me away and and with that reading, and this is something that I think is just you know, I want to invite you to do this in the you know, in any I have the right, don't think of something as black and white, but it's so much more, you know, more powerful than that, and try to pick up on those nuances that those those little details were less data ends and the idea like, again, ends an eye on this, this really scary reminder of going through divorce and that tension that that you know, all the hardship that comes with having to split from you know, your spouse of maybe 10 2030

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Yours whatever it is, loves her dad, how does he end? I, uh, you know, be fearful of God, listen, I get it times are probably going to be tough. Now he's reminding us at our weakest point, times when we talk, but don't, don't you forget, you know, the bigger picture, don't you forget the good and the better, the better, you know, the better and the best. And I think that it's just a really good reminder, especially for those, you know, again, going back to shuttlers reminder that the Sharia is is right, the Sharia is so it's so beautiful in the sense that it has this this sort of holistic, more comprehensive perspective, we don't approach law, we don't touch our lives as Muslims as do's

00:30:35 --> 00:31:20

and don'ts, right? We do it as everything is incredibly open to us and, and and amazing and doing all in, in in pursuit of the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and then when it comes to things that, you know, we should stay away from us, patata reminds us with with, you know, in a gentle manner in a very, you know, relatable manner, things that even in something as you know, as difficult as Divorce Laws are the way he talks to us. It's he, he really talks to us as His creation, he knows our levels, he understands us, and he understands that things are not just going to be you know, yes or no, and that these are things that have bigger pictures and reminder to to really perfect our

00:31:20 --> 00:31:55

character when we're approaching even law, as it's just sort of a final you know, to conclude just this final reminder that the Sharia is truly just this holistic lifestyle it's not something that you know, we go to when we're in court or you know, we go to when we're in trouble, but it's something that we're constantly reminded of a loss My dad is present, we're constantly reminded of why we're here what we're doing and who we're trying to please and with that just a reminder to try to pick up on that as you read through the plan especially through the process of copper I certainly say you're gonna get loads of is that that's that come off as laws as rules sometimes it'll you'll

00:31:55 --> 00:32:18

read it off as black and white but no focus on those if that you think you know well how does this make sense focus on the detail and and have that perspective that holistic perspective in my inshallah I will really open up so many doors in terms of how you approach people and how you understand Islam as a whole. I love les who does not come along fine on so how long honestly, beautiful reflection I

00:32:20 --> 00:33:01

when you're when you're when you handle marriages and divorces as the mom, you see that's where somehow like even the people that are the most religious, they just start thinking about how to make the text fit my situation to my advantage best. And if Eliza Jen was telling us and sort of the buckler about people that were twisting text, and using the letter to diminish the nature of what a loss revealed for the betterment of people, but like you said, it's so beautiful that with something as sensitive, the most sensitive thing you know, we're allowed to really test your taqwa and test your adherence is in the most sensitive areas of your life. And when I was talking about marriage

00:33:01 --> 00:33:02

and divorce, that's where,

00:33:03 --> 00:33:37

you know, the fear of alone, that consciousness of a loss of habitat comes in to really be mindful of a loss of habitat, and God conscious and don't play, especially there. Don't ever play with God's law, but especially there. So I really appreciate that. And, you know, I'll just say this, there is test kiya, even in those long ions about inheritance and marriage and divorce, there's teskey. Like there's spiritual refinement there, because I know some people pray till the weekend. They're just you know, as they're praying, tada, we have one. And once you start getting all those long, you mentioned for you, when you memorize the poor, and you said supernova, that part's probably the

00:33:37 --> 00:34:12

hardest for me to assert themselves. Like, man, I, this is a hard song to memorize, I gotta be honest with you, if I let out a week and I had a second, I'm gonna be like you're leading sleuth in the south part, I'm gonna sit this one out. Because even now when I read, it's nice, I struggle. But there's teskey. If you pay attention, there's spirituality and how will law keeps on reminding people to be upright, and to think about his knowledge and wisdom and his being aware of us as we do all those things. So I'll give you one minute if you want to give the last time you can show last reflection and we'll send everyone to total we can show you got anything you'd like to share. Now,

00:34:12 --> 00:34:48

just a final I mean, just like what she mentioned, you know, the loss of panadol is very protective, especially, you know, of, of, you know, his his slaves as human beings and when there is any kind of oppression. As she mentioned, let's do it later who's aware, do not take a loss versus as a who's who as a joke, or something that is secondary or something that is supplemental to the way that you are living to where it's disregarded or you treat it as a burden, and to where you may just totally disregard it, or even ridicule it to that degree. And then when she mentioned also when last Madonna says Well, that's uncivil Filipino comment Do not forget the virtues you haven't given you know,

00:34:48 --> 00:35:00

with one another, especially at home or homes now, you know, we as husbands or wives are starting to get to know another side of our our spouse because they're home in the middle of the day. So while you're learning your spouse,

00:35:00 --> 00:35:05

or learning your children around Lord time and your fasting. Let's unsolo

00:35:09 --> 00:35:10


00:35:14 --> 00:35:30

you say that I can I can hear I don't know how much you guys can hear my kids but they were there they were like, you know, there's a lot going on back there so I'm sitting there and I'm like, tense old folk. You gotta be nice. Be nice not to my wife my kids here it says to be very quick.

00:35:31 --> 00:36:07

You can't get that mad at an 11 month old so it's like there's not much you could tell her but is that gonna lock it down to both of you? That was wonderful. I really enjoyed about Luffy suggest name for joining us tonight and Sharla Tyler. Just a reminder to everyone tomorrow, Episode Two of the angel series will be released as well as Episode Two from D to habit and then we'll continue at night inshallah Paul and 3430. Tomorrow we have the code on the road I believe, joining us in sha Allah Tada. So it'll be interesting to hear his reflection as well on just three. Please keep us near your title we and the Allies which I bless you all, and I'll see you tomorrow, tomorrow. Sit

00:36:07 --> 00:36:08

down when you come onto the council.

Juz’ 2 with Tesneem Alkiek – Ramadan series

Sh. Omar Suleiman and Sh. Abdullah Oduro, joined by special guest Tesneem Alkiek, explore gems from the second Juz’ of the Holy Quran.

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