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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Riyadh was as you were coming into another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013 day 11

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must have been become a hottie.

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any fee that's injuried mean a Silsila of Harmonia of total quality 239 agenda one is Allah subhana wa tada and your typical cobalamin the knob will end you treat an agenda before they have a Sahih al Karim Chavo Ramadan an independent agenda me Baba Baba Yaga young child to a Serbian and the cell phone at the kingdom and Julio and be mushy Attila, who was

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one of the pathways my brothers and sisters that will lead us to agenda as we're still talking about the pathways that will lead us to gender and I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst those that will enter Jannah by virtue of this blessed month, make us enter agenda from the gate of one of the pathways my brothers and sisters is a Salah masala

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the strongest link between you and Allah subhana wa tada or Salah tilaka sila allottee, Tosca vena cava and Allah subhanho wa Taala. Asana Optimus sada

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and Masada mo suddenly, Allah subhana wa Italia political and Optimus Sala

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well to soccer our team was similar to soccer.

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A few minutes is that the killer man your karma is solid.

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The National Champion was center. And best of all suddenly

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gave me the NES also some other shopping bollock Jacobian Island massage other * when I when I was eight when Jimmy

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jacobina added massage it was so low and Mashallah Kala

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Yona asuna son that a pm also not a para with we

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know, a tarawih Sunnah. Wa Salatu. Unfortunately, feed Gemma filed

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for cattlemen, a nurse to his sunon water token follow it.

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So hey,

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I'm here on what was enough sick

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documents Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in the AMA Vincent and sisters he tells us to establish the prayers.

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He didn't tell us to pray, he says established the prayer.

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Do we establish the prayer or do we just pray a

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lot of us just pray those who pray. A lot of us they just pray without any concentration or devotion in the sun.

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They don't concentrate in the sun. What else Allah subhanho wa Taala says a famous Salah established the prayer

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meaning you know not only you pray but you pray you pray on time you hear to the center of the Salah.

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Now praying on time

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in the Hadith reported by Buhari

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Buhari, Fidel Raj llama Rama pasa So Sarah Masada either a summer either in the summer, he believed and he said

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what's up saliendo Ella? Ashwin in this for a

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while should be Sahara for Baba Allah see he

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fell fend for ups. What did the halacha t Azhar for La Habra Zulu mountain ohana. ohana sobre la isla de deconversion Alamo budget from Aldi

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for aloha that's the whole cave again. Oh come

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on. Oh Ha hatanaka who Allah see for Sahaja Kazuto some cotton. We're in front of colossal, Sumitomo harati Asakura for a hammer hatanaka waka Sakura, Masha Allah Allah conversion

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for low Subhana Allah to Allah data that you can scan again for Bella Bahama Houghton O'Hara for Salah conversion.

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Welcome Ross. What are the heroes at Saqqara?

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manohara O'Hara Carla Simpson Pamela as you may hear that my Heather

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for Kalka admin,

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anybody not couldn't look at tipsy thumb.

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just refer

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to them maybe

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Karla amazonica version, ultimate budget of the

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what your dog bisazza he called a daddy kharrazian can again Mr.

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Rosen, e&m, Ancelotti, mokuba

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Island suddenly flocked learn you suddenly it was really an AMA and he saw that in him October Oh, you suddenly when I get there, you suddenly feel locked up there boo,

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am the owner of the fishes that are in the lobby, but he had to be

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the Prophet Mohammed in the journey of the hereafter. Yeah, named the journey I'm sorry, to the the, the heavens. It's a lot when I was when he saw a few scenes as a man, you know, swimming in the pool of blood, it's a lot of things. And then amongst the scenes that he saw, he saw a man sleeping like you know, laying down on the floor, and then another man bringing a rock, and then and then taking that rock, and then just like slamming against the head of that man who's sleeping. The head open up the the and the man makes this horrible sound. And the the second of the rock, so a false so the man goes as the rock rolls over, he goes and he gets got rocky comes back you got and then he comes in,

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he hit the metal his head again. he slams in with that rock, breaks his head, wide open. The man again makes this horrible sound. And then the rock rolls over. The man goes back to get it by the time he comes back. Allah subhana wa tada puts back the head exactly in the same form. And then he hits him again, over and over and over the Prophet as God knows you mean, what's this?

