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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the value of dams and the dams in shaping the world and bringing people into sadness and denying their existence. They also touch on the negative impact of dams on people's health and productivity, as well as the difficulty of practicing hardship and the potential for sickness and addiction to affect one's perspective on life. The speakers emphasize the importance of elevating one's spiritual state and not seeing hardship as a sign of goodness. They also discuss the concept of the Elitebound society where rich and poor people are the same and stress the importance of not being in trouble and not feeling like one is in trouble until the end of the world. The segment also discusses the man named Adrianna who explains how she became the polity of the great judge of Egypt and how she faced the shabby and wearing shabby clothes.
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So I'm not going to lie here but a carto

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spinomenal Haman Humphrey Langer bland I mean, whatever in one he learned a lot. I mean, what are people to tuck in a llama somebody was telling him about a karate katsushika Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He was like he he was tell them to Sleeman kathira. So for some reason I'm talking about life after shift, he has sort of talked about death. So I think we mixed up the program.

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Because if I ruled the world to come before, talking about death and remembering death, but in reality, as the brothers put a nice spin on it, at home, they really love the idea, Hannah, Montana,

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all praises due to Allah who gave us life after he gave us death. until Allah Subhana Allah is the ultimate return. To be quite honest with you, the topic that I have is extremely broad, which means that it can go in many directions, and we'll just see which direction to take some shots on, what we're talking about dunia and we're talking about the life of this world and the transient nature of it and how we're passing through it and what expectations we should have of it and so on, so forth. And as we venture into this topic, the word in and of itself of dunya represents it's worth in the sight of a loss of Hannah hoods out of the word dunya, which means the new or Denny which means that

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which is the lowest and that which is humiliated, is actually a great indication of where it stands in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala and where it stands in our site. But the unique and interesting thing about it, you know, if you studied world religion, and if you study different parts, and so on, so forth. What is absolutely stunning about Islam over and over and over again, is its balance. What's stunning about the character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is his balance and a signal molecule, the allowance Allah and who says that if we wanted to find the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the first place we went to where do you guys think it would be?

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What's the first place you go to to find the prophets like Selim? the masjid so the first place we went to, was the masjid. And if we did not find him in the masjid, he said, the hub not eternal back here, we went to the graveyard.

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And if we did not find him in the graveyard, we went to the marketplace. And the order of that, of that list is quite telling in and of itself, that you are more likely to find the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reflecting in the graveyard that would be a likely or possibility if he was not in the masjid, then to find him walking around in the marketplace, and Subhana Allah that in and of itself is not what makes this so fascinating. The remembrance of death as the prophets lie some tells us to constantly remind ourselves of the destroyer of pleasures, and so on, so forth. What makes this so incredible is that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, despite visiting the graveyard as

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frequently as he did, despite encountering death within his own family, as frequently as he did, despite his own disconnect from this dunya that did not transpire in the Prophet sallallahu it he was settled on being a depressed individual. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam did not use to sulk, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not use to look sad. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not use to treat his family, like he did not care about this world, he was able to find this balance on the law, it was seldom as were his companions, to where they could shun materialism, but still be as alive as anyone could imagine. They could still look lively, they could

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still be lively, they could still enjoy this world without at any point becoming heedless of their ultimate destination and their ultimate purpose. Because to attach yourself to death, too much can lead to detrimental things. If you don't have the balance of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I said, Yes, it was just mentioning, it can lead to a person either losing motivation, and no longer pursuing career goals and no longer pursuing greatness in this in the worldly sense. It could lead to a person always being sad, and not being happy. And it could lead to a person at the end of the day, just being completely idle, and waiting around for their death. But the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not live it in that sense, nor did his companions, they could still laugh, they could still smile, they could still share poetry with one another, they could still joke with one another. And he sallallahu wasallam was still always smiling, and always in a happy and a happy demeanor so that he could inspire other people to also learn that this religion is not one that depresses a person. It's not one that puts you down. Now as for the value of dunya, an amount of time Rahim Allah to Allah and His elucidations in mytho data sad that where he speaks about the

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reality of this world he says something very interesting. He says that the dunya knows its worth, the world knows its worth. And because the world knows its worth and knows that at some point it will be completely abandoned by each and every single person. It decorates itself and adorns itself hoping that it can dilute a person as long as possible. So he said Allah subhanho to Allah, the creator of this dunya already knows it's worth as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, No Cana to dunya Terra de or in de la Hey Jenna, how about that if this world was to mean to Allah subhanho to Allah if it was to be in value to Allah subhanho wa Taala more than the Wink of a

