Riad Ouarzazi – ROC Your Ramadan 2016 – Day 5

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of expanding seeds in Islam and building up seed pools. They also talk about a woman who wants to compete for sufficient seed pool size and the importance of being receptive to a new site. The speaker then talks about a woman who wants to change her appearance and her struggles with fasting.
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Hello cancer This is rather as as he would come in to another episode of happy Ramadan 2016 day

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five. Yesterday we talked about the things that will help you get close to Allah subhana wa tada and disperse Mama,

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and things that will help you expand your seeds in the month of Ramadan. Yesterday we were talking about you under sada and today Shabbat

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shalom Ramadan, a lady once that we have this is the month of Ramadan for the five animals revealed. So how are you doing with the partner? Are you receptive? And do you have any intention to this site or to in fact compete this additional before?

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you have an intention shallow chat and try to at least compete for the sufficient quantities, you know, once if not more in the month of my sisters or brothers and all it is is if you need to call any one subtype on any one, one patient has about 15 as 15 lines, and each line has about 30 3030

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letters. So 30 times 15 it's 150

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times that 1500

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in one page in one patient.

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And you times that by 700 imagine the business script is for

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this patient of a man from the from Yemen long time ago

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or cannot.

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Ramadan can be that our time and as an adult

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you will see me. So

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let me stop now and use Yahoo. And that was

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an asset that he

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gave me

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I would love to add.

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But he then had an asset.

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So this man who used to settle in Oman, and he used to feed the taste of the sweetness of honey in his mouth.

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So he asked, Does this honey that I changed in my mouth when I said

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does it break my fast?

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The scholars they said we they look this we don't know the answer. We don't know what to say. He says let me tell you what the answer is. He says this sweetness that I taste does not break my fast because he says I did not intentionally go and break my fast. I didn't. It just took out a lot. It's a taste of honey that I taste my mouth every time I read the ad in our mobile. It is but because of my respects my dad, he refrained from the second one he's fasting just so that he does not feed that sweetness of the honey in his mouth. He says the people who are so connected to this, I assume

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assume academic lessons have a long time. So kind of a lovely way to come up with a hobby. Allah Subhana Allah is great. And if it was great, of course we know that it is great hobby. So his words are great. kannamma lo

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ation expression

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in the muscles and to another episode of ocular motor 2016 I say a setup

June 10, 2016

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