O Mankind, Do Not Be Deceived By The Devil

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In a hamdulillah nama do who want to start you know who want to study he wants to still

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want to all the wheeler he made sure all the unforeseen women see Dr. Molina Mayor de la Hofer la mobula or Manuel little fella the Ala Wai shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah who had the moolah Cherie Keller Why should one no Mohammed Abu rasuna

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Johan SUTA Colaba como la de halacha comin nafcillin Wahida or Hala come in Huzzah. Jaha Oba Thurman hamari journeying Kathy along one is

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what Takala lady does an owner behind you on our ham in Allah Ghana Alikum Allah peba

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your Lavina top Allah, it double Allah have got 241 at the Morton Illa and two Muslim Moon

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your Latina mono tabula it Dr. Maha poodle colons Dida, your slender comb Amma Lacan, oilfield lecom Luna Oba calm or manual para la or rasool Allah who forgot the first frozen of Lima for my mobile fineness local Hadith Kitab Allah insha Allah Allah wa Hiral Hadiya do Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a short run OMO Remo to her what could be the what could be the Athenian Bala or could lobola team Finnur Adjani La Jolla Mina Nell All Praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa taala. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon His servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to what follows My dear respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam in

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Surah, Al Harloff, Allah subhanahu wa taala addresses all of humanity, all of mankind. He begins this by saying, Yeah, Benny DeMolay 15 and nakoma che upon comma, Raja Abba, where you can mingle Jana in zero and Houma. libera. So Houma Lee RIA Houma so the HEMA in the room who are coming home in high school, let alone a home in janela shell Paulina Ollie Ali Levine, Allah your moon, this is an important hire. Allah azza wa jal is addressing the son of Adam. He begins by saying yeah, Benny Adam, what is the warning in this ayah Allah azza wa jal said lay a thin and knuckle mache upon. Don't you dare be tricked and deceived and misguided by the Shavon. Camera. Raja Abba welcome, Mina

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Jana. Don't be deceived by the Shavon. In the same manner, he deceived your parents, Adam and her work. And as a result, when they fell into his trap, they were removed from the paradise and what happened as well. Yum zero and Houma. Libero settlement, because they fell into the deception of a che upon as a result they clothing came off, and they saw each other's privates. And this was the first time it happened in the history of mankind. What does it mean that Allah azza wa jal says, Do not be deceived by a che upon in the same manner he deceived your parents? This is the question. How did this show your pawn deceive Adam and her worth? So that if we learn and we notice, and we see it

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and we observe it, we're able to keep away from it. In the same manner, I assure you upon deceived Adam and Hawa, he does the same thing to mankind. When you're equipped with this knowledge, when you know how to share your thought, deceives mankind and makes them fall into his trap, and tempts them towards sin and evil. When you know how he does.

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You've got great knowledge, you're able now to keep away from His plan and His deception. Very simple. How does he do it? In two words, ze Jana

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he decorates he decorates the evil, he beautifies the sin this is exactly what it is. So, look at the story of Adam and Hawa as they are in the Paradise, roaming freely eating whatever they like a che upon came to them. Allah azza wa jal had told Adam prohibited him from a specific tree. Let the club head he showed your there was a tree in the Paradise. This is haram Do not come near it your Adam, don't touch it, don't eat from it, don't even come near it at all. And the Paradise is huge. It's vast. Enjoy wherever you like but this tree don't come. Look how the Chopin gets him there. And this is the first time mankind would be exposed to the deception and the trick of a shofar. And it

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has never happened before this. So Adam has no guidance in terms of what the Shavon does to mankind. That can we have now we're learning from his story? He said to Adam Alayhis Salam, as Allah azza wa jal means

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In the Quran,

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do look Allah shows you a lot will hold your Maliki layer.

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This is how he tricked him. He said to him, shall I point you to a tree that is called shallow to hold.

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This is the eternal tree. If you were to eat something from it, you will live in here forever. And it would be a source of Mukhin layer. It would be a source of everlasting kingdom you will never ever leave this place you will have permanent residence in the Paradise.

