Paradise is NOT a fantasy!

Mufti Menk


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The speaker discusses their belief in life after death and the importance of belief in oneself. They emphasize the need for everyone to stick to their beliefs to avoid damaging others and causing harm. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of accepting rules and regulations to ensure a good life and being fair and balanced.

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Salam Alaikum I actually heard someone say that those who believe that there is a life after death of fooling the world, those who believe that there is an eternal, beautiful life are actually stupid. And those who believe that there is something good to come after you die, and we're all working and toiling for something good to come after you die are actually crazy. Now, I just want to say I'm a believer, I believe in all of that Subhana Allah, I'm neither crazy, nor am I stupid. And I do know that as believers, we believe in the last day, we believe some supreme deity made us we call him Allah, I believe that we are going to have an eternal life and that eternal life is

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something that is going to be amazing. I can't wait for the day, I'm going to meet my maker. Imagine you meet a lion. You say, oh, Subhana, Allah, you made me You made entire creation. Amazing. Whoa, La Ilaha, Illa. Allah, whatever is going to be said will be said, so is Jenna, or paradise? Just a fantasy? No, it's a reality. You know, when you were in the wombs of your mothers, you probably thought that that's it. It's the end of everything, you know. And suddenly you were born, you were born, you came into a world you never knew existed. And guess what, it was very different. No one in that womb could have described it to you. Not at all. People could have only told you maybe that you

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know, there is a life. And there are going to be other people, you're going to see the mother that you're actually inside of right now. What do you mean, I don't know. But I but I know that that's what's going to happen and so on Subhana, Allah, those who believed in life after the womb, they actually turned out to be true.

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You know, they came out and they were Mashallah, in this world. And it's so different, anything you liked or loved? While you were in the wombs of your mothers, number one you can't remember. And number two is, even if I were to bring it to you, you wouldn't want it. When Allah says, The same applies when you cross the next threshold. And there are all these thresholds when you cross the next one, and you graduate into the hereafter. It's eternal, number one. Number two, it's going to be amazing and superb. I have no doubt. And number three is I can't wait. So Hannah law to see what's come what's going to happen the other side, just like when we were in the wombs of our

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mothers, we thought everything was done. And suddenly we were born, we came into this Wow, world, La ilaha illa Allah, and then we're gonna go back to Allah somehow. And I know that I'm going to be meeting with my maker. It's not a fantasy, it's a matter of belief. We believe it. So those who have their opinions can stick to those opinions and views. The law says there's not ours. I always say, just for argument's sake, to those who don't believe, I believe, and I must make it clear that I believe firmly and convinced, and not just me, but most of the Semitic faiths actually have the same beliefs in this regard. But for argument's sake, if we were to talk to someone who doesn't believe,

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and says, There's no life after death, say they were right, for argument's sake.

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If I believed all along, when I go to the Hereafter, I'll still meet whatever they met. I've lost nothing. But if I was right, they've lost everything. So panela. So from from a sensible, you know, from a common sense perspective, what should we do rather? Should I rather take the precaution safe sight? Or should I take a risk? Now that is only when you're arguing with someone who doesn't believe, but the fact that I believe solves the matter, I do know, and I'm going to enjoy my life, and I will enjoy it, and I do enjoy it. That doesn't mean that I am not going to live my life to the best of my capacity and ability. All the rules and regulations placed on me by the almighty are

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actually there, in order to ensure that I live a beautiful life, a life full of goodness, and a life where I will be happy. You know, no stealing, no insulting others, no abusing them, no hurting people. No, no killing, no fighting, no swearing, no stealing and cetera, et cetera. All these rules are there in order to ensure that I have a good life on Earth, and I'm fair and balanced. That's what it is. So it's not a bad thing. My brothers and sisters, may Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to lead our lives in such a way that we realize

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The favor that he has bestowed upon us by placing rules and regulations, when we have a loose ended idea of just do what you want. Sometimes we don't know where the limit is, we begin to insult people, we begin to swear them and claim. Well, that's my right. And then when they insult us, it's not there, right? We feel bad. I mean, when you insulted someone, you did not. They didn't have the right to feel bad, did they? But when they insulted you with one 10th of the insults that you insulted them with, then suddenly, you had a right to say you're not allowed to do that. How could you?

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That's where we say, let's go back to what Allah teaches. Don't insult so that you will not be insulted and don't hurt others so that you will not be hurt. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness, I really look forward to the hereafter. And I really believe that inshallah we will be going to a much more beautiful place, we will be going into the eternal paradise. And we will be meeting with the one who made us and the messengers and all those who were there before us, whoever has passed on before us, we are going to meet them. And we will also meet with those who will pass away after us. We will gather in Paradise, it's a matter of belief. And there is nothing wrong

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Subhana Allah in fact, if anything, I'm totally convinced that that is correct. May Allah bless all of us and grant us paradise. And even those who don't believe that may Allah guide them towards the goodness and then grant them the paradise that they at one stage didn't believe in akula kolyada was Allahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah