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So when it comes to late alibaug Adam Smith allowed him to Los Altos de la sala.

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This is rather as as he would come here to the sea bites they've seen bits

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and we are with soda telegraph today. short short sweet to see inshallah

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for those of you who are following that and watch out for joining, Mashallah, Mashallah today are a lot of people are on the spot, normally to see and we you know, it's easy, but just so you know, those of you who just joined us from the last I have Facebook and Instagram, this is Tafseer bytes or bits which we started

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in Ramadan, and we're still resuming and carried on with hamdulillah. It's a short sweet FCD it is not very, very deep to have seen, but it gives you the essentials. The essential is that you need to understand in order to understand the source, the meaning of the source and beyond. So inshallah today would be with solid gaff.

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Last week, the last session we had was with soda

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and it's a lot and then today inshallah tada soldato capsule, you may want to grab your, your notebooks, pencils, pens handy inshallah. So that we can start so let's look at number 18 in the Quran, it is number 18 and it has 110 verses 110 verses and it is in just 15 and 16 you know, selected slot was in just 15 and a half also 15 and then 16, right 15 and 16. So, it is number 18 in the most half in the in the most have, it is the number of the solar is never at how many verses 110 verses, it is a mid case or

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a solar calf, it's a Mickey solar which means that the solar was revealed in Mecca, you know how it works is some time you know, normally There are two main so of course two main areas two main areas, the madonie, the mecca era and the madonie era. So there's some souls who are revealed in Mecca some that are revealed in Medina, and they are some soldiers, which some verses are revealed in Mecca, and other verses are revealed in Medina SubhanAllah. So this is you know, and now another thing about the end that you ought to know and then once we take these two scenes, you get to understand, you know the songs and which ones are murky, which ones and madonie which verses are revealed the

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Macan which are revealed in Medina for instance, the the reason why the sola was revealed or the i o was revealed.

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So So to recap, for instance, because it's called the calf or the cave, because it talks about the people of the cave, you know, the people of the cave, in fact, their story is translated into so many languages, you know, it's called the Seven Sleepers, you know, in Chinese and in many, many languages somehow like you know, Arabic and English of course, and although and Samadhi and, and you know, and Swahili and French and you know all the languages out there you will find the stories of the Seven Sleepers, Seven Sleepers, you can find them you know, online, they talk about the story of the people of the calf.

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What are the virtues of salted calf are they are few, very few

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virtues of solid cap.

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So, the Sahaba by name of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah know, as he says that the Prophet that the man was

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that the Prophet Mohammed Hassan said he said

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a man was reading solid calf

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he was reading saw the calf, and then and then the, the animal that he was like, maybe he was riding a mule or he was riding a horse or a camel

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started like moving and or reacting when he was reading solid calf.

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And then, as the habit came in, like a cloud, you know, came in

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then, the prophet Mohammed is awesome says, This is the Sakina that was descended, when that man was really not reciting solid alkaff one of the virtues of salted calf is Subhanallah it brings a second

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and also one of the virtues of solid calf is that the Prophet Mohammed sarsam says, Whosoever memorizes or knows about the will there's two narrations one narration that says the last one I have sorted calf, and there's one narration that says the first and the first and

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I also the calf and there is in fact, one the ratio that says the Middleton if so to calf, so but the majority of the scholars they say you know, from the

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Did that you know the last whoever whoever memorizes and knows about the last 10 verses of skeletal calf shall be protected from the the fitness, the trial of MSE had the jet. We spoke about this one, we talked about the you know, the series, the end of time, the end of time series, which is recorded on Facebook and YouTube, you can always go back to it. We spoke about the major science and one of the major science was about the coming of the Asian issues. And the jet right the jet also is a major, major sign. So one of the ways to protect oneself from the jet on the fitna of MSC had the jet is, you know, the knowing about the last 10 verses of South Africa. So these are some of the

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virtues of South Africa.

