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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara Phil MBA will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to Stephen Kaziranga sera from Abu My dear brothers and sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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Alhamdulillah. We continue with our topic on door, which we started last Juma

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and today I want to share with you some thoughts in terms of

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in terms of the ways of making Dora and the preferred ways of making dua that Allah subhanaw taala and also Salah daughters.

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It's very important to reflect on this very amazing thing, which is there in our religion, which is that Allah subhanaw taala gave us access to himself without any reservations without any protocol,

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without intermediaries without connectors, when the slave places his head in such that before his robe, Rosaura Sallam said he is not making sooloos on the earth he's making pseudo before the arch or bellami.

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And when he places his head on the on the on the

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when he places his head on the Institute, then there are only two in that equation. There is his rub gelato on his arm, and there is the ABS on the first on the earth. And that is what the America mussalam came to teach us. There are many DeLisle for this Anguilla. One of my favorite ones is where a solo solo solo, a man came to him and he said your solo please make dua that I should be your companion in general, a solo solo solo said I will make dua but help me with your ama. I mean, the dogs and Avi does not need help. The issue is connection. Another man came to him and he said yes, well, I have I'm feeling a pain here he should be part of his body, that we should place your

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hand on that and make dua, I mean, he came hoping obviously that would place his blessed hand on his body and make dua, but the intention of the NaVi is not that he wants to deprive his companion of his Baraka but also to continuously draw the attention of the person towards tauheed which is La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, which is the essence of ear canal Buddha we are going to say, when we stand in Salah, and we read sort of that you have and we are saying EF and arvato, we are gonna say, there is no one else other than Allah subhanaw taala we it is the up and up it is a direct connection. Now, unless Rhonda taught us how to make the wireless monitor I mentioned the

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story of zaccaria A Sarah, before I come to that story of how sagaris Allah made dua and what Allah subhanaw taala how what are the how Allah subhanaw taala mentioned it was, remember, Zachary Ali Salam was the Kafeel he was the caretaker of Maria malayalam, the mother of his early Salah, who was given into his care.

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In one ration it is mentioned that he was her maternal uncle manohara. But he was the NaVi and she was given it to his care and she lived in Masuda laksa in her in her own Hydra in her own room. And the Coriolis Alam had me obviously, for her safety. Today we are locked in, she used to be locked in all the time, because for her safety, she was a little girl, he didn't want to, you know, leave her door open. So he anytime he left, he would lock the door from outside. And he would go and then he would come back and check on her on her welfare. Now imagine here is this little girl today we are talking about being locked out and people are going you know having psychological problems and I

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can't meet anybody and this and that, despite the fact that we are physically locked in. But we have access to all kinds of technology. So we are able to see people we are able to talk to people as long as we're despite that. And that's because of our total orientation, this kind of animal herd mentality where we need some warm body next to us the whole time. Whereas if you see from the the example, the best of them as an example of a saucer son, he used to take himself and he used to confine himself in the car in Hera for weeks at a time, not just days for weeks at a time, he would go to where he would take his dry rations he would go there he would be there by himself. alone what

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for what I mean the nobody was chasing him away. That was this is this is what we learn from the blood.

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Cyrano de Sena This is what the Center for Sally in practice this is what the massage practice in terms of the of the importance of Hilda the importance of being alone by yourself with Europe geladeira who nobody they're just you Allah subhanaw taala making Vicar making sugar, the * or introspection and reflection, you know thinking writing, reading all of these things which are which are alone. So Alhamdulillah This is a blessing of the of the of all the available salah and this is what used to happen with Maria malayalam so she would be by herself she would be in Vicar and so on. She was a very special person and as we know from the Quran as as Allah subhanaw taala explained. So

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one day is a very Elisa Lam returns he opens the door and he sees Mariani Salaam not only she will but Maria Melissa Lamb has in her room. Fresh fruits and these are out of season fruit is not foods that are that were available in the market. In in Jerusalem in that place. So that

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is absolutely astonished. First of all, the room was locked. How did anyone even get in here? Even more even a salon couldn't have opened the room because the room was locked from outside. And also what is there is something which is completely out of tribe. Is it out of season fruits? So he asked her and all of these items, Veronica Yeah, Maria? Yeah, Maria Miranda like he had, he says you owe money on what is this? Where is where it has come from? What is this? And see her beautiful reply she says

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what was the

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column in in the law? She says this is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. She said, this is from Allah subhanaw taala Yama shall be ready. He gives to whoever he wants, whatever he wants without Lisa. Now the beautiful thing is that you know she loved being there alone because she was connected to Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala center food and he sent her sustenance from Jana. Now, when Zachary Ali Salaam saw this, he recognized it for what it was so zaccaria ceramidin Allah subhanaw taala explained to us and showed us and narrated for us what he did, so almost rantala said I will let him initiate on it. rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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I saw

