Judging People’s Intentions and Sincerity

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Hashtag with Saad Tasleem – Season 2 Episode 4

On this episode: People’s intentions are from the matters of their heart, which we do not have access to. Because of that it is NOT okay to make judgements about their sincerity or lack there of.

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Sometimes we speak about other people's intentions, like it's no big deal. You are watching hashtag

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The intentions of others are from the matters of their heart, meaning this what is happening their heart, you don't have access to it, you know who has access to it that person themselves and a loss penalty IRA. So us as Muslims, we cannot be making judgments about what is in someone's heart, even if you were to make the correct assumption about what is in someone's heart. So let's say you were to say about someone you know, they weren't sincere when they said this, or they weren't sincere when they did this. Even if you are correct in that assumption, what you don't realize is that the heart is constantly changing. The heart is constantly wavering. So you may be correct now, but maybe

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in that split second or that second, they change their intention, maybe one moment they were sincere, the next moment they weren't or one moment they were not sincere, and then they became sincere. And this is why it is not okay is not permissible for a Muslim to say about another individual that they're sincere or not sincere, or why they did something or to make an assumption about what is happening in their heart. We asked last pinata to protect us from saying things that are from the displeasure of Allah, Allah We ask Allah, Allah to protect us from making assumptions about other people. We ask a lot to protect us from making judgments about what is going on in

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someone's heart and a Lost Planet. Allah knows best. Until next time, inshallah Tada. I said, I'm worried what I'm going to light what I got