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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the history of Islam, including the story of the Prophet Mohammed Islam who claimed to see people in heaven and set up a church in China. The segment also discusses the use of a psalm of Mah chak to encourage people to pray, as well as the use of a psalm of MahAGG to encourage people to pray.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam, Salam aleikum, wa barakato the others as he was coming here to another episode of rock Ramadan 2018 day 18. And today we're going to talk about the Mirage as we talked about this a lot from from Mecca to Philistines on ports where the Prophet Mohammed Islam, he led, he led the Salah, for all the profits there in measured quotes.

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And then from there, he took the borak with Jubilee and he said that he saw Sam with him and gv layer for a photo. Yeah, and he does not go ahead of me and I don't go ahead of him. We're going together, you know, and then he goes up into the heavens in the first heaven, the prophet Mohammed, it is awesome. He meant he saw Adam, Adam.

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And Adam was looking on his right and then when he looks at his right, he smiles, he laughs and then he looks at his left. And then he cries, she did explain to the Prophet as them that when our father Adam looked at his right, he saw all the people that would enter Jenna heaven and he would smile. And then when he looked at his right, he see the people that would enter head fire, and he would cry. So he went up into the second heaven and then he met ASAP and yeah, the two cousins. And then on the third heaven, He met us of Allah he set up on the fourth Heaven, he met Idris alayhis salaam, and then in the fifth Heaven,

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he met Han alehissalaam. And then in the sixth Heaven, he met moose and his snap, moose or something interesting happened there with Musa Musa. He asked Who is this hola? Hola me and remains a boy. And had it is in Bukhari.

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He said they he was he was told that this is Mohammed Salah then was a crime. You know why he says is a man a boy who will come because at the time this property used to live for hundreds and hundreds of years. So for them 6070 years is nothing. So that's why he called him when he says this man he will come after me and more of his nation will enter China will enter heaven more than my own nation. And he said it for a long time. So and then he met on the seventh heaven he met

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Ibrahim alayhis salaam who sent the glad tidings from him to our to the nation of the Prophet Mohammed Abu Salim belif omata kaminey cerami to send them the Sadam

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and then after that the Prophet Mohammed is to them. When he spoke to Allah subhana wa tada Allah spoke to him directly, and he gave him this beautiful gift, the gift of a psalm of Mahatma, you see all the other

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Pillars of Islam they will reveal to you

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except the solid so that the Prophet assassin had to go up to Allah subhana wa tada for Allah to give it to him as a gift really. And initially it was 50 imagine the salaah initially was 50. So the Prophet Mohammed bin Salman was coming down as he took to the 50 it was going to be for us to pray 50 times a day. And then Moosa met him and Moosa as I mentioned earlier. You know, he says, a man who will come after me and his people, more of his people who know more than my own people. So he said, What did Allah gave, he said that he gave me 50 Salah Moosa could have said okay 50 Salah, he knows that they will not you know be able to print and more people would enter at fire. But that's

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not the the making of these profits, added him sour to lie, he said no, go back to Allah have asked my people for much, much less and they couldn't do it. Go ask him to reduce it. So the problem was Adam went up and asked Allah for reduction and Allah made it for him. He came down musasa told him go back again. I've asked my people for much less, go back and ask Allah for you know, to cut it down Lazarus and made it 30 came back, Moosa told him go back as collateral more reduction. Allah made it 20 Allah made it done. And then the very final Allah made it five, five, but with the reward of 50 and in Islam 100 is equivalent to 10. So five Salah Imagine if it was 50 you put the whole and

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then you have to spend up to whatever salah and then you finish that's all you have to because 50 a day Subhan Allah and even five sign up and we couldn't do it. Blah blah Muslims don't pray a lot of them pray on either my boss Subhan Allah. And then yet Musa told Prophet Mohammed go back and ask Allah to leave

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Use it. Reduce it five is too much in doubles, at least. And then the Prophet felt shy. analyzer just said it is five but 50 as the words the solder so is a gift from Allah subhana wa tada the strongest link is a son and I don't understand those people who do not pray really, you know, you don't pray you are cutting that link between you and Allah as if you don't talk to Allah because when you want to talk to Allah you pray and if you want to talk to you read the Quran. So why don't you pray those who don't pray why and those who pray only Ramadan? Is that your intention again, after Ramadan to quit, this is the time to build this is all about the Ramadan ik school build that

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strong distinct between a surgeon to do the Salah in the month of the Salah. May Allah subhana wa Taala help us all to practice and to convey until another episode

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I say

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