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Another one instead of one I will learn inshallah and fusina. Let me say

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well I shadow Allah.

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Yeah evil Latina de la parte de vida de mucho de Levante Muslim. Yeah, so taco lady. Coming up See ya da da minha hamari Jana katha manisa

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Inaba cannery, Kumar Kiba Latina mo de la la la current city that you selected Akuma

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on Halima

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Yakumo la una vida como la welcome over yamaka

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agenda team and see that was our water I'm Alicia Murphy has a mechanic MOBA kalavati an engineer

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Are you

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an internet

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guru Sri Indian here in Denmark?

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In the motor unit he couldn't have a unit here he co

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wrote us he got

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a remote union he thought

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well hang on honey mode yet he couldn't say

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when he danika had he done a lesson? Yes. Less they said to me a PS are above my head button instead of a habit loss of Hana without any other insert

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an M and loss of Hannah Who? Don't yet limit you should.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala for a matter of law, if you saw a man.

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What was the panda? What

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Has he done yet? They said, Yes. My dear brothers and sisters, as you may know that there is one thing that actually puts an end to everything.

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That thing is called death.

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It puts an end to the poverty of the poor, and it puts an end to the richness of the rich. It puts an end to the weakness of the weak. And it also puts an end to the strength of the strong dystonia, it puts an end to every new thing. And this is why we cannot use it as a as a game changer. As a gauge to assess how much Allah Subhana Allah Allah loves the person. Because this dunya as the scholars have mentioned, that Allah Subhana Allah Allah gives it to whom he loves and whom he does not love. For instance, Allah Subhana Allah Allah has given this dunya to show the man alley cinnamon he loves it. Allah subhana wa Jalla has given this dunya to

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the Sahaba in a very wealthy Sahaba and he loves it. Allah Subhana Allah Allah has given this dunya to Fidel and he doesn't know Allah subhana wa Jalla has given it so caught on and he doesn't love him. So this dunya cannot be a gauge a criterion by which you can measure how much Allah Subhana Allah tala was a person or does not love a person you cannot see a very fortunate wealthy person and you say some kind of love must love him. You cannot say that. Why because this occasion Allah gives you to me loves and whom he does not love.

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But comes this thing that puts an end to everything is golden mote

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if you tell me not to lie, he says that and they are horrible. And the fifth dunya Shanna

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in the field it Tonia Jana Lola.

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was on sibilla

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even though he says that isn't done yet. And then session nine dystonia if you do not enter this agenda in dystonia, you shall not enter the center of the era. And this agenda of dystonia is the gender of being close to Allah Subhana Allah gender to Salah, Shanna, Shanna to Corrado Shannon Ramadan if you do not enter this gender in dystonia, a person may not enter Akira, but again comes this thing that puts an end to everything. And that thing is called Death

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called lumen Allah

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What Julep because will generally well

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so terrafirma Allah subhana wa tada says, everything in the face of this universe shall perish and what shall remain the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala your Lord and worship at a summer and hey

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gonna do

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Well, Matt had to donia

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every soul shot his death and he should have taken back to Allah subhana wa tada to remind you have today

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and a lot of those dresses beautifully from the zoo, and enough that is saved from Hellfire and being admitted to Jenna. And that is the utmost success. The ultimate success is how much money we have the utmost success is your really whether a first shot be sent from hipfire and admitted to

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pull in

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some metadata in an email via Shahada not be

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tom tom

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could say that the depth that you're running away from

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each other.

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When your time is up, your time is up and we call that the final stretch and marked

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the financial and I think this is how we should be working in MMA. Because you see, that's just a few days ago, we fasted Ramadan 2017 I see it as just a few days ago. And in no time, we'd be in sha Allah Hoda witnesses Ramadan 2008 and some of you may say, Well, just like yesterday, yes, it was just like yesterday. But this again this thing which is unfortunate that puts an end to everything. Couldn't have seen a couple more things go so fast. But what shall remain again? The fiscal lesson.

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Say that these networks are running away from each

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other even if they are hidden in this fortresses. When your time is up your time is up.

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Enough to touch

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one focal ohiomeansjobs

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men Melaka dounia. Maria Hello Amina. Okay, well caffine

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I was in London just last week,

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UK and I the Shema in the most in the biggest mischief in, in in in Europe. And in this Majid It reminds me of what Mecca and Medina after sobre todo so this always janessa this always generates an echo for janessa. And last week, it was the genesis of a person who just became a Muslim.

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A week old Muslim.

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Yeah, have you ever thought of that day?

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And I'm not huge or scary of 35. I'm just reminding myself and yourself. Have you ever thought of that day, that day where you should all be carried on the shoulders taken to the ticket to the graveyard? Have you ever thought that they were going to be washed and shrouded and buried the very first people who will leave you or your loved ones, the very first people that will leave you or your family, your children, your spouse, these are the very first people who will leave you they will bury you on the runway.

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I challenge every spouse here every person who says I love my wife and I love my husband. I love my father and I love my mother. If you follow us to the buried mela for me, it's my father was to be buried today.

