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AI: Summary © The host of a video discusses the importance of the final destination of a murder investigation and the importance of the Prophet Mohammed's final statement. The host also talks about a man who died a year later and the importance of avoiding being fooled. The segment ends with a mention of a video about a cat.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is yours as he was coming in to another episode of Ramadan 2014 day 27. So the majority of the Muslims Mashallah they

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they were you know, celebrated what all of them believed that you know the night of the power lead color on that in our last night you know, the night of the 26th and we hope from Allah subhana wa sec, it was an odd night that it is not the latter part of the night of the fall where the by the angels come down and do it again, including Jubilee rally Sarah Jubilee, you know, stop coming down to earth since the death of the Prophet Mohammed odds are slim, but somehow Allah every year, you know, in this time, you know, the night of the power he comes down

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to a summer adonia such a blessing, but my brothers and sisters out there, I have a very, very important information for you. And this information is about the most important moment in your life. The most important moment in your life, you know, what that moment is

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the most important moment in your life is

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your Fatima your ending, good ending really it is the most important because however your ending is that will be a final destination in the murder will have it

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the deeds are based upon you know, the Andes. So the thing is now like you know, a lot of people they you know, who come to the massage in this final 10 days of Ramadan, and especially the night you know, the night of the 27th and after the night of the 27th a lot of them start you know, relaxing and taking it easy as if they guarantee that they have you know that 83 years of a bad you know that 1000 months of a better which is my show love me I like set but like I said, look at the Prophet Mohammed has a sermon he says inside Bacardi

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in La Jolla, they are among the Imam an alien Gen. Three my emptiness, female emptiness. We're in the human area now.

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It's a man about a man who he who does some you know who who

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he he does

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he deeds of of the people agenda you know a man who works righteousness you know and he performs the DS the deeds of the people of heaven, FEMA, Lima FEMA up to the nest what appears to be you know, from the people what appears to the people to be that this man is from the people of Ghana, you know, because they see him praying they see him coming to the machine they see him radio call and so the people they they assume that this man is from the people of Ghana based on his deeds and the prophets or some says we're in the human area now. And he is from the people of Hellfire what in Australia and is another matte metal and here's what he says. It means the man or woman yeah man

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will be

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another man who does the work of you know what appears to be to the people the work of the people of Hellfire, but he is from the people have agenda and the end the Prophet says in them as a matter of being our team.

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Prophet says imagine how it the deeds are based on the end the The End The End so you can just stop after the night of the 27th and you say you relax now we know you guarantee your your your 1000 months of a bet that you can stop in them and I made a bit of our team and so at the edge of it number 99 Allah subhana wa tada it says the Prophet Mohammed slurs what would love Buckhead the idea Kalia teen had the idea again, and skip worship in your Lord until the day you meet him and the day used them before Allah subhanaw taala entered your death you know, so when you finish some hammer when you finish the Salah, you end your solder with something good. You end the solder with is too

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far. When you finish eating, you end your eating with Alhamdulillah you end the Ramadan with zakka How would your ending be? How would you end this month of Ramadan? You know, so I'm here to tell you please please don't be fooled. Do not be fooled. Don't backup don't relax, keep on making sure keep on making efforts to hide it which is also in Bukhari, about this men. You know, the prophet Mohammed when he mentioned the story of this man, who who happens to be you know, in a high level in in the 11 in gender which is swimming, they're living in gender. And there was another man who died one year after him but he happened to me in a in a high level in gender.

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And they both good. But one men had to live you know one year longer when the Sabbath was a lot as to why why demand happened.

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To be the higher level because he lived one year longer. The Prophet says Didn't he witnessed another Ramadan? Didn't he witness another Ramadan? Yes, he witnessed Ramadan, you witness this Ramadan right. So don't don't don't don't don't just go back and say call us I'm done after the night of the 27th and then you know wait for that keep on making sure insha Allah hota Allah in them and Mr. Lucas our team that these are based on the nd I asked Allah subhanaw taala to give you all a great nd to make you amongst those who who the last word is that a lump hammer also add to another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2014 I say I set out my headache much much later I got about a cat