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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The customer is being asked to give out their money to a non-profit to help finish their mission to light the way to defective media. They are told that accepting a one-time donation doesn't matter as long as it is put towards their account on the day of judgment, allowing them to be counted among the neat neat causes.
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Towards the end of sorts on Mauna Kea Kona la Sponza Allah tells us to give out of what He has given us before there comes a day where we regret where we wish we could return to the earth and give our money and spend our money to righteous causes and be counted among the righteous. And so in order to provide opportunities for people to satisfy this requirement, there's an opportunity to help support you to commission and everything that we do our mission and our vision and our work for a one time donation to help us complete the MSG the messy that we've been making all of our media out of and doing all of our work out of it still not finished. There's actually a few things that still need to

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be done and so a one time donation doesn't matter how much it could be little it could be a lot will inshallah Tada be accepted. We ask a lot to accept it from you that it is put towards your account on the day of judgment so that you can be counted among the righteous on the day where it really matters.

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