Leadership – Awakening the Genius Within

Riad Ouarzazi


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A developer, Dr. Zazzy, talks about his career as a senior consultant and how he moved from roles as a consultant to a corporate role. He explains his experience in enterprise applications and how he helped companies achieve success. He also talks about his company, Rock Training, which offers a leadership seminar and online webinar on leadership and stress management.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Allah subtle sama. So with that, my name is Dr. zazzy. When I was in San Francisco in early night, you know, 1990s

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after I got my master's from San Francisco State, I moved. In fact, I worked for a company called Seagate, and then I'm I as a developer, and then I moved to another company called Oracle.

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I was a consultant, Senior Consultant for Oracle corporations in the US. And the company invested a lot of money in me, I went and I took a bunch of

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personal development

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sort of certificates.

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I took

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certification in time management, you know, and then another one in public speaking with Toastmasters.

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in project management, they invested him that lots of lots of money in me to send me to acquire all these certifications. And then they moved into 2001, I moved to move to Canada, to work for our company, as a senior arco consultant, it was all in the field of enterprise applications, Oracle stuff.

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And then I moved up the ladder from being a consultant to senior consultant to a manager to program manager and then up into the senior executive position, I then I got an offer from a company in Dubai,

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to work as a as a corporate Chief Information Officer, or like the head of it,

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it was so new to me, because I was mostly into some of

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enterprise applications. And then I got this sort of offer to, to come and run the entire IT infrastructure.

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So I took the challenge I took the challenge was so challenging, and I love challenges, because that's when I performed best. And, and then I moved to Dubai, and with the will of Allah Subhana, WA tada and hamdulillah. And praise be to Allah alone, I was able to build the entire IT infrastructure, we in fact, started the company, we were about, you know, we were about four people or so at the time. And then when I moved in was about 200. And then the company grew exponentially, we open so many offices throughout the, the GCC area, meaning the Gulf countries, and I was able to run the IT infrastructure to all these major major companies, and I love doing it, I used to wake up

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early in the morning, you know, and I was to be the first one to go to work. And then I would leave very late at night, and I love doing it at the time, because you know what, I felt like I was producing something, I love challenges, and it was such an amazing chance for me. And I performed and I delivered that handled it. And then something happened, you know, with the, you know, the

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crisis, the financial crisis of 2008. And then things went down. So I had to submit my resignation. And I moved back to Canada. But the handler acquired a lot of expertise and a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of it and it management. And then I moved to something else, you know, change careers into

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sort of consulting and coaching and more into personal development stuff. And I thought to myself, you know, as if Allah subhanho wa Taala wants me to do something else, he wants me to work in the field of that hour, in the field of, of coaching and, and, and and helping people out. So I created my own company called rock training. This was in 2009 and started you know, delivering seminars, on personal development related

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courses and seminars, like life management, I what I did was I took all those certifications which I have inquired into bass from, you know, from the corporate world, like a corporate USA and corporate Canada, and then I did some filtering. And I tried to provide and help the Muslim community with with, you know, with all these teachings, which, in fact, if you were to look at into the sort of like time management or leadership that these amazing renowned scholars are teaching nowadays, if you go back to our culture to our faith, you will find that the Prophet Mohammed ISIS was the best leader and the best role model. So

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I opened up this company called rock training, and I started delivering these seminars on leadership

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on life management.

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I call it life management, not time management. It's life management and

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anger management on team building on stress and the like. So this coming Thursday in Charlotte hotel either Thursday, December 27, at 8pm GMT, I'm offering a leadership seminar, it's actually a webinar, it's an online webinar, I have sort of summarized it from a one day full day seminar into about, you know, a three hour seminar giving, you know, and providing and delivering the gold of these, you know, the all these certifications which I have studied, you know, in terms of just leadership, and summarizing, summarizing all that and offering it in about a three hour webinar on how to awaken and I know this awakening the the giant within, but I call it the genius within, how

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to awaken that genius within you, in fact, how to learn about, you know, what's leadership, how to define leadership, what's leadership, you know, meaning, you know, leadership, have you ever thought of, you know, leadership, why, you know, leadership because there are two types of people, you know, either leaders, if you're not a leader, you must be or if you're not a leader, you must be a follower. So,

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how to be a leader? What are the traits of a true leader? How do leaders deal with things like stress? How do leaders manage how do leaders you know, get get, you know, people to sort of follow them? We'll talk about this in that in the webinar, and much, much more. If For more information, I'd like you to all please check out the website, WWE rock training, comm slash

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events to have some more information on this upcoming webinar awaken in the genius way. And so then, I say said I might come up with like, I don't want to catch