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In the last couple seminars to the left, this is Rosie, and a lot of times a lot of brothers, especially sisters or wives,

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they can say no, are you one of them? I cannot say no, I don't have to say no. Sometimes I don't say no. But when not not doing what I asked to do or what I committed to them, you know, are you one of those people who can't say no, because you're too important, you're too important that everybody wants a piece of you. You're too good, Mashallah that everybody wants a piece of you, your father wants a piece of your mother wants a piece of your children, they want to preserve you, your brothers and your siblings, they want to preserve you, your husband, your wife, everybody, your boss, everybody wants something from you, you know, and you're so busy and you cannot say no to this

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and you cannot say no to that, because you're afraid to maybe break their hearts or whatnot. So you wind up saying, Okay, I know. Okay, I'll do it. And then what you end up doing in and you don't give him personal view? Or what really happens at the end is you burn yourself out and then you fall depression, anxiety sickness, why? Because there's so much pressure on you that you have so many things that you have to do because you made commitments to people because you couldn't say no. But you know how to say no as you get a yes you can say no. If you only know how to say it as senior Yes. still get what you want. still get the job done.

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By saying no, it's not a trick I swear it well it's not a trick you just have to say no and get a yes. I'm going to teach that on my new Tom rocket you know conquer your time seminar teaching you these these directives and and tricks and on how to efficiently manage your time how to take charge of your time how to in fact by color from clock sometimes you know you're done for us, you know you're you knew how to prioritize your tasks because you you you understand your values you understand the core your principles in life. So you prioritize things and then

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you know in the morning you know exactly that you have planned you know, your short term plan, meet your parameter breath, you have everything Mashallah all set up.

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So you don't have that pressure. You don't have that anger. You don't have that anxiety. You don't have that stress.

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It's not science fiction. It's reality. And they guarantee it, I can teach that inshallah Tada, check me out my website wwe.com. I'll share for the algorithm on Facebook. There's a seminar coming up. It's an online seminar. Anyways, it's an online, open to the entire world's sharing with you these techniques share with you these directives, you know this life management course on how to change your life in a long time. For more information they got check it out on my website or my Facebook page, Zack locker Sam it comes up later, Allah