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My mom would be buried today. I challenge anybody I do not know if anyone can possibly go and spend the night with that person which you love in the car. Can you do that?

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Nobody can.

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Yes, you claim you love that person. We do love them. But can you spend one night with them in Cabo?

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Have you ever thought of that they really did. They were all going to be buried

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volume of volume at volume adds a little mat to many darkness is the darkness of the grave. The darkness of the earth put on top of the darkness of the night. But his grave can be ignored

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in this man by the name of hustling bustling,

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he was in Medina

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and he's so a barrier janessa janessa

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for congeners

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He says, How come the genocide carried only by four people, by Allah, I shall be the fifth, normally janessa I don't know if you've been in Mecca, or Medina or any of that which you have maybe encountered, everybody would want to don't carry the janessa

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reward in trying to go with this and as an kadisha, but this particular tionesta had only four people carrying it. So he was in awe and he says, By Allah, I shall be the fifth. So he went, and he helped them. And they went through the procedure of burial and whatnot. So he spoke to those people. And then behind them was a woman and all woman

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crying. So he told those people How come these janessa is only carried by four of you? Whose jenessa is this? They said, Don't ask us we don't know. As that woman she hired us.

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How can she? Yeah, I mean, not even you don't even know this person. You've been hired to come and do this is what he asked her. We don't know. We've been hired just to carry to wash the shroud to bury and to perform some janessa we don't know this person. So he followed that woman. He saw her making the hat. Yeah.

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They certainly see what you're up be

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a vanilla, see the

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car, see your

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And all of a sudden she's smart and she left. He followed her says by elected me. Who are you? She says Leave me alone. Leave me alone. She says no. I need to know what happened. Here. I am hustling bustling. Please tell me what happened here. She says because you're hustling bustling. Let me tell you the story. This is this Jerry the burial of my son of my son.

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And my son has not left any bad the illness in which he did not.

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He was known to be the sinner. What people do not know about him is that my son before he died.

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So before my son passed away,

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I used to make the offering In fact, I made two I made one against him and what are for him?

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Allah answered my the first thought Allah subhanho wa Taala afflicted him with the disease. He put him in bed. He could not go and sin no more.

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And I feel so bad for him. I started making the African last panel with Allah guided him before he died. He called me Oh man. Yeah, please, before I die, put my cheek on the ground and put your foot on my other cheek and say that Jessa obon Isola

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has an agenda. Oh Manasa say that this is the the reward of that who displeases Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And then before he died, he told me Oh, my mom be late today. I I asked you why.

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If I were to die, hire four people don't tell my family because they don't know me. They only know me as the CEO. Don't tell anybody hire four people to watch me to shrug me to bury me to perform to bury me on mom before you know before when you bury me. Do not leave stay for a moment. Stay for a moment on my grave. And Allah subhana wa tada shows your side. Yeah, me too hard any unique feature.

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Don't leave at the commercials. Some as some sign and then the mom she did as she was told.

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She did. She was told she stayed she barely barely meant she stayed and she stayed make him do it for her son. Yo, Lady Sally up and see what we have Lord but you to invoke Jambi, this is my son, and this is my son, the sinner with the hardened heart or Allah have mercy upon him have mercy upon him. She's been making their own cry. And then she says yeah, she has said mostly by Allah. I heard the sound of my son in the grave saying Yeah, oh, man. It happy for her. pleasure to be back.

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or his son. She says, he told me or Mom, please leave. I found a lot the most generous he has forgiven online since

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we'd love to sing a lot of stuff forgive me and my sisters and brothers is my message for all of us today inshallah Giada. This is my message is how can we work? How can it work is to in fact clean up his heart and make Toba Thomas Hannah would love to welcome this beautiful blessing. in Charlotte O'Hara.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam, O Allah, the mighty brothers and sisters.

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As I mentioned,

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if we were to note that yes, we all believe in death and we all believe that one day we shall die, but we do not repent to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says about that.

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How do we learn ministry?

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Well, levena

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Chetan Oman mo fusa, who's a common law? First of all, only going to be him. Why many of us do know but

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what am yourself

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be him with Gen.

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Y Gen.

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z means data and how funny Dena Fie. When you don't have any of us, Augustus on a wish to see these tears. This is October because a lot of you are here already. And the amazing thing is how can we know that Allah has forgiven our sins? Yes, we need to start all over. And for us to start over is to realize that we have been committing sins. I'm not going to wait until Ramadan to start praying.

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Because some of us may say why should I repent? I'm waiting for Ramadan. Ramadan is coming Sharla Tara and I will start all over. Yeah.

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Who told you who guarantees that you're going to live up to Ramadan?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala alysus and those who wronged themselves they commit sins and they want themselves and then they realize that they have committed sins. And then they repent to Allah subhana wa tada and asking for forgiveness and robust analysis. And who is the one who forgives the sins other than Allah? What am I a Filipino bla bla bla what am yourself

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and they are not persisting in committed sense.

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I don't want to tell you

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Yeah, man.

