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A woman named Waze is giving a shout out to her buddies in the announces of the Abba's Day weekend. She talks about her experience working hard to establish a mother in her city and how she is proud of her accomplishments. She also talks about her love for the cyber community and how she is excited to deliver the hearts to her fellow brothers.

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allowed him to law subtle semester law. My name is Ziad, Waze. I'm here with my buddies. aszu. We're going to give a shout out for our brothers and sisters in Nottingham Leicester area. I've been at a Savio cone May Allah make your mark disabatino a sabya conocido por una de como qaboun you pick the right perfect name for the perfect abila masala wakulla Isn't that right? So you might have on that one

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thank you but I would like to save your coin Mashallah Barclays has worked so hard right? You worked so hard to establish a mother in your in your city May Allah subhana wa tada make it in your in these SMS. Everybody anyone who will come and attend a seminar in your Kabira met Allah subhanho wa Taala make that you know that that reason has nothing shallow data why because you worked so hard to establish the cabinet of halmahera in your city I'll never be so proud of you. I'm so proud of you watch this I'm coming in sha Allah who Tiana to deliver the the blockbuster all the heart serene right in your cabinet and shout Allahu Allah very soon. How soon as soon as July, July Yeah, isn't

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that right? Is that right? Yeah, you see that? You read it? There's nothing that I can say. That will make a monster sabya cool. So to be much the sabya code, you have to inshallah to Allah, all of you in the air and the people out there who are listening to my message. Try to do especially those who live in Nottingham, I've I've got this really history with Nottingham especially like Nottingham Forest when I was like five, six years old long time ago back in Morocco. I used to watch soccer game every Saturday from from from from the UK, and this distinct called Nottingham Forest. And it's the Wonder Nottingham Forest where is it Nottingham Forest 35 or more than 35 years later, I'm going

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to come and visit Nottingham and deliver the hearts to really nothing I'm so proud Mashallah, I'm so excited. May Allah subhana wa tada bless you all. And in sha Allah who tada a grantee of the highest level agenda for your very very amazing effort that works so hard to bring up that the cyber con in your in your in your city as I can la Hello Santa Monica hot light Allah Catherine. Give it to them. Give it to them. Give it to the sound money.