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snowed him last summer so that's Sarah Malika talaga Catherine

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Our ship is our head has completed so a lot of passes and then he moved to solid and uncoupled the web. And then after Salter and caribou today Shala also they will be covering select a row. So today I'm going to cover since I covered puzzles yesterday so so as for me today inshallah uncovered and a home and uncovered means well, both of the swords are murky sewers and considered to be from the matinee. Those of you just to remind you quickly, you know, the set up play well under seven long ones and then you have a mean, those who are about 100 as a little bit over and then in below, you have what we call a mystery. So both uncover watch and saw a wrong concept to be from an Muthoni and

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they are both Miki sauce, except for the angkor wat you have verse number 10 and 11. The automobili saw Melanie as Melanie is but the rest is all we're not McKee sauce, or Mickey is with regard to sort of uncover the well. One of the main reasons as to why this film was revealed. And this may relate to a lot of us here today, especially the youth and their parents.

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The story of sad Nabhi walk past the Sahara Desert, and his mother. When he embraced Islam, his mother came to him and she says, I shall not eat nor drink

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until I die. Even if I were to die, you have to revert back to your Helia

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I will stop eating and drinking until you denounce Islam. He did not know what to do. And she kept on you know, not eating or not drinking and not eating, not drinking. And then he came to tell her at some point she says long if you have 100 souls to die one after another

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for me to denounce Islam, I will not be noticed then you want to eat eat you don't want to eat don't eat. Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed when I arrived from salt and uncovered what was finally insanity. Why did they hit us now? We're in Shahada. The Toshi can be the man so that can be further Hoonah

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will be the way he thinks and that Allah has decreed that you honor your parents, that you honor your parents. And if they were to strive to make you denounce your religion, industrial faith fed alphabet Homer if they were to strive to ask you to do something haram Fela puppet Homer do not obey them. This is the only case where one should not obey their parents. Other than that, we should honor them. Our parents so this idea now starts talking about and Phaeton starts talking about temptations,

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starts talking about the struggle and the struggle towards this towards these temptations, whether the sisters, temptations may take several forms, to teachers may take the form of men being seduced by men being seduced by women or women being seduced by men.

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The fitna of, of the children, the fitna of, of your well, the fitna. There's so many forms of fitna, but the most dangerous form of fitness is fitness within the fitness of the deen. We asked Allah azza wa jal not to make us endure any fitna under the any other fitna, but not in our deen

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and then Allah azza wa jal talks about the struggles of the prophets towards this Phaeton the start of the struggle of

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of know how to use Salah Allah mentions historical and acabou no honey Salam when he struggled for 1000 years less than 50 and this is a small stuff small parts I'm gonna put up here, Allah has a he says at a facility in LA from Siena Hama, if you were to look into translation they will say 1000 years minus 50 years, but Allah says Santa and he says

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you see the Arabic is a beautiful language Arabic is a very rich language center and it may not mean the same thing you have did not mean also the Arab they may use them you know but we normally use center or and depending but in the language of the Arab at the time center is used for tough years and and is used for easy years. But here in English they just say if you look at the translation they say 1000 years minus 50. But what it really means not only his salaam he struggled for 950 years 900 years minus 5900 I'm not trying to talk to his people and give that away and whatnot. The struggle of so of the other prophets, as we'll talk about some of them in salt and cabling, and then

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saw that

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a home some ruin the Romans is also as I mentioned,

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It's a Miki Surah, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about his signs.

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Well, I mean, he, if you look unreachable at the moment, it starts with whatever came home.

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At the time, the Prophet Mohammed Al Salam and the sahaba. They were, you know, they were following the news as to what was happening out there. And then there was this battle that happened between the Romans and the Persians, the Sahaba, they wanted the Romans to win the battle. Why? Because the Romans, they were from Al Kitab, they were from the people of the book. So Allah azza wa jal revealed the holy battle room for

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the room, the Romans had been defeated, but they will come back and they will win again. And then Allah has just talked about that story. And then he mentioned that talking about his science.

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The science of Allah has chosen in this universe, the sign Allah is there, some of the signs of us are talking about the creation of mankind, the creation of a summer, he will have some a little obligation on the heavens and earth, the creation of the fact that we're the diversity in our languages, the diversity of our background, in all these are signs of Allah Subhana Allah data, and at the end, an ayah that will change your life. And I that will change your life. I'm going to take it from saloon as well.

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So the one verse number 21. But here's the quick test for all of us here today.

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A quiz, who remembers an AI that will change your life We have mentioned my very, very first, very first,

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hop, the very first day of Ramadan, the second day of Ramadan, when we talked about solar and Baja, every day, or every time I talked about an AI that would change your life, sort of abakada what I added, I mentioned that change your life

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as you can see, and who said Let's proceed, and also very quickly.

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I have number 6969. What 69 169 Stripes. What

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is it? 6968 I don't know who said he said adequacy first, you said adequacy first, he said it first. Because I love you. I'm just gonna give you a laundry. Okay, I don't want you to and because I love you too.

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It's I have two questions. So this is a quiz as to what's to come shamatha on the 29th

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I love everyone but I only have this is for me that

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I that would change your life. Verse number 21 from sortal who's married

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who's single?

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Who's happy?

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Sisters Islam, Allah subhana wa Dionysus.

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One in Isla de again from amongst us science and Harada coming for cecum as well as well gently just go no, we're not going.

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Mack in NaVi Danika it Lippo me

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and amongst His Signs is that he had created amongst your mates, husbands and wives for what reason? Lucas Kuno la ha and to dwell into one another where Jai lubaina Kumar with different Allah says he has put amongst spouses Mo and Dan and the Russian man who speaks Arabic

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what is the difference between my word and

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even the others they don't know.

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What is the difference between my word that comes from the name of Allah and will do and by the way I do

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my one that comes from the name of Allah and we'll do what is what how do you translate it in English? Are you married?

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Only five years old?

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He says

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what is the name of the languages in English?

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Is good

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and what is evolution? And what are these are words oh

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because because in the face I'm gonna give you this this is this is high this is this is nothing this is here.

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Not for you my brother for him. Yeah.

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Why don't you ablution man

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I love it

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is the most affectionate?

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Allah He called himself and Masha.

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Allah called himself The L Word or the most affectionate. What's the difference between help and would help is a feeling help me in Arabic means love. So if you notice things help means love. Affection is different than love. Affection is the translation.

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Have those feelings into action and that's why Allah subhana wa Tada call him says and will do. So here Allah subhana says was in a coma with that and ALLAH and he has put amongst you affection and mercy. Affection comes in first at Danella mothers and sisters especially sisters, you know please remember this brothers right remember this what is this

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plan right? And what are these

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pages but what

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is exactly Allah says and amongst his Ayad

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is that the USB port amongst your mates your spouse's, your Wi Fi, isn't it? The way you respect this? The way you speak is you have to respect your spouse's

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How about this one? Sister's a way

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please remember this, this is this is what Allah has already seen in local analog saying this is one of the ways in respect for another venerate one another make dua for one another and leave with the name of Allah and we're dude bring your love to your homes inshallah to Allah Baraka, Luffy concept mockups and America.

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