Omar Suleiman – Qur’an 30 for 30 Season 2 – Juz’ 18 with Dr. Nazir Khan

Omar Suleiman
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Santa Monica Monica from Florida cats everyone welcome back to a call on 3430 Hamza de Lago, but I mean, we have Sheikh Abdullah as always, and we have Dr. Nasir Han from Canada and Hamdulillah, president of European Canada director of research strategy. And most of that man was complaining Dr. Nasir that we don't have enough bases on, on 3430 so to really make this diverse we have a Canadian Daisey with us tonight, you know, just to really diversify.

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How are you? How's everything? I'm good. I'm delighted. Honestly, it's a pleasure to be with you guys on this you guys are doing an amazing job doing this every single day now let's pump out of the water you guys so much

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It's a pleasure to have you and hamdulillah Brahmin, can you tell us about what you're working on right now for Up

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is a very popular Mashallah 100 did I Well, right now the most the one that I've worked on most closely is related to the Quran and it's related to the history of the preservation of the

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body. So we're going to be doing some follow. The more you research about the brand, the more you realize we're all just novices in this ocean of field about the farming studies.

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Absolutely. And for those who of course mechanize or co authored richer commodity the paper on got that handed on the recitations and the preservation through the recitation in the cold and so inshallah I will look forward to them in the nighttime. So tonight inshallah we're going to flip the order. Dr. Nasir and I are talking about the same set of verses Shaykh Abdullah is going to be talking about the second half of the Jews inshallah Tada. So with that inshallah Tada, I'm going to go ahead and begin bidding and lightoller and we are now in just 1800 law I mean Time Is Flying, we are uncertain what mean on certain Nord and certain for on the beginning of certain for Khan and

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inshallah Tata, we're going to start with, sort of Menon and sort of the nor, and, and really focus on that, because we know that especially sort of Nord has extremely rich siera background to it, which we spoke about last year. In fact, we've had the third if ik with the slander of our mother out, he shoveled the a lot of time and what that did to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in his household and the community of the messenger. It his slot was set up, but I want to focus on the connection actually, from a setup perspective, between source and what went on and sort of knowing the profit size. Some said about certain workmen in particular, he said, on Ziva yashraj I Othman

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apama, who not the halogen he said that last night 10 verses were revealed to me, whoever establishes these 10 verses will enter into gentlemen, and the prophets lie some done recited a fella helmet me known, and he recited the first 10 verses of swithun won't be known. And so, we find this earth and let me know when you know these lofty qualities that of course, if you have been watching the meeting, Mohammed slice and M series and when we talk about the lack of the profit slice on the characteristics of the messengers, autolyse alum, you match them up against the profits of the lions on them and panela he, as always, when you have good qualities and

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he is the greatest manifestation of them, but also, some how to love what you find is that the next surah ignore is really what happens when you don't act upon the 10 verses of certain won't be known. So, everything that goes wrong in suta nor are that is covered with which went wrong and sort of note of how the 13 F is literally connected to what Allah subhanho wa Taala lists out in terms of certain will be known in the Prophet slice and then segment upon the hoonah. Whoever recites them, whoever established the establishes them in their lives will enter into jhana. So you look at certain what we known for example, Allah subhanaw taala mentions alladhina Humphrey Salatin harsher

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on those who are humble in their prayer, they're immersed in their prayer. And then a last point I mentioned a levina home and love we more reborn, those who restrain themselves from idle speech. Last penance Allah mentions those who restrain themselves with their wealth. This is a county fair doing they spend their wealth in the best of ways. A lot of times I mentioned chastity right? Before Oh gee him, Have you learned those who guard their private parts. And then the last 100 dimensions, the Mr. Naughty him, why would be him are our own those who guard their trusts. So these are the things Allah mentions within these 10 verses, guard their prayer. They are they guard their speech,

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they guard their wealth, they guard their chastity, and they guard their trust. And then Subhanallah when you go into certain node, the breakdown of a society is when people depart from these things. So first of all, a person

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And loses their prayer or a person who is not immersed in their conversation with the Creator is likely to fall into speaking about the creation in a way that's not praiseworthy. Okay? So kosher and Salah is directly connected to level in heavy, which is immersing yourself in humility and silence and prayer in deep meditation, deep contemplation and prayer means that you will likely be more mindful when other type of speech is manifesting itself around you, particularly gossip and slander, right? So you will sort of shun that because you are still connected to Allah subhanaw taala, and maintaining that line of communication with God. But you see, when you get into, into