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mosquito, Allah subhanho wa Taala would not allow the one who rejects him to even have a sip of water. You think about that. These people that insults of loss of Hannah hoods out of these people that insult the dean, these people that live completely immoral lives. And Allah Subhana hoods Allah still allows them to be sustained from this dunya and that shows you the worth of it in the sight of Allah Subhana hoods Allah and the profit slice and I made a direct equivalence he drew a direct equivalence between the way Allah sees it and the way Allah allows it, to benefit others and sustain others. If it's not worth anything to you, then you're not going to fight over it, you're not going

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to be possessive over it. So Allah subhana wa Tada. He allows those people who reject him despite their rejection, to drink from it and to benefit from it. And in another Hadith, which is very interesting, the prophets lysozyme said that on the Day of Judgment, yes, Tim legend, amin and alim fetta jezina are in the law he Jenna habenula. In the same language, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that on the Day of Judgment a person would come that is huge, and mighty in the sense of his tyranny, and his arrogance and his pride. So physically could be huge and also have a really big head in the metaphorical sense and could see himself far greater than he actually is. And a lot

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puts him in the meezan a lot puts him in the scale. Because on the Day of Judgment, not only are our deeds weighed, we ourselves are weighed, but we are weighed for our emaan and our character. And this man who is very proud of himself, who was a man of pride, who commanded a certain presence or authority in this world or amount of wealth is put in that scale, and he does not weigh in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala gentle How about Allah, the wing of a mosquito. And so the dunia has no value to Allah Subhana Allah, nor does a person who's immersed themselves in this dunya have any value to Allah subhanho wa Taala nor do the vessels that carry our souls have any value to Allah

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subhana wa tada in Allah Allah jambu

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Kumar, in aside from Allah does not look at your bodies or your appearances. But Allah looks at your hearts, Allah subhana wa tada looks at that which is internal. And that's what determines value in the sight of Allah subhana wa tada even these vessels. You know, Chef, Mahatma Gandhi once said something that really was powerful. He said that, if we were to just draw a little incision and pull the skin off of the face of each and every single one of us, we'd all look exactly the same, and it would not be pleasant. That's just going skin deep. Right? If we just were to remove this mask, that Allah subhanaw taala has put on our faces, then Allah Subhana hoods Allah would show the reality of

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each and every single one of us right. And so what gives us value as people is that which is not of this world, that which has that which existed before this world, and that which will exist after this world. So the dunya and the people of dunya, and the vessels of dunya, are all worthless in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. What makes it worth anything, are the people that are beloved to Allah subhana wa tada that reside in a certain place. And so the first thing that we established is that Allah subhanaw taala already has determined the value of this dunya to not be worth more than the weight of a mosquito. And I'm going to tell you about him Allah, Allah says, As for the

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believers, because of their knowledge of Allah, and what Allah has informed them of the nature of this dunya they also are not diluted by it. They also see no value in it. And so they decide to abandon this world in the spiritual sense before the world abandons them. That's a powerful message. They decide to abandon the world spiritually before the world abandons them physically. Before the dunya has fooled you until the end of your life and diluted you

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Spiritually, you're able to shut off those shackles to break those shackles. And here's the third thing and this is this is the most powerful elucidation in the sequence. He says Rahim Allah to Allah, there is not a single person,

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except that at one point in their existence, they will completely shut the worth of this dunya even the most wicked of disbelievers because on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, what do modulo yesterday mean or other Bo may even be Bunny, or Sahiba, he will have he waffle, see, let's see, he lets you to we that on the Day of Judgment, a person would be willing to present this world in gold to Allah subhanho wa Taala, to get themselves out of the situation that they're in, in the Hereafter, they have no love for this world whatsoever, they would be willing to abandon everything of this dunya to better themselves in the hereafter. And he said, That's why it was

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called dunya. That's why it was called the most humiliated, because there is not a single creature, except that that creature will abandon it at some point in their existence. The game is to figure it out before it's too late. But everyone at one point in their existence is going to say, it really wasn't worth it. It really wasn't worth it. Some people come to that realization in this world, but they come to it too late to actually do anything about it like for their own, for their own came to the realization as he was drowning, and you can just think about this vanilla. Think about that out, you know, one of the most painful debts is the death of drowning. Think about those last seconds of

