Saad Tasleem – Are the Shayateen (Devils) Really Locked up in Ramadan

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the influence of the shell theme on shaming and chaining up the sheller's behavior. They note that most of the sheller's behavior is still the result of their desire to use their desire for evil and their desire to use their desire for evil to cover up their actions. They also mention that the sheller's behavior is still a result of their desire to use their desire for evil to cover up their actions.
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Salam Alaikum so a common question that people ask is that if the shell theme the devils are chained up in Ramadan, then how is it that people still commit sins? Or can the Shabbat and the shell team can they still tempt us and deceive us? Well, first of all regarding this hadith daddy indeed is authentic. It's mentioned in second party and second Muslim, in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said either jarama been fully avoidable, Jenna will hardly Ababa now he said that when Ramadan occurs or when Ramadan comes, then the gates to paradise are open and the gates to the Hellfire are closed was so to see that this shell thing and the shells are locked up or chained up.

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So this Hadeeth is, first of all authentic. So we do here in this Hadeeth that indeed the shells are chained up. Now. If they're chained up, then how can we still be influenced by the shouting? Well, first off, some of our scholars have said amongst them have been hijacked by Him alone out I believe he said that the chaining of the shouting basically this means that the influence of the shell theme is weak in the month of Ramadan, and they are chained up in the sense that we chain up the shell theme by taking control over our desires. So that's the first thing yet others have said that no, the chaining up of the Shelton is actually the literal chaining up of the shell theme. And if that's

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the case, then we still have three ways in which the shade bond and the shell team can still attack us. Number one. Some scholars mentioned that not all of the Sheltie not all of the devils are chained up. Rather most of them are the strong amongst them are chained up as the narration incentive and necessity and mentions that the shell team that are chained up our motto that to Shelton are the strong amongst the shouting. So yes, most of the shouting are chained up, but it doesn't mean all of them are chained up. Number two them being chained up doesn't mean that they have no influence over us it rather it means that the influence is far less so if you can imagine

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how someone being chained up, but they still have the ability to move meaning they are restricted in their movement, but they can still move and that's why the influence is there, it's just a lot less of an influence. Number three is that the sheer pawn and the shouting they attack us through our own knifes our own desires or our own self and what that means is that the rest of the 11 months out of the year, the shavon and the shell team they are working on our neffs and getting us to fulfill our desires are letting our desires take control. So now in the month of Ramadan when the champagne are tied up, what is left is our own knifes so they have been kind of training working on our nups and

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now our nest takes over meaning our sins come from our own desires as the last panel to atta mentioned in the Quran and sort of use of in the knifes Allah monotone the suit that most certainly the the knifes the self it commands one to do evil meaning the our bad deeds or sins don't always come from the ship or it's not always the ship bond that influences us. It may be that we desire those sins upon our own. So those are three possible reasons or three reasons why we still may feel the influence of the ship on and the Shelton in the month of Ramadan and Allahu Subhana data knows best set out what a coup de la he can do.

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