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ICNA-MAS Convention 2019


AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam are discussed in a series of disconnected and themes. The speakers emphasize the need for people to trust and appreciate Islam's teachings, learn from actions and actions of others, and not hesitate when faced with difficult situations. They also touch on the importance of avoiding poverty and the need for people to be aware of their actions. The segment ends with a video of a woman with a knee injury and the importance of not hesitting.
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Sarah Motyka

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Bismillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam. We begin by mentioning Name of Allah subhanho wa Taala will say Bismillah hoping Allah will put Baraka in my speech, you say Bismillah hoping Allah puts Baraka in your heart and understanding we say Bismillah so Allah can allow us to be closer to Him and have the devil away from us. So we start with Bismillah and we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to send His peace and His blessings upon our beloved our Hubby, our role model. The one we give up our mom and dad for Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So how are all of you doing today?

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How are all of my people of la ilaha illa Allah are doing today?

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How are all of my brothers and sisters who submit to their Creator are doing today? Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. You know, when we're talking about submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala and being upright to Hanif I commend maybe given and some people struggle with fulfilling Allah's commandments. Can we start with that? Does that make sense? People usually struggle not all people but depending on the person, there's struggled differs. Let me give you a case and we go into it. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one time he grabbed gold in one hand and grabbed what else and other hand silk right pure silk. So he says how the Haram Allah

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regional Almighty This is prohibited on the men of the Ummah, and it's permissible for the woman of the ummah. So far, so good. Now the question is, you may see a Muslim yet, which still were pure gold, and there's they don't see anything wrong with it. Now when someone does not submit to Allah subhanaw taala. In that situation, what are the reasons? I will boil it down and share with you two reasons. Number one, the person lacks the knowledge that it's prohibited, agreed. I just never knew that.

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The other possible option is that they know that but they have a deficiency in their heart, the first one with a deficiency in their intellect. The second one is a deficiency in their heart. How would you help the first group

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you teach them nicely, gently respect with love, right?

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The other group you to also tell them the information in case you did not know about it. But the other group even after you shed some light on the topic, they still reject then you leave it between them and Allah subhanaw taala if it was me rejecting or it was you rejecting, maybe we have an issue in the heart. Why do you say that? Because Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says about arrogance, arrogance, Botterill hack, it is rejecting What's the truth. So the moment you and I recognize the truth, and we know it's the truth and you reject it. It's a sign of arrogance. Simple example. You're driving. You have Google Maps. Your wife tells you, Oh, you missed a turn. And you

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did. And you realize you did. But you tell her no, I know what I'm doing. That's what is that? That's a sign a sense of arrogance. Are you with me? Because the truth was revealed to you. You felt embarrassed or whatever you want to call it, but you rejected the truth that you're wrong. So he said no, I know what I'm doing. May Allah protect us and forgive us? So with that being said, and moving forward have one Hadith before I give you the epitome of submission, the story one of the best we have Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I know I've said also Allah Azza wa sallam few times but every time you hear that beautiful name, say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He says a

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hadith there's two parts to it. First part. He says when Kennedy will ask you not to hammer whoever the after the afterlife was their main concern, pleasing Allah, their main concern going to Janna their main concern, not going to jahannam is their main concern. Being with Rasul Allah Salam is their main concern in what Allah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, JAL, Allah, who he now called the Allah will make your wealth, your richness, content mint in your heart, Allahu Akbar. So where is your wealth? Where is it? In the heart, not in the pocket. So if you're that person, no matter how little money you have in your pocket, you will always feel rich. May Allah make you have

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that group. I'm not done the fruits of that yet. He says whoever Acura is their main concern. Allah subhanaw taala will make the contentment that richness in your heart. Where Gemma Allahu alayhi, Shimla and Allah will take care of your affairs.

