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Now this allowed him the lowest level cinema last Rila

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we are with the final Zeus the nodes just 29 He just finished them starting in we're going to start to use it as well today in shallow Tana

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too many sauce so I'm going to make it into a theme in sha Allah Who to add the juice of 29 Starting from solid Elgin solid to gin which he recited in Asia and then in Tara we started gin and with Zen mill he finished that mill and then and with that, and then a piano all the swords you will see that they have something in common altogether on piano and inside one of my favorite songs and instead of instead in parties in the audio, Quran they call it something else.

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So that

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sort of dark or inner

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No, so that the Tao okay in insert for the Arabs have done for the auto speaking people. So it's the same for an inside and most salad. So that's almost salad. So now you almost never it starts with

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we said hey, Ella, how are you happy? Are you happy?

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Yes. Oh yes.

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He doesn't say he just wants to talk with NAS yet. Ibiza whatever let's acquire the new fifth out and fulfill in Chicago's Danny almost the end of Alaska. You know it's done. You know as you say now with the Quran, and your Mac mochila computer Kampala the D is been completed everything all the Gam have been revealed, of the rulings and other evidence the rule has been revealed. Now is the end file as the final countdown. This is why in the source you will find that Allah azza wa jal talks a lot about LTM and the scenes of the of the Day of Judgment so that the jinn this theme that we have now amongst the source is you know about your dean. Now, it is your responsibility to give that

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This is the model this is the the topic, just number 29 and 30 in palace, you know about your dean, it is your responsibility to convey this message and not only your responsibility, the responsibility of the jinn kmsauto gene and what makes them embrace Islam, the jinn larva, listen to the Quran, as they listen to the Quran, and then they started conveying the message and it says in the Quran in the Salah gene with regard to the fact that they used to get news from the heavens, but then with the coming of the Prophet Muhammad Ali,

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they can no longer get any messages from the heavens as if they were to approach they will find she had been Masada, you know, this flaming fire so they came back not being able to get through news from the heavens from the angels talking about one another as to what's going to happen you know, so the agenda is to get these messages but with the comment of the Prophet Muhammad they will not be able to know as to what when or what is happening and when they amongst the general presidency so just so you know what, in the meantime, Muslim woman a woman of acetone amongst them Jing they are Muslims among Muslims. He knows they are Xin

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Christians and they know they are just like humans. If you want to know more, I have a very interesting lecture. It's a seminar it's online. It's on YouTube called the Word of God you can go back and watch it if you if you're interested. And then sort of thing was done with us now. All right, you have you know, your responsibility responsibly is that one. So come so often with some may feel that our brothers and sisters you need some tools. What tools do you need unit pmla comes to optimism.

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Yes, because you can be busy during the day, you need illiquidity. You need somebody in patience. So what will empower you at night unit pmla somosomo. Korea Malaysia that prayer was full for one year it was fun. Prophet Muhammad and Saba used to pray was mandatory pmle Yeah, you had was a min Comilla illa Allah

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Muhammad when he came down from the cave, you know from covering for Baba hayleigh You know, and he told his best friend who is best friend, Muhammad best friend.

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You're all wrong. You're all wrong. Who said that? Who said that?

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Eric I'm

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sorry. He cannot sue me because I hit him with chocolate.

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He can go to the

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Tommy the judge the guy hit me the judge will ask what did he do when he hit me with chocolate?

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So you just be like throw it hit your head I'm sorry man, but he just chocolate. So what was it now? You shot the product metal his best friend Alex.

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I'm sorry Khadija Khadija is best friend he told her is Amin Oniisan. Maloney he could have gone to a movie, but he wanted his best friend to confide to his best friend to tell her as to what happened to him in the case that mean when he's unwilling Allah calls him yeah Johan was a meal

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for me Lena in la cadena you need that we need the need to empower yourself with with pmla and then comes in and more depth

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and what they say is about the depth of that way of giving that was the thing it's all about

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now you have pmla to empower you you have you know you learn about leave and he you know the the Adapt and now it's the

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Go and give that openly privately your family gonna give you a hug

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what comes after

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comes and then comes yellow and then go give our convey the message of Allah and then is this interesting is often with Destiny was by Allah subhanaw taala talks about the believers addressing the criminals in hellfire they will ask them this question they will say masala comfy subpop Soccer is another name of what

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Hellfire Celica confused here we go buddy.

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Somebody says the sisters they want chocolate to Yola, I can't. I can't do that man. No, you do it.

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gonna mess up the compiler. They say what Massena can convince the car Listen, listen, please. Metallica, goofy stalker. What do you mean hellfire? The first justification the first reason that we give them call them non criminal mousseline.

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We did not used to pray. While I'm not going up and when we see meaning we did not used to give charity. These are some of the things that threw them into hellfire. But the first reason they said we did not pray.

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We didn't pray some no Sunglow imagined Prophet Muhammad in his hand and last breath before he dies. Before he died, his dying some lightning send them before he dies. What was he saying? The final the golden advice Asana, Asana, medica. Amen. Pray praise

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so often with death and then comes in sought after.

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And the day he went he believes that what he needs to understand something he needs to talk to people about what was the about the Day of Judgment piano about good about bad about you know, warning, given the monition tell them about your month piano tell people this is comfortable talking about the piano talking about these things of the Day of Judgment and then comes in for the exam also above. So that is such a beautiful source of insight and talking about this man talking about again, very beautiful description of Jana, you know, and then not only about Jonah Hill fire, but you did beautiful, beautiful description about the about what happens in Jana, it talks about the

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noun and the preparation and what Allah has done has prepared for His servants in the day of judgment and then comes to like the most or less. So it's almost like that again. The thing is that we're given that Allah Allah azza wa jal says why Yo Yo Ma Ed Lim look at the Wii. U was gonna give that there were 100 years Sahaba you and I you believe you're going to convey this message. There will be some people who will not believe there will be some people who will maybe negate what you say but Allah says We don't owe to them to whom and who because they've been way too young. To be those who will not hold belittle who will in fact negate the message of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and

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then come forth and never and never know as you add all the ends never unless you add a takeaway that you get all these final sauce. They all talk about the same theme and that theme I'm going to just summarize in sha Allah Allah that theme is

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yes, it is that it is that what but another myth ticklers description of Jana and Johanna, another very meticulous detailed description of human piano. The Prophet Muhammad Ali's circumstances he was rated by in London when he says man sobre Hawkman someone who and younger Isla yo will piano

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failure is a show of so called wealth either summit on Fatah Allah

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who ever wants to see the day of judgment as if he seen it live with the naked eye if you want to see the day of judgment to make the real distinct sauce

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this term so called wealth so that way and then circle inflata and that's what an ancient ancient path is at least what that really meticulously describes what happens either ships when the Sun will become overthrown or either stem out or when the center will be cut will be slightly centered, the scout will be sending some amazing description that Allah is describing, you know, breathtaking description, you read this to Sasha Allahu Tada. So you can see these scenes that would happen in the hereafter brothers sisters, that's an idea that would change your life. Verse number nine from somatic instead.

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I hope you're getting these yet because the price is on the night of the 29th the 29th which is Friday Shala and we're not in sha Allah T the brothers are taking care of this they're trying to bring in some really really amazing prices and some of these prices are not chocolate the prizes wouldn't be iPads, the prizes wouldn't be iPhone. No no no no no not Paxton Tina.

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I watch I watch Indian I watch iPad I seen you I know you I love you know all these prizes but really, really cool have some iPads and iPhones. No iPhones. I launches Inshallah, right? So and I love you too.

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I've come a habit, kapow.

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Alright, so verse number nine from solids. And inside.

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Very beautiful verse, Allah subhana wa says with regard to these people who will be admitted to Allah subhana wa Taala

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in moto mo commonly YG he'll

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kanji Aza

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we feed you for the sake of Allah human comes as a supporter, we don't want you to think us we don't want nothing from you. We're only doing this for the sake of Allah. And the point here is sincerity Atlas and this reminds me of the volunteers who are working in this mission or volunteers working anywhere for that matter. You know, sincerity is the key if no Alana used to say sincerity and if glass is the mask of the heart it is the mask of the heart and he must have had a class you know sincerity so when they speak when they say in their mouth

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when we think you when we serve you when we stand out there you know in the parking lot trying to help you direct the traffic and whatnot. We do it for the sake of Allah. Yeah, and legal income just Yes. You know that Pat in the back. It feels good. It feels good when management comes to the state is like, okay, it feels good when you go to your son is safe, better Betty, good job and you do this in the back it feels good. But oftentimes your manager will not see it's like Allah here. Thank you management will not do what maybe maybe often I won't say all but a lot of times people don't say that. So don't feel that why because you're doing it before when you're doing it for the sake of

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Allah in a minute I will complete what you learn naturally human cultures will not seeking any reward from you why they're so caught up the sucker from Allah subhanho wa Taala I shall get a shuffle what versus that

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number nine and what I was not what I was

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what sort of

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what sort of the Arabic

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world was exactly Melosh anime. I love this