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What is the number or the 13th in terms of the the sequence of the solar compared to the other souls, and we have 114 souls in the air. So the calf is number 67 its revelation in terms of Revelation is number 67. So we have one 414 So what was it revealed? What number is it in terms of 114 Solas it is number 67. Right after Alaska and before solid ushaw this is in terms of its revelation. And the one of the main reasons of the ASVAB the reasons of its news all of its revelation deals with Alia hood, the Jews and and also talks about the the struggling for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala so this is the main topic or the main subject of sola l

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alkaff. The circle of life starts with Athena it starts with praise. So Hanna lady sob I know that's a lot of I'm sorry. So it's a lot so let's go and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah lady answered either of these kita and Hampton so it starts with you know, praising Allah subhana wa tada that Allah subhana wa tada thanking, and showing gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Remember when we talked about the the 10 different types of introductions in the end, and starts when you read any sola in the Quran? There are only 10 types of introductions or beginnings. You know, one of them is there's some sources that start with praise and realization, this sort of gift starts with brace, you know, and

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hamdulillah also panela like, you know, some Hana lady so that it's not some Hana lady, this sort of starts with Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Yeah, and it's a it's a, you know, praising of Allah Xhosa, the Solus is split into mocha deema. This is the categories of the soda, you know, you have an introduction, and then you have the stories, because it has more than one story. It has few stories, and it has an end or the conclusion. So a calf is split into three sections, mocha Dima, or introduction, and then stories, more than just one story, talk about them. And then you have the

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of the AMA, the introduction starts from verse one to verse number eight.

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Verse One, two, verse number eight.

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And it starts with a thought that you know, praising Allah subhanho wa Taala and the description and describing the end normalizer just says, What have the lydians keytab? What am the agenda what

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what it means it was a praise be to Allah is the one who has, you know, sent down this key tab again, the key tab here means the book, and right when an issue

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has not placed any crookedness in it, what an amazing way to start, you know, this, or this or just like when we talk about inner circle, I mean, that he can keytab lottery Buffy that book, there is no doubt in it. Somebody who starts his book by saying My book is the book like there's no doubt there's no mistakes in it. Here. Eliza just says praise me to the one who sent down his book, the book and and what am I What? What I did is no crookedness, no crookedness in it. So this is from verse one to verse number eight verse, the cases, the classes The story is the start from nine to 98.

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From sola from verse number nine, all the way to verse number 98. All these are stories, what kind of stories? The first story is the story of the people of the cave.

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The people of the cave, so this is a long story. You know, a long time ago, in the Romans, there was this Roman king who was an oppressor by the name of Dr. Nicholas, who knows know, and there were some people who are kids, you know, youngsters who chose not to follow the routine of that came because the king was

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Spreading injustice

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and, and, and whatnot so these people they came out because they they they wanted to they were under the

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still the religion of the oneness of Allah subhana wa tada yeah which means Don't worry, they will enter to hate so they did not want to believe in the teachings and the preaching of the king and the people who follow the king who was spreading injustice at the time. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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but we will let him initiate and hamdulillah he led the ends and he turbot with me Ah, I know who he was.

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And then allies ocean you know goes on into the into the the story of the diversity and the fabric of the story of the US having a cup of

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coffee huapi me can mean it now.

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I was talking to Prophet Mohammed and him about the people of the cave can mean a a teenager but is our fitted on all of bene urging them in their own charisma. Well, hi, my name is Amina Russia. So they came and wanted to and these people these kids in fact, they were they were very special youth. They didn't come from any low profile kind of youth they were they came from the elite of the of the of the of the of the home, the elite of the people, but then they came out because they wanted you know to follow the vision of the head of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So they came and they resorted into a cave, they did not know there was this cave, they met one another right. And then they did

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not know each other but they all came out because there was this celebration. There was this celebration. So I'm just giving you the the the the the goals of the story because I'm not going to go deep into it. This is what we call it to see the bytes or bits.

