10 Keys to Touch Peoples Hearts

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Mr. Gatto, we deal with people every day. How can we be effective when we talk to people?

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How can we touch people's hearts? How did the prophets ask them do it? There are a lot of keys on how to touch people's hearts. We call them mathematical Kuru, the keys to hearts. My heart may have a key that is different than yours, and so on and so forth. So what are these keys that can touch people's hearts? The Prophet Mohammed is to them has taught us a lot of keys. Let me share with you want.

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The key one of the keys of the Prophet Mohammed assassin used to you used to use in his communication with people is the key of Rama. The Key of mercy. A man came to the Prophet Mohammed Gosselin a very old man, and it was any other sort of law. There is no such there's no such a sin I did not do I've committed so many sins.

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Can Eliza forgive me? Then the Prophet Mohammed Aslan said if you were to become a Muslim, Allah subhana wa tada can forgive all your sins and explain all of them. And then the man kept saying, what are the audio fidelity even the major ones I've committed so many things if they were to just be distributed amongst people, people will seek somehow into my own sense. And then he kept on saying all nice is the province.

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Repeated, what logic I will have the logic, all your things Allah subhanho wa Taala with erase them all. And then the matter repeated again, all you know, all my sins, the provinces, all your sins will be forgiven. If you were to embrace Islam, if you were to come to Allah subhana wa Tada, the Prophet he knew the lesson of how to touch people's hearts with in many different ways of Lamar Alexander. I have 10 keys that will help you you know, learn how to communicate with people and how to touch their hearts I've shared with you one and then we'll share the others inshallah tada in my retreat, the Moroccan retreat in sha Allah who tada and the theme will be walking with the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam 10 keys on how to touch people's hearts. For more information, check us out www dot ROP retreats.com April 9 to April 14, insha Allah who tada Xochimilco cerametallic mama