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Yeah, man.

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Yeah, man, I say

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to those who have, in fact challenged up with since What are you going to come back to all of

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those who don't pray? What are you going to come back to?

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Those who do not honor the parents? When are you going to come back to us?

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When we go into the department from Israel, yeah. And you know what, when you need to go back to them childhood data, there are special angels. There are beautiful special angels who are very special for those who carry the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala. They make special to have for you, what kind of goddesses and so on. But verse number seven, eight, and nine. So, seven, eight or nine, have lots of Hannah analysis about the special angels. When you make Toba to Allah, what do they say? This is what they say?

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Well, Nadine is also woman Hala, who said before Nadia Hamdi you said

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he is who you send them who's gonna be happy or you're gonna be stuck.

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matter what. That will feel terrible.

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For Finley Latina, terrible What about Oh, Sabina come up to him?

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o banner, what

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it was.

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I mean, he was one of the he was on the team in

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Wapping, he was saying he

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young do my

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hand up whether you go when phones or lobby

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lots of kinda with Thomas's and those angels will carry the form of Obama, Eagle, how are they these angels? The Prophet describes them, the Prophet says, between their ears to their shoulder, yeah, depending on the ILA KTV. Between the love of his ear to his shoulder is the distance between the heavens and the earth, eight of them, one of them between the distance between here and

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Here is difference between the heavens and earth. Eight of them are making special. Wondering what do they say? They say, Oh ALLAH forgive those who are events.

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Well ALLAH forgive those who repent and admit them into jannetty and grant them the highest level of gender, the Garden of Eden, not only for them, they make it tough for you, for your parents, for your children and for your loved ones for your spouses. They're not only making that for you, they make it for you and for your loved ones. Yeah, and your parents and they're making beautiful children and you're making perhaps angels are making the house or for your special in Charlotte Anima presence is just what we want these interests to make up for us. If we were only to repent to Allah Subhana Allah to make an intention today inshallah, for tomorrow right now you have the is

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enough is enough. Enough is enough, no more. I tried so many ways. We tried so many avenues. I'm going to try the way of Allah subhana wa tada and the birth of Allah From now on, no more lacking the Salah, Salah five times out of house, the seller will be on top of everything that is this is

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not have no excuse not to mix up a fresh Indonesian. I'm not going to wait at

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the front of the child's

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level, if you ask and truthful in your

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panel data will make it easy for you. All you have to do or you have to be sincere, must be sincere, must be truthful. He knows what's in your heart. And I know sometimes that you go to sleep with the intention of doing

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that you got some time to sleep at night with the intention not to wake up. Yes, he allows you to wake up or

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not. In fact, he allows you to wake up to wake up and go to work and provide for your family. Although he did not wake up

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his his his his of his work he isn't getting some kind of data. All we have to do is make a step towards him. Because if you were to make a step towards him, Allah subhana wa tada will come running to you that

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you may have longshore His mercy upon you. Ramadan is on the verge of shutting down with a promise to give sadaqa don't wait.

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Are you You are not Ramadan you don't Ramadan to suddenly the end it starts from in fact he said things to preparation for Ramadan stuff in order. What he says Raja Li Azhar where shadowbanned at least one amabhungane hasn't had the standard model of NyQuil Hakuna

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derma they say Alicia is in fact to spread the seed and then chabela is toward the seed and Ramadan for the harvest No No wonder why some people when they come they don't feel nothing other founder comes in he goes but inshallah Tata start from today in the lab. The sada the brother has mentioned that there is this amazing project for

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for your children won't lie It's not for you for your children the parking lot outside they renovated the whole thing they built in two things they said a basketball court and a volleyball court and plus a parking party. They need a lot of social then they need you we don't call the government we cannot call the Canadian editor to support us later this year because your loved ones May Allah Subhana Allah tada make you witness this Ramadan and make it the most beautiful Ramadan and the best Ramadan and the most outstanding Ramadan you will ever witness in your life

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within a few minutes I will take a moment you know even though

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was never a lot

00:23:52--> 00:23:52

of money

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What are they? What

00:23:59--> 00:24:00

What am I

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What am I? What are you doing?

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along with

00:24:19--> 00:24:21

me I'm sorry. Illuminati

00:24:24--> 00:24:28

yada yada yada yada yada yada yada you

00:24:32--> 00:24:33

of law home and so

00:24:36--> 00:24:40

on so on. And so on. So Ba ba ba

00:24:41--> 00:24:41

ba ba

00:24:43--> 00:24:50

ba ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba ba does work as well. Yeah. Ha ha

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da da da da da da da da da.

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But at

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home I have

00:25:05--> 00:25:07

a long way away jacobina yada

00:25:08--> 00:25:20

yada, yada yada, yada yada, yada yada, yada yada, yada yada, yada yada, yada, yada yada, yada fall flat. Yeah.

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Yeah, what hurt?

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00:25:31--> 00:25:33

Yeah, he's gonna do

00:25:39--> 00:25:45

it's not a matter of luck in love with a robot without any special makaveli