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They came out as there was this festival where they used to celebrate the gods and whatnot. This youth they came out from that celebration they did not want to participate in that celebration or that festival. So they came out and then they made all of a sudden you know each other and they knew that they came out for the same reason. They did not want to be part you did not want to be part of that festival or that celebration

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Academy as it

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is I will fit into either cafe or Carla banner. So they they came out they resorted into this cave and they said our Lord they've been asking me

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you know asking Allah Subhana Allah to bless them while I bought my car, move

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them over to a jeep. You know, Allah subhana wa tada says that a lot of Allah tala could obey Him, you know, he made the heart stand first stand very firm is camo, they stood up. So this is another lesson right here for us. You know, they did not only participate so because sometimes some people they ask, so can I just go to this wedding?

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I know this wedding will be hard on but I can just sit and make the decision.

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It's a wedding of mine. Not my sister my brother's wedding my cousin's wedding, right? That'd be a lot of headroom in it. But I can just sit and make Nicola Xhosa. These youth they did not want to participate in that festival. Did they just sit and say stuff

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they did not sit Allah says is common for Carlota buena takato is common. For Karla buena, boost America, they stood up and they left. First of all they left that environment they did not want to be part of that environment. They came out from that environment for camo. You know, they did not sit down for camo they stood they left they left that environment for

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a CIO associate keeps talking about again the story of the people of the gaff in the first section between verse number nine and verse number 98.

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And then Allah assertion also talks about another story, the story of the of Moosa again, I just said this is 13 bytes. I'm not gonna go deep talking about the people of the cave, because this is a long story about the people of the game, but I just gave you, you know, they just the juice of it. You know, the first story that Eliza talks about is the story of the people of the cave, that Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the story of Musa Musa kusa is a prophet Allah and a messenger Allah Allah, maybe not. The scholars, they say no, he was not a prophet or the messenger. He was a man that Allah inspired him with some with some M. Because Moosa, he was asked by one of the vendors

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about a one of the people of the children of Israel, Israel, he said, Who is the most knowledgeable man on earth? Moses said I, and Allah wanted to teach Moosa A lesson along the way to Musa No, there's somebody who is more knowledgeable than you, that Allah azza wa jal made the most out of work he made he make an effort to go and seek for that person to learn from that. There is somebody who's more knowledgeable than you. Go and seek that person. Look for look out for that person.

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Where Where should I just go and look out and then I'd like a very, you know, not very clear guidelines, but there is between this partition between these two oceans, you know, you will find a man you will find the man who is the most knowledgeable man on earth. So Moosa he understood that he undertook that journey to find that man who is more knowledgeable who has that, you know, so he wanted to go and learn from him

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idolization missions that story with no indictment is a lie Xhosa says.

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He moves out and he stood up and left with that, you know, one of his students as well who somebody said that later on or you know, he will become another another prophet that will come to Venice or Tanaka, they went together looking for this man photographer had a documentary stuff in it, da da. So now together moose I found that boy or found that man, and told him that I wanted to, I'm just again summarizing the story for you. Moose, I found that man and asked him to, I want to learn from you. The man said, you won't be able to be patient with me, you know? So.

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Moosa said no, I'll be patient, I will not ask no more questions, or no question. Just take me with you. The The, the condition was, don't ask no questions. If you see anything, don't ask questions. And Moosa accepted. And then the story started, they went together, and moves out. In fact, that meant that he knew that muscles coming alive, that Jamie inspired him that you know, musei is coming. So he knew about him. Musa wanted to learn from him, wanted to learn what wasn't to learn the hikma that Allah has given him as blessing when they're in that Allah has blessed him with and then they undertook that, you know, the the the the journeys altogether with their three journeys

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journey to the, to the ocean, the first journey, where they, you know, they went into that boat, and then you know, the story when mostly when I went and then they started damaging the boat. And then most I was telling him, how can you man How can you damage this boat, these people, they, they did a favor for us. They were, you know, taking us know, into and giving us a lift, and and you went and then you destroyed the boat. So he failed the first, you know, challenge. He says, Well, the first condition you know, he said not to ask no questions. He says, Okay, I'm sorry, I forgot. I will not ask any other questions. And then another journey. And Heather was just going around, they passed by

