Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2012 #29

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of staying on the straight path and not separating oneself from drama. He advises against isolate oneself and suggests finding a good friend to remind one another. The speaker also reminds everyone to practice and convince themselves to stay on the path.
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Some allowed him to low sort of similar to

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the other words, as he would come here to another episode of rock, you know, Ramadan, 2012

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they 29

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only have

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two days left

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today and tomorrow, fasting.

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And I feel very sad that I'm gonna

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I'm gonna leave you

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rocky Ramadan.

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In fact, we come into an ad tomorrow.

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But a lot goes on

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everything, all the good things have a good ending or they have to have an end, I have to have a great time. In fact, these recordings that I've been, you know, sharing with you, these are live recordings, I did not pre record them ahead of time. A lot of people were telling me to just, you know, come and sit in a studio and record them. I said, No, I wanted to send a message every day because every day would have a different feeling or emotions.

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So I wanted to go every day with a different whatever, whatever the emotion that I have, or the feeling that I have for that day. I will, you know, share it with my audience.

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Subhanallah it's been

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like, it's been a great trip

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since the beginning of Ramadan and hinterland in sharing some piece of pieces of advice, which I really hope that were beneficial to,

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to all of you if not maybe just to some of you.

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I don't know maybe my last piece of advice for today.

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As tomorrow would be my final reminder.

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If I were to give you a final piece of advice, I would say

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stick to the truth and stick to one another.

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You know brothers and sisters, there are two types of hedaya.

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These he died a lot Patrick, where he Daya Tarik

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There are two types of guidance. There's the first guidance is guidance to the path to the straight path. And the second type of guidance is guidance

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on the path while you are in that path or on that path.

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So the first step of guidance Allah has guided to Islam

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and hamdulillah is that enough. That's all you need to know. Now that you are in the path of Islam. You need guidance to remain steadfast, you need guidance to be on the straight path. Because there's so many paths out there Islam but there's so many sects, there's so many paths, the prophet I just said that all the stray except one path, the path, you know, following the Quran and the sooner

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so that you need guidance to remain you know, on the straight path

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and you cannot do that alone. You need to be with the Shema you need to be with the group. So, don't isolate yourself. Maybe that's my advice. Do not isolate yourself from the drama

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be with the drama.

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Sometimes you're alone you feel weak, in fact shape and wants it to be alone you will feel weak. In fact, you'll be an easy target for shaitan

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stay with one another

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common you had a man would follow the footsteps of his close friends, they each one of you choose their friends, choose a good friend

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and have a goal with that friend stick to one another and pray together work together do things together

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and I'll participate in some good work together you know there's not you know that that one of the amazing feelings out there is to know that you have someone who loves you. You know you can good friend who cares about you not have what you have but because of who you are. Pick a good friend of friends and stop reminding one another

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after another you need that reminder after Ramadan Did you know that before Ramadan in Ramadan I think we're locked but not right after them. I've done the same thing again. We'll get we'll let go it'll be unchained. So again, that power that you felt in Ramadan after Ramadan because you were only fighting your your your your bed soul, your soul in them because they'll say a thing was blocked other than the

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master shaper but after Ramadan all the shopping will be unlocked. So then you know you need help.

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You need help to go along this ocean of life.

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So that's why I'm saying I need to do it with, with, with a friend with a pious, righteous friend, one hand cannot no clap, you need to have to clap. So do it again, try to find someone shout out data that you can, you know, partner with as a friend as a good friend to remind him and remind you not to remind one another when you feel weak or when you feel you know, the blues or when you feel like you know you're going down. You need that someone to remind you to put you back and to pull him back as well.

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Maybe that's my

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advice that I have for you for today.

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Tomorrow is my final reminder and I just feel so sad to even think about it.

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malice panda without a head basalt of Rocky sought to convey

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I made lots of the half of all of you and I would be still not making the US going to less hazardous penalties to accept your fasting and to accept your thoughts. You've worked hard Mashallah. December 2012 you worked very hard you fasted you woke up and prayed and mithya you gave Sadiq Khan and immediately calf

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you, you changed as a person. I shall live very proud of all of you. Very proud. I shall

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stay strong.

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Now less to help us to practice and to convince up tomorrow for another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2012. I say said mid to late

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