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AI: Summary © The transcript is a series of personal and professional discussions on the importance of discipline and the use of " fine tuned and shakously" in relation to behavior. The man Academy is emphasized as a way for individuals to learn and practice Islam, and it is a way for individuals to become closer to Islam. The man Academy is available on demand and offers a free trial.
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And so now what we'll do

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as the podium is moving we'll invite Mufti mink onto the stage

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salam ala Warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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Radhika masala Muranos Allah Heba Baraka, Tasha. This is a very social distance seating that we are working with here. Alhamdulillah

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How you doing chakra? How does it feel to be back in London?

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I can't hear you so clearly, I think it's the echo here, man. What did you say?

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How are you doing? And how does it feel to be back in London? It feels amazing. MashAllah awesome, doesn't it? Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, I wouldn't have believed that we would be able to gather in this manner.

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At this time of the year, especially with everyone holding their breath to see what announcements were to be made. We were prepared always to follow the rules anyway. So Had there been any cancellations? What could we have done? Well, Alhamdulillah, by the fall of Allah on the grace of the Almighty, we were still allowed to go ahead because Alhamdulillah you know what happened? Right? Mashallah. Worship, we'll get straight into it, inshallah. So this game, as you know, some of the questions you played before can get quite personal. Others are a bit deeper. I think I've done two thirds of those questions. No, no, you haven't. You're sure. How many do you have in a pack? 100?

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Oh, no, no, I haven't. I've only answered about 10. Yeah, so far. Don't worry. There's plenty more. So let's see. Oh, as always, the first question is quite personal. Allah forgive you, my brother. These personal questions. Give me a way, man.

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Okay, check this question. I've heard you talk about something similar. Before the question says, Tell me something about your father that you didn't appreciate until you became older.

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It is the same thing that I appreciated when I became older.

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The whip.

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I was beaten blue and green SubhanAllah. When I was young, I recall we had this, Oh, I loved my father. And I still love him to pieces. He's a role model. He's taught me a lot of what I knew very early on, I became a half of with him. And he dedicated a lot of time to us, even though we're nine siblings. But at that particular time, corporal punishment was something that was never discussed. No one ever laid limits to it. So when I was young, and in 1800s, what happened is,

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that was the way things were done. I mean, you guys are laughing are some of you are dinosaurs just like I am. Shala

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I mean, 1900 Sorry.

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So I think that is one thing that I didn't appreciate. And later on, I felt and I still do feel that what molded me to what I am today is the discipline although nowadays,

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the methods of discipline of fine tuned and mashallah they're much more advanced. And I personally would not like anyone to be beaten as such, but at the same time, perhaps discipline by taking the phone away. It hurts much more than a whip. I think some of the kids would say, just with me, but give my phone back, you know, that's what they would do. Perhaps Am I right?

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Look, they all saying yeah, say that to the authorities, they'll say no, may Allah forgive us? Okay.

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Sure. The second question, he says one of Allah's names,

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translates slightly to the subtle Latif

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Do you remember a time in your life? That kind of was subtly shaped?

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Something that reminded you of that name? Or can you give us some advice around the name and literally, if you know, when I went through, and I go through often the names of Allah subhanho wa taala, just to ponder over them and Allah is something that comes up so often because every fine detail of your life plan by Allah known by Allah, and he is in control of it,

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even though he permits you and allows you to let things happen sometimes according to your choice, because that's the sophistication of the creation of Allah subhanho wa taala. On one hand, he knows what's going to happen the other hand, he gives you the ability to do things within a certain capacity. You can I mean, if I want to, for example, jump up to this ring at the top that the lights are on, for example,

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as a human with the capacity I have, I already know I can't do that right? But whatever Allah has given me the capacity to do like to knock this thing down right now. If I were to get up and start kicking it, me I would be able to do it, but I'm not going to do it because I'm not a fool.

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But at the same time, it's an ALLAH given capacity. And I need to use it in the correct way. So because I'm going to sit here and just allow it to be in front of me, Allah already knew that. and Allah knew every detail, Allah knew that I was going to make it here today, he knew that we were all going to make it here today. But did he force us to do this today? The answer is no, he gave us the choice, and we used it. But he knew that we were going to use our choice in a specific way. So Allah Almighty knows every detail, for example, the shoe that you have underneath it, the dust particles that are there, the Almighty knows exactly what they have. Let me give you one beautiful example,

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that of the virus. If you have the virus, you don't know you can have a lateral flow test 10 times in it might just show negative and you still could have been positive who knows? But Allah knows, right? Allah knows and he is in control and then you might have medication is it benefiting or not? Who knows? Allah knows. Sometimes the tests don't show but Allah knows. So that is Allah intricacy you know the the slightest the smallest of detail is planned by Allah in the control of Allah and we just in all of Allah subhanho wa Taala you watch the little ENT as it moves and you think to yourself, when Allah says, Why mommy

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betting field

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here is goanna lemma Mustafa Mustafa

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fee kita been

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moving, nothing that moves on Earth,

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except that Allah has made it a duty upon himself to provide for it.

