Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2012 #25

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The believer in protecting from death is instructed to be careful and work hard in order to avoid the upcoming death of a person. The importance of learning to use the shades of Islam in a car and avoiding giving out information is emphasized. The speaker provides seven categories to choose from, emphasizing the importance of being in the right shades for personal growth. The segment ends with a request for viewers to leave a comment and subscribe to another episode of Rocky Ramallah.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Many others as he would come in here to another episode of rockier Ramadan 2012 day 25.

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So in these days, we've been making some special out to Allah subhanho wa Taala, especially asking him for forgiveness by saying alemannic iPhone to help with alpha for a while like are the oft forgiving, and you'll have to forgive so forgive us. And we been also making lots of asking him to save us from

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from the punishment of the grave and from hellfire.

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I'd like to take you into this trip that all of us have to go to, at some point, all of us will have to go to the grave, all of us will have to go to death. But for you the believer, you won't have to worry. Really, you won't have to really be sad. Why because you are a believer

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of cover, the grave, darkness,

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no fear.

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in fact, it could you know, as the Prophet Mohammed Isaiah said him says that the grave is into the pit of Hellfire, or a garden of heaven.

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But for you the believer insha Allah hota Hana, it will be

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a garden of heaven.

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What is how it goes,

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as you're put into your grave,

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a man, a beautiful man with bright face will come with beautiful clothes will come to you. And

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you will tell him

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was yoga. And would you

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let 11 hire you have such a beautiful face?

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You this face is for someone who comes bringing some blood to it, who are you

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and that person would say, and I'm going to casada

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and I'm I am your righteous deeds, I am your good deeds, I am your your prayers, I am your fasting of 2012 I am your reading of the end into Ramadan. 2012 I am your kindness to your parents. I am your kindness to your children. I am your sadaqa I am this I am that and he will come to give you the Glatt ID

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Are you going to be holding strong to these good deeds after Ramadan because your good deeds will come in the form of a man to bring you the gloves it in in a time when you mostly are in need of someone to bring you some comfort in a time where they are inside your grave.

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Maybe the person next to you in the grave, just next to you is going through torment to punishment. But you the believer, you are going through a bliss genda.

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And then, inside your grave

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to philosophy the human agenda.

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You will have some sort of not only clothing but

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some sort of beddings from

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inside your grave will use the hula hoop everyone else agenda and a gate agenda will open up

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to you in your grave. So that you see yourself and you see a palace and you see you mentioned and you see accommodation in Jana

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and you get to smell this fragrance of *.

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You are in your grave. As if this is like an HDTV. You are watching the

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future. You're watching the future you engender in your grave. So that's why I'm saying you the believer you don't have to worry and you don't have to be scared.

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And then you will say about be a chemist or be a chemist. You will say oh my lord rush for the hour after me sir that starts the hour. Let's start the hour Let's start the hour. Why? Because you want to go to your accommodation engine

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as inven before you pull into your grave, you're held into you know this covenant that people are you know, carrying you on their shoulder to your grave

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You see all that you see a place in general then you see a GI Monica de Moni Rashmi Rashmi, don't get scared.

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Don't get scared of death.

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Don't get scared of why because he's a believer. You worked hard. You worked hard this Ramadan.

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Right. You worked hard and hamdulillah so you say a demonic demonic demonic Rashmi Rashmi. But the other one say that the other would say oh to me while you're taking me. Oh to me, were you taking me

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it's only three days or four days left.

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2005 is today to march 26. And then tonight is the night of the 26th and Tuesday's the night of the 27th. Only few days left

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and the normal danisco

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so Ambleside

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you come up from your grave.

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You come up from your grave.

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And people are scared, terrified, petrified, naked.

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How fatten aura? shoeless, naked.

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But for you.

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You don't have to be scared.

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Why? Because you worked hard. That helps when it comes to murder and to

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Allah say oh my staves learn how from La camaleon you should have no fear today. What Adam has and there's no sadness for you today 50,000 years is the equivalent of 50,000 years

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for you the Mothman it will be like as the Prophet Mohammed is opposite him says just like you're praying to Raka feel you know coffee for like a very light aka just like your brain too soon. How long does it take you to practice on a few minutes that's all it will be for you to believe in sha Allah data

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50,000 years in a day equivalent of 50,000 years but the Prophet Mohammed Ali is Satoshi himself for the believer, it will be

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just like brain talk.