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the Eco Rahmatullah bigger Buddha who Zachary is another

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coffee. Color of beanie ohana allows more mini washed, sushi, while Komodo ecobee shocky. We're in ni

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te maratea Kira

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de maratea Pura vida, de Mille Cavalli zaccaria Islam said, Cava and SWAT these are the rueful macatawa, the meaning of which only Allah subhanaw taala knows. And then Allah subhanaw taala said, this is a mention of the mercy of your rubber to his slave Zakaria

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when he called out to his Rob in a call in secret ninja and coffee, a small soft voice. And what did he say? He said, My Rob Robbie, indeed, my bones have grown feeble. Now see the sequence of this door what he's saying what he's doing, he says Robbie, he's a my rub. He's not saying you're a bola mean, he's saying or be my Arab. Indeed, my bones have grown feeble, and gray hair has spread on my head, and I have never been unblessed in my power to pour my rub. Now he's saying three things. First of all, he is putting before Allah subhanaw taala his own weakness. He says I am old by bones I have become weak. Now allow him he had osteoporosis or whatever is in our bones, I become weak. My

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hair has become white, I become gray. So all the signs of advanced old age are on my body. And then he says, but you are up, you have never refused my dog. I have never been unblessed I have never asked you for something and you didn't give me and there is a lohmeyer up and he says And verily I fear my relatives after me. Since my wife is barren. So give me from yourself. And now he is talking about an air B to take forward his mission of prophethood to take forward the work of Dr. Islam. So he's making now let me summarize for you what he's saying here as well as from what we learned from the

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These are for solar cells. And all of these are for us to get as close to Allah subhanaw taala and teach us the right way to make dua. So, first of all, he is speaking about his own weaknesses comes to Allah subhanho wa Taala completely. And this is one of the things I have the right to ask Allah subhanaw taala in our state of brokenness, and remember, it's not you're not pretending to be anything really seriously, if you ask ourselves, we are broken, we are completely and totally helpless. No matter how arrogant you might feel about ourselves, and May Allah protect us from that. We have no control over anything we have even every breath that we take, when we take a breath

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inside, we can't we are not sure that we can.

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That breath will exit right? I mean, say Take for example, this COVID May Allah protect all of us from that? May Allah protect all of you from that? And may Allah subhanaw taala cure all those who have it? If you take the issue, how do people die, they die because of respiratory failure and reported respiratory failure, it means they can't breathe. I mean, it's as simple something as a within court simple and something as normal and something as usual and something which we take for granted. I mean, every literally do we even feel if we take a breath juicer Hamdulillah, I was able to breathe freely did we do we actually consciously thank Allah for this we must, we absolutely must

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do that. Because that is the the the fundamental thing about life is to be able to breathe and everything else you can do without for a long time, but with breath, in a matter of minutes, you are gone. But this is our reality. So when we come to Allah subhanaw taala in a state of brokenness, that is actually we are we are saying I'm coming to you, I have now realized what I am. And here I am before you. So Zakaria speaks about his own weakness, and then glory for Allah subhanaw taala talk about His Majesty and His grace, talk about your connection with Allah subhanaw taala obviously, when you are speaking about your connection with Allah subhanaw taala, you must first

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build that connection. I can't talk about my connection with a life I've done nothing to build that connection. When we say you're gonna we're gonna stay, we can't say we're gonna, we're gonna stay into somebody with whom we were making all kinds before this, we were making all kinds of ship, because the issue is like Allah subhanaw taala in other places, the Quran, Allah said that when they are on their ships, and they are caught in a storm, they beg Allah subhana wa Taala and they are very meticulous in their, in their, in their begging of Allah when they come to the shore, Allah saves them, then they go back to the ship. So if we are doing ship if we are committing shear can do

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that. And if you are, you know, joining partners with Allah subhanaw taala, then where is the Iraq and Afghanistan so the key thing is to understand, build that connection and then to mention that connection and then ask in keeping with these two things very important. One is ask in keeping with his majesty and grace, don't ask with your doubts. Don't ask with you know what this is this? No, no, no, this is what science says. But doesn't matter what anybody says the rule maker the lawmaker is Allah subhanaw taala. Just because there is a law, it doesn't mean that that law has to apply to you. I've said I've mentioned this before, Allah subhanaw taala did not say Ibrahim Alayhi Salam by