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thrown in that in that in that sea, as he's drowning. And life is replaying itself, in their own mind minds. All the all the oppression, all the palaces that he had, all the times he claimed to be God, all the times he attached himself to this world. Like Imagine if your own and you had all those palaces and you committed all those transgressions, and you're drowning in that in that sea. And you are thinking for the last few seconds about what you've put forward in this life. That's powerful. Because even for their own came to a point where I have no need for this world whatsoever. It is of absolutely no benefit to me whatsoever. So at some point, everyone comes to that realization. The

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problem is, is that usually that realization comes far too late. Or it comes in a way that does not inspire productivity, but only hinders you further. So it comes to only serve you despair. And that's not the way Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to treat this world. And so Allah subhana wa tada throughout the Quran mentions dunya, over and over and over again, the life of this world, the life of this world, the life of this world, illustrating the nature of its illustrating the way that we should treat it, illustrating the way that we should make use of it was that 10 sound we'll see, but come in at dunia and do not forget that which is in this dunya pursue the theater run towards

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the hereafter bad you know, bill amount is Sati ha rush to prepare yourself in the hereafter. But at the same time, don't forget your position in this world, don't forget what's been presented to you. And basically the believer sees this dunya as an opportunity to elevate himself and his actual existence to elevate elevate himself and actual eternity. Now the problem becomes when we condition our belief, with our success, or failure or ease or hardship in this dunya. And that is the greatest spiritual disease that we have. And it seems very simple somehow to law. It seems like a very simple equation, that don't equate hardship in this world with the hatred of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Don't

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equate test with punishment, and don't see ease as a sign of goodness so that you become comfortable and complacent. Meaning, the way that your status is in the sight of Allah subhana wa tada has virtually nothing to do with how your status is in this world. It seems simple enough, you can talk for hours and hours and hours about fitness, the reality of tests and trial. But then when you're in that position, suddenly that which was theoretical becomes so difficult to practice. It was so easy when you were listening in the hope button. It was so easy when you were telling that other person Hey, you'll get through this. This is a test from Allah subhanaw taala. But then it struck you hard

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and you went Whoa.

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Yeah, Allah, I know, I told that other person to have trust in you. But why are you doing this to me? And the reality is, is that in our greed, we're usually okay with the dunia being unfair as long as it's unfair in our favor. Once it becomes unfair against us, then it becomes problematic as long as it's unfair to 6 billion other people.

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And the rest of the world is burning down and going to * and all types of things are happening to them. It's okay as long as it's fair to me and I can come to terms with my slate. But once my slate turns on me suddenly that which was theoretical becomes so difficult to practice and you start looking to align, you say why? Yeah, Allah give me and Subhana Allah salidroside narrates that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the law either have Bab them, if Allah loves you, if Allah loves you, yeah, me, he may not dunya he protects him from the junior a lot takes him away from the dunya kemajuan hydrocone, Acme supima hoomin Allah, the way that if one of you had a fever,

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or some sort of illness, that would be worsened by cold water, but you really, really want that cold water. I'll never forget, and my wife is here, so I hope she doesn't kill me. But when she was delivering, and the nurse was saying that she couldn't have water.

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And she's looking at me, like, go get me some water.

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And I'm like, I can't and the nurses saying you can't have water and she's looking at me, like, Don't listen to the nurse, go give me some water. Right. And eventually, she's the lead they settled on ice, or Hey, just to the ice or something like that, right? And I thought about this heavy, so how to like when we're sick, and you really, really, really want water. you really, really want that cold water. But that cold water will increase you In sickness and the doctor holds it back from you.

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Knowing that it's gonna it's not good for your condition right now. But when you're in that pain, can you see outside of that pain? No, that pain is influencing your thought process, your spirituality, your perspective on life, your perspective on death, you're seeing everything through that lens of pain.

