This Medicine Ain’t Working

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The spiritual implications when medicine doesn’t work

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I said I'm wearing como de la here want to welcome to another raw vlog. This is like purely a raw vlog because I'm recording on my phone, I'm sitting in my car, but there is

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something that I wanted to share with you something that I've been reflecting on. So these past few days, I've been getting kind of sick, nothing serious had the law, just like a cold like sore throat and things like that.

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And initially, I was like, oh, maybe it's allergy, somebody said, you know, it's probably it's allergy season, you probably getting allergy centric allergy medication, and then to cold medication and like nothing worked, nothing's working. And I'm sure you've been in the situation as well, right? Where you take all the medication that's there and and like nothing happens. And, you know, sometimes a cold has kind of like run its course or whatever it may be. But this is a point of reflection, because I really thought about how, you know, part of our faith is that cure comes from from Allah. Right. shefa cure comes from, from a lot of lies a chef, he's one of the names of the

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last printout of the provider, the one who gives the cure, you know, as we hear, as Ibrahim it said, um, as mentioned on he said, Wait, wait a minute to for what you mean that if I get ill, then it is he who cures me or gives the cure. And that is, you know, that's part of faith, that cure comes from a long span of data. But sometimes we forget that. And we you know, our hearts get attached to the means. And look, there's not not only is it not wrong to take the means we're supposed to take the mean, so I don't want people to understand that. Of course, the means are provided from us pans out as well. You know, as President, I've said, in the Latins, that a de ones and a dolla fidella with

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Allah is the one who sent the illness and Allah is the one who gives the cure. So seek the cure or seek the treatment, right? So part of seeking treatment is also part of our part of our faith and part of being a part of being a Muslim. As long as our heart is attached to Allah, right. And Allah as we said, Eliza Sheffield was the one who provides a cure. And sometimes we need to be in discomfort. Sometimes we need to

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go through sickness or illness to really understand that. And that's one of the wisdoms there. And you know, I was thinking about what is the wisdom and I didn't mean not getting better quickly, you know, sometimes we're in a rush to get out of a difficulty or hardship. And one of that is to really remember that you can take all the medication in the world and Pilates and will for us to get better than we won't get better. And that is to attach, you know, our hearts to a large amount of data. Yes, take take the means, as I said, but also to attach our hearts to the last printout that allows the one

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who gives a was the one who gives the cure.

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And you know, as a last printout of said in the Quran, I believe sort of

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what, what am siska libido Lin father Akashi fella who inla who, that if Allah afflicts you with an adversity or calamity or hardship, then there's no one who can remove it except a lot. So part of, you know, our seeking to get better looking to get better is yes, we take the means that was given to us, but also that our hearts are attached to lower his panel to Allah. And, you know, that may be one of the wisdoms why it may take long for someone in this case me to get better, right, and that I that, that I am able to reflect and sometimes that's what it is, you know, it's just, these are reminders from Allah, you know, all difficulties we know are remarkable reminders from Allah, their

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tests from the last printout, as long as we we recognize them as being tests, you know, and these are opportunities for us to get closer to a line argument increase, whether it be a large calamity, or a small calamity, right? All of that is the reminders mobiles pans out as long as we take them as reminders from along then I know even, you know, someone will say in the comments, like, Oh, you have a cold, you know, you should do if all that stuff didn't work, you know, you should have honey or you should have like honey and, and lemon or honey and lemon, lemon and ginger, like whatever. I don't know, like, there's a bunch of different, like, homemade remedies around like, yeah, that

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medication, like it doesn't work, it's not gonna do anything. That's not the point of what I'm saying. Even the honey even like whatever cure you think or whatever you think will help you know somebody with a sore throat, or a cold or whatever. Even that is the means that a lost Pantheon is provided to us. And so the point is to use these moments as moments of reflection to remember that Allah is a sheffy. Allah is the one who provides the cure. And so we ask the last product to Allah

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to help us attach our hearts to him. We ask Allah to cure all of those who have any type of illness, Aloma I mean, and I'll catch you all later. Take care said I'm walking into la here.