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Look at redecorated the sin. This is something mankind desire, permanency, I want to live and I want to live long, and I want to be rich and I want to have the treasures of the world. This is something Allah instilled within us right? Which then Allah azza wa jal would give mankind when he puts them in the Paradise forever. But the idea is, is he came to Adam, and he beautified a dirty, nasty, evil, wicked sin. He beautified it, if you go there, you will live forever in the Paradise bit by bit for the lair who maybe who wrote and he ended up there and he ate from this tree. Obviously the clothing came off. And as a result, it was a reason for why he was removed from the paradise. This

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is the nature of sins, the more you engage in sin, the further away you are from the paradise. For this is exactly what a che upon does today to mankind. He decorates the sin he beautifies the sin when he salAllahu alayhi wa sallam informed us and he told us that at the end of time, and we see this today that uncommon use of Munna who betrayed his me he, the sins will be given names other than the original names.

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I'll hammer alcohol. It's called and referred to as spirits in Arabic in the Arabic world. It's called My Schubert rule here. Spirits had to deceive mankind that this is even though Allah called a hammer. Look how difficult the word is in itself. Just pronouncing the word already indicates that this is something condemned Hummel. So it's called spirits among the people. And the Shavon has deceived them to think that Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, go to a bar, drink this cover and this is uplift your spirit. It removes the stress away from your life. Same thing with cigarettes and vapes and shisha and tobacco and all of this a shape on has decorated it for the

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people. are you stressing in your life? Are you facing severe canneries? Are you facing severe financial difficulties? Come hang out with some people. And this is a stress relief can relieve your stress with this matter, hacker Chopin has decorated meanwhile, fundamentally this is a sin hated by Allah Hello. But to show you Vaughn has decorated it and wallah. If people resort to this matter of smoking in a time of calamity, then you should know the worst and absolutely worst thing you could be doing in a time of calamity is to sin, because you're not reading Allah's message correctly upon you in a time of calamity stressfree something that would have given you a relief would have been to

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like out you prayed for Allah subhanho wa Taala but you're a che upon decorates the sin and makes the good sin very difficult and burdensome upon the believer or upon anyone of mankind. Lay a thinner neck on a sinner today is referred to as personal service. Drugs and what they are. They have names ice speed, ecstasy, look at these names. Ecstasy means happiness. How did it go from drug to a good positive name? And I sounds like something refreshing and speed sounds like something is gonna give me energy and some motivation. Hack This is the nature of a show Bob. He takes a lot of he decorates it and he gives it some name and he brings it out to the people come towards it.

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But the believer should be careful, should be aware should be smart. Should Know the sin for what it is. No matter how many names it's printed with and given it doesn't change the fact that it is a sin left in a normal shape on

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a communal agenda. Jana yen zero and Houma libera Houma, Lilia Huma so the HEMA Subhan Allah this is the effect of sins when Adam Alayhis Salam approached the tree and he he didn't even eat from it. He only tasted Allah azza wa jal says for them. They're called a shelter water. They tasted only he pulled out something from the tree and he put it onto his teeth. And he just tasted tasted

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Just the fact that he tasted something from the tree, his clothing came off, and their shames their privates were exposed to each other. Jonnie. The idea is that when Allah azza wa jal loves the believer, the believer might approach a sin, but Allah's love for him, he'll keep him away from the sin, He will not enjoy the sin. The believer is not supposed to enjoy the sin. What enjoyment is there in just tasting a fruit from a tree? He didn't even chew it. He didn't even swallow it. He didn't even his body wasn't even nourished by what he had tasted just the bus. And then the punishment came, the punishment came, the clothing came off. Allah azza wa jal loves the believer,

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he keeps him away from the sin.

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And this is the attitude. When you find yourself at the doors of a sin. When you find it, find yourself you have approached the sin. If it was a secret, it should be you and then fluid. Like Adam there can he throw it? This is how it is the believer should always be aware and careful when you've approached the sin, knowing it's a sin. Don't spend too much time there. Don't allow your body to enjoy it. Don't allow your body to be nourished and nurtured by the sin. The believer should run away immediately. Keep away from it. And seeking Allah's forgiveness will still fall. If that's the case. Alhamdulillah You're doing good. This is exactly what the believer should be in zero and

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humanity as a whole man, Yulia whom so at EMA law, social, he says, in New York come who will cover your new home in high school at home. Verily, Allah gives us a fact. He says a Shavon and his entire army.