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And suddenly, all you want is Yeah, Allah get me out of this. Yeah, like get me out of this pain and Allah holds it back from you, because he knows it's better for you. Because why would Allah give a drug to an addict and your addiction is dunya? Why would Allah subhanaw taala feed your addiction, and many times we think to ourselves, we see a person who's in ease and we see a person who's in hardship. And essentially and this is one of the very powerful lines of even Allah Allah skandi Rahim Allah to Allah. He said that throughout this the world's history, a loss of Hannah hoods ad overwhelms one group of people with ease, and he overwhelms one group of people with hardship, and

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you rarely find people in between. What does that mean? You know, if you study history, economic inequality is nothing new. People spoke about it before Bernie did. It existed, it's existed throughout our world history, usually the rich are filthy, rich, and the poor are really poor. That's the way the world has worked. The Elite usurp the resources that exist in the world. And usually the richest people in the world are one or 2%. Now perhaps that inequality gap is larger now than it's ever been before. But it's always existed, it existed in the society of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. It existed in this society before now, it's existed throughout most of

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most of the world and throughout history, that the poor are very poor, and that the rich are very, very rich. And there are two paths to Allah, there is the path of ease, which is to be responded to with gratitude in this world. And there's the path of hardship to which the response is patience, both of these arrive at gender,

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the majority of people will figure it out in hardship and not an ease. And that's why the majority of added agenda, the majority of the people of Paradise, are poor people are football unless

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they make up the majority. Because it's easier to be distracted by wealth, than it is to be distracted by hardship. It's far easier. Now, if these are the two paths to Allah, if I was to present a choice to each and every single one of you and say, you can either be put in ease and be grateful, or you can be put in hardship and be patient. There isn't a single person in here, I think that would say, I'll take the hardship and patience.

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Each and every single one of us would say, Okay, great. Let Allah give us and we'll be in ease and we'll say at home, that alone will be all good, right? That's how each and every single one of us would naturally respond. And we will protest our case to Allah. Ya Allah, get me out of this hardship and I will be grateful but Allah knows what will happen to you. Allah knows what will happen to your personality. Allah knows that if this dunya is given to you, it will distance you and Allah holds it back

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and never equates your situation with your status certain calf, Allah punished a man by giving him an extra garden. Allah love a couple so he took away their child.

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Think about that. If you're that couple and if you're that man whose gardens are increasing, and that couple who just lost a child and Allah Subhana hearts Allah loves that couple and this person is only further entrenching himself in disobedience and in disregard and ruining himself in the hereafter. But I want to throw something out to you guys in sha Allah with my last few minutes

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and that is number one.

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Do not ever think that Allah Subhana hoods Allah is Ever putting you in an unfavorable situation to draw close to him. What Allah has given you your share of dunya your share of hardship, your share of ease, Allah has given you the right slate so that you can respond in the right way. Don't ever think that Allah is putting you in an unfavorable situation. That's number one. Number two, the most noble man in terms of his lineage in terms of his in terms of his in terms of his pure nobility, in the worldly sense and also in the hereafter sense, is who the prophets lie Selim said his use of it his setup. Allah mentions about the prophets license said about use of it his salon, that he is

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Nabeel Allah, the prophet of Allah, the son of the Prophet of Allah, the son of the Prophet of Allah, the son of the Prophet of Allah, there is no man more noble than that. But Subhana Allah, their intimate say, look, shout out who be feminine bussen de la Hema metodologia Yusuf Alayhi Salam is pulled out of a well, a slave, the one who's selling him doesn't value him, nor to the one who's purchasing him value him. So how Allah he's the product of a transaction. He's the either noble man in the sight of Allah subhana wa tada the most noble lineage, a prophet of Allah, and the one who's selling him just wants to get rid of him. So he only values him at a few coins, and the one who's

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purchasing him doesn't see any value in him either. So he gives them a few coins. usif is completely considered devalued in the worldly sense, while still maintaining great nobility in the sight of Allah because this world and everything that is an indicator in this world is worthless to Allah, it is of absolutely no value to Allah. But here's the little twist I'm going to throw at you guys.

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Why in the world, why in the world,

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any of us living in this context that we're in right here

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would allow ourselves the idea, or the the the the luxury of dwelling in this idea that we are in the bottom 1% of the world.

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This group of people that sitting right here is of the top 1% in terms of privilege in the world. Yet how many of us in our entitlement look to a loss of hundreds out and are saying why me privileged in regards to our safety and security privileged in regards to our wealth? Because, you know, just think about where we are right now. And what situation we're in? Why do we always assume underdog status when we're talking about hardship and ease? Why?

