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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam. Salam aleikum, wa barakato he was as he would come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2018 day seven. I hope and I pray that that you are enjoying

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this. This is the month of Ramadan. You've taken advantage of the Hemet, the Bala cat that are descended in this past month of Ramadan. We're still talking about previews from the sila of the Prophet Mohammed idahosa them and today inshallah we'll talk about the marriage of the Prophet Mohammed and his subsolar.

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We talked about his youth, his childhood and his youth.

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Now let's talk about his marriage sallallahu sallam, he married a woman by the name of Khadija hadisha de la who used to be a very intellectual, smart, bright, beautiful woman.

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Khadija Lohan has the properties to say on his on her behalf. Those zip to her to her I was blessed with her love. In fact, it was the to be for me, the one of the most, if not the most, most beautiful love story of all time, the study of Prophet Mohammed and Khadija law. She was married previously, you know, she married

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two men, a man by the name of abou Tamim and masumi abou had autonomy, who both were

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wealthy men, she inherited some money from them and, and she has her own and then she invested her money in business and she became a very, very wealthy woman. But she needed also to expand her business. So she got introduced to the Prophet Mohammed that is also them through his ankle.

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And the Prophet Mohammed is to them worked for her

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as as a businessman, he took her her wealth or money and then he expanded it as a result of Solomon. In fact, she gained a lot more money after she married the Prophet Mohammed Ali. Well, before she married Prophet Mohammed Ali salatu salam, she tried him for three years.

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She before she married him, she tried him for three years. And in fact, this reminds me of the same amount of hubbub who used to say if you want to truly know a person, deal with that person in money,

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any have a business with him or traveling with him or live with him? You know, this is this is one of the ways to truly know a person. So Khadija she tried Prophet Mohammed for three years, in something really.

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Something not when we talk about money, it's a it's a, it's a matter of not, um, you either you lose your confidence or earn the confidence of a person or the trust of a person. So this is this isn't some handler she, she, she again, they they did business together, they work together for three years, and then she was impressed with the luck of the Prophet Mohammed Alison Sosa.

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She married him she was 40 years old. And Prophet Mohammed was 25 years old, and they lived for 25 years together.

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Prophet Mohammed and Khadija Allah, Allah Subhana. Allah has blessed them with four daughters

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zeyneb and a yo and waka thumb and Fatima and two boys, Abdullah and Al Qasim

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Khadija lohana, the first woman who the first woman who embrace estab, the first person who embraces that Khadija, the woman who the first woman who made suzu Dharma associate of the Prophet Mohammed is Khadija she never, in fact worship no Sunnah. No idol. She never drank alcohol even before the prophecy of the Prophet Mohammed is at the center, and she used to defend and support Prophet Mohammed ideas are set up. She used to go to the to the cave where Prophet Mohammed was the law of the heart and she was just importing she used to bring him food. She had so much love and the Prophet had so much love for her about the Aloha, Aloha. And here brings up the topic of today I'm

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Yvonne, you know, and your spouse's try again? Yes. Now I'm some people they say. If you want your spouse to be like Khadija then be like Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So try and shout out to Hannah maybe in this Ramadan to

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tribe is the last to come close to one another as your spouse you know, pray together, breakfast together.

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And together maybe do that together. This is maybe a month whereby you should come close to one another.

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Just like Prophet Mohammed and Khadija until another episode of rock Ramadan. 2018. And the other words as he and I say, said Mr. Naik, like the Hydra