Nouman Ali Khan – How To Withstand The Shifting Moralities

Nouman Ali Khan
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We live in a time where morality what is right and wrong, what is acceptable or not acceptable? What is politically correct or incorrect changes every year? Forget changing every century, it changes every year. And things that were completely unacceptable in American society 30 years ago, 40 years ago, not only are they accepted now, they are celebrated now. The standards change. I just met a number of college students in my walk across the bazaar trying to survive the selfie situation, who told me that when they're at college, among other Muslim students, the Muslim students are the ones that are asking What's so wrong about homosexuality? Or what's so bad about drinking alcohol? And

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marijuana is not that Haram is it or whatever. These are not questions that were being asked 10 years ago, or 15 years ago, but they certainly are questions being asked today. And that is something that a lot of young people here experience in their college life, even in their high school life. And some of the young people sitting in the audience even have those questions themselves. And of course, we are put in a situation where we have to answer these questions in a way that will be acceptable to the world outside of the Muslim community. Because we want to be able to say that we are also civilized, we are up to date with the times we also have, you know,

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progressive values, etc, etc, etc.

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The point of it is, when society goes this way, we want to bend along with society, we want to turn to when they sway we want to sway when the tide turns and the winds blow the other way, we want to blow the other way to whatever is actually in and whatever is popular at the time on whatever is being described as the right cause whether Islam agrees with it or not. You and I feel the pressure to respond to it and feel like we should kind of go along go with the flow kind of thing. Because we don't want to stick out and we don't want to look weird. What does the Quran say about itself? It never what

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never deviates. I want you to imagine a tree with deep roots, thick bark, and it's standing and there's a flood, and everything else is getting washed away. And the one thing that standing in its place and it doesn't budge is what it's that tree. And if you don't want to get washed away with the flood, the only thing you better hold on to is one, that tree it's gonna you're gonna feel the pressure, no doubt about it. When there's a flood coming, you're gonna feel the water, you're it's gonna want to take you away, but the only way you'll survive that storm fucker, the stem cell cabinet or whatever was called anfisa. mala, he's held on to an anchor that is of the strongest

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nature that has no cracks in it, you're holding on to this tree. Allah describes the Quran with no deviation, because the time is coming, where morality will shift one way or the other, right and wrong is going to get redefined, and redefined and redefined again. And you and I are going to have to stick to the same definitions of right and wrong that Allah revealed in his book, and it's not gonna be easy. And the people who are not holding on tight to the book of Allah are just gonna get washed away. They're just gonna get washed away. And so this book that is gonna protect us in the toughest of times. It's not just that you recite these ions and move along. You have to understand

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what Ally's teaching you about times of trial times of shifting morality. Now understand, compare this situation what, what what strength that Allah give me to be able to withstand these times? Where am I supposed to find the courage to stand up to the social pressure to the stigma of being Muslim? to hold on to my religion and still stand with confidence? Where am I supposed to find that shrink? The answer is the little guy have is in times of fit. Now hold on to this book. Hold on tight to this book, because it will give you confidence it will give you strength and while everyone else is deviating. You can stand straight Chi even Leon Robertson shalida mellado that is the

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relationship you and I have to have with this book. Now.

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You've heard that now enough times about the story of these young people. Allah says I have given you the strongest standing miracle that is timeless. That is as strong today as it was when it was revealed Tila suta la sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam. It stands tall today in the United States of America, just like it did in the land of Hejaz 1400 years ago. It is no weaker today than it was then. And he has given us this timeless, permanent miracle to hold on to

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Or do you think that the people of the cave or something special Do you think a lot putting them to sleep and allowing them miraculously to survive their their ordeal and then finally waking up, you think that's a miracle compared to the Quran that is nothing compared to the Quran. That amazing miracle that you read about is nothing I have given you so much more. Because you this oma, this Ahmed Mohamed Salah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, we are supposed to stand trial, we have to stand against the greatest fitna that will ever hit humanity. Allah gave us the strongest backing, the strongest support that humanity has ever been given. And that's the book of Allah. That's the

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context in which the story of the people of the cave appears. In other words, those young people could survive this impossible situation. Without a book. They didn't have a book. They didn't have a prophet with them. They didn't have a scholar with them. They you could consider them new converts basically reverse they just became Muslim. They don't even know much. All they know is we're not supposed to worship anything but one God, that's all they know. They don't know anything else. And yet they Allah gave them the strength and miraculously supported them to stand the most impossible situation. What do you have to complain about? What Allah has handed this Quran to you? Why do you

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feel depressed? Why do you what do you what reason do you have to complain that Allah is not there for you, if you say Allah is not there for you, maybe you didn't look at the shelf in your home collecting dust that has the must have sitting there testifying against you. This is the book, we must go back to

How To Withstand The Shifting Moralities – Nouman Ali Khan

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