Road to Return #15 – Deprioritizing God

Yahya Ibrahim


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Allah must always come first, de prioritizing Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah from your life is a major transgression. And when I say de prioritizing Allah, I don't mean that you intentionally do it in every aspect of your life. It could be that you're very selective as to where you make a law important in your life and where you intentionally omit Allah, the laws of Allah, and that which he has instructed from your very existence.

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Some of the things that Allah Subhana Allah, for example, warns us about in the hold on and condemns, have you seen the one Have you considered the individual who has made their ILA their deity, that they worship their own desire itself. And it's almost as if a person decides for themselves the way they want to live life in the capacity that they want to live it and have an unfettered, unending approach to fulfilling just what they think is good for themselves, without receiving the divine light and guidance in the scripture in the Sunni tradition of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. It was said in them, and therefore they deprioritize Allah, from first asking,

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Is this halaal? Is this haoran? How can I improve this? Is this the way the Prophet would have done it? Is this something that is pleasing to Allah pleasing to the way of the believers and the way of the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Another important critical aspect of how a times we may deprioritize Allah is that we take credit for everything as if it's our own doing alone. And the law gives us that parable in sort of elk calf of the two men who had gardens next to each other. One who's garden flourished, and the other who worked just as hard use the same techniques in the same land and the same irrigation systems. But it didn't flourish as much. And the first informer said to

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himself, man of uno Entebbe, the herd he ever that this garden, nothing could ever ruin it. Its roots are deep, its water. It's pure. It's, you know, I have a tried and true method. Don't you see that I've invested all of my life in it. I have created this for myself. And he took all credit, forgetting that everything that he's using at his disposal, all of the things that he has learned from others who came before him, the land that he's procure, everything is not his own making and doing and there's there is no such a thing as a self made person who that they have made everything for themselves. At the very end when Allah Subhana Allah to Allah causes that garden to ruin as

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assigned to all of us that there are things that we should never assume, that are just in our power and domain you didn't make yourself and will not make yourself into who you are just through hard work and smart. And a lot of it comes to what you have inherited in genetics, in your parents, in your opportunities and your teachers in your schools. You stand on the shoulder of giants. And at the end of that sequence of verses in sort of Telegraph, the man says yeah, ladies, Denny lamb, Shrek melby Haider, I pray I wish I had never made sheered partner to anyone with ALLAH meaning that I didn't put myself on equal footing with Allah that I didn't say Masha Allah who would ask me what

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a lavilla this is from the will of Allah Subhana Allah to add a for me. Another way that people D prioritize Allah is that they hear the verses? Yes, ma'am. Una de la he took La La him. They hear the verses of Allah. They see the signs of Allah. They're given admonition and reminder by the moms and their families and their teachers in their community, but they turn blind so mum book Monaro Mune, for whom layer collude, they attempt to pretend to be deaf, dumb and mute and blind to the truth. And they Allah causes them to be as if they have no intellect and no knowledge whatsoever. Do not ever in your life, hear of a word of Allah hear of an instruction of his nebia some Allahu

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alayhi wa sallam, and that you willfully choose to dis obey it without any restriction that you just go headlong in it and say this isn't something that I'm going to do. Don't ever reject the word of Allah don't ever D prioritize Allah in your life. Don't ever put someone in the place that only Allah should should be. Let in Ashok della banana Look, if you were to join others with Allah, if you were to love others, the way that only Allah should be loved. If you were to fear others the way Allah should only be feared if you were to hope in others the way only Allah should be hope for if you make

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Your boss or your teacher or your friends in the same position as Allah, that they tell you do this or don't do this or go there or don't go there and you know it is in direct contradiction. It is opposite to what Allah has said. And you choose them, you choose the haraam, you choose this sin instead of the path of Allah, that becomes a de prioritization of Allah and a major transgression in your life. Allah Subhana Allah tells us that look man said to his son, yeah, buena Yella to Shrek Villa, oh my son don't make anyone equitable, equal in partnership to Allah. And that's not just in you worshipping Allah and worshiping others, I know none of us are going to bow down to an idol, or,

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you know, worship a false deity as as we believe as Muslims. But if you take the legislation, and if you take the instructions of that, which is haraam, and make it more important in your life more practiced in your life, than that which is halaal and that which is ordered by Allah, then you have put them on a place that only Allah Subhana Allah should have in your life, that the one who orders the one who prohibits the one who you fear more than all is Allah Subhana Allah to Allah equally, you should never love anything, anyone in a way that makes you reject the law because of your love for them, which your love should only be an exclusively in an unconditional capacity for Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah must always be first and the greatest priority in your life.