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They see you in a way where you cannot see them. This means that we are always on the reader of the shaper arm. He knows us. He knows what our weaknesses are. He knows what we're ignorant about. He knows the sins, he decorates them. And he makes them tempting for mankind. This is him. He studies he studies mankind, how am I going to drill him into the sin, a shape and the first thing on his agenda? How am I going to make the believer a disbeliever? If he can't get you from it? How am I going to get him to fall into innovations? If he can't? How am I going to bring him to a major sin? If he can't? How am I going to get him into a minor sin and remain persistent upon it? If I can't,

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how am I going to get him to engage in a macro health? The disliked matters? If he can't, how can I keep him away from an mustafabad recommended matters? If he can't, and you have two options of good and one is more rewarding than the other. He'll try to make you do the one that is less rewarding than another option you had her back with every single person has a story and an agenda and a plan. And you and I need to be careful in who you're welcome. He studies you he knows you. Oh mean HIFU letter Oh no, you cannot see Him. So my brothers and sisters in Islam. How do we defeat him? How do we get rid of him? And Allah hammer home Allah had something beautiful. He said, You gotta olu that

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if he can see you, and you cannot see Him. They know that Allah can see him and he cannot see Allah. So seek Allah's help against him. How bill is the ayah by saying oh, we will be leaving a SharePoint regime by reciting Kulu Allah who had called Bill Philip, especially, to be able to be nurse melachim dancila He knows mean Sheldon ill was worse in her nurse. Olivia was whistle fuel. So the nurse Minal Jin naughty one nurse, read it three times in the morning and read it three times in the evening and read it three times before you sleep and read it once after every solid. Look how many times were reading swallowed a nurse in one day. This is Allah's love for the believers. He wants

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them to be protected from a shape on and you will never be protected unless you seek protection from Allah azza wa jal. This is the idea. This is the importance who read taught at a nursery three times in the morning, who reads it once after every solid and three in the afternoon and three before you sleep. If not Bismillah start you'll find the huge effect it will have in your life. You'll find that the shape pounds was sliced would begin to get smaller and smaller and smaller in your life. Until these Nilla who have control and you overcome him and you overpower him in the Huila can walk up to him and hateful letter Oh no. Allah azza wa jal, he says in Zhanna, shall be only Alan Levine,

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maroon, with verily made the devil's allies to those who do not believe. How does a person become an ally to the shape on how does it work person become a friend of the shaper? Allah azza wa jal, he says it's a three step solution. Listen to this. What is their follow fisherton Call to worship? Allah?

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Allahu Amara Nebia. Very simple. Number one is if out of fashion, a person commits a shameless, immoral, vulgar

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The evil deed follow version, they commit the sin. Next stage, this is the front of the ship and this is what he does. After he commits the sin. He's engaged in a call to worship. And he says, We found our forefathers doing this. Then he normalizes it. It's normal. Everyone's doing it. Our forefathers did it. Society is doing it. Communities are doing it. My neighbor is doing it. My friends are doing it. My family does it.

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What's the problem? Why is it wrong? Everyone's doing it. And then the worst of the worst is the third stage, what Allah Who?

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He ascribes the sin to Allah. He says, Allah commanded us to do this. It's halal. He makes his religion and then look at the example, I give you an example of homosexuality. It was Hello. Initially, everyone would assume as it's something evil, something corrupt. But when people began to engage in a viral fashion, they begin to engage at the beginning of a silent it was covered, it was under the under the doors, then

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what should now

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people are doing it begin to normalize Now, everyone's doing it. And then these communities from around the world, hold hands with each other, to the point where they make a whole banner for themselves. A rainbow flag. This is us, wherever you are in the world can put your hands with us. We're just

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beginning to become normal and justified. And then what happens when Allahu

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Allah loves this? Allah loves the quality of Allah. Did you see on rainbow flags written Allah loves equality? See what happened? What happened? It went from illegal to legalized. Allah commanded this, is this what Allah commanded. These are the friends of a shell been in the janela Shayateen only a little Athena Allah Menon, whereas the believer might do a sin. He might commit a sin. Allah would say, in salt, la Milan, well, Lavina is to furnish it and he's speaking about uprights and see believers, when they commit a sin. You know what happens in the next stage, when Lavina is shattered or unfulfilled, that God Allah for so thoroughly thought to be him? That's the believer. That's the

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difference between a Friend of Allah and a friend of a shave on the front of the Sherpa and commits the sin normalizes it, and ascribes it to Allah now as Allah He disbelieves in that case, but the believer commits a sin perhaps could fall into sin, but they can Allah immediately. He says, Allahu Akbar, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Houma to valet, first of all is going to be him. And as a result, Allah azza wa jal would forgive them.