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some kids playing a doubleheader was just looking around for some kid, you know, and Moosa, just following him, and all of a sudden grabbed a kid and killed him. And then once I was in shock, how can you get someone? How can you get it isn't like, you know, and then again, he told him, I told you not to ask no questions, or Yeah, I'm sorry. If I was to ask any more questions, then, you know, we'll set apart and then again, they went up into another, sort of like vintage, people did not want to host them. And then of header found the wall. And then he went, and then he, you know, while that was actually kind of like, torn down, and then he went and he rebuilt it. And then Moosa said, had

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you asked them, you know, maybe they would have paid you for our efforts, you know, for us to fix this wall. These guys were so greedy, and advisor, they did not even want to host us, you know, and then we come and then we fix this wall for them. Why can't we should have asked for some, at least some, some, some payment back. And then I told him where this is at this is, you know, the end of our journey. And I because you failed to meet the conditions we have set, you know, before or prior of the beginning of this journey. And then he explained to him what he interpreted to him what he has done, why he damaged the boat. There's so many lessons, brothers and sisters, amazing. There's

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so many lessons right here. Why did I damaged the boat? I damaged the boat because, you know,

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this, we were just we were sailing into this other country or that town. in that town, there is a kink and that King is an oppressor. You know, he's a he's a dictator, he tends to take people's boats and kill them. So I damaged the boat torn off a bigger evil, I cause an evil, but I ordered off a bigger evil, right. Mussa did not have that. Elon Musk did not have that knowledge, ally social gave that knowledge to the right alliances you gave that and also, he says, you know that there's a kink dictator, he takes people's votes and he kills them. So go and damage the boat. He went and he damaged the boat. Yes, he caused some evil, but that evil is to ward off a bigger evil.

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The lesson here is the lead. There's so many but the lesson here is sometimes something may happen to us. But that thing that happened to us or to you or whoever, there's bigger hair in his head and it's because Allah azza wa jal could not have saved you from something that must worst that could have happened to you. You were driving and then you had an accident. Allah subhana wa tada just saved you from a bigger accident. We'll go into an interview and you had the flat tire unless

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Hello, Tennessee if you had a flat tire because, you know allegedly saving something better for you and whatnot, unfortunately, you just put his job and then Allah Subhana Allah data, you lost your job, oh, I lost my job. And I I just put his job and I lost my job. Yes, you know he's a trial he's a test, you know, the test Eliza test as you and I do not know you and I we do not know why certain things happen most I did not know why he went and he damaged the boy Moosa did not know why he went and he killed that boy, Musa did not know why. And then he builds that wall. But Allah subhanho wa Taala gave that knowledge to shut up. He did not give that knowledge to masa. Right? So the story

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was mentioned there in in the second part of saw that gap. And then the third story is the story of a girl named waste. I don't know, the name polsat la la caminho de Klopp Wait, they ask about the company, you know, so these jewels, they came asking Prophet Mohammed about, you know, certain questions that no prophet would have known the prior of Prophet Mohammed I just said, because this story is happened between right after the death of them. And, and and before, you know, the coming of Prophet Mohammed. So there was no prophet at the time, and nobody would have known, nobody would have known. So they wanted to ask him a question about these, these, you know, these these stories.

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And if he was truly a prophet, you would know, they asked him about these are the people of the cave, they asked, these are the Jews who are asking Prophet Mohammed, they tried to, you know, sort of, like ask him a question which he maybe he they claim, or they thought that he would not know how to answer just so that they can justify and prove to the people that he's not a prophet, you know, so but if he really knows that he is truly a prophet. And he answered their questions, and yet they did not believe in him. So the other question was about, you know, the first was about the Seven Sleepers, you know, the seven, and how long would they have? How many were there? You know, they

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said, five or six or seven? Only Allah knows about their, you know, their number. And then the second question was about

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the cullinane.

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Right, so they asked me this question is that the Prophet Mohammed has or semi answered all these questions.