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quenching the fire. He didn't say we primarily Salam by putting out the fire. Allah subhanaw taala made the fire the safety of your emilija even when his surrounding Allah subhanaw taala did not save no la Salam. by stopping the storm Allah subhanaw taala made the storm evade the sea the waves, which were destructive For everyone else, he made those waves the means of safety for newer a Serrano Elisa was in a ship, the ship God doesn't do anything on our on dry land, the ship needs the sea. Allah made that those waves the means to carry around to safety, but the same waves, they drowned the sun and they drowned other people because that was the armor of Allah subhanaw taala. So

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as I've said before, it doesn't matter whether you are sitting inside your house or sitting in the center of a COVID unit, whether you get it or not depends on the amount of Allah, that is our aqeedah but why should you therefore take precautions Why didn't one Islamic ship because this is the home of Allah subhanaw taala take precautions not because Allah cannot save him unless there was a ship Allah subhanaw taala would have saved him anyway. The point is, this is the means the dunya Allah has made it the way a place of means so we use and adopt the means. We do not reject the means. But we don't believe that the means are the ways of, of safety and security for us. The means

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we arrived because Allah told us, why are we in self quarantine because Allah subhanho wa sallam told us the one who confines himself to his home and maintains distance from people. Even if he does not get the plague, he will still be called counted among the show that we are doing it for that reason. Not because we are afraid of death, not because we are running away from anything. So we must practice social distancing, we must practice we must not meet in congregations. That is why we don't have Juma. We have these reasons.

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100 that we ask Allah to accept them. But the point to understand and remember is, this is not the we are not doing this because this will save our lives, our lives and our deaths are in the hands and the armor of Allah subhanaw taala. So when we make dua, we make dua with complete and total sight and focus on the majesty and power of Allah subhanaw taala. And we make dua with complete certainty that Allah has the power to give it all that is needed is for you to persuade him to give it to you and that we work on that with persistence. Remember, Allah is saying to him, I am like this, I am weak, I am all my bones are

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weak, my hair is white, my wife, she is balanced, she is beyond the age of, of childbirth, but give me an air. He did not say give me a second wife. He says give me an air. He says because he is not taught. He's not talking about the means of this. You know, how does how can this old woman if Allah subhanaw taala can bring a pregnant camel out of Iraq? What is for Allah subhanho wa Taala to give Zachary la Salama child from a wife who was old, the issue is this is the this is the beauty the beauty of though is this, when we are asking Allah we are asking Allah, we are not asking Allah Allah these are the means. And so therefore you know and let me help you by changing around the

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means know Allah does not ask Allah because he Allah subhanaw taala. So then what is the visa advised us a about the about about the way of making? He said, first and foremost, glorify Allah subhanaw taala in a talk about the greatness and glory and magnificence of Allah. And then he said send salatu salam ala rasulillah salam Salam first because that is bracketed with salatu salam ala rasulillah salam is never rejected Allah subhanaw taala accepted, so sent through the omnibus rasilla then

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ask Allah subhanho wa Taala Don't be impatient. And don't say you know, I asked so many times nothing is happening. So if you stop asking you usually Sam's took 40 years to to come true. His dream came came true after 40 years to give him a service dog when he made the after the building of the Kaaba, which is the door for the baby or soul to come, which is which relates resources. Helen, what is the time difference between Prime Minister Abdullah and the coming of Asana, it's a couple of 1000 years. So Allah subhanaw taala, listens and Allah subhanaw taala gives Allah does not reject, but Allah has his own timeframes, which Allah subhanaw taala understands. And then the Musa

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Salim said make dua in a voice which is soft, not too soft and not too loud. Because a man came in the masjid and was sitting there and he lays his arms a Yara brb. arabinose Hassan called him he said, Europe is not deaf. You don't have to shout, speak with dignity. You know, Speak softly speak with dignity. Allah subhanaw taala does not need you to to yell and scream our religion is a religion of dignity. Then he say that Mr. Salim said don't say all I give me if you wish, because asked with certainty and full faith that Allah can give and Allah will give nobody can force Allah subhanaw taala to give what he does not wish to give. So don't say things like Oh Allah if you wish,

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because we are a we must we have to do to to express our reality which is that we are the slaves of Allah subhanaw taala we are His creatures. We are not here to say if you want give me it if you don't want it's okay I can do without it. No, make a bag that is the purpose of abode yet that is why the symbol of Islam is what is pseudo is such that it is putting your head on your face on your on the ground, putting your head on the ground, making yourself completely and totally helpless before the one to whom you are making sudduth when you are in such that your hands your feet, your face your head, everything is on the ground you are completely helpless. If somebody wants to strike

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a blow you don't even see the blow coming right remember but if you are if you are lying flat on your back, you are not helpless at all. I mean, especially those anybody who understands martial arts you know that that there are some very powerful moves which are done with you lying flat on the ground, right. Look at an leopard which is attached which is which is attacked by tigers. It flips over on his back because now he's got four paws with razor sharp daggers and he's got his mouth. No Linus comes near near him after that he's on his on his back. Benny's up. The key thing is when why sudo haram to anyone other than Allah because it is the Waqar of the human being that Allah created

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us where Allah said don't do not humiliate yourself before another creature because Allah made you with Waqar Allah subhanaw taala made us this and the only one we humble ourselves before is Allah subhanaw taala illegible so don't

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Although there is humility is to put our head down and to beg Allah subhanaw taala. Allah likes to see that Allah is the only one who likes those who ask, believe me, that's why people, human beings, no matter how generous anybody is, somebody goes to the more than 234 times people get tired, people get started avoiding you, but philosophy loves that. So, Allah subhanaw taala with great humility, great humbleness, there is no there is no limit to the to what we can do and we shall upset Cry, cry tears and if you can't cry, make a face as if you are crying, because this is Allah subhanaw taala This is our obedience of Allah. This is the fact that we are saying Allah I am your slave and your

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creature I approach only you I ask only you I worship only you and you are like give me give me because you can give give me because I am asking me Give me because nothing can stop you from giving, because I am in need or give me and this is the beauty of The Best Times is of course,

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Obama Delano he he narrates that he was asked what time does do I find the greatest response and he said he made during the middle of the last part of the night after the conclusion of the fourth salah and this is an interview the other good times are between other and Aqaba

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there is time for to rock out of Salah also, and it's time for that. So don't waste that time. Also before you want to make the video before sort of alpha is also a time for now all of those words which are in the Salah must be made in Arabic, not in any other language. So do remember that and then do our during ruku and Sousou after those we have is also placed for that. But if you are the mom, if you are leading Salah, don't go and stay in sudo making though after that, you know people might think you have gotten Shahada and somebody might come and take your place. So keep the importance of the Imam keep that in mind. Be careful about the people behind you and be conscious of

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them and their needs.

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And then in

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after tashahhud and before Salam is also time for acceptance of dwis accepted in cowrote in winter as well as uno de la at the time of calamity in Ibiza Salim used to reside hora de la in all the all the prayers in the last record at the time of calamity. And then of course we know that every Friday there is a time during which Allah subhanaw taala accepts the draws of his lives

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and this is the time of acceptance. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us that and we ask Allah to give us that time and to enable us to ask this door and then of course since we are another one of the best times for the acceptance of the law is the time of if star before breaking the fast so, let us not get involved in

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let's not get involved in

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in food instead of that let us make lots of dogs. Now the reason I say this is indeed the fasting person has at the time of breaking the fast a DA which is not rejected. So therefore let us concentrate on that let us make a lot of make a lot of dough for the omata mamasan remember remember this is one of the biggest saunas to make dua for the oma is to make the formula so let's do that make a lot of the for the oma and of course you and I all of us are in the oma Hamza Salah. So let us make sure that we make a lot of dua for the madrasa we are in see a serious difficulties in many places in the world make dua for Islam, make dua for the protection of this oma, obviously make dua

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for this COVID virus to be removed. And for us to get the benefit of this in the sense of being able to change our lifestyles, to change what was so called normal in our lives, believe me, it's the normal which got us into this. We don't want to go back to the same normal we need to have a different novel. So make, make dua that Allah subhanaw taala gives us the wisdom to make a new normal for ourselves, which is pleasing to himself. geladeira another Hadees in by Aki rasulillah. Sam said three daughters are not rejected the daughter of a father, meaning the father or mother, the parent for the children. Do I have a fasting person and the daughter of a traveler in another

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Hadith that Misha Salim said, which is in Muslim Ahmed rasulillah salam said there is there are in the month of Ramadan in every day and night, those to whom Allah subhanaw taala grants freedom from the fire and there is for every Muslim, a dua which he can make and it will be granted. May Allah make us

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Those who are freed from the fire and May Allah give us this this da which is accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala there are many other ideas with regard to that. And so, I will

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all of this all of those will come to you in the text of this whole bar which will also come to you inshallah,

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I want to

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close with one or two very important ones. It was narrated there, as with Malika Viola who said, I was sitting with rasulillah salam and a man was standing and praying. Then he made Rico and he frustrated, and then he decided to do a shout out and then he made the law and in his da he said Allahumma inni De Luca be analytical hemtt La Ilaha Illa and alma nanobody or samaveda t valade. Yes, La Jolla kromm? Yeah hallelujah. Are you in need of a look? And then he may do I said, Oh Allah indeed I asked you, since All praise is due to you.