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And Allah is the One who gave it its life, and who shall take that life away? Who provides for it, who takes away from it and so on. That is Allah Almighty, nothing that moves, except that it is provided for by Allah. So the smallest organism that you see, Allah created it, Allah knows about it, and Allah provides for it. Now I always give an example to those who are complaining that you know, I don't have a job, etc, etc. Yes, keep on calling out to Allah. Correct. But remember, if Allah provided for the ants, and the flies and the mosquitoes, we are far bigger than those he's going to provide for us. He will. He shall. He did. And he's always given us May Allah grant us

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goodness, I mean,

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I mean, just the color of the monk. The next question says, it's a personal one, again, how do you deal with pressure?

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SubhanAllah? That's a beautiful question. Sometimes I don't like to talk to people. When I'm under pressure, I like to get things done, I can give you a good example, when I'm done with my event, I need a moment of silence because I need to just process what has happened, I need to unwind a little bit. And that's the reason why going to an event and coming back from event, when you're going to the event, there is a different type of pressure. When you're leaving, there is a different type of perhaps not pressure, but a feeling you know, you need to you need to sort of cool down a little bit, you need to process what has happened. And you need to have the moment of silence. I mean, I

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will be speaking for half an hour, 45 minutes an hour concentrating while you're talking. You need to have concentration, you need to watch the faces, you need to see the reactions. And you need to be quick enough to be able to react to something that's just happened in front of you at that time. And so I go alone, if you notice, I drive myself, I drive myself back. I don't like someone with me, because I don't want to talk again to someone else. It's going to take away my concentration. And a lot of the times in my life pressure has to do with getting things done.

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And so one thing with pressure is as much as I don't like to talk to people, I can get things done under pressure. If you tell me, you've got to be here at five, or the flight is at five. I'm one of the only guys who there is an hour left and I'm still just leaving home. I'm talking of backing back home in Zimbabwe not here. The airport is so far here. Back at home. The airport is 1015 minutes away. So I've already contacted the guys I'm probably already checked in everything is ready. I just gotta walk straight through and what do I do? Last minute I'm packing and there are others who pack two days in advance.

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Maybe a day in advance, and everything is ready waiting with me. It is like that if I'm traveling with the family, but when I'm alone, it's a last minute thing and

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It's not like I'm delayed No, I left it for that time because I know I can do a better job under pressure than I would if I did it much earlier. May Allah forgive us. I mean, just, I'm conscious of time because I want to talk to you a bit about human Academy. So the next two questions I'm going to combine because they're kind, they're fairly similar. So the first one, he says, What is the biggest small thing that you could do today? But then the next question says, what steps could you take today to get closer to Allah? So I'm going to combine them and I say, general advice for all of us here. What small steps could we take today to get closer to Allah. Point number one, always bear in

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mind, in your heart that I'm a Muslim, just bear in mind, bear that in mind. No matter what you're doing, who you meet, you interact with, just bear in mind, I'm a Muslim, that would mean I have responsibilities, I have duties, I need to be upright, I need to convey this message of Islam without actually conveying it by mouth to begin with. What that means is someone just sees you, they must be so delighted by just looking at you and the way you carry yourself that they're already attracted to something that they may not understand initially, what exactly it is. And the moment they interact with you a little bit more, they would figure out that's your faith that has driven

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you to be so calm, so collected, so beautiful, so kind, so loving, smiling all the time, or happy should I say, because that's part of the deen of Allah. So as much as these are small things, this is something all of us can do. Bear in mind, you're a Muslim, there's so much that that holds. And this is why the next thing that I want to talk about which is also connected to a small thing that you could do to make a big change. constantly seek the forgiveness of Allah bearing in mind that Allah is Most forgiving. We all make mistakes, we all sin, we sometimes we know sometimes we don't seek the forgiveness of Allah, and feel that you're forgiven, feel that you're forgiven. If the two

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come hand in hand, because shaitan doesn't want you to seek forgiveness. And as soon as you do, he doesn't want you to feel forgiven.

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That's a very, very important point. Many of us we seek forgiveness from a major sin. And then we feel like no, I'm not forgiven. Maybe it was a bit too big. Or maybe it wasn't that easy to actually be forgiven, to be honest with you. Yes, it was. And yes, it is. And yes, it shall be right up to the end. I am always smiling at the story of Adam Alayhis Salam that Allah has repeated in the Quran, where he was told not to do one thing only and that's the exact thing they went to do. I mean, come on, I feel that if I was told not to do things, I doubt I would do all those things that I was told not to do. I might fall here and there but not that badly. Inshallah. However, why did

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that happen? The wisdom of Allah was to teach us that listen, if you are to falter, you've got to pray back in the same way seeking forgiveness that Adam Alayhis Salam did, what were the words they said?

