Having Trouble Saying Three Words

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Another problem that we run into,

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and it's a very serious problem is speaking without knowledge. It seems like the Muslims have a hard time admitting they don't know something. They just want to jump out and give answers to questions. Oh, let me answer. Let me answer. Oh, they want to talk about Jad. Let me say, I want to say hello, Akbar. I know how to say that number.

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Or somebody else. Give a question about something's very serious about how you treat women in front. Oh, I can say, you take a stick and you beat her with it. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you talking about? What do you get this stuff?

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It reminded me when I got to Islam, that when I was a Christian, I know there were three words

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that the Christians have a hard time saying. Yeah, they do.

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Yeah, you can tell a guy just got married, right? He's at work. He's on the job. And the phone rings. Yes, honey. Okay, I'll bring it home on the way. Okay. Okay. Bye. Bye, huh? What? Yeah, me too. Yeah. Yeah, me too.

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I do. Yeah, me too, honey.

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Honey, I'm at work. I can't say it.

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I love you

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can do it. Now, Muslims, we don't have a problem with that. We say it all the time. And we say with conviction, because we really do love. And we love our wives. We love our children. We say it all the time. And our brothers in Islam, and we say to them on a hook for love. I love you for a long, it's easy for us. But we have three words that we can't say it's really hard for us somebody comes up, they got a question. What does this lamb say about beating your wives? Why can't a woman have only one husband? A man can have four wives? And we're all going I want to answer I want to answer. Why? Because we can't say the three words. I don't know.

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In the history of Islam, we find that the best of the scholars frequently said I don't know.

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I believe it was even a Malik. One of the greatest the the scholars of Islam

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came along was in Medina.

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And I think it was from the southern part of Arabia

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that they sent questions to him. And he went through the questions maybe 26 out of 40 or 40 out of 50 whatever it was a majority of the questions he didn't answer.

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When they looked at they said, Wait a minute, how are we gonna go back?

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And tell him that, you know, we didn't get down

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on these questions. He said when you go back, you tell him he my Malik doesn't know the answers to those questions.

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Who are we

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compare yourself to the greats Abu hanifa rahimullah

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Imam Malik.

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I've met him in Hamburg, Imam Shafi. Any of the great scholars

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have been paid media have been configured. Let me know how you

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can we compare ourselves to them? And the answer is absolutely not. Yet they had such taqwa and fear of a law, they would never have run out to give as fast answers to everything. Oh, I know. That's I know.

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Another thing I learned from some of the best of the scholars on this planet, and I'm so appreciative to a lot of let me sit with some of the greatest scholars. Many of them have now passed away. May Allah have mercy on their souls. And some of them are here with us today, and May Allah reward them.

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But I've watched them and it just happened yesterday, we were sitting and I'm not gonna say who it was. But we're sitting. One scholar and I were debating about a topic about the salaat. Another elder Scotto was sitting with us, and I had an opinion and my friend had an opinion. But when we asked the elder about the subject, he brought an answer that made both of us Shut up,

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was beautiful. Because the wisdom, the wisdom with the real Alomar is not only that they know Islam, but they understand what's called a wall, the condition, the prevailing condition today, and I'm going to end the topic right here with this so that you get the picture the wall today, the condition today has to be understood before you can give an answer to anything. If somebody asks you a question. You don't know their background. You don't know their situation. You don't know anything except what you read in a book translated from Arabic by you don't even know who you're not really giving them the right answer. Are you

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Wanna you know