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And then he said,

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There is none worthy of worship, but you and you are the best or you are the creator of the heavens and the earth or Possessor of Majesty and Honor, or ever living or eternal. I asked you

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said to us, we Marika Delano, do you know what he has made with and and as Malika Delano and the others who are with him? They said as well as SLM.

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Allah and His Messenger know best. There is a lesson observed by the one in whose hand is my soul. He called upon Allah subhanho data by his greatest name, which if he is called by it, he responds. And if he asked if he's asked by it, he gives, and this is installed on the site, we ask Allah to enable us to make do as I if you see what I decided just now all of these words all of these phrases, you know already, it's just a matter of making dua in this way, which we have been taught, who Sam also said the DA have known, that is universally salam, by which he asked Allah subhanaw taala from inside the belly of the fish, he said Laila highlanda subhanak in Niigata Manasa Devi,

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Nafisa Sallam said no Muslim ever makes dua by it, but Allah will grant it and this is intimately and Hakeem and Muslim Imam Muhammad. It was narrated that Malik said, Omar Salim, Ilana came to Asana who is a Muslim, it's his mother. It's his own mother. She's a Muslim came to sort of Solomon's area. So Allah says Allah, teach me some words that I may make dua with during my salah and nourish ourselves and glorify Allah saying Subhana Allah 10 times, then say Alhamdulillah 10 times and then say Allahu Akbar 10 times and then ask him for what you need. And he will say yes, yes, that's one law so beautiful. She came and asked Muslim was very smart lady first she gave her

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son, an aspirin Malik to nosara Salah in his head Madonna's Malik stayed with rahsaan throughout his day in Medina and Malika Golan who then Allah gave him a very long life and one of the further I'll have another Malik Rolando is that he said that I see a solar lights or a Salah in my dream every single night, that throughout his life, he used to have the the Bashara and the leader every single night. May Allah grant us this inshallah, at least once before we die. Finally, I remind myself a new about that most wonderful of doors. It was narrated from Abdullah bin Abu talhah.

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Allah Allah from his father, that sola sola Salaam came one day with a joyful expression on his blessed face and he said gibreel came to me la Salam and said will it not please you or Mohammed Salah Salaam to know that no one of your own marwin will send Salah on you will send Salah on you, but I will send Salah on that person tenfold and no one will send Salam on you, but I will send Salaam on that person tenfold who's saying this. DVLA Sarah and there is also very happy and as Monica Delano said Rasul Allah. whoever sent Salam salatu salam on me once Allah subhanho wa Taala Jalla Jalla Allah who will send Salat and Salam on him tenfold and will erase 10 sins from him and

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will raise him 10 degrees in status and that is for every time we'll send through the National Center. Today being Juma. There is special for the law, inserting rows and column letters, make sure that we send those on rosov every single day. Make this into

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Something that is

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I'm not saying make it into a mechanical thing which you do unconsciously but I'm saying make it do something that you that you do consciously and continuously but in Juma special attention on this, try to send as much salatu salam ala rasulillah salam Salah, as is possible to do and it is very possible to do and remember the whole point of all of these things is when you are doing that try to have the systems are try to have this awareness that Allah subhanho wa Taala is sending salatu salam o Newberry salami sending salatu salam Manu 10 times for every one time that you sent salatu salam ala Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu ala mcdouall unreliable Allah mean yada yada yada yada yada you

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yarrabah lol amenia kuriyama he made a lot masala Allah says Anna Mohammed meanwhile Ali Mohammed cabeza later library Mahara brahmana comedian Majid Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim minicam within budget. La la la la la la la will carry suhara la hora de la silla de la la la la la la la la la manera de Luca Madiba dramatic was a monophyletic wall very Mata when cool libero Salama, Tamika Lisa, la de la Fatah wa rahmatullah wa jal Daniella Daniella Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama

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Rama Rama Rama Rama de Guardiola, tequila Island Susana turpentine, Helena Shanna Nakula

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provena atina freedonia Hassan Otto Veera Dr. Sato Ravana Laila highlanda Suhana Khan Domino's olamine

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elantas rockin akuna minal salimi Robbie philharmoniker Rahimi was a la la la la la la la he was happy he was watching he was already at evaluate he was happy Salama, does livan Catherine kathira swatara Melissa tmic one was lm l mursaleen. While hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato