Riyadul Haqq – No Envy Except in Two Things

Riyadul Haqq
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the distinction between hazard and the lip balm in Arabic, as it relates to the statement that everyone wants something which is not envy. The speaker also discusses the distinction between hesitation and envy, which refers to a person being hesitant to do something because they want something which is not their fault. The speaker also mentions a person named Cleator who is seen as a person who shines by their accomplishments, and that they should be envied of them.
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Imam Bukhari Muslim and others all relate to Hadith from Abdullah in a school that are the Allah Han.

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, we we envy others, we look at others.

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And we look at others and we say to ourselves, we say to each other, I wish I could have.

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We covet other people's belongings, possessions, their achievements. We want the same.

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Sometimes we want them to be deprived of it.

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And for us to have it. This is why in Arabic, there's a clear distinction.

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There's a difference between hazard and the lip balm.

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And it's not jealousy and envy, no.

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It's a brilliant distinction in Arabic in Arabic hesed.

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Doesn't mean jealousy, jealousy is Lila or hate I pronounced both ways.

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Leila and this is jealousy even in English. Leila is when you become passionate about something that belongs to you.

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And envy is when you become passionate about something that belongs to someone else.

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And in Arabic, there are clear distinctions between all three later, also pronounced Cleator Hasson and Ribba.

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Lira is when you're possessive.

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Passionate about what belongs to eat.

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The other two Hassanal HIPAA hazard is when you envy someone something.

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But what you wish is that they lose that thing regardless of whether you get it or not.

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That's hassle. And the lip balm in Arabic means

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a longing for something. It's not envy, it's a longing for something which means you want something which someone else has where you do not desire that person loses it. So that is when you want it regardless of whether the other person keeps it or not.

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And hazard is when you want the other person to lose it regardless of whether you get

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now hazard is haram. ELLIPTA is permissible only in good things. And the prophets of Allah it was sent them Saison this hadith lated by Imam Bukhari Muslim and others, I'm delighted in the school that are the Allahu Allah and this is in reference to our desiring our longing, our coveting what other people have our envying other people their possessions or even their achievements, he says law has said there is no envy there or there should be no envy. There should be no longing, there should be no coveting. Now Hasson enough with methane exception to things are Julian artha. Hello, madam, for sulla who are the Halacha de fille?

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A man who Allah has given wealth, and then Allah has given him the ability to spend that wealth in truth. So not just, we shouldn't desire to be

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in the shoes of someone who's rich. Now, we should only desire to be in the shoes of someone who's rich. And then Allah has given him the ability to use that wealth in help in truth, to spend in a good way. And the second person that we should be envious of, or

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whose possessions whose achievements which should long for which we should cut, covet, if we do ever is Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, What are Julen artha log will hikma for her? Yup BB How will your limo her and a man who Allah has given hikma wisdom? So he judges by that wisdom and he preaches and teaches that wisdom?

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Knowledge. hikma that is the true wealth.

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