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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam, Salam aleikum to the others as you were coming in to another episode of rock Ramadan 2018 day 22 Today's the eve of the 23rd you know, which could be later. So I hope inshallah tada you are, you know, doing a lot of a badass and especially, you know in this in these final days and elicitation of the plan, and again that of Asia, Alameda, California Hippo Aqua five one D Prophet Mohammed as I see them decided to migrate to Medina.

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So after he spoke to Addy and then he went to Abu Bakar they are in fact on the middle. So the law I have two cameras, One for me and one for you, then the problem is okay, but I shut bait, you know, I should pay back for it, someone loves them, he did not want to accept any, you know, any gift whatsoever. He says I should pay for it somehow. And he was and then he proceeded, you know, towards the south, he's a prophet. But he took the mean some of us in Medina is in the north of north of Mecca. Right. So the property did not go north. The normal way, you know, to go to Mecca though the way of the caravans, yet he had a sound sulla Larsson on the way south, you know, the I don't know

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if you've been to Mecca Mecca is surrounded by a lot of Rocky Mountains. And then he happened to you know, go to this mount

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in this matter, many caves Subhan Allah and they just trying to

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you know, try to deviate, if college was to know his whereabouts is trying to you know, to deviate from that path. So he keeps on interview with Abu Bakar and they had a man of no blue for hire on a blender for Hara he was with them, you know, with his, the with the capital, trying to wipe out the traces of the camels of the Prophet Mohammed as I said, and the camel Abubakar and he's trying to use all the means some Lola who had a he was

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so some people they enter they, you know, they understand or they know about the fact that the prophet of Islam went to this cave of thought, I don't know if you've been to this cave called thought, you know, have thought, but in this mount, there's so many caves of Hanalei. And it's not like one cave, there's so many caves, the project went to the utmost, you know, the highest one in the, in the, in the, in fact, to go from the bottom to the top of that mountain, it takes more than two to three hours. Some people took them five hours to go from the bottom to the top. It's a very, very, yeah, any rough terrain. And it's not an easy trip that the Prophet took some of the lower it

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was said.

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So he found this cave right on the top of this mount. And he stayed in it for three days, three nights with Abu Bakar

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some people they mentioned the story of the bird, and then and the nest,

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and the the web. This is all week, you know, stories. In fact, the province stayed in that cave and who used to bring them the news from college. out the lab though Abu Bakar he used to bring them in on the news and smack with Abu Bakar as well she used to bring them food. This mount is over like it's far from Mecca. It's not close to make guides more than five, you know, between five to maybe eight kilometers away from Mecca and as Matt was seven months pregnant, or the law that she used to bring them food on the level I know about for that time for three days right when they were there.

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And she was pregnant like I said, Imagine the seven month pregnant woman you're not walking for that long that far to bring the food to the Prophet Mohammed it was and then she was pulled that nidal cane you know you know the the brace that she had you know she cut them to carry the food you know the baskets where she was carrying the food to the Prophet Mohammed Alison and her father and Abdullah like I said used to bring them the

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the news from college. So the day where or the night where it on the bomb was sleeping, you know, he woke up that evening, um, in the in the morning and polish was there it was outside. So how to put them to sleep. They didn't wake up and then and then they had some dust in their head as it's been reported that

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Probably when he left, you know, he puts some dust on their heads a lot and he was in them. They woke up where is Mohammed? There is no Mohammed Salalah Islam he's not there who's there? I know Ali Baba when they tried to kill him who was their idea of their bloodline. So they went directly with abortion. They went straight to the house of Abu Bakar as Matt was there, she opened the door. Where's Mohammed? Where's your dad?

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I don't know. I just slapped her on her face and she bleeds beaded on how Alba yet he felt solid Iran but you know he slapped her and she did not reveal the secret of Prophet Mohammed salah and he was said that what happened after that? We'll talk about it tomorrow inshallah tada until another episode of Ramadan. 2018 I say salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.