What is the best Deeds

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I know

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today and I can go on and on but the time is up.

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I know that maybe today all the flower shops would be busy.

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You guys gonna go to the flower shops and buy flower and then go to your wives and I'll read some chocolates and roses. But you know what the prophet says?

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The Prophet issm says, the best deeds in the sight of Allah, although the those deeds that are continuous

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even if they are trivial,

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but the best deeds in the sight of Allah are those deeds that are continuous.

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Today you buy a flower and then the next time she sees a flower is in 10 years. No good. And don't do like this guy, my brothers who bought some flowers for his wife, and then she came says all Mashallah has he? He remembered me. He says no, they went on sale.

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That was not good. Was it?