Rulings pertaining to Polygamous and Inter-religious Marriages in Islam

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Salam Alaikum, I've got two questions to ask. The first one is that why can't a Muslim people get married to a non Muslim guy and still follow Islam? And I've got one more question, as it is acceptable in Islam for a man that he can marry four times? Do you have to inform the first wife about the second marriage? Or he can be like he can marry without informing the first wife? Through questions she had asked. The first question she posed, is that in Islam? Is it compulsory that you should take the permission of the first five before marrying the second wife? And the first question I heard was that in Islam, why can a man marry a non Muslim girl? I suppose the first question is,

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I'm sorry. It's like, if a girl is born in a Muslim family, why she cannot marry a non Muslim guy and still follow Islam? Why can't a girl who was born in a Muslim family, marry a non Muslim man and yet follow Islam? The reason is because it goes against the teaching of our Creator Allah subhanaw taala. Allah says in the Quran in surah Baqarah Chapter number two was number 221, that do not marry a mushrik until he believes do not marry an idol worshiper. Do not marry a non believer until you believe even a believer even if he's a slave man, even if he is a bondsman, he is far better than a non believer than a Masonic man than a non Muslim man, even if he allows you means even if he may be

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the most handsome man in the world, he may be the richest man. And if he's a non Muslim, a Muslim man who may be dark, who may be ugly, who may be a slave is far superior. Similarly, the worst continues that for a man he should not marry unbelieving woman until she believes a believing woman who the slave woman is far superior than unbelieving woman, even if she allows you. The logical reason sister is that in a car, or in a vehicle, if one tire is off a bicycle, and the other tire is off a truck. So will the vehicle run, but natural? No. All the four tires should be equal.

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And furthermore, you ask the question, that can she be a good Muslim marrying a non Muslim? The reason is that in Islam, we want our spouse, our life partner, also to go to Jana. Now she has found a way to Janna she has found the way to Paradise, that her paradise is in following Islam. She should follow the Quran and the Hadith. Now imagine when she knows that she is going to go to Paradise and a husband who's doing idol worship, who doesn't believe in Islam, who's going to go to hell, this life, sister is a small portion as compared to next life. This life maybe you stay with a husband for 20 years, 30 years 40 or 50 years old, long 60 years. The next life is eternal life.

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That means she's selfish. A good Muslim or a good Muslim or a good Muslim men or women would also want that the spouse, the husband or wife should also go to Jana. So that is the reason it's important that both husband and wife are Muslims. As far as the second question is concerned,

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is it compulsory for the Muslim man to take the permission of the first wife before he married the second wife? It is not compulsory unless it is mentioned then you can ama if it is mentioned in the Nikana MA in the marital contract. If the wife has said you should not take a second wife. As long as I live, then it becomes compulsory. If it's not mentioned and economics, it is not compulsory, but at least you should inform her. Why only inform the one of the criteria to marry more than one wife. As the Quran says in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was number three is married woman or for choice in twos, threes or fours. But if you can't do justice marry only one. So one of the criteria

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to marry more than one wife is you should be just between your wife. So if you do not inform your wife, how will adjust is between your wife maybe will tell like that I'm going for office work. I'm going out of Bombay, you may not go so therefore if you marry a second wife. Taking permission is not a must. is not compulsory, but at least informer so that you can do justice between both your wife. Hope that answers the question system. Thank you