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Thailand Iran

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Bismillah if you don't say Bismillah the shaytan calls the others. You found the accommodation and found your dinner for tonight

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huh? That's awesome. Hello. You see people who do not see Bismillah or whatnot. I mean, they eat and eat and somehow the luck unknown could just like, you know seven Billy's there's no Baraka.

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There's no Baraka

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Bismillah remember Bismillah before you enter your home, and say salaam aleikum, like the Prophet Allah says, nice to do when he used to come home Bismillah Salaam Alaikum. First thing so

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even if you're by yourself.

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Could be could be some bias gene inside or you know, say Assalamu alaykum whoever is there.

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And you close your door before you close say Bismillah close your door. Alhamdulillah we do this at home. Even my little kids now is even smaller, and they close the door you see for life is so happy hamdulillah teach your kids instead of coming in the door slamming the door law did you say Bismillah? Better? He said the smuggler? No? Okay, please open the door say Bismillah so you teach them they open the door they say the smell and they they close?

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Why did you Why did you do that? do that? You explain? Because you say okay shaitaan will come and stay with us. So you might as well say Bismillah if you say Bismillah you kick them out? You're shaping your home? No, no, no, no, no. Okay, well say Bismillah they will say Bismillah you will never hamdulillah you know kids they get to learn things like this but as you have to remind us and remind us in the minds of Allah.

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So teach your kids my brothers and sisters accordingly.

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pictures in books, no books, they've got pictures again, these books are covered. But how about the cover page? Might you know the I've got a cover and a page on the cover. It's got some sort of picture. I would maybe put it on on you know upside down or put something on top. Just to hide that picture. This is what I would do. Right? I would put anything on top to hide those pictures. Or you know, or maybe in my shelves if I can put them in shelves. They're all hidden. They're fine. But if they're not, I tried to put something on top to cover those pictures.

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Bye. Bye my brothers and sisters. Siobhan and Jin.

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Listen to this.

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I say pannu Genie

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while a sekulow Genie insight on an

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no economic era understood. No. A Satan Genie or Satan is Genie.

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shaitan is Genie but not every journey so far. Okay. I say on ishine because seitan is Kava non Muslim is unique, but not every genie is shaken. Why?

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Because amongst them they are Muslims and believers. So this is a theory definition. You know, remember it

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this is a Muslim as well, showing up in the Bajin shot in other badging.

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How about when you go and sleep?

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You know, and you know, you wake up from your bed and you go back to your bed. What do you do? The Prophet also son told us to wipe our best three times saying Bismillah Bismillah y could be some straight on keepin on sleeping in your home in your bed or something he says to say Bismillah and wipe it three times. Wipe it three times by saying Bismillah you kick the site on. Instead of kicking the dust off you kick me off.

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Where does the million dollar question?

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Where does shaitan live?

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Where does he live? Here we go.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam he reported this in Muslim narrated by Jabba Abdullah that the throne of the ship on his on water

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astral ship on your island.

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He believes his throne is on the water where what water you know its meaning in the ocean. What ocean Allahu taala but we will talk some more about this.

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Right? Again, this is a hadith

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in Sahih Muslim

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By the way, let me go back here, since we're talking about the ocean, you've heard about the Bermuda Triangle, right?

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in that box of harmala the interview with the shape with the with the gin that man said, it could be in that barrel in that triangle because there is actually

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another Hadith of the Prophet Musa

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that they live in in the throne is in his in his own water is on that bottle is that partition or that? That thing that splits the water, the water that's, you know, this salty water and, and, and sweet water there is that partition that divides the two that's called

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in one Hadeeth they live in that? I mean, that throne isn't that bizarre, but how many are out there? There's so many. We heard of something in Taiwan.

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We heard of the Bermuda Triangle.

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We heard of a triangle for the moves that that's in Taiwan. So there are quite others and a lot of them but Subhanallah if we were talking about this Bermuda Triangle, we heard of so many weird, strange stories of planes and boats disappearing.

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How do these appear? There is some voice has been recorded.

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This plane you know, pilot thing was recorded conversation with the with the bass recording that the guy was saying I see something.

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It's recorded. You can go back and read about this. I see things I see something. I don't know what it is. I just see something. I don't know what it is. And I cannot control my plane. This is the recording on that black on the on the on the base.

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Well, it's not even the black box because they couldn't find the plane.

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The plane wasn't even found. Right.

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On other ones, actually, they found boats but with no buddy in them. So they was recorded that the pirates was saying that I see things. And I don't know what are they and I cannot seem to have control over my plane. I'm being guided. I don't know what it is. I don't know what's this. And then the voice just stopped, you know, come in and how does that thing disappear? Well, my brothers and sisters, it could be that maybe the throne of the Sheraton is in his in his in these better mood as well the hotel and again, Allah knows best. But your cue and your protection is what we'll talk about this,

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we will talk about your protection.

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It's such an intriguing world.

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If you stick to the orders of Allah, nothing can harm you. Just to let you know.

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If you stick to the orders and commands of Allah, nothing can harm you.

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If you stick to the numbers of Allah, and nothing can harm you.

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Jeff came to us

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saying that there was this

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Muslim country. There was this guy

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sort of called They call him chef

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who used to deal with witchcraft, teen and black magic.

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And anybody before going or getting married, they had to go and get the approval and benediction from that chair and pay some money.

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And there was a youngster, a young man young Mashallah Annie who spies who used to be molars doctor and I used to read the prayers.

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And who was about to get married.

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A true story that happened in a Muslim country, no need to mention the name, but it's a Muslim country not too far from here. As a matter of fact, he

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wanted to get married so and he said,

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I'm not gonna go through that, you know,

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which crafter kind of to prove to others that the only one who can harm me as a loved one, the only one who can benefit his allies division.

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And that other witchcraft are heard that that man wasn't coming to see him. So he swore because anybody who does not go and get the benediction from the chef will not be able to sort of have an interaction with his wife.

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They had to go and pay the chef because that's your