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And the story that comes to my mind, and it's really mind blowing, because when we're looking at the hardship and the ease, we always again, we say, why is it that this person who's a disbeliever? Who's who's, who speaks ill about the deen, who does this and that, why is it that this person has such an easy life? And why is it that that believer has such a difficult life? I'm gonna throw a curveball at you guys. All right, let's switch the occasion around. Let's let's actually switch the equation. here's the here's the scenario. How many of you have heard of and how they've been handled as Kalani Rahim Allah tala,

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you know, Tuesday nights at Valley Ranch we do fetch * body we do the explanation of Sahih al Bukhari, the most famous, the most famous scholar who explains how he had Bahati is this man even hunted as Kalani. Great, great, great scholar. You know what else? He was rich. He used to dress elegantly. And he became the polity of Egypt. He became the judge of Egypt, the great Judge of Egypt of muscle.

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And imagine this scenario had been handled as walking in the marketplace. The guy is incredibly handsome. He's a good looking man. He's scholarly. You know, he's dressed well. He lives well. He has positioned in society. And he's walking in the marketplace. And there is a non Muslim that's selling oil that's used for the lamps. And he's in shabby clothes. And he looks at have been huddled. And he says to him, yeah, shake Oh scholar. He says what? He said didn't you're a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say that at dunya signal. minhwa genital catheter.

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This world is a prison for the believer and a paradise for the disbeliever

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He said yes, he said so what gender Am I in? And what prison Are you in? Seriously look at me and look at you.

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I reject Allah. I'm you know, and he was actually someone that was openly rejecting a loss of Hannah hoods and I reject Allah, I reject God, I don't care about this stuff. I don't care about your religion. And I'm living in this misery and these shabby clothes trying to make way selling oil for people's lamps and you Mashallah scholar Adam. Now his thoughts about the fact there is no, there is no explanation after Bahati after your explanation. Apparently, you're amazing. And you live like this. What prison Are you in? And what genda am I in? Seriously?

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The equation has been switched. The disbeliever is asking the believer How come you live so well, and I live so bad if the profits lights on I'm sad that it's supposed to be the opposite. And even hazard Rahim Allah, he responded, and he says Anna Nyssa, t Lima or Jew who fill out your Ottoman or even an ni fi surgeon? He said, As for me, comparing that which I have to that which I expect from Allah in the hereafter. I feel like I'm in a prison. It's upon Allah, that which I expect and desire and that which I hope Allah will give me in the hereafter. I feel like I'm in a prison. He says what until Venus Bettina Lima, your abdominal either be the amazonica kaneka fija him okay McAfee agenda.

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He said an As for you, in regards to that which Allah has promised for people like you that reject Him and that do all sorts of things. That which you're in right now his agenda.

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And the man started to cry.

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And he came to know him a whole lot out and he actually accepted Islam. Salah shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, Okay, I get it, I get it. What that means is that a dunya, sigil and wattman that the world is a prison for the believer does not mean does not mean that the believer is inherently unhappy and depressed in this world. What it means is that the believer has so much expectation of Allah subhana wa tada in the hereafter. And the believer is so tied to Allah and His personal one below his good expectation of Allah is so sky high, and his connection to Allah and the abandoning of the temporary pleasures of this world is so sky high that he's, he's walking through

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it. And with the ease that comes to him, he says that hamdulillah and I will not be diluted by the ease in this world to think this is Jenna.

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And he restricts himself from the prohibited things. He's imprisoned from the prohibited means of living out his shots of living out his desires. Whereas the person on the other side, who continues to reject the loss of Hannah Montana and still lives a harsh life, even if Allah gave that person the palace, they would still be unhappy, they would still be in their own gender, but in the spiritual sense, they'd be in a prison. So yes, a dunya sits in the dunya as a prison for the believer, but make no mistake about it your brothers and sisters, the one who connects himself to Allah subhana wa tada in this dunya and sees through its flimsy nature is the happiest person in the

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world. As I've been studying Rahim, Allah said when he heard a man, say man out of Allah, Allah has not he heard a man say that whoever knows a lot is always depressed meaning if you're a believer, you're always supposed to be salty and depressed and thinking about death and so on so forth. And even serene responding sediment out of Allah tala who is now the one who knows a lot is always enjoy, he's always enjoy, and that's the Prophet sallallahu wasallam We ask Allah subhanaw taala to expose the nature of this dunya to us to not let us be diluted by it to not let us be enslaved to it. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to give us the best of this dunya the best of the hereafter and to

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protect us from the fire of *. We ask Allah Subhana hoods Allah to make this dunya a means of us excelling in our hereafter and not to make it a means of humiliation for us in the hereafter as it is in its nature, humiliated and humiliating. allama amin akula quality how they will suffer it will come on slowly Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

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