Seeds of Revival – Purifying Your Intention

Isam Rajab


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The speaker discusses the concept of purifying one's intention and why it is important for one to live for oneself and others to remember them. They share examples of how people have been able to pursue their interests without harming their loved ones and encourage viewers to pursue their intentions for the sake of themselves.

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How can you save more and do more with a pure intention with a purpose?

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The pure intention gives you a purpose.

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The mother of Maria, which we call her even the mother of Karim, Allah azza wa jal didn't even name her in the Quran because it really doesn't matter. As long as Allah knows her.

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She doesn't have to be known to the people.

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If Cala T prior to Imran the entire story of as Ali salaam starts with what was a pure intention from his grandmother, when she wanted someone to serve in the house of Allah,

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Oh Allah, I gave birth to a baby girl. While

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she's, she's telling Allah what He doesn't know. He knows what she gave birth to. Then why Allah tells us this Allah tells us that because it was kind of Allah why you gave me baby girl when I wanted baby boy. Little did she know that Allah azza wa jal give her the mother of one of the best five messengers that she asked for that.

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She just asked for a righteous son.

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That's what the pure intention gives you. You are here but with pure intention, you become there. Allah azza wa jal will open doors for you that you would never imagine.

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Try it Wallah, you will enjoy it. Because never in the Quran not a single time in the Quran that Allah azza wa jal told us a story about someone who asked from Allah would pray to Allah except that Allah azza wa jal gave him or her more than what they asked for. So should you want to live for yourself, you can, but when you die, you will die for yourself also. But when you live for others, others will remember you and Allah will remember you, first and foremost. And that's what really matters.

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I never imagined that when I started more than 15 years ago, in a small Institute in a small room, I never imagined that I will be in the other side of the world, that I will be having classes in all continents of the world.

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I'm not trying to say that I had pure intention, but at that time, I really wanted to do something, not for myself, I could have worked as a lecturer and I was offered to be a lecturer, but I felt like this is just a job. I don't want the job. I want a message. That's the difference. If you are looking for a job to start from nine to five, then believe me, you are wasting your time. You want something you enjoy. That doesn't matter how much you give it. You enjoy it

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with pure intention that could happen.

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And I have many examples. I just wanted to share with you a few. So we are starting with what everytime purify your intention. Ask yourself why I am doing what I'm doing. Is it for the sake of Allah? Is it for fame for recognition? Is it for what? For what purpose?