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The lie Xhosa says, with I don't know, Canada funding, and they asked you about the parliament was this amnesia prophet? No, he's not a prophet. He's a messenger. No, he was not a messenger. But he was a very righteous, powerful man. He was very righteous, very powerful man. Allah gave him a lot of part, you know, and then he went and he did a lot of things, great things, you know, and, and then the story of intrusion measures came again, another study came in, which coincided with the study of, of, of the campaign in South Africa. And then Allah subhana wa Taala says, we're talking about the homie oma dm was up about one fifth or so. So this is after Allah Subhana, WA, tada, you

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know, in the solder together, talking about all these, you know, sauce, all these stories, then comes in the, the allottee map comes in the conclusion, the conclusion starts from verse number 99, to 110.

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So we said there's an introduction, and there is a bunch of stories. And then there is the conclusion conclusions from verse number 99, to verse number 110. in there, Allah subhanho wa Taala starts talking about the affair.

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And the consequences of those who don't believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then whatever Allah surgeon has prepared for the believers, all this in the, you see, in the conclusion of solid calf,

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the beginning of saw the calf is praise. The middle of it is stories, the end of it is talking about the hereafter.

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And the consequence of those who don't believe in Allah xuejun and then talking about what Allah zation has prepared for the believers, Allah Subhana Allah says, we're talking about the whole neoma ad module fee, but there were no free coffee. So the fisherman

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then Allah says talking about the day when that you're not it will be blown on that trumpet and people will be assembled together is their judgment allows us just talking about the day of judgment? Well, I don't know. Johanna may or may add to caffeine. And Emma wouldn't be brought. We talked about this in detail during the end of time series, right. Those of you who missed that series, please, you can go back and watch it. It's on Facebook and YouTube. Johanna will be brought once people will be assembled on that day, the day of resurrection. She said Johanna will be brought and then Allah subhanho wa Taala Ends with You know what he has prepared under the ward for the

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believers in the legend M and what middle side he had to kind of go home jetnet Wi Fi Lucy Newsela Allahu Akbar, those who believe in letting me know that my brothers and sisters when needed, and every time I'd love to talk about those beliefs.

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income in addition to just believe in Allah Xhosa goes and says where I'm little sorry ahead it goes in parallel. Those who believe and work righteousness, those who believe and work towards righteousness those who believe is because believe by itself is not enough. You cannot just say I believe but you don't pray. You cannot say say I believe but you know what? You cannot say I believe but you don't fast Ramadan. You cannot say I believe and don't read. And because it's a belief, you have to couple your belief with actions.

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The actions that prove your belief, right, so here's Eliza, she's in the Latina Emma, no Whammy, no Whammy, no Whammy no all the time whenever you hear in the end or read, but I'm in the belief right next to it, you will find what I mean. And they work righteousness. So Ally's vision ends with in the Medina ermanno middle Sonia had kind of the home Jen Natalie Fidel's. He knows that hard enough he had a one on one.

00:25:59--> 00:26:06

Those who believe and work righteousness. Allah subhanho wa Taala has prepared for them shenana totally failed those he knows

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what would be their abode that abode will be generated from those the agenda of Fidel switches the highest ever engine in shall Montana. This is the conclusion of solid recap in a nutshell, to see the bytes my brothers and sisters when we're talking about solar calf, solar number 18. In the end, it has 110 verses and it is located in just between just 15 and just chapter 15 and 16 in the Quran, and it is a Mickey Sora talks about mostly the people of the cave or the Seven Sleepers.

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Is that Kamala Harris this is

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this is it for me for today. metallisation bless you all. And Charlottetown I hope to see you later on today at six o'clock pm. Eastern Time. 1111 o'clock pm UK time for the homemade happiness homemade happiness will be session I believe number 15 session number 15 husbands wives those who are married those who are not married.

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You don't want to miss it again. You don't want to miss it so shallow today this is for six o'clock pm eastern time. 11 o'clock pm UK time is that common law head this was the

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tough seal bites bits

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was talking about solidly calf today. Those of you who come in late the soul of the calf the you can always go back and watch it you know and or listen to it or watch it it's on saved on Facebook, on YouTube and on the igtv on Instagram. I will see you later on that Kamala Harris Baraka Luffy comm Facebook, Salaam Alaikum. Hello Bobcat. Somebody