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Your concerns, whatever it is in dunya, Allah will take care of it. Why attend to dunya, hiragana and dunya will come to you by force drag to your dunya will be dragged to you, Allahu Akbar

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as the opposite. And whoever dunya was their main concern, all what I want is that job, even at the expense of my faith, I see that they chose dunya over ACARA I want to get to be with that person. Even though it's on the wrong path at the expense of Ankara. It doesn't matter. I want that individual I want to be with them. That person also Elisa, Sam says gyla Allahu *a, who the poverty the first one was, what richness richness was we're in the heart, where will poverty be for that other person? They nine eight will be right in between their eyes. So no matter how much money they have in their pocket, because you're submitting to dunya, not to Allah subhanaw taala they can

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be multibillionaires. Yet they will always feel what say it Poor Subhan Allah may Allah protect us. So Jan Allah * Robaina I name and Allah will dis organize their life everything is going wrong. Everything is messed up. May Allah protect us. And at the end, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says only what Allah has designated for them is what they will get and they're going outside the limits of Allah disobeying Allah for risk and sustenance. Yet they chose to submit to the dunya May Allah protect us immunoblot Allah mean, there is there's a lot of examples to share with you. Abdullah bin hatherleigh Dylon example of a Hanif Muslim upright, Aisha Radi Allahu anha Hadith I've

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been to Khalid Ahmed Abu Hapa blur the line, Mohammed Salah Salem wonderful stories and examples. But for the sake of time, I want to go to a story in I bought an individual in which Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam, there are a lot of prophets correct, there's a lot of prophets, and the Messiah can correct me if I'm wrong. The only time in the whole Quran that I'm aware of the only prophet in the whole Quran, in which Allah told Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to look up to by name, that he is asked what on Hazara is which Prophet

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Ibrahim Ali salah. Allah says God cannot Lacan who sweat on Hassan Fie, Ibrahim Allahu Akbar. So Ibrahim is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is role model. So can I go to our prophets role model? Talk about his example his submission and how he was you know what Allah said about Ibrahim Ali Salam. Allah says in the Quran I will be learning shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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Paul sada kala Tebbe Rumi letter Ibrahim Hanifa one Makkah and Amin al Mushrikeen. All Muhammad tell the people Allah is saying the truth. And Allah says in the Quran, all of us follow the deen follow the middle of Ibrahim Ali Salam Allahu Akbar Allah one more one more. Allah says Maka, Anna Ibrahim Yahoo de Yong wala na surani Yun wala King Kana Hanifa Muslimah. Allah says Ibrahim was not a Yahudi

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Allah says Ibrahim was not on the Serani Ibrahim was what Hanif upright Muslims submitting to Allah subhanho wa Taala woman candidate Mushrikeen and he was not a polytheist Are you ready to delve for the next 12 minutes or so that I have about Ibrahim Ali salaam ready inshallah.

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Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam was tested right and left. But one of the greatest tests he ever saw in his life is as follows. Ibrahim Ali Salam was getting older and older and older, no children. He has Saara as his wife and he has who else has his wife Hajer May Allah Allah was to be with them in Jana.

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So Abram SM is getting older Praise to Allah, Allah the heavily Mina Saleh Kenya Allah please grant me a righteous child and I pray to Allah subhanaw taala to prayers.

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I pray to Allah whoever amongst us has children may Allah make them righteous. And I pray to Allah Allah amongst us whoever does not have children. May Allah grant your righteous children I mean, so he kept praying to Allah Robbie Hubley Mina sila hin not too long after that Allah knows when exactly Allah says Ferber shall now hope you will. I mean, Helene, we given the good news of not a child are fantastic, phenomenal child who is patient can you imagine a patient child that's amazing, correct. You tell them go to sleep like Okay, I will Allahu Akbar. Go eat Okay, Allahu Akbar. May Allah make our children wise righteous like Ismail Ali Salaam. Moving forward. That child was

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growing right in front of the eyes of Ibrahim alayhis salam you have to appreciate this after many years of not having children. The joy is unmatched. Correct? Yes or no? So excited. So happy

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Everything is about my son is married and about my son about my son etc.

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And then Allah says Allah Marbella Rama who say when it's nine God to an age where he would hang out with his dad, Allahu Akbar, you know, many of us have children here, your newborn baby, you can do silly faces and you will not react correct. If you're like, okay, whatever, I feel silly. But then the older they get to you like this is the real deal. The three years old five, that's the real deal. When you walk home and they run after you at 15 years old, as a chef said in real life and daily Rajon okay, but at five years old, Baba, you're back, Mama, you're back. This is phenomenal feeling Correct. May Allah bless our children m&r Malala mean, so Allah has specifically mentioning

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that age, that tender age, that age that you would kiss their feet and it's not gross yet. So cute. Why is Allah focusing on that? Look at the closeness but then after that, rasool Allah Allah Allah, Allah says in the Quran, that Ibrahim Ali Salam had the dream to have many of you heard that before. He says what? In my dream I dreamt that I was slaughtering Ismail Ali Salaam and FYI for information, Revelation to prophets can come while they're awake. Gibreel. Assam comes as an example. And the revelation comes when they're asleep as well awake and asleep. The Sleeping is through dreams. So he had the dream that I have to slaughter my son. That is what Revelation. And

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this is a test coming once again after he was thrown into the fire. And this test made the fire seems so small. Are you guys with me?