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This is this is the plan. This is the plan of a shape on how many things were illegal, wherever in the world, and slowly slowly they become legal. Suicide was a crime long time ago. Now there's something called assisted suicide, we'll help you

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abortion was illegal. Now, anytime you want, you can abort anytime you want no problems even if the child is healthy, no problem. It's legal hacking.

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Only by following the path of the shape arm such a person gets him or herself involved in something like that. You my brothers and sisters in Islam, we need to realize this, observe this and see that 100 Allah Allah azza wa jal has kept you safe from this and continue to ask Allah protection ministry Obama regime and that he protect you and your families.

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Allah who I'm not gonna be here, the response is very simple pull in Allah Allah Mordovian fascia, we see all these evil in society. Those that are learned those that are seen see who's done a upright Muslims and honest how do you how do you face all this very simple in hola hola. Monroeville fascia come out with these words. Now Omar is teaching us what to do you say Hola.

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Hola doesn't command immorality. What do you people doing saying that this is legal and this is legal? Allah doesn't command this

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layout moral will fascia at the Quran Allah Allah He may Allah Tala mood are you people speaking ignorantly, on behalf of Allah is in the problem is ignorance. People began to legislate on their own accord because of their ignorance. On Amala be Bill kissed then go and see to the people my Lord has commanded justice and everything of the good deeds is just this is just what a clean who had come in the masjid and face the fibula when you pray what the room only seen Allah who did and pre Why was a solid mentioned because nothing will save you in these times other than your bed.

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Nothing will save you in the times of fit and corruption other than your a bed especially a solid. So Allah and social concludes this whole passage with the deed of a solid Joaquim who had come in the Coulee Masjid. What the

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call out to Him.

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Dean with sincerity come over there. On the end of the day to parties for you can offer you can help Carly hemo Bala there is a party

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But Allah azza wa jal has guided We ask Allah azza wa jal to guide us and another party have golly, he mubadala written upon them is misguidance why in the homeless shelter you know Olia? I mean, do nila, because they took shelter in as friends for this besides Allah, that's a calamity. That's a calamity. When you befriend the shape on and you walk down his path and you abandon the path of Allah, and worse than this calamity is the last two parts of this. Were your sub guna and no moto Dune, and all alone, they believe they are guided. They believe they're the ones that are right, and everyone in the community is wrong. And as a result, it puts pressure upon the righteous in the

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community to actually do their job and get up and fight the corruption and the evil continue to speak about it. Never ever, ever normalize evil and corruption in your house and in society. The believer has this role must play this role on earth. At the end of the day, this is why Prophets were sent. This is why Prophets were sent because there was too much facade on the earth. And their job was to reform and fix things. Bring it to heat, teach the people ala Halal Allah teach the people the goodness and the most important people you're supposed to teach are your own children and your own family in the house. If everyone did his job Bismillah generations to come will have

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goodness upon the earth will have goodness Allah subhanahu wa taala will send these volcat and his blessings upon us to Allah a portfolio that was done for Allah Allah Allah conference through in the homeowner for Rahim.

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Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena be about more than half our Salah was certainly more Lahemaa Kamala Hayden Maria was killed by Sharia, Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Hassan Mohammed how they were Shiva forgot their mama Kamala Jota Allah be a Marine but he had been upset with them they'll be mad at him Musa Beata we could see why you have become a Johanna manana for call Azim and call in hola hola Mila Katha who also Luna Allah NaVi Yeah, you're Latina and also Lu Ali he was a Limitus Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad can also later Allah Ibrahim on early Ibrahim in a hamidou machine or Darrick Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Gamma DR. Allah Ibrahim Ohana early

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Ibrahima innaka hamidou Majeed, Aloha Marina

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Allahu Marina Zona diva Arenal Bell Bula Doppler Nora collage de novo or Bernardo cobalamin in Ntaganda semi oral Aleem autobuy Lena in accounted the wobble Rahim Allah in de la hora will certainly what is an ova? When ha and infection it will mean carry on buddy look into the Quran first good hola hola Lehmann gelila is good con wash Kuru Allah and yummy he has it come Allah the Quran Allah Akbar Allahu yah lemma does not own

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long word. long word we're a shadow on

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Gomati salah. Komatsu, Sana Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

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