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sort of, nor Subhan, Allah, all of these things are covered. Right, so immediately off the bat, Allah Subhana, Allah mentions in sort of Nord, the, you know, the punishment for those who commit fornication and the punishment for those who commit adultery. And you can trace that back to our loss of hundreds of dimensions, the the Fuji him half evil, and those who guard their private parts, those who maintain their chastity, you go into, of course, then had the thought to write the slander of our mother, it shouldn't be a long time and what that did to society. And this is such a powerful portion of the Quran, because in the same set of if Allah subhanaw taala is mentioning the gravity

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of the crime, still, Allah subhanho wa Taala is opening up the door for repentance. So Allah is teaching this society through the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who experienced this pain in his own households, Pamela, it wasn't like, you know, something happened to a group of people in Medina and then Allah subhanaw taala revealed, you know, some assuta to address that it happened to the Prophet, slice alum and his own wife and his own wife is our mother, he shall have the Allahu taala on her. And of course, who was behind it the hypocrites because the hypocrites looked for ways to destabilize the community of the prophets lie Selim. And it should be mentioned here, that this

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is where they succeeded, right? So they did not succeed in destabilizing the Muslims and whether nor did they succeed in it, nor did they succeed in the hunda. Nor did they succeed. They didn't succeed in the battles, but they succeeded with their tongues and paralyzing the community with slander and gossip, which really shows you some how to love the effect of slander on a community the effect of gossip on a community and how it can paralyze even the best community to ever live right, which was the community of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. But when levina home and in love, we mourn reborn, those who guard themselves from idle speech, if you look at sort of nor the problem was not on the

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love No babe and said, Oh, you know, alone, right when he started the slander of it sold the law and made the suggestion The problem was those whose tongues met the slander Teller, oh no, they met the slander with their tongues without thinking about what they were saying that to Allah subhanaw taala is focusing this message on why because the hypocrites are the hypocrites. We know who they are, we know that it's only a matter of time before they're going to be exposed. But how is it that some of the most illustrious people in the community of the prophet SAW why Southern fell into repeating the slander about you shall be allowed to Atlanta, because of alladhina Khomeini loveawake mortally

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alone, it's important to cut out idle speech, they could have saved themselves, but many of them did not save themselves because they merely repeated what was said without thinking about it or repeated elements of it, without thinking about it. So be mindful with your speech. Be mindful with your chastity Allah subhanaw taala mentioned as being mindful with your with your eyes, lowering your gaze and you know, particularly not to betrayed with your eyes. So how to love the heart, you know, the betrayal of the eyes, which we see when when we when last times I talks about the lowering of the gaze has been on vessel the a lot of time and he says, that's a form of amount of it's a form of

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trust. Why is it called caught? You know, to the Aryan, why is it called the deception of the eyes, the betrayal of the eyes? Because he said, you see someone in front of you, and you lower your gaze, but as soon as that person is walking away, you look at them, right? So if a person walks by, particularly obviously, you know, speaking to young man, if a woman walks by you lower your gaze until she walks past you, and she can't tell any more that you're staring and then you look, right. So that's called the betrayal of the eyes. So last contact mentions the sense of amount of the sense of being trustworthy, right, being trustworthy, and not being deceptive with even your eyes. panela

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and then finally, even when it comes to your wealth, and a lot of mentions, of course, the highest manifestation of that. Whether you're Teddy old foghlaim income was Sarah. Do not let the people

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virtue and affluence amongst you

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to forbid to suspend the donations that they were giving to it in order by that they were giving to their close relatives. Well, Mr. Kean when will hygena FISA be the law and those that migrated in the cause of a lost contact and those who are needy and of course the last contest is where the Eiffel when he asked for who Allah to heaven and you feel alone when I come. So let them forgive and pardon do not want Allah subhanaw taala to forgive and pardon you and this of course was with a Rebecca will be allowed tada and who, who, this is a karate factory gone when you think about those who acted with their charity of Rebecca will be alone who is the opposite of the hypocrites. He's