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Because even Allah says this is Bella morphine. Clearly as TAs, may Allah protect us. How did he react to it? How did he react to it? I have to go slaughter my son. Are you serious? What would some people say May Allah protect us and forgive us? What's the wisdom behind that? I will not do anything in the Quran. I will not do anything authentic hadith until it makes sense to me. They do that sometimes. Right? It doesn't make sense. I'm not doing it no more. We're in 2019 de

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la hawla wala Quwata illa Allah. We're not uneducated people because we do things that do not make sense. We are educated people because we do things of what Allah said to us yes or no. Because Allah we trust him. We're not uneducated people. We're very educated. That's why we trust Allah subhanaw taala simple example. I know there are other exceptions to the rule. But in general, a doctor tells you take a tablet for your headache every eight hours. I don't know when was the last time someone told the doctor why not every six and a half hours telling me the wisdom why the pills should be taken after every eight hours until that makes sense to me. I will not take the medication. The

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doctor will tell you Are you okay? Let me give you another medication. Correct.

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He's like I studied this I've been schooled to like I was 45 years old I delayed my marriage I did all that stuff as an example. And you're questioning my intellect May Allah forgive us and protect us and you do many of us many of us we changed car parts and he had no clue what's a shock absorber Yes sir. No, just say it admit. He said you need to change the calibrator is a gear Yeah, okay. Sure change it. You have no idea what it is. You trust the mechanic.

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Allah is the best of examples. How dare you and I question ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada when thing is authentic and clear. Agreed. Agreed. Because if it has to make sense to you, that means you want to be Allah. What did you say one more time? If everything has to make sense to you, then you want to be al Hakim, you are wise and it's only Allah who is Al Hakim? Because if he has to make sense to you, then the Sahaba would never believe Mohamed Salah has said and went from Mecca to Al Aqsa yes or no. Within hours. But they still believed because if I use my mind 1414 years ago, oh, yeah, Mohamed Salah Salem, I don't know how he did the overnight usually takes two months. I know I'm out

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of this religion, if you want to use your mind.

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But now we like yeah, it makes sense. So when we tell you the Angel of Death does this and the angel of death does that and the Allah provides this way and Allah cures that way. And as the shifts that may Allah bless him, Allah testing that way, submit the way the Sahaba submitted to the traveling overnight, may Allah forgive us and protect us. I mean, so primarily Salam has been notified what I need to slaughter my son Revelation, He did not ask and feel free to raise your hand if you have an idea or an authentic hadith and I'm not kidding. stop in the middle of the talk. If you know of an authentic hadith, or an idea for Ibrahim, if Allah told them the wisdom behind that.

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Just slaughter him and that's it.

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Ibrahim Ali Salam did not ask for a dream interpretation did not ask for another opinion maybe there's a difference of opinion Gibreel Salaam and any difference of opinion about this he didn't say Okay can I change the ruling okay, I he will die but can I just at least not do it with my own hand have someone else do it because it's pretty cruel can I? How will you belong? Okay how about from an arrow? I'll okay I will kill him as his father but from a distance has to be a knife, not a single question. That is why he is our role model. You have your degrees we respect it. Whatever Allah told you, you have to appreciate from Allah as wisdom yes or no. So what if I hear, okay, why

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is gold haram for men? It doesn't make sense. Then what do you do? This intellect of yours. It clashes with Allah's revelation, which one submits.

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Your mind submits

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that's what you do with all your degrees all your experience that what you do five times a day, May Allah protect us and forgive us. A doctor tells you is impossible for you to ever have a child. You tell them my role model is Zachary Ali Salah, the guy with flaming white hair who Allah gave him yeah, here.

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Are you with me? The doctor tells you there's no cure to it's like no my role my Creator is Allah Shafi the one who cures that's your attitude. May Allah protect us and forgive us. So for him Alia Salam, he wants to go perform the obligation goes to the smile. Yes, Manuel I had a dream that I'm slaughtering you.

