How to Beat Ramadan Fatigue and Finish Strong

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. As you know, there are just days left in the month of Ramadan. So as a Ramadan fatigue sets in, how do you beat it and make sure that you finish strong.

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So first off, it's important to understand that it is normal to feel fatigued at the end of Ramadan. You know, we may have the feeling that there's something wrong with us or the Shabbat and they try to convince us that there's something wrong with us that we're feeling tired and fatigued. And, you know, we may look at other people and say, Look, they're working so hard at the end of Ramadan and we you know, we're feeling tired, maybe there's something wrong with our faith, something wrong with our Eman. That's not the case. It is normal to feel that way. But it is important to try and fight that it is important that we end the month of Ramadan strong You know, the prophets that I send

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them. He said, our team that matters are judged by their endings or deeds are judged by their ending meaning it's it's not it's not about how this journey went. so far. It's about how we end this journey. It's about finishing strong we've been in Josie and I have a lot of data he said perhaps we didn't do well in welcoming the month of Ramadan. So make sure to do well. In bidding it farewell Imam hustle and bustle you have a lot of data, he said improve the performance of what is left, so you'll be forgiven for what came before meaning we can still salvage the month of Ramadan, we can still make the most of them have been in what is left, perhaps we didn't do well. In the beginning,

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perhaps we made mistakes, perhaps we didn't do as much as we could do, we could still save all of that if we make sure to end strong. So here are three pieces of advice that you can use to end strong in the month of Ramadan number one, get some rest. If you need to look, I know this may sound counterintuitive, or it may sound different than some of the other advice that you may have gotten, you know, people saying that no matter what happens, just work as hard as you can just tire yourself out if you have to. But the reality is that our bodies, our minds, they need rest. And if we don't get rest, then we're not going to be able to finish strong. So maybe, you know you've been working

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hard until this very time. And now the fatigue is setting in and now because of that you're feeling tired. So it's important to get some rest if you need to, you know the profits that I send them he said in that enough see guy like a haka that you have a right upon yourself, or your body has a right upon you. So maybe you need to catch up on some sleep. And I'm not saying sleep the whole day, but get the rest that you need to so that you can finish strong so that you'll have more energy when you actually spend time on your worship number to plan out exactly what you're going to do in these last few days of Ramadan. Once again, you may hear people say Just do as much as you can do. But

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that often doesn't work when we don't define our goals and our goals are just left vague and open, then we end up doing nothing or we end up you know, trying and since the goal is so vague, we don't accomplish anything so set goals for yourself set goals that are realistic, yes, they can be slightly challenging and difficult, but make sure they are realistic goals for yourself even if it's just a few things but know exactly what you want to do in these last few days. Number three and this is a little bit of a spiritual matter. But remind yourself that this day that you're in maybe the very last day that you have to worship Allah the last day that you have to seek forgiveness from

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Allah subhana wa tada you know often now that we assume that we're going to get another day and the reality is that we don't know none of us have a guarantee upon our lives that we will make it to the next day. So if this is the very last day you have to seek forgiveness from Allah, how would you be how many people were alive last year and didn't make it to this animal bond? How many people started the month of Ramadan and were not able to finish the month of Ramadan so maybe this is the only chance that you have this is the only day or the only night that you have to seek forgiveness from Allah and that is a mindset you need to put yourself in that place where you can understand the

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reality of life so those are three things that you can do at the end of the month of Ramadan to make sure to finish strong and ask a last round of data to allow us to finish and complete the month of Ramadan alum I mean that's my advice but I'd also like to hear from you. What do you do personally in order to get yourself to finish strong in the month of Ramadan? Leave it in the comments below inshallah Allah and once again we will all be able to benefit and as always the lowest penalty Allah knows best until next time inshallah tada a sin on one equal to LA he