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the opposite of the people that betray with their tongues opposite of the people that betray with their private parts opposite of all of them. And I will back up all the time I know was giving charity on a regular basis to miss LA, who was one of his relatives, his poor relatives, who was partly responsible for the slander of it sold the a long time. And Allah subhanaw taala reveals to apobec it will be a lot of time on what to continue his charity to miss LA, but he encourages it not that it is sinful if he does not, but don't you want Allah subhanaw taala to forgive you in part in you and of course, Allah subhanho wa Taala we seek His forgiveness in this pardon. And I will record

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all the a lot of time on who rises to the occasion. I'll end with one thing, which is one verse and sort of the note that just brings it all back together what is the purpose of the surah and how does it connect to the previous surah? Allah subhanaw taala says, here it will come a lot And Taro do Dimitri. He Aveda in quantum meaning, how Allah Allah forbids you from ever doing something like this again, you are to be believers. If you want to be considered amongst the believers, Allah forbids you from ever doing something like this again, so sort of didn't want me known proceed sort of nor were lost pounds. I says, Don't ever do this again, in quantum wortmannin if you want to be

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considered amongst those mostly known amongst those believers, so hold tight to the 10 prescriptions, or else you'll end up with the tribulations that are highlighted in the Sierra uncertain or right afterwards. And shallow tie with that I'll pass it on to Dr. Nasir to continue to reflect on these thoughts and charlatans with me no one and then we'll we'll move on to share for a little bit in the nighttime. This is like our first chef, you know, supply like as you're mentioning these connections between certain movement in a certain note, it gives us such a deeper appreciation for the message of the surah. And we see also those connections throughout swift and what we learned

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and the connection also with the previous surah. So certain moving on picks up right where sort of hij leaves off. So the very last verse and sort of Hij is Yeah, 100 Dena amibroker was to do with Europa, Bhutan, all you who believe, bow and prostrate in worship your word Well, for either the higher up, I'm the call to engage in good deeds so that you may attain success. And that's the opening verse of certain parts of the meaner verily the believers are successful. And at the end of the social media, we're told in the Huda capital, that God does not guarantee success to those who reject Him. So the concept of success links these different words. Now, even the way it's phrased

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but known, is very interesting, because technically that's in past tense, the believers have been successful, yet almost puntata is talking about something in the future when Allah says that they're going to enter into paradise, Buddha kahawai thought I live in a very human for those who have already doing so why does almost pantalla refer to it in past tense when it's talking about their success in the future? There's a few things we can learn from that. The first is that Allah Subhana Allah transcends time, he's the creator of time. And so unless front Allah is not bounded by past present future in the same way that we mortal human beings are. The second thing that we can learn

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from that is that the referring to this and past tense shows as the certainty the assuredness, the definitive reality of the success that is being granted to the believers, and that the success that's being granted to the believers is one that is a success in this life, and in the next life. That's that's another interesting point about this verse, because unless current AI uses the word fan out, which means success, but there's another word that means success as well in Arabic, which is Naja Naja. So what's the difference between these two, you could say that somebody was successful on their tests, you say, Niger has to have when they pass their exam, but maybe they're not going to

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pass the next next exam, they're not going to pass the next, you know, test that they have. So nyjah is transient, it's temporary, and it's only in terms of this worldly life, whereas it implies Bapat, it implies permanent, enduring, continuous everlasting success. And that is what almost power the other is telling the believers that they will receive when they uphold those virtues at the at the beginning of the surah so Fela is that car is a comprehensive concept.

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Success and the surah elaborates on the concept of success. One of the very interesting things about the surah is that it connects that concept of success to our purpose in life. Right at the end of the surah Allah, Allah says at the hospital enema, Farah panicum obita. One *, Elaine annato. Joan, do you think that we have created you without any purpose, and that you will not return back to us? Do you think your existence is pointless, but the aisle allaahu medical help exalt is a lost power the other the only true king, La Ilaha Illa who are * Karim, there is no worthy of worship except Him, the Lord of the noble throne. In this passage, I was proud to honor his

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rejecting the concept of nihilism, this idea that life has no purpose or meaning to it. This idea that, you know, our entire existence is nothing more than the unintended consequences of different processes in the universe. And there's no there's nothing, you know, no higher meaning or significance to what we're trying to achieve in life. This concept of nihilism is what led the atheist existentialist philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer to say that because life is just inherently human suffering, it would be better if we did not exist at all. So the pond rescues us from that kind of nihilism. And it grounds us in the reality that yes, I'll look created you for a purpose.

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Your existence is on this earth for a reason. There's, there's a reason for which you were created, you have a mission and objective in life. And when we fulfill that mission and objective, that is how you attain success in this life. This concept of success is one that it's it's fascinating how we're constantly bombarded with different ideas of what success is in society. If you look at popular culture, you look at the self help industry, you look at, you know, the entertainment industry, we're constantly being bombarded with different ideas about this is what it means to be a successful person. Right? This is a successful entrepreneur, this is a successful business person.

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And often success, the metrics of success are materialistic gain, weight, it's personal profit, it's materialistic measures of success. And when things don't work out for a person, maybe in terms of their career, or during the pandemic, as its, you know, had a devastating impact on people. They're left questioning, you know, am I a successful person? Or am I a failure? You know, when things aren't working out for me, what's the point of my existence, what makes my life worth living? For many of our youth growing up today, their understanding of success is tied to the success of their social media account, the amount of likes and shares that they get on social media. And that's what

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they tie their sense of self worth to, that's where they get their self image for. But the plan is directing us to a concept of success that is much deeper than that the concept of success that can never be taken away from us. It's everlasting. It's tied to our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. It's tied to fulfilling the purpose for which we were created. And that's the beautiful thing that's elaborate on throughout the surah. Now, sure, Omar mentioned the virtues that are listed at the beginning of the surah. And those are the foundations for us. But many of us forget that there's another set of qualities that are mentioned in the middle of the surah. And those are extremely

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important for our concept of success as well. The pawn is providing us a recalibration of our notion of what constitutes success. And if we looked at the qualities of the believers in the middle of the surah, and we compare them to the qualities of the believers at the beginning of the surah will notice something very profound. You notice that the qualities of the believers at the beginning of the SERP they included you know, being attentive in our prayers, you know, avoiding vain speech avoiding sinful acts, purity and our and our wealth, purity in our body, guarding one's chastity, upholding our commitments, and being observant about all of our prayers, these are all things that

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other people can readily observe about us, right these relate to our outer actions, but now pay attention to what the qualities in the middle of the score are when you get to the inner center of the surah. What are the qualities that are lowest point out of mentions in the surah Allah says in Medina, Hahnemann Hachette.

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Verily those who are in reverence and fear of their Lord, when lived in a home, built with the idea of being you know, those who have the man feet in the signs of their Lord. Notice how the phrase rugby him, their Lord repeats in every verse telling us that for the believers, everything revolves around their relationship with their Lord, that is what constitutes success for that everything revolves around their relationship with their Creator, one lady in a home they wrote to him line she for those who do not associate others with their Lord, and that association of others with with with our Lord, it can be even in in terms of one's intention, right doing actions, not truly for the sake

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of Allah spawn Tada. But having the intention to try to show off in front of others or so that other people see us and

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say, Oh, that's a person who gave in southern Oh, that's a person who donated and well, so that's another aspect of that. And then the next verse, it suppiler, what's really profound, and it's mentioned in the Tafseer, of ohioana andalusi. This next verse combines the previous three, when leadin tuna, tofu boom YG, Latin home, you know what being module, those who do their good deeds, those who did what they have, and their hearts are in a state of fear and reverence. Why because maybe they're they're worried that maybe a loss pantano will not accept this from them, and they have demand that they will return back to us. So we see in that verse, purity of intention, we see

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in that verse, the faith that they will return back to us our data. And we see in that verse, the emotional state, the fear and the reverence. So these verses, they draw our intention to our internal state, just as we focus on the outer actions at the beginning of the tour, as we get to the inner center of the store, we focus on our internal state. Oh, am I really doing these actions for the sake of a wasp? puntata? What is the true motivation that I have when I'm impeaching the good? Is it truly for the sake of almost pronto? Do I feel a sense of fear that maybe my I'm not doing my actions with true sincerity, that emotional state that internal state is critical in order to

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achieve success? When we think about the discrepancy between us and the Sahaba, the companions of the Prophet Muhammad sir, that discrepancy is not just in terms of deeds, but it's also in terms of thoughts and emotions, we need to have the thoughts that abubaker a severe for the long haul. Winter, we need to have the thoughts that I'm only going to talk with them about what happened before Harley Davidson worried or dawn was successful on the battlefield. And he before those feats of triumph on the battlefield, there were the successes and victories within the heart. And that's where we need to we need to focus our attention to develop that correct understanding of success.

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And the outcome of that is then seen at the end of this world, we're almost burnt out that tells us into who can afford a pulmonary Daddy, barely there was a party from amongst my servants, yeppoon a lot better men fulfill an hour hum now at the hierarchy, they would say, My Lord, and they will say, My Lord, we believe, have mercy on us, forgive us barely, you are the best of those who show mercy, and then also tells the police but the hard to move home safely yet, you took them as objects of ridicule. You didn't see these to be successful people you saw them to be losers in society, you made fun of them, have done so from victory which caused you to forget our message will come to a

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minimum for the harpoon and you laughed and mocked at them. In New Jersey, tomiyama de Masada on this day, I will reward them for their patience and perseverance and in the home home when in fact using verily They are the ones who are truly successful. And then at the end of the surah, Allah, Allah demands us to make the same dollar as the as those believers to emulate them in our character and make the same God toeless puntata What put what, what hardware and the failover after me and say My Lord, have have forgiveness, forgive me and have mercy upon me. Verily You are the best of those who show mercy. When we ask Allah, Allah for his forgiveness, it removes any internal obstacles to

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success, our own sins and shortcomings. And when we ask Allah, Allah for his mercy, it removes any external obstacles to success, any difficult circumstances that may be followed, that may divert us from the path of success. One of the biggest obstacles to success is our own self sabotaging, and in the surah almost instructs the Prophet Mohammed system to say, to seek refuge from the evil whispers of the shape on what will put what they are, who they become, and how does it show up in? Why would it be corrupt the afternoon to seek refuge from those possible inclinations that will divert us from the fat from the path of success? So there was $5 makers amongst those who are truly successful, and

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enable us to fulfill that that vision of success does not come along.

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I mean, Barack lafay absolutely beautiful. spatola. By the way, it's interesting to Pamela that, what you're talking about here, the observable and the the internal, and how those things are connected, the amount of people without if, like the slander that actually refuted it or rejected it, we're an extreme minority, right, like that's a small group of people, most people were just quiet about it all. Then you had the group of people that were actively you know, putting it out there, the hypocrites then you had those that were kind of, you know, buttering it up a little extravagant with and then you have those that the other human societies of the world as well as you

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were talking about these different things about you or the Obama time and who was known for his job that he was known for his asceticism. And when his wife brought up the if he said, like, I wouldn't believe it about it shall have the law on her as much as I believe it about you. She's our mother, like

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He rejected it altogether. And there are connections between those attributes right that you're talking about the observable, the, the parts that are deeply spiritual that then generate in a strong response right in a strong response to these things when they come out in that way so does that qualify for the beautiful connection with those things?

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Check this one out, take us away. So that was a lot of Islam Allah, Allah, Allah Allah He was like me and when I'm about

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this sort of has a special place in my in my heart and

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it reminds me of Subhanallah when I was a student in Medina and I was sitting with an elder gentleman, who was a convert to Islam Mashallah. But he was a from as we say, from the old school,

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you know, Mashallah, back nidal Islamic, Mashallah in America, and he looked me in the eye, he looked, he was asking about my studies, how studies, and then he looked me in my eyes and he said, You need to read source, you go back to America and the West, you need to read sort of North. He said, make sure that you read that surah very, very important. And I can tell any lifting like that, I when I got back to Medina, he lived in Jeddah, Mr. Siddiq, Mashallah, when I went back to Medina, I read that sword and I said, Suhana a lot to kind of love, it's just reading it in the Arabic language and further asking questions and dissecting it, you know, every time you read it over and

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over again, you learn something new. And you know, just the way you look to me when you say, when you're going back to this place, you need to read this surah I already had a framework when reading this sort of for, you know, the whatever time I was reading it,

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and Subhanallah as As mentioned earlier, the story of if the story of the slander of eyeshadow, the loved one, hmm, sort of nor is you know, the word that comes to my mind was sort of nor is chastity. And you know, Subhanallah, you know, the word chastity can be something that is generalized and it can be have a cultural nuance to it, but there is a universal construct to the word chastity. And I mean, that ultimately goes back to the natural inclination that we have called the fitrah SubhanAllah. When we see the things that happen in this chapter and the instructions, the instructions that Allah subhanaw taala gives to us on how to act. I mean, even when looking through

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the people at someone's house, there is a there's certain ad that how you seek permission to knock on someone's door there is you know, this is mentioned in the verse about Hey, john, Chapter 24, verse 31, this chapter, verse 31, or last month, and it goes in depth about the hijab. Last month, Allah talks about Subhanallah, this story of the cover Isha, which is roughly verse number 11, to verse number 21. And they call this the 10 verses of the if now, if linguistically can mean cut it, or it means really, O'Shea, and Scott have been assured mentions is fun, bushy, and a happy cutting, when you flip something that's opposite from its reality, you're not tilling the ground, you're

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telling the total opposite of what it is. And that's exactly what a lie is. And that's why I said Paolo, when last month talked about Musa and the higher end is is stuff for you to hear. Yep, yep, yep, you can tell from a record that the staff will eat what they get the corn from Africa, which is what the magicians are proposing and what they're trying to bring forth, which is a deception, which is a lie, which is not reality. And that's why Subhanallah when we see we use this word, it's important to remember that it is exactly that it is a slander of una our mother HTML de la vida. I want to touch on one beautiful verse in this chapter. In these within these 10 verses, it's the last

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two, roughly it's 19 and 20 of the men from the last 319 and 20. were lost kind of what Dallas's after over the lavish apology in the Medina you have buena and Tasha and facture to fill it in an avenue from either one element for dunya Well, after all, the love we are no more unto latinum Allah subhanho wa Taala is mentioning a certain characteristic of people. And whenever whenever a lot mentions a certain characteristic of people or an attributes of a characteristic

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or an attribute of a certain group of people, it's important to immediately look at ourselves and say, okay, am I from this What have I done within the past within the last within the day or the past week or whatever the case may be self accountability when reading these verses is paramount for being one that has personal to double that ponders all these verses in a beneficial fashion that is pleasing to Allah. So Allah says, verily those that love for the lewd or love for the indecency to spread amongst or about the believers have a painful punishment waiting for them in this life. And the next this life and the next and Allah subhanaw taala knows and you don't so we want to really

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split this up into three parts. The first part is it a loss of kind of what the other is talking about those that love for the indecency to spread. Now, what's important here is that Allah uses the word you have born. He didn't

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Say the ones that speak with fat heisha he didn't mention the almond, he mentioned the feeling that is very important, because within Ramadan and inshallah not in Ramadan not not even out of outside of Ramadan online, when we spread these means, you know we share these, you know these, these things of somebody may have recorded themselves doing something that is not befitting for a human being nor a Muslim, and then we spread it around. And it's something that that person may or may not want to be known, but is it fair? He said, this is the question is it that which is indecent, that which does not lead to having good thoughts about one another, that which leads to that which is different

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from that, that goes against the beautification of the fitrah of the human being? And their honor and the respect? Does it do that or not? especially online, when it's just a press of a button, we have to be very, very cognizant of that. But even this, Allah subhanaw taala says, those that love for that to happen, didn't even press the button. But if you had the opportunity, would you do it, when you see that come on your phone or you see someone text you something, do you spread it to other people or in your mind, you say, I would have been left on urging and erasing. This is what Allah subhanaw taala is talking about the feeling, you have wound and tissue infection, this is very

00:31:20 --> 00:31:55

important, not the action, the feeling, and we talked about family show, you know, family said that, you know, the one that loves to do this is that they say and aid and it's you know, from exposing an hour of someone because when it is something that is indecent, you are getting involved as a scholars, you know, categorize the odor into two types outer hissy, or automatically we're the odor has seen it is that which we know of the private parts, that which is the odor that is the private parts and the outer mountain that we have is sort of the hook. When can I know Hubby, Danny, that the bad actions and bad manners, this is what a loss of kinda without is talking about when he talks

00:31:55 --> 00:32:35

about the foundation. So the ones that want the specter to spread, fitting that Dena Amadou. Now you'll see some translations that say, amongst the believers, it can also be about the believers. And then you know, it's time to catch them if it's we say, amongst meaning about and this is fine, but it's important to capitalize on that because this is in the context of about a believer I Isha that was golfing. That's a panelist. She didn't even know what was being said about her until she was with someone and the individual, the woman she tripped over her dress, and she cursed her relative that was one of the people that was speaking about our Asian lying opponent. That's how she

00:32:35 --> 00:33:10

found out she had no idea. By the time she found out this news is all around to panela totally oblivious of that. And that's from the chastity of it shall be Allah. So Allah subhana wa Allah is saying, the ones that love for this to spread finda Deena Avenue scholars had mentioned that this can be of two types, the ones that love this indecency to spread amongst the believers or about the believers, whether it's in decency to spread about Muslims, or the indecency, about one Muslim, it's important that we make the effort to cover the faults of our brothers or sisters.

00:33:11 --> 00:33:47

If someone does a sinful act, you know, if you may be at a conference, you know, you know, and you may be somewhere and you see, you know, the the young man look at women, everything he looks he's looking left and right left, or he can't control himself. If you see that you're you're an older man, an older gentleman, or the woman pulled him or her to the side and say, Look, I see you I see what you're doing. Just need to relax, calm down. No saying the last one dollars watching you, you know, and imagine if that was your daughter, your sister and someone was looking in that fashion. You pull them to the side mirror, what are you give them they'll see you give them advice. But if

00:33:47 --> 00:34:25

that advice, the person doesn't take it continuously over a long period of time, it could reach the level where it's your responsibility to expose them for what they're doing, especially if someone is trying to get married. And then you know, this brother since he was young, and he's getting involved in lewd practices and something that is not permissible. It may be your responsibility to disclose that. But initially, when you see that, hear that read that etc. It's important to give advice and I really want to capitalize on this. We should not be complacent or lazy when giving advice and escape. The scapegoat that we always use is I don't want to cause fitna I don't want to ruin the

00:34:25 --> 00:35:00

relationship will lie we have to give advice to one another. But what's most important for the analysis for the one that is advising is to want that believer to win. We want them to win to get to gender. We want them to be a better individual. We want them to leave that lewd practice or that certain thing that they were doing consistently or that you seen the first time. We really sincerely want better for them. Because don't they don't want don't want southie Shea. They are our brother, they're our sister. We really want good for them. So a lot

00:35:00 --> 00:35:32

upon what data is mentioning that, and that's the second part Filipina avenue that we should, you know, really want good for them and give the advice and cover them because as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in an authentic hadith, in Sahih, Muslim on a burglary robbery, Allahu anhu, with a promise a lot. Some said that there will not be a servant that covers the faults of his or her brother, except that Allah subhanaw taala will cover their faults on the Day of Judgment. But as we mentioned, the guidelines is very, very important. You don't cover their faults for so many years where they oppress other people because you're afraid to expose them because no, there is those

00:35:32 --> 00:36:08

guidelines that was mentioned earlier, then allow us to kind of without it says, Let him either one for dunya No, my dad was a demon for dunya, when after World War, one to lighten the moon, Allah, Allah says here that there will be a painful torment in this life and in the next, not only this life, but this life. And then the next. This is very important for the one that is a believer for the one that voluntarily believes in a lot was trying to do better in the community and within themselves. Because remember, this can be something that spreads and causes havoc amongst communities. And remember, when something is said about someone, and that person, may towba,

00:36:09 --> 00:36:46

everyone is going to remember what was mentioned in the beginning, the news of the making tobor becoming a better person, you may be the person that sees them improve, but everyone else is remembering what you said, because you were hasty. You didn't give advice. You didn't call them you didn't text them. Somehow your nerves are gone. They're alive and able to receive the advice. Give the advice, then what are the job and that is the best way to Charlottetown there was one that I concludes and he says, Well, luckily Yakima Washington lays out the moon, Allah knows and you don't know, a lot ends it with this because the knowledge is with Allah subhanho wa Taala the reality of

00:36:46 --> 00:37:26

those people, when we watch all of these shows that are built on conjecture, when we hear rumor reports, and we watch all of these rumors, people having positions and jobs based off of telling rumors, it is not fact it is conjecture, and then we send it in text it and send it to other people talking about how much money this person that is for the heavy, what is the benefit of all this? How does this increase our men? We have to stop and ask ourselves, how is this increasing my man as a person that voluntarily loves the last kind of without it and is trying to be a better person when all of these distractions are bombarding me and taking me away from the remembrance of Allah and

00:37:26 --> 00:37:28

Allah without a conclusion now and here

00:37:29 --> 00:38:02

were lots of kind of Allah says in the the the next verse when he talks about if there was no Fugu lahia aleikum wa rahmatullah. And I want to just mention this. Allah mentions fog Mullah Anika rock metal, if it wasn't for the bounty of Allah and His mercy. He mentioned this four times in the chapter of nor three times within these 10 verses. And when he mentions it, half of the time he's talking about if it wasn't for his father, in his bounty upon you and his mercy, you would have fallen into the sin yourself.

00:38:03 --> 00:38:41

So those that don't fall into the sin, let's not think for a shadow of a doubt that it's never possible. Always remember that they are shaped on that. Watch that is trying to call you to that. And because of the fumble of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his mercy upon you, you did not fall into that slanted. You didn't fall into getting into those groups that are not beneficial at two or three in the morning and Ramadan. You didn't fall into that. You you exit in certain groups. You fasted from your electronics, you did those things that allowed you to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that kept you away from those things. So let's remember that beautiful view this beautiful verse

00:38:41 --> 00:39:02

in regards to our social engagements, social media, online, and even offline in the masjid when we involve ourselves with people and watch what we say when we're in certain gatherings and making sure that we don't violate a right of a Muslim which is helpful and which is one of the opposite of the Sharia preservation of the honor. May Allah subhanaw taala preserve us all, and

00:39:04 --> 00:39:46

Xochimilco Sheikh Abdullah back now Do you have any anything final words you'd like to share with us? Yes, probably just hearing shut up the let make that connection with, you know, our attitudes on social media. And, you know, the the verses in certain Nora made me reflect about how Cipolla We live in an age today where we have almost an unlimited amount of information at our disposal, but other people's personal lives. And yet, we our spiritual development has not kept up with our technological development. And so we're witnessing the ramifications of that right when, when people don't have the spiritual and moral technologies, but they have the social media technologies. You

00:39:46 --> 00:39:54

know, something can go viral in just seconds. And so Paula, I always say like WhatsApp fluids, they don't have any snap to them, they don't have a chair.

00:39:56 --> 00:39:59

So these things just go viral and you really have to be conscious and

00:40:00 --> 00:40:02

observant about how we use these technologies.

00:40:04 --> 00:40:10

Now it's the pile as they say, I think it was in a moped demo. So hey Muslim and * Sahih Muslim and no

00:40:12 --> 00:40:40

summary yada yada. You know, tell us tell us your thoughts that tell us who you know who said I think I said this last time 3430 but it was a real good friend of mine. I said more stuff and more tests and Mashallah when we were first starting the university and you know, somebody came up to us in the little convenience store we were like young miskeen you know, just getting tuned everyday eating I saw and somebody comes to you know, the word on the street is that this took place and that they said about this he was like, Oh, yeah, what street is that? What's the name of that street?

00:40:43 --> 00:40:46

Now that's just the word on the street is like man I don't take the word on the street.

00:40:48 --> 00:40:51

Name his street name the person that's just an exceptional one. Those

00:40:52 --> 00:40:56

are some great great wisdom and sage Sage wisdom and Michelle

00:40:58 --> 00:41:35

is from law firm Sherif. Appreciate you both for the the interest of the audience again, your fans slash on hold on inshallah, you can download the code and 30 for 30 companion guide, as well as the due date and reminding you all to please support your pain as well as please join us for the webinar on the Sunday inshallah tada we're very excited about it to just see the diversity inshallah tada faces and beneficial advices and obviously we count on your support and have the number I mean, so we appreciate your support throughout the month of Ramadan. But as we will be heading into the 21st night inshallah that Sunday night, when the nighttime we hope to have you there with us

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inshallah Thai for the webathon so please do join us and spread the word does that for a lot of items and I wake them up until I go to Qatar

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