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God told the Prophet Mohammed I'll tell you later, come with me and then at the end of the journey, he says when he got to that man whose head was getting, you know, slammed it was that man used to sleep. I was still up in October. He used to sleep not to pray on time. He used to pray but he did not pray on time. This is his punishment

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today, but his punishment in the hereafter. It is up to Allah subhanho wa Taala he prays my brothers and sisters he does pray but he does not pray on time. How many of us are like that men?

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How many Muslims are like that men

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come in. Who are that conversion

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led you to a bizarre focus, then you suddenly

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come into the conversion.

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We're gonna

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head into HitFilm almost Nelson all mavala Oh, and then he typed ban to ban the country

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or the salary

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working and an aim to ban the slave pig health so far. Suddenly, you Simona Kava Kava, a Kobayashi.

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A similar to

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Optimus Sala had the Scylla that he told me to obey the Kobe number the soul was ready to enter the telephone

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with the full mock fully

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condemned to kill them if you had the

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freedom to Srila telefoon children who

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take her the tone

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zone from monkey to kill them and if he did what he led him

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to kill him or what what a lot of suddenly gift Kamala

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k for you can even come over to Cal mama Juan de la to suddenly

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Ramadan bagaimana

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Ramadan bus for

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heroin addict

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had enough sex and willingness to a lot while you're

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listening. He look

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kinda messy like a coffee suck up messy like a coffee cup. Murphy's

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I know lemna caminando suddenly, our

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messenger cuckoo

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lemna camino mousseline.

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How many of us are that men whose head is been slammed

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and I will excuse his until I'm sleeping I'm tired. Tomorrow when I wake up, I combine you know fashion with oil and whatnot.

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Or until the movie is over. Or the game is over.

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Unless the panel with the end when he says Metallica comfy sofa when this man will be asked when the throne in Hellfire in this river called soccer what through new Allah Zeno, the, the the the gatekeepers of Hellfire and ask them what do you inhibit in in this in this in this hell in this in this river

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they say they wouldn't say lemon acuminata mousseline, we were not amongst the those who used to pray we will not the very first crime they committed was the did not pray let me let caminando sadly

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too. So, he wanted to see what

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FISA karate mode and the SOHCAHTOA modes

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I mean, he is allowed to say

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and Farsi mother,

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Asana, Asana, Asana, Asana

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and first he is on to serve well he was seen a good solid imagine the Prophet die in his final breath and he's saying a solid a solid a solid solid. pray pray pray pray that by the corner that

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he does some way to move

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to the corner on a faith or some way to move

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on if it does a little masala silica, Sumatra poner una vida subway to more money but

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it doesn't lead to more money but

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it also later on when Asia as I said, so mutton amoun Federica Come on.

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Up growing and burning committed sins, when you pray, it will washes off all your sins and then you burn and burn and committing sins. When you pray. It will wash off all your sins and then you burn and burn when you pray. Hustle it will wash off all your seeds and then you burn Burn meaning to commit incense and then when you come when you pray. So it will wash off all your sins and then you burn and burn again committing sins When you walk when you pray money, it will wash off all your sins and then you burn and burn again competencies. And when you pray a shot it will wash off cleans you off from all your sins. And then the Prophet says and then you will sleep till midnight moon

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nothing will be written on you until you wake up. You will sleep clean from all your sense. Just like a river running from your from your doorstep and you wash yourself from it every you know five times a day. No sin will remain or no dirt would remain in your body. Likewise a son

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Okay, I know but now how can I know usually he barely adequate Dr. Cinnamon who comes some of that for you? I have coming down the cache? Yeah, I have caught me in better shape. Man. What's up now? Now yellow sort of life is awesome. Okay because Salatin helps me a lot.

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And likewise, the five daily prayers Allah subhanho wa Taala washes off

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before it's too late. Suddenly sudlow aachi masala, habla and Tomas and Hannah Hannah

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and to another day, and another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2013. I say I said Mr.

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