The World of Jinn #5

Riad Ouarzazi


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The speaker discusses lying and lying to avoid future negative consequences, their home and origin of "slack," their personal preferences for music, struggles with finding pictures of animals, and their desire to have children play music. They also talk about gene transfer and the importance of avoiding certain items in homes. The speaker also touches on precautions being taken, including not bringing children in if there is no name associated with it, and precautions being taken in the home, including not bringing children in if there is no name associated with it.

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Hi, if you want to keep your job, you've got to lie. If you want to keep your desk you have to lie. So he makes it so beautiful and so serene and so innocent. That you think of it just like you know, it's no big deal.

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I was the one who beautifies last two people, the one who whispers at the time of calamities.

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The one of calamities instead of going back and seeking the future and Cinderella

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to Allah we belong to Him we shall return he comes and start whispering to let people start you know slapping the faces and and change the clause and come in and saying these words

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why is it happening to me Why me? All the people have chosen me? Haven't you heard that from certain people been hit by some calamity? Why me over so many other people? Why am I being hit by this

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this is

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the one who makes people fall into other tree is another category of gin that you should be aware of and and make a pay attention to

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about these houses my brothers where they like to dwell

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they like to the wooden houses

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they've got pictures of humans and animals and statuses

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pictures of humans there's a big debate again between scholars and whatnot. But there is Hadith Subhana Allah that you know the angels and this is in Buhari do not enter houses where they are animals and statuses right the status What do you call them?

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statues right statues?

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who enters in such houses? I've got a call from once from a sister saying oh *. I hear voices in my home. I don't know where these voices are coming from.

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I say what kind of voices you hear as I know I just hear some weird voices sometimes. So okay, tell me about your home. Tell me a little bit describing your home to me Do you you pray in your home? Well hamdulillah we do you know from time to time you What is your sister?

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Okay, so I understood your pictures in your home? She said yes a lot of pictures. How about TV? TV's on we love TV on 24 hour seven you know TVs on music system. Oh yeah. music

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music and I say sister I think you have the habit of cleaning your home. Maybe not only one gene maybe the whole tribal gene maybe ceiling you know

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maybe it is not again those voices cannot be coming from within but I'm just saying

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they like these houses you know brothers and sisters. Who were again the name of Allah has not been mentioned. Okay, what I can put on and go do my thing. What have you done? What's the benefit of putting an on right ticker tape or the CD? insert it and then just play sort of Allah

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and go do your thing who's gonna listen to us the Baccarat gin

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was going to listen to it

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so that's one hole in one room and music in the other

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or pictures in any contradictions? Yes, yes, they have to and they were just contradicting ourselves

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I would remove all kinds of pictures in my home of humans

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How about a picture that has you know animals that you know animals anything that's got the

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the shape of when awesome ears and eyes and nose have something livable?

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of a living thing.

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I would remove it from my home

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if it's in my home like a picture of my kids and my sons and my family I put them in the album and put them and hide them

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Is it okay to watch them in a on a

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camera recorder it's fine

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it's fine because you go and you press stop that's it everything God you pray you press play you can watch and then press stop. It's gone. Right?

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But putting these pictures all over some hallelujah here for what? Oh, because I missed them but you can see them here they are next to you call them. They're not here. They're not here. Done. It's up to you.

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How about a

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How about a hug

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Hello Everyone stand up please

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stand up everybody shala

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somebody you don't know

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sister still

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Zach locker thank you

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All right, thank you

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normally the series is have like three four lectures but I'm gonna try to condense it to just deliberating into lectures in Charlottetown

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giving you a shout out all the details be the law

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so we said angels do not enter houses having statues and pictures of humans and animals.

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They like to spread right at sunset as well and as per the Prophet alayhi salatu salam This is authentic hadith when he he said to take our children you know to take them in if the children are outside playing take them in at sunset.

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Why because the you know, he said that the shouting that's when they spread, they spread right at sunset. So if there's children again outside playing, and the sunset sunset approaches, get your kids inside until after sunset, right and they may go out again if they like, but at sunset time bring your kids in.

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Hold on a second, when we talked about

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things that attract gene into our homes. So we talked about pictures. We talked about

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statues, we talked about music, we talked about

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How about toys that got pictures or toys, like

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Barbies and stuff? Are those okay? Because I've been asked that question before and they've been as a question as well. They've explained that it's okay. Why I mean again, how shall I

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say you know, she was playing with some sort of like a Thor like a horse Yeah, show us this. It's a horse Yeah, that's what I was just playing with it. Right. So they said it's okay you know these toys it's okay I mean as long as you you know, you take them you take them with you sometimes you even step on them you throw them and what not. So those are Okay, how about some carpets have got pictures in them? I would rather not having those pictures on all those carpets inside my home with pictures. But you know at the end of explain some of them have explained that these things you normally stand on them and step on them and things like that. So you saw the humiliated dig

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undignified, so that that will be okay. This is one opinion but I'd rather not have anything that's got pictures in my home but toys again, though, okay. If you like playing with your teddy bear, sister, it's okay insha Allah

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I mean brother there's some brothers like teddy bear still All right.

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All right. Okay, no, no, no nothing against sisters. I like teddy bears.

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All right.

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The Prophet Assalam has explained to us you know and we've talked about this when you enter your home would you say Bismillah The first thing you enter you know, so that you kick the * out they they like coming to your home. In the home when there is no name of allah associated been mentioned. You know the shaitan calls the other side I think Come come come this is a home you know we find your your your your sleeping tonight so you find your accommodation for the night. So he comes in he goes and they all come in and they go in and they get the accommodation inside your home. But if you were to say Bismillah enter your home say Bismillah and before you close the door, say Bismillah AR

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Close the door. You kick them out.

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Same thing before you eat. This is part of the precautions we will talk about inshallah.