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Rob BANA Vaughn

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fusina. In lamda of in Atlanta, what ohana? Lana Coonan Amin al hos Jeannine, oh our Lord, we have wronged ourselves. If you don't forgive us and have mercy on us, we will be from among the losers. So forgive us and have mercy on us. Those were the words of Adam Alayhis Salam, Allah says, We forgave him if you say the same words, with a genuine feeling, you're forgiven. So that's something very important. As small as it might sound, it's a huge thing. Just Oklahoma diesel, moving the discussion slightly on to seeking knowledge now we I'm kind of here representing a man Academy. And my question to you simply, we we explained the man Academy knew earlier just before you came on, to

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the brothers and sisters here, my question to you simply put is, why is something like a man Academy, so important? I think it is an opportunity for us to learn, tailor made to our own timetable. So many of us are busy, we go to work, we have other duties, responsibilities, chores, and so on. What the man Academy has achieved is to be able to give you a lesson a day, at a time that you choose at a pace that you would like to move on. And that's unique. So basically,

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at any time of the day, or even if it's once a week, for example, you listen to the lesson you make sure you understand it at a time of your availability. And therefore you're left with no excuse to say no, but I'm busy. Just before you go to bed, you can have the 20 minutes inshallah that you can learn. And if you don't have 20 minutes, you can divide, you know, the session into 1010 10 minutes, and you can cover it over a period of four days, for example. So gone are the days when we would say look, I don't have someone to teach me Well, here are the teachers on your phone. Secondly, I don't have that time. That's also an excuse because while you're, you know, doing whatever you're doing

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during the day, you can make a little bit of time for this at your convenience, your place your leisure. And that's something that makes it

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Very, very important and unique. Allah is going to question us about knowledge and seeking it. This is basic, it's not so deep, it's actually entry level in the sense that you would enjoy it and you would have something with a chain of narrators that you could take within your system. And from there improve in sha Allah on it. And the sky's the limit. Just remove the so mostly we'll be seeing more of you very shortly you're going to be delivering your lecture here for our brothers and sisters, and brothers and sisters. Just to finish off the segment. We thought it'd be nice to show you round up a video to show an example of what you can get out of a man Academy and from teachers

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like Mufti make teaching you guys live on live and direct on the platform. So we'll turn your attention to that video now just go home of the for your time

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the Imam of all Imams, the greatest of creation, Prophet Muhammad Ali he salatu salam, the deen which he lived for? This is a question that was asked to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or messenger Tell me a little deed if I were to do I would earn the love of Allah and the love of the people. Oh, you want the love of everyone Allah as well as the people? Well, let's listen to what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said in this regard in order to do what to achieve what why follow for Raja home in order to guard their chastity because when you look, it will drag you into the next step, which is you will love to touch. So let's meet Let's date. Let's chat the second verse, a rush

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manual Rafi. This is recited correctly. Our Rahim This is recited incorrectly as you have found once again, we have pronounced the heart incorrectly. And we can use them to speak to maybe non Muslims are Muslims that lack faith in the hereafter to give them more confidence and more reason to believe in it and inshallah for our own selves, to create this kind of unshakable belief in the resurrection in sha Allah may Allah subhanaw taala increases in knowledge that has begun our study.

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The beauty of studying online is that you know, you're relaxed you can go at your own pace, you know, whatever suits you, you know, as well as the advantage of being able to pause at any time you can repeat the lectures as many times as you need P days are such a subject. Whenever I study it, it filled my heart with the demand. Sometime I'm into tears while studying that subject of being a homemaker, mother of two children's and having my some professional work also, the best thing is about this online portal whenever I have time Eman Academy portal has been designed in a very systematically when I make the war Now I call upon Allah subhanho wa Taala using his beautiful

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names, which I have studied in the Akita unit, they go into great detail into the topics that they are going to explain about. And they also always make sure they always quote verses from the Quran, sent recommend in an academy to literally anybody, but especially the youth because it can help them to understand Islam better, and change their ways, and to become closer to Allah for the sake of him. And I try to teach what I learned. I started a class in my city, my area elite, but if I study from this class, I share with the students to feel the passion and vigor they have in terms of what they're teaching. And it really makes me feel at peace when I'm learning and you know, I'm free to

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take in as much as I can. And I don't have to worry about anything else. Are you looking for a way to deepen your faith, whether you're a student working busy with the family or finding it too costly? Eman Academy is available on demand to study in your own time, with over 120 hours of beneficial content across six subjects

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taught by qualified instructors such as Mufti Menk, and Dr. Muhammad salah. Would you like to give it to

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him on