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Riad Ouarzazi

Channel: Riad Ouarzazi

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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Riyadh was as he,

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you know, send a message out to

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the those who initiated this amazing project called I legacy, I legacy people with a vision

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they came out thinking that they want to leave a legacy behind them.

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So there's something called pmla legacy. What is this pmla legacy, for instance, it's an amazing project now that's been opened up throughout the globe, different countries, whereby they are encouraging people to wake up for pmla so

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so we got a bunch of people, you know, self reminding one another, that that say, tomorrow, inshallah, tada, we're gonna all wake up for pmla so imagine if the entire world Muslim world wakes up to pray pmla

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what kind of blessings with Allah Subhana Allah Tada, this is when so this is the purpose behind this legacy work saticon legacy, peace legacy, different types of legacies here that these people want to leave behind. So it's an amazing project, which, in fact, I'm an advocate for, and I really support it, and they make their heart to Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless those who are working so hard to make this legacy as it is the legacy that the Prophet has just left behind them, you know, the prophet left that legacy so these people in fact they are reviving the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed is awesome and the work of the Prophet panels ism to do this work to this amazing work of

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peace legacy so we want to spread peace you know, in this in this world. Sadat heiligen see so we're going to start in sha Allah to Allah given setup and signal loss of Han Allah to Allah to Yemen, the legacy and whatnot so amazing project amazing initiative. I please do check it out. You know, it's on YouTube, it's on Facebook, it's online, you know, WWE I legacy.

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In fact, this is a new city that just opened up you know, in Manchester, UK.

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So please, you know, check them out. And the least you could do the least really you could do is make the offer them if I wish and I hope that you can participate in between and be part of this legacy. So that in sha Allah Tada, if you're to depart from this world, people will remember you because you have left a legacy behind you. Is that common law fair. The other ones as a check it out, said Mr.

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Obama. Get