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After the Muslim victory in the Battle of Badr, Allah revealed Aya 70 of Surat Al-Anfaal. Here, He commands his Prophet to let the prisoners of war know that if He sees that there is goodness in them, He will see a way through for them. It’s an incredible acknowledgment that goodness lies deep inside the hearts of people and that even in the most obvious situations, we’re not in a position to judge. We may criticize actions, but to judge someone’s character altogether or label them as good or bad, that’s not up to us.

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Salam Alaikum everyone welcome to amaze by the Koran a series in which I love sharing with you things I find amazing about the Quran in this ayah Allah addresses His Prophet directly subtle Buhari who said them. This is after the Battle of budget, and some of the worst enemies of the Muslims who didn't just poke fun at Islam or criticize Islam or even try to defame the Prophet's life for them. These are people that have now entered the battlefield and are thirsty for Muslim blood and a few of them have been taken captures of war so now they're POW and the Prophet is being told you should address these POW you should you should go to them and talk to them. And here's what

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you're supposed to say. India Allah May Allah Hafiz pulumi him Hi, Ron Utica, Hiram Mr. D'Amico, if Allah sees, or if Allah discovers or Lex tests, any good, that lies deep within you.

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The phrase begins with, if it happens to be the case that Allah knows that there's good inside of you, I don't see good inside you, you were just trying to kill me moments ago in the battlefield, but I'm not going to deny that maybe Allah still sees good inside you. It's an incredible thing to begin with. That, at a human level, it's impossible to see good in the enemy of war that you just captured. All you see is the enemy. And yet a lot commands is prophesized for them, to let them know that even if I may not be able to see good on you right now, a lot still does. And there's a possibility that that good will come out, and you'll will see a way through for you. So panela it's

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an incredible, incredible acknowledgement of what goodness lies deep, embedded deep inside people, and how we just even in the most positive, like most obvious cases, are not in a position to judge milazzo Jamaica, some people that don't find it easy to judge others, especially what they have in their hearts. When we think that the case is, you know, open shut case. There is no such thing as an open shut case we can criticize behavior. Sure, we can criticize what people have said what people have done, but to judge their character altogether or to label them as good or bad people that's not up to us. Allah knows what lies deep inside of their hearts barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu

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Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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