Mufti Menk – Feeding your Brain

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how the mind is sophisticated and can be filled with beneficial or detrimental elements. He gives examples of how people, including those in early stages of learning, are confused by their teacher's actions and use it to gain knowledge. The speaker emphasizes that the way people are used to hearing and seeing is guided by revelation and that one's actions are based on guidance.
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So Allah says, Oh man, we have created you in a certain way, so sophisticated.

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In order that you worship us and you do the right thing, you have a brain to understand right from wrong guided by revelation. You see the mind is such that it is very sophisticated, however you fill it it will be filled. So, if you fill the mind with that which is not beneficial, it will give you back that which is not beneficial. If you fill the mind with that which is detrimental, it will give you back that which is detrimental. If you are from an early age and stage going to learn the wrong things, the seeds that you sow at the time will reap fruit that will be harmful for you. If someone taught you when you were little that one plus one is three, and they looked at you and showed you

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two fingers and said this is three and you kept on saying one plus one is three and you showed them two fingers, you are confused the person who taught you is confused and up to the time you die or up to the time someone else corrects you. You might grow up believing one plus one is three yet you're showing two fingers so what you are confused by is the figure two and three you've mixed them up that's what it is. Why because you were taught wrong from the very beginning. Let me give you another example. When you're learning the Quran, if your teacher does not know you're not going to know beyond your teacher and if your teacher is wanting to fiddle with your mind he's going to teach

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you wrong Elif is BA and BA is Allison TA is that and that is TA and what happens to you you grow up being able to read but you're reading so wrong. Whose fault is it? It's the fault of the system that taught you absolutely wrong.

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But you grew up believing firmly that you are right. That's the problem. Allah says we've given you a mind if it is guided by revelation, and you'll use it within that guidance you will definitely come to the most content life on Earth. I promise you my brothers and sisters go around looking and searching

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