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What do you say about this your thoughts from Ramallah? Tehran, Ibrahim Ismail Ali Salam tells us that, look what it says. Yeah, Betsy, my beloved father, so both are showing love to one another. Yeah, but he taught me to do what you're commanded to do. He did not say Do as you wish. No, that's, that's not righteousness. He's reminding his dad do what you have been ordered to do. Allahu Akbar. You know, some of us we tell our parents whatever. No, I'm telling you what cheeseburger or chicken burger Show some respect, or whatever. Like, what are you doing? May Allah forgive us and protect us. Ebrahim is about to slaughter his son. And he says, oh Father, my beloved Dad, do what you're

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commanded to do. Allahu Akbar.

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Then he says what he gives us a lesson right now. I will not delay it. He says it not right to us right now. He says you will find me in sha Allah Mina sobbing because it's my nose. I cannot handle this test without Allah's assistance. So right from the get go, you realize to be able to be a Hanif Muslim, like Ibrahim Ismail, you have to realize without Allah we cannot do anything yes or no. So remember, you want to quit smoking you say in sha Allah or quit smoking. Don't say what test me inshAllah 30 days I'll quit smoking say in sha Allah. This Ramadan I will read the Quran two times say in sha Allah because you will not be able to breathe without Allah let alone finish the Quran

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for two times a month, yes or no? May Allah protect us and may Allah Allah you all to witness the month of Ramadan. Moving forward, Ibrahim Ali Salam, Hajj alayhi salam, they prepare their son for one of the greatest commands of all time. And he put down Ismail Alinea, Salam and he brings the knife and look at the edit and the respect for them as lemma will tell Julio Jebin you know, it's Marian The reason says he told his dad, let's not have eye contact, because he may hesitate.

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And even his son is respectful because he might have the overzealous youth. You're asking me Oh Dad to do Allah's command shame on you. You do it right away. Right. There's other extreme too. How dare you delay Allah's command? What you're asking me if Allah told you it's over this ad that there's respect. She says, Oh Dad, how about we avoid eye contact not to hesitate? So he does and he put them on the side and he's about to slaughter and only Allah knows the pain and Abraham's heart, the tears Yes, because as a prophet, you can cry as rasool Allah Salam, when he Allah Ibrahim, his own son, remember, Ibrahim Hassan Rouhani, Alon, two years old, the Prophet Muhammad Hassan him, Son,

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Muhammad I sent him cried Sahaba was shocked. You have crying? Yeah, Muhammad, you're crying over the death of your son. They think that maybe you're more patient or whatever the situation may be. He says yes, I will cry over my death of Ibrahim, my son, it has the eyes tear. The heart feels sad. But I will never see anything except that it's pleasing to Allah Allahu Akbar. It's a whole nother level. Remember richness is in the heart. Going back to Abraham and his Salem, smile on the ground, about to slaughter snot working back and forth is not working. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed a ram

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to Ibrahim got sub Dr. Roja Ibrahim, you nailed it. You have fulfilled the obligation you did it. Even Allah says this is the serious test. He says you have

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exceeded, may Allah protect us and honor every one of you mirabile Alameen, I share with you this epitome of submission. Because the next time you're told to do something, a Salah,

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respecting your parents, putting on modest clothing, realize Allah has a wisdom behind it, even if the whole world tells you is incorrect, I had one time a knee issue, I'll end inshallah with a citation than from a video on the left hand dollar. One time I had a knee issue, and I went to the doctor. He was of whatever background. So he says, You pray? I say yes. He said, I'm telling you my personal opinion.

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I don't believe the knee was meant to be bent like that four or five times a day.

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Well, Allah, that's what he said, I don't believe it was with your research with your books with your PhDs.

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Put it in the drawer and submit to Allah subhanaw taala because I believe the NI was meant to do that. Are you with me? Just submit to Allah subhanaw taala not because you're uneducated. It's because you're very educated because you love Allah Subhana Allah and you trust Allah. So with that being said, may Allah Allah speak with Ibrahim alayhis salam is playing the if I'm walking down just to appreciate it two minutes in Charlotte Zakouma lucky to play there yet brother Brian. Also the media team is also Raheem this wonderful life we all love that exactly well Lufia

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handedly a lot of the heavy in in the you know sloty Hain feathers shall now be wound I mean holy

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