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This is the the CM that you did in Ramadan 2012 the path the obedience that you did in Ramadan 2012 this edition of course, and that you did in 2012

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this other car that you have given in 2012 will shorten that 50,000 years to make it look like so, like

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I make us amongst them online please

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between the distance between us and the sun is they said is a distance of 93 million miles

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93 million miles between us Earth and the Sun.

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But that they The sun will be only myself at one mile.

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That day The sun will be on top of the house the distance of one mile

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it will burn them but it will not kill them it will burn but it will not kill

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but for you it's different story.

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People will sweat son on top of their heads people will sweat so much sweat with each some people's their ankles, some people sweat with each their knees, some people sweat with each their bellies, some people use them, you know, use them just like you know the settle that you put for the for the horse so that the horse can speak. So they said this the the the the the sweat will reach your your your some people's mouth, they want to be able to talk some people will sink into their own sweat.

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But for you different story, why? Because of your hard work that you did in 2012 and prior year's data. So you will be called you will be called to be put under the shade of Allah.

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But you have to be in the seven categories to be put under the shade of Allah that they will do this no shade exception of Allah. So I'm going to give you seven categories and ask yourself which category you belong to category number one email when adding an email who's just an email does not only mean or necessarily mean the email and your the message in your email in your home, your email in your in your work as a boss, let's say as a leader, I just I you just

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adjust the person.

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Remember, you're on the title, you're now in the sun, but you need to go into the shades. So these are the work. These are the actions that will take you into the shade. Unless you're done number one, number two, Okay, number one, maybe you say oh maybe this does not belong. I mean, I'm

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This is the email. I'm not driving so okay.

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Messages okay well this one is easy

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messages a man when I say he the man man and a woman, her heart or his heart is attached to the message and he loves them as he prays, yeah. And he is he plays that role in the masjid. And then he goes home and he can't wait for

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his heart is so attached to the masjid. Is your heart attached to the masjid?

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You want to go into the shade actually or do you want to go to the shades

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or number three

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shabu Shafi by the Tila, a young man who is raised in the obedience of Allah.

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Naja in the bed of Allah, youth.

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In the obedience of Allah, I spent my youth in the obedience of Allah, how you spend in your youth.

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Is it in the obedience of Allah, which will earn you that shade?

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That min three number four, as you learn the actual mala, g man, woman sub dakara in Africa, a man who's been called all seduced by a woman who's beautiful, who's got money who's got wealth.

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But he said a half a lot, I feel Allah.

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You may say, Well, this doesn't really belong to me or this doesn't, you know, I can relate to this because I'm a baby. Okay, I'll give you another one. Number five. He's one he's alleged

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to have Buffy la

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julienne, to have Buffy la

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each time he was the former colony. Two people, two men who loved each other for the sake of Allah. They make each other of love and they know they once they were gone, they were gone and left each other of love. Yeah, and the two people who love each other for the sake of Allah, this one is is your brother, your sister, your lover for the sake of Allah do things together for the sake of Allah of love of Allah subhanho wa Taala loving each other for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala this will earn that shade inshallah tada

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number six

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this one you could do this one again is very easy this one you could do, because you know the sadaqa beside the cotton hat Allah tala yummy, no, oh, she meant who mindfuck me know, a man who was given a sadaqa soul secretly

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that his right hand Did not you know his left hand does not know that his right hand has given sadaqa yeah and it is sort of like an analogy. When he you know giving us another cup, you know, in in secrecy. This one is easy.

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Giving sadaqa for the sake of Allah, but this does not mean that all the time you have to give something you know secretly that you can also give it openly as Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah Subhana Allah Nia, those who give you know give, give out sasada openly and secretly, but he the man who has given sadaqa

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feeding Allah subhana wa Taala he will be put under the shade

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and last but not least, of us Ronda Corolla who cardigan forefathers

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and men who

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mentioned Allah tala but Allah eukarya secretly again you could be amongst people, but he doesn't even care he's not there. So much so that he started crying or

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maybe he stopped reading and thinking about you know, his destination thinking about where he's going and then all of a sudden instead of crying on the field of

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seven categories I used to be in the sun Are you in the shade? Where are you

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I'm still going through this you know,

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trick that we all have to go through

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at some point

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I'm not done. I still want to go and finish it tomorrow shallow data so until tomorrow for another episode of Rocky Ramallah 2012.

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Please, please, on a few days left, please don't quit. I say Assalamu alaikum.

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